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10 Best Toddler Bikes in 2024

Biking is a necessary skill to have and it is best when started young. Exploring the unexplored road while hanging with friends makes a memory of a lifetime. But before shifting to a more professional cycle, teach them to ride a bike by gifting a toddler bike. Having all the perks that a bike should have, your kid will be enlightened to have this. From adjustable seats to a sturdy frame, this is something your child shouldn’t miss.

Now, teach your child to ride a bike and make a bond with them. Buy a toddler bike online and you will see how much variation you can find here.


List of Best Toddler Bikes Review

10. Radio Flyer Red Ride Rider Trike

Radio Flyer Best Toddler Bikes

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To aid all the toddlers and young kids around, Radio Flyer has introduced this amazing Red Ride Rider Trike bike for them. It is a tricycle bike and just the ideal way to initiate your kid into bike riding. The bike comes with a handle on the back support of the seat. Hence, gives parents ample space to hold and control the ride.

The bike also features a storage bin under the seat which is a fantastic bonus. Now, your child may carry their favorite toys to the park or collect treasures all the way and store them safely. Not only does it offer a pretty quiet ride but also the entire ride becomes pretty smooth.

Key Features

  • This bike for toddlers and young kids who love to ride.
  • It features adjustable seat height meaning that the bike will grow with you.
  • The maximum weight limit that this kid’s bike can support is up to 49 pounds. This is indeed perfect kids between 2 to 5 years of age can ride it.

9. XJD Kid’s Tricycle


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The XJD Kid’s Tricycle is unique, features a stylish design and brings different components together. This is a bike that kids can start going rides on from just 18 months age. As they grow, you can replace the rear tricycle tires and add a wheel to get into the balance bike mode. This change ensures that a child riding this bike will be able to better understand bike riding.

As a matter of fact, the body framework is from carbon steel and hence is very strong and sturdy. The handles are encased in soft foam to be comfortable to the hands and the seat has an ergonomic design.

Key Features

  • Does not come assembled but fully made. Hence, you just have to fix and tighten the handlebar and seat before it is ready for use.
  • This bike is suitable for kids up to 3 years of age.
  • The bike’s handles and seats could all be height adjusted. Thus, their angle could also be corrected such that the bike fits the growing baby and grows with him.

8. Schwinn Koen Bike for Boys

Schwinn Best Toddler Bikes

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The Schwinn Koen Bike for Boys is exclusively built to support toddlers to aid them in learning bike riding. It is a balance bike that comes with additional wheels which gives the little guy ample opportunity to learn bike riding. There is also a handbrake that teaches the child to be able to use handbrakes. Hence, makes the transition to an adult bike easier.

The seat, pedals and handles are all adjustable to get to the most comfortable position and you won’t even require tools. The thing about this bike is that it will grow with your child and accommodate him for a long time to come.

Key Features

  • Comes fully assembled and requires only minor additions such as the chain guard and the training wheels.
  • The bike has coaster brakes which are initiated on moving the pedals backwards.
  • The 12-inches wheel diameter bikes are just the perfect fit for kids between the age group of 2-4 years.

7. RoyalBaby Kid’s Bike


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The RoyalBaby Kid’s Bike will indeed give your child a royal feel as they ride on it. This bike is designed to teach a child to balance themselves on a bike. Hence loaded with balancing wheels. Next, it also has a very secure coaster rear brake which is activated on running the pedals backward. The front brakes are operated by the hand and teach the baby to learn to control bikes using hand brakes.

Furthermore, the bike stands on tires with a thickness of 2.4-inches that will give perfect balance. The bike comes mostly assembled and you just have to put together the front wheel and brakes. Now, your child will be good to have a go!

Key Features

  • Its pedals are layered in non-slipping resin which ensures that your child’s feet will not slip when riding!
  • This is well-grooved which gives it a very stable base to stand on.
  • The mainframe is from steel and thus is highly durable and very strong, not likely to take damage easily.

6. TheCroco Balance Bike for Kids

TheCroco Best Toddler Bikes

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TheCroco Balance Bike for Kids is an innovative design. As a matter of fact, it aims more at improving the balancing skills of kids than making them ride the bike. It is a fine and lightweight bike in a bright color that your kid is going to love. The bike is ideal for toddlers and young children. Hence, anyone between the ages of 2 and 5 years can go on a ride on this bike.

Of course, you should refer to the size chart before opting for a choice such that the wheel diameter is appropriate for your kids. The ultra-soft grip is comfortable to hold and so is the padded seat.

Key Features

  • Since this is from aluminum, it is extremely light and features a weight of only 4.9 pounds. Longevity and lightweight go hand-in-hand in this product.
  • It comes nearly assembled and you have to only add a few things taking just about 5 minutes.
  • The tires included in this bike are flat-free implying that they will not be easily damaged.

5. Bixe Aluminum Balance Bike


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The BixeAluminum Balance Bike features a lovely design and a sturdy framework for your kid to go on a ride. Since it is aluminum, although the bike is very robust, it weighs a meager 4p pounds. All the parts in this bike are critically tested after manufacturing. It’s all because of the quality and the child’s safety is a very important matter at Bixe.

Moreover, the tires are from foam which makes them flat-free- you will never get a flat tire on your bike. It does not have pedals and the main purpose is to teach your children to balance a bike rather than pedaling it.

Key Features

  • The handlebars are height adjustable between 20-inches and 24-inches to get the most comfortable position.
  • Its seat could be positioned between 11-inches to 17-inches from the ground covering many different positions. Hence, allowing the bike to grow with the child.
  • Be your kid 3 or 5, they are perfect for a happy ride.

4. JOYSTAR Kid’s Bike

JOYSTAR Best Toddler Bikes

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Certainly, a fully functional bike that your toddler could have and earn riding on, this is going to be a terrific companion. Its frame is from Hi-ten steel and thus is extremely sturdy although maintaining a lightweight. The strong structure can easily undergo even rough rides on it. Next, the bike features handbrakes for the front wheel while rear coaster brakes. The coaster brakes are very powerful and keep the bike totally under the child’s control.

As a matter of fact, the bike comes already assembled by up to 85%. Hence, all the tools and instructions you will need to do the remaining job is included in the pack.

Key Features

  • Has construction from rubber and are intensely sturdy crafted for off-road adventures on this bike.
  • The bike is also very low-maintenance and it just needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain a sparkling appearance.
  • Has a tire diameter of 12-inches making it appreciable for children in the 2 to 4 years’ age group.

3. cycmoto Hawk Toddler Bike


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The cycmoto Hawk is attractive and just the right kind of bike to get for your young child. It features a 12-inches bike and is just the right fit for kids between 2 to 5 years of age, depending on their height. The bike is innovatively designed such that your growing kid can use it for a long time. In fact, the bike will grow with the child to keep accommodating them.

The bike comes with hand and foot brakes and the rear coaster brake so quite powerful. It is nearly prepared when it arrives. So, you just have to make minor attachments to get it ready for your kid.

Key Features

  • The bike’s framework is from 2.4-inches tubular steel giving it quite a sturdy feel ready for rugged use.
  • Its sturdy body is capable and easily absorbs minor shocks and bumps available on a rocky or bumpy road.
  • The handlebar is at a fixed height of about 70 cm. Other than that, the seat height can be adjusted between 52 cm and 60 cm.

2. Schwinn Steerable Bike for Kids

Schwinn Best Toddler Bikes

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This will give your child a great time while also allowing you to easily teach them to ride a bike. The best feature is the added handle at waist height. As a result, literally allows the parent to steer this bike as your kid is having a ride. The handle is removable easily if the kid is riding alone. The training wheels are quite heavy duty and are also removable. Hence, comes as a help in times when your child has got their balance and ride this bike on their own.

The seat post and saddle are loaded with quick release functions. Thus, allow you to control their height to meet the kid’s requirement.

Key Features

  • The chain on the bike is covered by a chain guard. This is a protection feature preventing your kid from accidentally hurting or bruising themselves by coming against the moving chain.
  • This is completely assembled with no parts missing when it is prepared for delivery.

1. JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike


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The JOYSTAR Totem is terrific first bile to get your child. The tires are from rubber and quite robust too allowing your kid all kinds of adventure. Next, the handlebars are sheathed in a soft material. Hence, the child does not fatigue their hands too much. This bike is even loaded with a bell for the delight of your child.

Furthermore, the body of this bike is pre-assembled when you get it and you only have to make minor attachments and pump it up to get it running. All the tools and instructions you will need to set this up for your child is included in the package.

Key Features

  • Comes with a holder for the parents to guide their child as they learn riding a bike.
  • It has a stylish body crafted from heavy-duty metals thus ensuring a sturdy framework.
  • Has a chain guard which is quite an important addition as it keeps the delicate young kids safe from accidental bruises and injuries.

What are the things to look for when buying a Toddler’s Bike?

A toddler’s bike nowadays has many features and you will be astounded by all the search results you will get now. However, with a few simples tricks and tips in mind, you will know what to look for when you need to buy a toddler’s bike. The first and most important thing about such bikes has to be they are safe. Next, the safety issue can be monitored from simple things. These are such as adding a chain guard to not so simple things such as a sturdy material of construction.

Every aspect of a bike is going to affect its strength. And the best way to get a sturdy bike is to go for a sturdy material such as steel or carbon steel. You should also go for bikes with adjustable handles and adjustable seats such that you can modify it as your child grows old.

Why are brakes important in a toddler bike?

You have to also be sure to get a bike that has a front handbrake and a rear brake operated by foot. It is easier to brake using foot and takes some getting used to before the kid learns to use the handbrakes.

What is the need for adjustable height in toddler’s bikes?

The bike that you get for your toddler has to have adjustable seats and handles. Most toddler bikes would have a wheel diameter of just 12-inches and a growing child is likely to easily overcome that. however, if you could lift the seat and the handles up, then it gives more foot space to the growing child to exercise their control over the bike. In short, as the child grows, the bike needs to grow with them such that it keeps accommodating them. Thus adjustable seat and handle heights are very important when you are shopping for a bike for your toddler.

Final Verdict

Give your child a scope to have a joy ride once you gift them a toddler bike with training wheels or without one. Let them be free and hang out with friends while riding.