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10 Best Toddler Backpacks in 2024

When your kid starts growing up, they have certain needs that you have to meet. Like when they go to school or go outdoors with you, they need a backpack. But the adult backpacks are certainly not a suitable match for the situation. So, instead of that invest in a toddler backpack that is specially made for your toddler. Coming in different shapes, sizes, color options and patterns, this will be pretty eye-catching for your toddler.

So, look at the various available options, know about the quality and check the toddler backpack price. Settle on the one that your kid loves the most and surprise them with it.


What are the perquisites of choosing a toddler backpack?

There are a few basic things that a toddler backpack must-have. The foremost and most important of those things is the design of the backpack. When you are buying a backpack for your little one, you must make sure that the backpack has a cute design. Certainly, the cute design will appeal to your kid and they will carry their backpack happily in style. More importantly, it must have a non-abrasive design too. Anything abrasive can be harmful to the skin of your child. So, the backpack has to be completely non-abrasive.

List of Best Toddler Backpacks in 2024

10. Perry Mackin Toddler Backpack

Perry Mackin Toddler Backpacks

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This elegant yet functional backpack from Perry Mackin is surely perfect for your toddler. With 10.5-inches height, 8.5-inches length and 3.5-inches width, this toddler backpack has been dimensioned perfectly such that your child can carry it with absolute ease. This backpack is surely spacious thanks to its internal compartment and a special pocket on the interior. Thus, it makes sure that your kid can carry their toys and other accessories easily.

Furthermore, the internal compartment comes with excellent insulation. Hence, it further promises to keep the food items warm for your little one. Besides, it has an impeccable style which makes it perfect for both boys and girls. So, your child will love carrying it to their schools or nurseries.

Key features:

  • Often most parents fear about their swift-footed toddler scooting here and there, especially in a crowdie place. Well, this backpack provides you with peace of mind since it comes with a rein attachment.
  • Plus, it also comes with a chest strap buckle. Thus, it makes sure that the backpack does not fall off even if your kid is running around.
  • Made from waterproof fabric along with top zipper closure, this product is not only durable but easy to clean too. Thus, all you will need is a good wipe to keep this backpack clean.

9. HawLander Little Kids Backpack


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Certainly, this backpack is perfect for little kids between the age of 3 to 6 years. Next, the backpack surely has a unisex design which makes it suitable for boys and girls alike. The most interesting thing, however, is the build of the backpack. In fact, it makes use of high-quality polyester fabric in its make. Thus, this backpack is completely tear-resistant and durable.

Moreover, the product is completely water-resistant as well. So, you will never have to worry about the backpack getting wet and ruining its contents. Thanks to its waterproof design, the product is very easy to clean. If it somehow gets messy, all you need is a damp cloth to clean it properly. Hence, it ensures peace of mind too.

Key features:

  • Weighing only 0.66 pounds, your child will never face any discomfort in carrying this backpack to their pre-schools or kindergartens.
  • The backpack is very spacious too. It comes with a large main compartment with double-zipper closure along with several other pockets. Thus, it can easily fit your kid’s toys, food and other accessories.
  • Also, it comes with adjustable shoulder straps with proper padding which further makes sure that your child can carry the backpack with ease.

8. OREZI Childish Cute Backpack

OREZI Toddler Backpacks

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An excellent backpack from Orezi, the most fascinating aspect about this product has to be its design. Well, it flaunts cute printed dinosaur patterns on this backpack. Thus, your child will easily fall in love with it without any doubt. It comes with an insulated main compartment and side pockets. So, it can easily carry your kid’s lunch and food items while keeping them at the proper temperature.

In fact, it provides a storage capacity of 6.5L. So, it can easily accommodate your child’s belongings without any issue. Despite its incredible spacious design, the product is completely light in weight. Therefore, your child will never face any trouble in carrying it. Plus, the adjustable shoulder straps and a comfortable handle further makes this product easy to carry.

Key features:

  • The backpack features an aluminum inner lining. Thus, it provides the backpack with durability while making it completely insulated.
  • Moreover, the backpack is completely tear-resistant, leak-proof, spill-proof and water-resistant. Thus, it will not lose its usefulness soon enough.
  • Plus, the backpack is highly versatile. Hence, when your child outgrows the backpack, you can also use it as a lunch bag, travel bag, refrigerator shelve bag and in several other ways.

7. Lazada Avocado Toddler Backpack


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Undoubtedly, an amazing backpack, this colorful plush product proves to be an excellent addition to your child’s nursery. Shaped like a cute avocado, this beautiful backpack comes in vibrant color and it is completely plush as well as soft. As a matter of fact, it makes use of high-quality polyester fabric in its build. Thus, this backpack is completely durable as well as tear-resistant.

What’s more intriguing is the fact that the product is completely machine washable. As a result, you will have no trouble cleaning the product. Just cold wash the backpack and hang it for drying.

Key features:

  • Of course, the backpack meets CCPSA as well as CPSIA standards. Therefore, it is not only environment friendly but also completely safe for your child to use.
  • More importantly, the backpack only weighs 7.5 oz. Your little one will be able to carry it without any issue.
  • Despite its lightweight, this product is quite spacious. It can easily hold your child’s feeding bottles, books, snacks, napkins, toys and other products.

6. John Deere Boys’ Toddler Backpack

John Deere Boys Toddler Backpacks

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The very first thing about the product that makes it so appealing is its design. It comes in a bright yellow color in the shape of a bulldozer with a black big wheel-like structure in the front. Moreover, the product also has a special lunchbox clip. Thus, it becomes very easy for you to attach your child’s lunchbox to the backpack.

However, it comes with a highly spacious front pocket. So, it can easily carry pencils and other accessories for your kids. Besides, it also comes with a special nametag on the inside. Thus, it further makes sure that you never misplace the backpack.

Key features:

  • Construction from high-quality fabric makes this product completely durable, tear-proof and waterproof.
  • The backpack also has two mesh pockets on the side that can carry the water bottles.
  • Its shoulder straps are super strong and adjustable. Thus, they will always make sure that your kid never faces any discomfort.

5. Hipiwe Little Kid Toddler Backpack


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Absolutely suitable for toddlers between the ages of 1 to 5 years, this giraffe shaped backpack will truly appeal to your child. The foremost thing that begs your attention is surely the build quality of this backpack. In fact, it makes use of high-quality neoprene fabric in its construction. The neoprene fabric is highly durable and environmental-friendly. Furthermore, it is not at all abrasive to the skin of your child. Thus, you will not have to worry about your kid getting rashes or redness on their skin.

Plys, the backpack is also waterproof thanks to its incredible build. So, it can easily fend off the rain. Lastly, you can also wash the product in your washing machine and air dry it without any issue.

Key features:

  • Certainly, the front pocket comes with proper insulation which you can use to keep the lunch of your toddler.
  • The spacious main compartment is perfect for holding your child’s toys and other supplies.
  • It also comes with two mesh pockets on the side which can hold the water bottles of your kid easily.

4. Disney – Minnie Mouse Backpack

Disney Toddler Backpacks

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Manufactured and sold by the famous Disney company itself, this product is surely going to be loved by your toddler. Shaped like the famous Disney cartoon character Minnie Mouse, this product comes in vibrant colors and a cute design. This makes it such an excellent choice. This product is of course very spacious. While two zippered compartment of the product can hold all the pre-school supplies and toys that your toddler needs, it also comes with a special front pocket.

Of course, the front pocket can be used to keep your child’s lunchbox and other accessories safely. Finally, the product also has adjustable shoulder straps. Thus, it becomes very easy for your kid to carry the product.

Key features:

  • Surely, it comes with a nylon inner lining. Therefore, it offers excellent durability and tear-resistance.
  • Despite its spacious build, the product is completely light in weight. Hence, the toddler will not face any trouble in carrying it.
  • You will also get two mesh side pockets that can easily accommodate the water bottle of your child.

3. Wildkin Backpack for Toddlers


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Having a 12-inch size, this has a perfect size that toddlers can carry while accommodating all their essentials in it. This product surely comes with a multitude of properties. From reflective piping on the front pocket to a high-quality durable zipper strap, this backpack ensures a long-term service to your toddler.

Furthermore, the product also has an insulated food-safe compartment. As a result, you can easily put the snacks or lunch of your child in this compartment without any second thought. Finally, the backpack has been awarded the prestigious MCA (Mom’s Choice Award). Thus, it further assures you about its quality.

Key features:

  • The large main compartments can easily hold your child’s toddler, change of clothes and other accessories.
  • Also, it comes with a vibrant design which makes it very appealing to your child.
  • It has a durable top handle which makes it perfect for hanging or carrying.

2. yisibo Kids Backpack

yisibo Toddler Backpacks

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Is your toddler fascinated by rockets and space? Well, if that is the case then the yisibo Kids Backpack is surely the best buying choice that you can make. This product comes with a safety harness leash. Well, it is a tendency of toddlers to run off to different places and hide as a part of their games. Next, it can cause quite the worry for a parent, especially in crowded places. With the safety harness leash, you can prevent that and can travel with your child without any trouble.

However, the leash is also detachable. So, you can also detach it whenever necessary. Given that, it comes with a main compartment with a generous size. Thus, it can easily hold your child’s toys and accessories.

Key features:

  • The transparent front packet is perfect for putting small stuff and a picture of your little one.
  • It boasts a neoprene construction that is not only durable but environment-friendly too.
  • The chest strap buckle in the front makes sure that the backpack does not fall off while traveling.

1. Nice Choice Cute Toddler Backpack


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Shaped like a cute elephant with big ears like designs and eyes, this backpack from Nice Choice is undoubtedly the best buying choice you can make. Perfect for kids between the ages of 2 to 6, this backpack boasts a durable construction. In fact, it has been manufactured using plush yet durable polyester fabric. Thus, it is not only tear resistant but also completely non-abrasive to the sensitive skin of your child.

Finally, it also has a superior lining which further adds robustness and integrity to the backpack.

Key features:

  • It comes with a loop on the top which allows you to hang the backpack when it is not in use.
  • With a front pocket and main compartment, this product is highly spacious too. Thus, it can easily accommodate all your child’s toys, diapers and other accessories.
  • Fashionable and light in weight, this backpack proves to be an excellent gift for your little angel.

How to choose the best backpack for your toddler?

Firstly, you need to make sure that the backpack features excellent construction. It must be made from such a material that is durable and does not contain any harmful chemical. Furthermore, the bag must be water-resistant and resistant to tearing too. More importantly, the product must also be very spacious such that it can carry all your kid’s accessories. Besides, the backpack must be light in weight too much that your precious one does not feel buried under its weight. Keep these things in mind and you will be able to make a great choice.

Why is a backpack a crucial gift for your toddler?

The toddler stage is the most crucial in every person’s life. This is the period when they learn the most valuable lesson. A backpack is thus a great gift that you can get your toddler. It allows them to take care of their own things, become independent and learn the meaning of being responsible. Though this all a play to your infant child, a backpack will help them greatly in the future. So, if you have a toddler at home then it is very important to gift them a great backpack while imparting a valuable lesson.

Final Verdict

Your toddler will love going to their friends’ party or school with the cute toddler backpacks and gain some happiness. Give them a reason to go outdoors and carry their essentials.