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10 Best Baby Wipes in 2024

If you are a parent taking care of an infant, then you obviously know how important the baby wipes can be. They allow you to clean your baby during every diaper change. Most importantly, the wipes also allow you to clean any diaper spills and spit ups. So, they really come in very handy. Besides, these wipes are made from high-quality materials. Plus, they are hypoallergenic. So, they suit the sensitive skin of your baby perfectly. In other words, the wipes make the life of a parent much easier.

However, when it comes to picking products for your child, you need to be assured about quality. Hence, only the safest baby wipes should be used on your child’s skin. Here, you will know everything that you must be informed about before buying wipes.


List of Best Baby Wipes in 2024 Review

10. Pampers Baby Wipes

Pampers Baby Wipes

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With this product, you cannot go wrong. The baby wipes have proven their worth with their exceptional performance, and rightfully earned the title of Bestseller on Amazon. It is bound to satisfy your needs as well. One great thing about these wipes is that you can use it on any part of the body. That is, it will not be harsh on the skin, whether it is the body or the face. So you can get your baby tidy without worrying about any abrasions.

The product vouches to be 20% thicker. This makes sure the wipes are able to absorb much more than the usual ones. As a matter of fact, this product is fully hypo-allergenic that will not cause any rashes plus dermatologists have approved it.

Key Features:

  • If your baby is sensitive to unknown smells, no need to worry. The wipes are free from any perfumes.
  • You get as many as 576 wipes in a single pack without a fail.
  • With the perfect pH balance, the wipes aid in restoring the natural skin balance.

9. Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

Amazon Elements

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This package will last you for a good while before you need to go fetch wipes again. Having as many as 810 wipes, you are not running out of them anytime soon. Since the wipes come in small packs with their very own flexible flip-top mouth, taking them out becomes much easier when you need to move quickly. Moreover, the wipes are both stretchable as well as strong.

Therefore, you can make the best use of each wipe without having them mush up in your palms. The water used for these wipes is of the pharmaceutical grade, ensuring they are of the purest quality you will find.

Key Features:

  • You do not have to worry about the safety of this item. The wipes have been pediatrician tested.
  • All the ingredients used for these wipes are naturally derived.
  • The product is free from any parabens, alcohol, or other harmful items.

8. Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

Huggies Baby Wipes

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If your baby’s skin is a little more sensitive than the others, you need not look any further. The wipes are really gentle on the skin, to make sure no irritation is caused on the skin after use. If that does not convince you, Huggies boasts the Seal of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association, so you can buy this for your baby without any worries. The product is made sure to be hypoallergenic so you do not have to worry about any allergic reaction either.

To keep the skin well moisturized, the wipes have both aloes, as well as the goodness of Vitamin E, infused into it.

Key Features:

  • The natural barrier of your baby’s skin is well maintained because of the pH balance on this product.
  • These wipes are fully unscented so that they do not feel irritated.
  • All the ingredients on this product are plant-based.

7. Mama Bear Baby Wipes

Amazon Brand

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For all the environmentalists out there, you can finally get some baby wipes without compromising on your principles. The wipes do not only support the noble cause of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, but it also makes sure none of these wipes are tested on animals, being completely cruelty-free. Furthermore, these wipes have been dermatologically tested, and are completely safe on your baby’s skin.

Besides, the best feature of this product is that it has a single hand operation. The wipes come with a closing flip top, so you can easily take one out without needing to struggle with the pack.

Key Features:

  • The wipes are quilted which sit softly on your baby’s skin, giving them a soothing sensation.
  • For the sensitive olfactory senses, these wipes have been designed to be fragrance-free.
  • The water used for these wipes is triple filtered and of superior quality.

6. Babo Botanicals Baby Wipes

Babo Botanicals Baby Wipes

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This is truly one of it’s kind among the various wipes available out there for babies. The product is a vegan item. If that was not enough, the cloth fiber of this product is biodegradable as well, not making any addition to the waste. The ingredients used are all plant-based. Besides, these plant-based items have been chosen carefully so they can cater to the needs of delicate and sensitive baby skin.

From organic calendula to non-GMO colloidal oatmeal, only the best have been chosen for your baby. Since the pack is really compact, housing as many as 30 wipes in a single pack, these wipes can be ideal for traveling as well.

Key Features:

  • Not only do the wipes cleanse the skin, but they also make it moisturized.
  • With a pack of wipes, you can use it on any part of the baby’s or even your own body or face without any concern.
  • You can take assurance in its quality and safety with the certification from B Corporation.

5. WaterWipes Baby Wipes


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Name what your requirement is, and this product is sure to be already catering to it. The baby wipes promise to be suitable even for the ultra-sensitive skin of premature, newborn babies. Hence, you can use it on your baby without any apprehensions. With the Seal of Acceptance from the prestigious National Eczema Association, you can be relaxed that the wipes will not leave any bumps or red patches on your tiny one.

Most importantly, the wipes are ideal for sensitive skin. So, you can use it without causing any trouble to your little angel.

Key Features:

  • The wipes have been thoughtfully texturized. This helps to grab more of the mess at a single go.
  • With the special non-greasy feel of these wipes, there will be no residue on your baby’s skin after use.
  • Besides, the wipes are hypoallergenic. Thus, they are free of any harmful chemicals like sulfates or parabens.

4. Babyganics Baby Wipes

Babyganics Baby Wipes

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If you have to run around a lot, these baby wipes are ideal for you. The product comes with its very own flip top. Thus, you do not need to open the entire packet to get one wipeout. Since the flip-top closes, the wipes remain moist for a long time. The wipes can be used in much more than just the bottom of your child.

From hands to face, these wipes will only gently clean the sensitive skin of your baby. More than that, these wipes are dermatologist tested to ensure your baby’s safety.

Key Features:

  • Whether it is phthalates, parabens or any other artificial material you are worried about, you will not find it in these baby wipes.
  • With the addition of chamomile extracts, your baby’s skin is also soothed while cleaning.
  • The baby wipes assure that they are non-allergenic, making them suitable to be used on any skin.

3. The Honest Company Baby Wipes

The Honest Company

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This product will not fail to meet up to all your expectations. The baby wipes have satisfied many, bagging the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. When your baby is concerned, measures must be taken to make sure the product is completely safe and free from any harmful material. Keeping that in mind, these wipes make use of only plant-based ingredients for the wipes.

Whether chlorine processing or alcohol, these wipes are free from any toxic items. Besides, the plant-based ingredients are from renewable sources, making the item eco friendly as well.

Key Features:

  • The wipes are more than 99% of water, making them as gentle as possible on the skin.
  • Since the wipes are ultra-thick, they prove to be considerably durable as well.
  • To help make the wipes pop up with better ease, the product has been embossed as well as interlocked.

2. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

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It is always better when one wipe can cater to various needs. With these wipes, you will be able to take care of hands, or even the delicate skin on the face. Since this product has absolutely no odor, your baby will not be discomforted by any pungent, or overpowering smell while getting cleaned.

With as many as 504 wipes in a single package, you can be well stocked up for a good while before you need to run to the market for wipes again. Having the flip-top design, your wipes are not going old anytime soon. Hence, staying as fresh as ever, locking the moisture inside.

Key Features:

  • These wipes are out of the cruelty game, not being tested on any animals.
  • It also comes with the addition of skin conditioners like aloe in the wipes. So, your baby’s skin will be soft and moisturized at all times.

1. Aveeno Baby Wipes

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Loaded with features, these baby wipes will exceed your expectations for sure. The key ingredients in these wipes being the aloe leaf juice, your baby is in for a treat of comfort, while their skin gets well-nourished and moisturized. Further, the wipes also make use of natural oat extract.

This helps to soothe and calm the skin. As a result, there are no abrasions to look out for after wiping the sensitive skin. Lastly, the pH on this product is perfectly balanced. Therefore, helping to restore your baby’s natural skin barrier in turn.

Key Features:

  • The flattened and compact shape hardly makes the pack take any room when you are traveling.
  • The flip-top is well secured with a button press for quick and convenient access to the wipes without any hassle.
  • One wipe is large enough for a good clean, while the fiber is super soft and skin-friendly.

Why do you need baby wipes?

If you are not a first-time parent, you already know the contribution of these little items to make your work easier. The wipes allow you to easily wipe any mess anywhere on your baby, without needing to fuss with running water and other such applies. Moreover, since the baby wipes come in very handy packets, it is much easier to carry them, without worrying about spilling any liquid or any such trouble.

From hands to bodies, to faces, a good wipe can take care of any little mess your baby might make, especially when you are traveling.

What type of baby wipes should you go for?

Since your baby is concerned, absolutely no compromises should be made on the quality or the safety of these wipes. To ensure that, you will need to check a few boxes when you are going for some baby wipes. The product must make use of all-natural, or plant-based ingredients, which will not be harmful to the environment or your baby. Any presence of chemical can really affect the sensitive skin of your little one.

Also, the water used for these wipes should be of pharmaceutical grade, of triple filtered. That way, you can ensure that the wipes coming in contact with your baby’s skin is completely harmless. It goes with saying, the product should be free from any parabens, alcohol, phthalates, or any other such toxic material.

How does a textured baby wipe help the baby?

Another thing you can look out for is the texture of the baby wipes. Instead of a completely smooth one, if the wipes have a little texture on them, it will be able to hold onto much more grub when cleaning your baby. You will do well if you choose wipes which are stretchable. That way, you can run them on your baby’s skin without having them turned into mush with barely any result. Of course, the wipes need to be super soft in order to be gentle and soothing on your baby’s skin. You must also ensure that the baby wipes are hypoallergenic. That way, no matter how sensitive your baby’s skin is, you can be assured there will be no allergic reaction to the wipes for any foreign element.

Why should you look for unscented baby wipes?

Most babies are not very comfortable with overwhelming and unknown smells. So, baby wipes which are completely fragrance-free will be the best choice. Having no odor, you can get your baby cleaned without disturbing them. Now, they will not scream every time you get near them with a scented baby wipe.

When the pack of the baby wipes is concerned, you should go for one which comes with a flip-top. Because of this function, you will be able to have a one-hand operation. A single wipe comes out smoothly and that also without requiring to tear open the entire package. Besides, such flip-top innovations also prevent the moisture of the wipes from drying out.

Final Verdict

Keep your baby clean and safe even on the go. Hence, a baby wipes box at the closest reach will never let your child feel irritated even when cleaning them.