Top 10 Best Aerobic Steppers in 2019

Do you often love to enjoy the aerobic steppers exercises? If yes, then you should buy an aerobic stepper that will allow you to perform a variety of aerobic exercises in style. It is essential equipment whose height you can set according to your fitness level. In addition to helping you gain the desired shape, this tool assists in burning a great number of calories.

However, finding a perfect one out of hundreds of aerobic steppers is not an easier task. That’s why we have created this list of top 10 best aerobic steppers in 2019. Don’t forget to check each of them carefully and then buy one that suits you ideally.

List of Top Best Aerobic Steppers Review

10. The Step Original Aerobic Platform- Circuit Size

The Step Aerobic Steppers

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It is manufactured by a US brand using very high-quality and durable quality polyethylene. The Step Original equip with four different risers allowing you set height as per your needs. This aerobic platform has grooved and non-skid top for ensuring proper safety during the exercise.

It can adequately support up to 275 lbs. that prove its solidity and durability. Furthermore, the non-skid feet make sure there should be no scratches on the floor.

9. Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper

Tone Fitness Aerobic Steppers

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This product by Tone Fitness is one of the best aerobic steppers that made for the people who love tough fitness workouts. It is a strong product that can cater to the needs of different users at all type of levels.

There are two adjustable heights in this aerobic stepper of 4 and 6 inches. Also, it has a non-slip surface that keep you safe while exercises. If you choose to buy this product for your home, then we ensure that the workouts will fun and enjoyable.

8. KLB Sport Adjustable Workout Aerobic Stepper

KLB Sport Aerobic Steppers

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It is one of the best aerobic steppers that one can easily adjust to four different heights of 4, 8, 10, and 12 inches. The KLB Sport is a versatile product that you can buy for home as well as gyms for having awesome workouts. It equips with non-marking feet that will allow you to use this stepper on a variety of floor types like wood, carpet, and tiles.

The company made from a high-density material that allows it supports up to 500 pounds adequately. That’s not all; it is equipped with a 100% money back guarantee that you will find in a limited number of aerobic steppers in the market.

7. Trademark Innovations High Step Work Out Training Device

Trademark Innovations Aerobic Steppers

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The Trademark Innovations is an amazing stepper that comes with little rubber feet for protecting the users from slipping. It is convenient to an easy product that allows the user to build their core muscles and lower body. There are three four removable risers in each set of this stepper.

It is capable of holding up to 440 pounds that are brilliant considering the price of this extraordinary product.

6. Giantex 30” Fitness Aerobic Stepper

Giantex Aerobic Steppers

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If you are looking for a lightweight product, but don’t want to compromises with the quality perspective, then you should buy the Giantex Fitness Aerobic Stepper now. The company made this amazing stepper from durable and high-quality material.

The product allows you to modify the riser’s level that allows you to adjust the height in a variety of ways. Furthermore, it has amazing traction on all kinds of floors.

5. TMS 30” Aerobics Stepper

TMS Aerobic Steppers

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This product manufactured by TMS is one of the best aerobic steppers that one can find in the market. It made from top quality PVC that allows it to stay durable for many years. There is an option of three adjustable height options in the alternating lunges of the stepper.

Furthermore, you will find that it is very simple and easier to maintain this stepper. It will let you enjoyable and efficient cardio workouts due to its advanced injection technology.

4. Best Choice 30” Fitness Aerobic Stepper

Best Choice Products Aerobic Steppers

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If you consider the quality and overall feature of this product, then there is a great chance that you will fall in love with. This Best Choice stepper is a complete package that manufactured using hard plastic and stays resistant against the shocks.

It can be adjusted to three different heights and let you enjoy amazing workouts without worrying about anything.

3. Yes4All Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform

Yes4All Aerobic Steppers

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If you want to buy a stepper for performing a great sort of exercises, then it is one of the best aerobic steppers to buy. It has a non-slip and shock absorbing surface that ensure the safety of the users. You can increase the number of calories burned with its four risers and three different heights.

Furthermore, the company has used high-quality polyethylene for ensuring it to stays durable for a long time.

2. The Step High Aerobic Platform

The Step Aerobic Steppers

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A well-known brand Step High manufactures this aerobic stepper. You can adjust its platform anywhere between 4 & 12 inches. The company has made this product using recyclable and quality polyethylene so that the product serves the customers for a long time.

It is capable of holding up to 275 lbs weight and designed efficiently for protecting the floor. Additionally, it doesn’t slip due to non-skid feet. Overall, it is a comfortable aerobic stepper that you can use to enjoy a great variety of workouts.

1. The Step Original Aerobic Platform- Health Club Size

The Step Aerobic Steppers

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The product that tops our list is the Step Original Aerobic Platform having a very positive reputation among the users. It is a multi-purpose product made from a high-density polyethylene material. You will get three adjustable risers with this exciting product.

In addition to the stepper, you can use it as a bench for the workout. It has a wider area and ensures the workout become fun and exciting.

A Complete Guide – For Choosing Aerobic Stepper

Here are the points to compare before choosing an aerobic stepper:

Non-Skid Surface:

For an unstoppable and rigorous yet safe workout session, you must look for the step-up boxes with an anti-skid surface. It is necessary to check if the stepper comes with a non-skid base as well as a surface or not. For your own safety, you need to keep your feet on the base which does not slip and stays in space. So, nobody wants to get injured while exercising.

Robust Construction With Sturdy Base:

A premium-quality step-up box generally comes with a firmly planted base. While remembering your safety and rigorous cardio workout sessions, the aerobic stepper should come with a sturdy and slip-resistant base. The wide base of the steppers is totally safer than the narrow base ones. You need to select a stepper as per your body weight, so you can easily and safely balance your body while exercising. It is one of the important factors; you need to be the concern of, for your safety that the risers of the steppers connect with each other properly. Generally, high-quality steppers do not need any sort of maintenance.

Adjustable Heights:

A stepper should come with adjustable risers, so you can change the height as per the intensity of your workout. The raised height helps you to perform intense workouts to strengthen your muscles. Some of the steppers also allow you to lower the height as per your comfort level or faster leg movements. At the lower height, the steppers effectively increase your heart rate. Generally, the aerobic stepper comes along with three risers. You can add the risers one by one to get your desired height during a cardio workout session.


The step-up boxes come with different lengths to fit your workout intensity accordingly. For instance, if you perform high-intensity cardio exercises, then it is better to select an aerobic stepper with additional length. However, for crossover steps, it is suggestible to have more extra length, so you can perform well. The length of the step-up boxes entirely depends on your workout intensity.

Weight Capacity:

For your ultimate safety, it is better to look for a stepper box with proper weight-bearing capacity as per the ratio of your weight. It is always preferable to opt for the step-up box which accommodates and withstands the rigorous workout without any difficulty. The steppers generally suggest going for the maximum weight for added safety.


Just like any other workout equipment, aerobic steppers also come with several different material constructions. Most of the cases, the step-up boxes with mid-price range are often very much durable and come with heavy-duty plastic material. However, you should look for a stepper which comes with impact-resistant material construction. Many models can have different materials construction like metal or fiberglass. These materials are somehow bulkier than the plastic ones. All of these aerobic steppers are durable and always resistant to the rigorous movements to keep you safe at any condition.


If you choose to buy one of these best aerobic steppers, then there is no chance that you will end up buying a bad product. Each of them has a very positive reputation and tested under various circumstances. If you have a query in your mind, please tell us in the comment section.

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