Top 10 Best Women’s Heated Jackets in 2020

Tackling the cold winters is a major problem for working women who often need to be outdoors. Wearing heavy clothing might not actually be sufficient enough. At least, for times like these, resorting to a heated jacket is the best solution. These are technologically blessed to keep away cold and provide the body with enough heating to go through the day.

To help you choose the best product, we have narrowed down the top 10 best women’s heated jackets. As a matter of fact, we even explained their features for ease of selection. Have a look at them to know more.

List of Best Women’s Heated Jackets Review

10. DEWBU Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

DEWBU Women's Heated Jackets

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Heated jackets are indeed fantastic for unbearable winters and people who need to be outdoors during these times. For women, there are numerous options available but the quality and workability of this one is significantly good. In order to alter and adjust the temperature, give a press to the power button. In terms of protection, when the jacket gets too hot it will shut down automatically.

Moreover, in case of a short circuit, the power supply is instantaneously cut off too. There are a total of three-heated zones having carbon fiber construction for commendable results.

Reason To Buy
  • The softshell material is stretchy, feels nice and offers good breathability.
  • Auto-switch from high to medium temperature in just 5 minutes.
  • Promises to be waterproof as well as resistant to wind.

9. Venture Heat Women’s Heated Jacket


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No need to fear the drop in the mercury as this heated jacket has got you covered in extreme situations. There are three heating panels built in the jacket to tackle the cold well. It is even battery powered for risk-free operation. As the jacket is ultra thin, the comfort factor is never compromised.

As a matter of fact, the efficiency is quite remarkable and delivers quick warming always. Also, the heating element is innovative and flexible so that it is foldable down for carrying with ultimate ease. Lastly, a maximum of 12 hours of run time is extracted out of it.

Reason To Buy
  • Embedded heat control button for easy temperature adjustment.
  • Resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Includes 3 zippered outer pockets and 3 inner pockets to store valuables.

8. Ptahdus Women’s Heated Jacket

Ptahdus Women's Heated Jackets

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Although the control over the weather is beyond our reach, it is fairly easy to make sure that the winters do not get the better of you. Firstly, this is a supreme level of the heated jacket and is extremely feature rich. There are 5 carbon fiber heating zones to cover your entire upper body and even your hands inside the pockets.

Plus, the three flexible heat settings are well-suited for any situations and weather. Also, it is fairly easy to use with the dual LED controller to control both the body and hand warmer.

Reason To Buy
  • A standout quick heat function for yet impressive results.
  • At low settings, users can rather get up to 8 hours of relentless heating.
  • Waterproofing enhanced with durable water-repellent coating.

7. CONQUECO Women’s Heated Jacket


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Taking care of a heated jacket is always more of a challenge to users. However, with this, that issue is settled. It is machine washable and hence keeping it clean and well maintained will never look like a big hassle. Next, the comfort of wearing it is excellent as the entire jacket is constructed out of soft shell fabric.

The same material is also very light and you can wear it at any time. It features zippered pockets near the waist. Finally, the Velcro straps on the cuffs for good wind protection.

Reason To Buy
  • Three well-distributed heating zones.
  • Offers users with 4 levels of heating to match their needs.
  • Water and wind resistant fabric makes it well-equipped for outdoor activities.

6. Kelvin Coats New Heated Jacket for Women

Kelvin Coats Women's Heated Jackets

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Make winters the most amazing time of the year and feel free to head out even in the extreme temperatures. Equipped with innovative technology, you will get 5 different heating zones for unmatched uniform heating to your entire upper body.

The 8 hours of service time will indeed keep you covered for the major part of the day. Plus, the heating technology used is carbon fiber. As a result, you can expect out of it will be fascinating. Also, there are 3 different heat settings for the most unpredictable weather conditions.

Reason To Buy
  • Features a tri-layer bonded insulation for supreme protection.
  • Has 5V USB charging port to charge mobile devices on the move.
  • Uses flexwarm material enhanced with great stitching for the best fit always.

5. DEWALT DCHJ066C1-L Women’s


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A heated jacket that looks sporty and appealing enough, this is quite an amazing product to look out for. The outer shell has a cotton twill construction which is very durable and also totally protected against water and wind.

Furthermore, there is a removable hood that can come in handy at times of snowing or rain. The cuffs are blessed with reinforced stitching while the strong metal zipper is made better with a wind guard. Metal snaps for the hood are indeed added benefits. And the dual USB charging ports rather keep your phone alive in all conditions.

Reason To Buy
  • Has a total of 4 heating zones distributed over the entire upper body.
  • Inclusion of 4 pockets in total never makes you run out of space for accessories.
  • Easy to use LED controller to switch between the three heat settings.

4. OUTCOOL Women’s Heated Jacket

OUTCOOL Women's Heated Jackets

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It is just not technology that induces heat in the jacket. But even the materials used in the construction efficiently keep away cold for good. Softshell fabric on the outside delivers wind and water protection. On the other hand, the reliable inner fleece material effectively keeps coldness away.

Given that, the jacket is washable directly in the washing machine. Thus, it makes it easier for you to maintain the beauty and cleanliness. With up to a maximum of 8 hours of run time, the carbon fiber heating elements will perform well.

Reason To Buy
  • Includes as many as three heating zones for smart and efficient heating.
  • Certainly comes with choice of three heating levels.
  • One can charge mobile devices from the jacket.

3. ororo Women’s Lightweight Heated Vest


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More like a sleeveless heated vest, this is a lightweight jacket with a neat design that offers unrestricted movement benefit. For heating, there are 4 carbon fiber heating elements that provide heat to almost the entire upper body and arms. With a simple button, the heat settings are rather adjustable between the three available levels.

Lastly, when on the move, you can keep your cell phone away from dying with the USB charging feature.

Reason To Buy
  • It provides up to 10 hours of continuous service.
  • The product is resistant to wind and water.
  • Fast heating feature with machine washing compatibility.

2. Bosch Women’s 12-Volt

Bosch Women's Heated Jackets

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Bosch is a popular name when it comes to technology and this heated jacket is there another example of excellence. Made entirely out of polyester, wind, water and cold temperatures will be away for the good. The 12 V of batteries from the same brand certainly provides a run time of 6 hours on the lowest heat setting.

Furthermore, the USB charging option is available for charging of cellphones and small devices on the go.

Reason To Buy
  • Quick warming feature for cold temperatures.
  • Indeed three different heat levels to tackle weather.

1.ORORO Women’s Slim Fit

ORORO Women's Heated Jackets

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One of the best jackets in the market, this indeed has the best materials used in the construction. The soft shell fabric on the outside is made better with fleece lining to trap your body’s heat most efficiently. Even for windy days, there is a hood which can give you better protection. However, one can remove it whenever they feel the need.

The quick heating feature can make the jacket warmer in just a matter of seconds. Finally, it uses top-notch quality carbon fiber heating elements for the best results.

Reason To Buy
  • A total of three heating zones and heat settings for added flexibility.
  • Lightweight, wind resistant and easy to use design.
  • Maximum of 10 hours of continuous running.

Winters are harsh and so all the precautions are needed. The heated jacket doesn’t let the frozen temperatures give the worst nightmares to you. In fact, it keeps you warm and protected.

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