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10 Best Backpack Diaper Bags in 2024

As a parent, you may already know how important diaper bags can be. These bags allow you to easily carry diapers and other baby essentials with you whenever you travel. So, they always keep you ready for any kind of diaper emergency. However, it can be quite embarrassing to carry a diaper bag with you anywhere you go. Thus, it is better to opt for a backpack diaper bag. With the unisex design, these bags can be carried by either of the parents. Most importantly, the backpack design provides a hands-free carrying of the diaper bag. Plus, they also come with several pockets and are quite spacious.

Thinking of getting one? Well, here is our take on the backpack diaper bag brands that have changed the way of carrying diapers. So, pack in a lot and keep yourself light at the same time.


List of Best Backpack Diaper Bags Review

10. Premina Backpack Diaper Bag

PREEMINA Backpack Diaper Bags

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If you have a little one on the way, you must want to be all prepared. Handling many things with a baby can be a bit of a hassle. For that reason, the diaper bag comes with a USB charging port, which allows you to charge your device easily without requiring pulling out the power bank. Warm milk is a must for the little ones. Therefore, this bag has special insulated pockets inside the bag. Hence, maintain the temperature of the bottle and hold a number of bottles at once.

The hidden pocket is zippered so you do not have to worry about somebody gaining access to it. However, you do not have to worry about accidental spilling as the entire product is waterproof.

Key Features:

  • Now, keep your essentials safe, the product comes with a special hidden pocket.
  • To easily attach the bag to a stroller, you also get stroller straps as an added trinket with the product.
  • The bag certainly weighs just 1.6-pounds, hence, you will not feel any extra weight of carrying.

9. Miger Backpack Diaper Bag


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Even if you are a mother, the fashionista inside you can be pleased. This product comes in a stylish leopard print which is bound to make heads turn. Although, the product is much more than just great in appearance. The bag has the thoughtful addition of a backside pocket that comes zippered. Furthermore, the product has a waterproof pocket.

So, you can easily protect items from a sudden downpour or keep wet nappies somewhere. In other words, this large pocket will come in handy. With this, you do not have to worry about maintenance. The product is machine washable. Hence, you hardly have to put in any time or effort.

Key Features:

  • For quick access to little items like wet tissues, the bag has a dedicated side pocket.
  • Insulated pockets do the wonder of keeping the drinks fresh.
  • While the bag allows you to reach easily, it keeps everything inside safe from prying hands.

8. Ruvalino Backpack Diaper Bag

RUVALINO Backpack Diaper Bags

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With this product, you will not be disappointed. The diaper bag has satisfied many with its excellent service and bagged the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. The diaper bag is really spacious to hold all the little items. The main compartment is divided into as many as 6 interior pockets. Thus, you can arrange the items neatly, making them much easier to take out.

The material used for this bag is really lightweight. Hence, you will not feel any unnecessary bulk when you carry the item. With the easy-grab handle, you can simply pick it up while on the run. Finally, the material promises to withstand the usual wear and tear effects, lasting you for a long time.

Key Features:

  • To make things a little more convenient, the bag has organizer slots to hold the diapers.
  • With the unisex design, any of the parents can prefer this.
  • As an added bonus, you also get a waterproof charging pad with the package.

7. Upsimples Backpack diaper bag


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When quality is concerned, Upsimples strives to provide you with the very best that is out there. The bag makes use of Oxford fabric for the material of the bag. This fabric is known for its durable properties. Needless to say, when it comes to long-lasting usage, you can depend on this product to serve you for a long time.

Besides, the fabric is anti-friction, so it does not get stuck to your clothes. The shoulder straps on this product have been amply padded. As a result, you get ergonomic comfort while wearing the bag.

Key Features:

  • Not everybody has the same taste. Keeping that in mind, the bag comes in a wide range of color combinations you can choose from.
  • Having the durable zippers, you do not have to worry about any damage.
  • With big insulated pockets, as much as 9oz bottles can easily fit inside the bag.

6. BabbleRoo Backpack Diaper Bag

BabbleRoo Backpack Diaper Bags

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A lot of thought has been put into the design of this product. Apart from the shoulder straps, the bag comes with handles on the top so you can easily carry it on one hand as well. To ensure the best possible insulation, this product makes use of the aluminum foil. As a result, locks the temperature inside for hours on an end.

With as many as 18 pockets inside this compact bag, you will be able to keep everything within easy reach. Having a long zipper, the bag opens wide so you can glance inside. So, take out what you want without fussing around.

Key Features:

  • Searching for your keys in a pile can be different. Hence, the bag has a pocket with a key loop.
  • This bag also comes with the exclusive addition of a pacifier holder, which can be detached from the bag.
  • The buggy clips on this product allow you to attach the item to a stroller as well.

5. Bag Nation Backpack Diaper Bag

Bag Nation

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This product is not just a simple backpack, but a whole set which takes care of your every need. The bag has polyester as the primary fabric. On the other hand, the polyester provides the required sturdiness to the product to last you for ages. It also makes the bag water-resistant for being immune to accidental spills. Hence, you can store your wet tissues and other items without any problem.

The straps as well as the back of this diaper bag are padded. Therefore, you can wear it for longer stretches of time without feeling any fatigue.

Key Features:

  • If you have any doubts regarding the quality of the product, Bag Nation drives away any such thoughts away. Of course, it provides you with a lifetime warranty on the product.
  • One great thing about this product is that the shoulder straps are adjustable. Hence, you can set it to match your own comfort.
  • The hands-free design of the backpack makes it very easy to carry without facing embarrassment.

4. PandaEar Backpack Diaper Bag

PandaEar Backpack Diaper Bags

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Completely packed with features, this product is bound to have what you are looking for already. The entire back panel, as well as the under a layer of the shoulder straps, are out of mesh panel. This makes sure you stay well ventilated, and your skin does not get irritated after wearing it for a long while.

Coming with a USB charging port, you can easily give a boost to your device. And that also without pulling the power bank out of the bag. Since this requires no more than a wipe to stay clean, you do not have to worry about any spillage.

Key Features:

  • The product has been given triangle reinforcement to add strength to the shoulder straps.
  • With a keychain attachment, you can easily take out your keys without any trouble.
  • The back panel has the unique addition of a pocket to keep your valuable items safe.

3. Mancro Backpack Diaper Bag


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If you are looking for a bag that will be able to house large items without any space crunches, this is the item you can go for. This can even hold tablets or magazines. Moreover, you might lose small items inside the bag. For that reason, the bag has also included a mesh pocket in the design. Not only has that, to make the bag more space-efficient, but it has insulated pockets on both sides of the bag instead of in the front.

With stroller straps, you do not need to carry the bag when you are out with the stroller. For little emergencies, while traveling, the bag also sports a special wipes pocket.

Key Features:

  • More choices are always better. Thus, this product comes in as many as 4 different alluring color variants.
  • The padded straps will feel relaxing on your shoulders.
  • Since the design is unisex, it can be used by both mothers and fathers.

2. Bamomby Backpack Diaper Bag

BAMOMBY Backpack Diaper Bags

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For those who are confused about what to get a loved one for a baby shower, you can go for this product without a second thought. The diaper bag comes with a much-needed changing pad as an added plus. This lets you easily get a clean spot anywhere to have a quick diaper change. Furthermore, the bag weighs no more than 0.9kg. Hence, carrying it around is a complete breeze.

Besides, the bag uses vegan leather, so you can be assured the material is environment friendly. Since the product is waterproof, no embarrassing dripping can cut your trip short.

Key Features:

  • The buckle is adjustable so the straps do not dig into your skin, or hang too loose.
  • Using high-grade Oxford fabric for the material, the diaper bag is matchless when it comes to quality.
  • You do not have to worry about compatibility with this bag. 6-9oz bottles can all fit snug inside the item.

1. Sable Backpack Diaper Bag


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If you do not enjoy the idea of wearing a backpack, you are in luck. The bag can also be used as a hanging bag. Since the handles come with padding, your fingers will not easily get strained even if you carry the bag for a long duration. If that was not enough, the product can also be used as a tote bag on one shoulder. The pad on the strap is adjustable, to fit everybody alike.

As a matter of fact, the material is both stain proof as well as tear-proof. As a result, keeping it as good as new for a long time. The bottom of the bag has been intentionally hardened to give the product an anti deform function.

Key Features:

  • Its main compartments are all zippered, so the things do not come out while taking something else out.
  • The side pocket has an aluminum lining that offers insulation.
  • Since the product is machine washable, you will be able to save the time required for scrubbing the bag.

How are Backpack Diaper Bags better than the other diaper bags?

Backpack diaper bags are much more practical in a number of different ways. The product equally distributes the weight between two shoulders, so that you do not get any chilling pain after carrying the bag all day long. Besides, the back panel, as well as the shoulder straps in most cases of such bags, not only, have good padding, but also a mesh panel. This way, the fabric is much more breathable, making it comfortable to wear throughout the year, even during summer without any irritation on the skin.

Another great advantage of such bags is that most of these backpacks are fashioned in a unisex manner. Therefore, both busy mothers and fathers can share one bag when they take turns to take care of their baby.

What makes a Backpack Diaper Bag best?

One thing that you cannot skip under any circumstances when looking for a backpack diaper bag is insulated pockets. Your baby will certainly not enjoy cold bottles of milk, which makes traveling really difficult. Although, with insulated pockets, the original temperature of the bottles will be maintained for a long time so you can enjoy outside all day, while you do not need to compromise on their milk. With two or more pockets, you will be able to keep enough bottles to easily last you for an entire day.

Another important but often overlooked feature will be that of the wet wipes pocket on such backpacks. When out in the public, taking care of a mess now and then can be a big task if you need to explore through your backpack for some tissues. In such cases, a handy side pocket that is easily reachable and dedicated to such things can really come to your aid.

What material should the Backpack Diaper Bag use for the fabric?

The fabric is of course the main concern for a backpack diaper bag. Firstly, the fabric should be waterproof. While the waterproofing prevents any drink spillage from ruining things inside the bag, it also makes sure, that any drippings that may have happened inside the bag stay within the bag. Besides, you already have a lot to take care of. Washing a bag cannot be added to that list. To avoid that, the fabric should be machine washable, which will definitely give you time to catch some extra snoozes. To ensure all of this with durability, Oxford or polyester fabric as the primary material will be ideal.

Final Verdict

Never let your kids suffer in midway due to inadequate space. The designer backpack diaper bags will fit perfectly and look stylish whenever walking the streets.