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10 Best Smart Watch for Kids in 2024

While most people think that smartwatches are just for adults, there are several smartwatches that cater to children. The smartwatches for kids come with a plethora of features, games and learning development features. Furthermore, these watches come with several fitness features and help your child to remain fit. With these watches, you will be able to monitor your child at all times and ensure the utmost safety for your little angel.

With the advancement in technology, even the parents are now inclining towards giving their child the best tech-based products. Hence, we are offering an in-depth review of the best smartwatches for kids. Having all the points jotted down, you are going to feel lucky.


List of Best Smart Watch for Kids Review

10. Karaforna Kids Smart Watch

Karaforna Smart Watch for Kids

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Whether a girl or a boy, this watch will make a crucial tool for your kids. Having various features, this watch helps you as well as your child. The watch sports the feature of GPS. With the help of this, you can know the location of your little one, and do not need to worry all day. The watch also has an alarm clock. Thus, your kids can now learn to get up by themselves.

As a matter of fact, the parents get the liberty to operate the device through the SetTracker App. Therefore, full control is given on their hands. One can even set Do Not Disturb period so that the child cannot access it at that specific period. Lastly, it supports two-way calling for keeping the child connected.

Key Features:

  • In case your child is in some danger, the watch allows them to send an SOS call during emergencies.
  • Having the flashlight function, your child can play, as well as it helps to see in the dark.
  • With the function of the camera, no important moment of your child is missed anymore.

9. VTechKidizoom Smartwatch DX2


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This smartwatch serves at once as a useful tool, as well as your child’s favorite plaything. The smartwatch is absolutely packed with various attributes. Not only can you take pictures with the watch, but you can upload pictures as well as videos easily on other devices.

Besides, to make it fun for your child, various clock faces and games can be downloaded on this small device. The product has ample space of 256MB to allow your child to save a lot of things. Further, the product comes with dual cameras as a plus. As a result, they can have all the fun clicking photos.

Key Features:

  • The micro USB cable is provided with the product. This helps you to upload anything, as well as get the rechargeable battery charged through your laptop.
  • Kids are not expected to be careful while playing. For that reason, the watch has been made splash-proof, so you do not have to worry about any damage.
  • Any kid falling under the age range 4 to 12 years can wear this.

8. Funntech Smart Watch

Funntech Smart Watch for Kids

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If you are looking for a smartwatch that can help to improve the health of your child, this should be your choice. The product comes with a pedometer, which will count the steps for your child. You do not have to be concerned about your child misplacing the watch either, as it has an anti-lost function as well.

Moreover, the watch even allows your child to record their voice. With this device, your child can even browse the web. Besides, the product also supports micro-SIM cards. Hence, you can directly call it. Lastly, the Bluetooth mode helps connect to an Android phone and use it without hindrances.

Key Features:

  • The product is available in 3 different colors to appeal to the eyes of your child.
  • One exclusive feature offered by the product is that the watch has a sedentary reminder, to help them better their health.
  • It also has a sleep monitor, which helps you to better your sleep quality.

7. LBD Direct Kids Smartwatch

LDB Direct

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If you are stuck at your job, and cannot stop worrying about your child, get them one of these smartwatches. The smartwatch features an SOS function, which will send an alarm to the telephone APP on the press of a switch.

Besides, having GPS+LBS+AGPS location, all at the same time, you can always stay updated as to where your child is at the current moment. On top of that, the product provides various trinkets as an added bonus. With the IP67 waterproofing, your child can even jump on the pool with the watch on without any trouble. Above all, add a maximum of 3 SOS numbers for the situations of emergency.

Key Features:

  • This also allows a two-way call privilege, which keeps you connected with your child.
  • In case you are not great with new devices, the product comes with a guide that walks.
  • You can add as many as 10 family members for carrying out a chat.

6. JoJoSiwa Touchscreen Smartwatch

Jojo Siwa Smart Watch for Kids

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In case you are not sure what to get your child for their next birthday, this will make a great and helpful present. The product has the function of a side speak, which helps to record the voice. Further, to make the watch even more interesting, there are as many as 10 clocks faces your child can choose from.

Also, the USB cable required for charging the watch is provided with the product itself, so that your child can use it right out of the box.​​ Besides, this product also has the unique feature of a stopwatch. A pedometer aids your child to stay healthy. Hence, their health is fully monitored and taken care of.

Key Features:

  • Since the product has a full touchscreen, it is very convenient to use the watch without complications.
  • The various games will keep your child busy and entertained throughout the day.
  • With the feature of the calculator, the watch can even help your child with their math homework.

5. Marvel Touch-Screen Watch


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Get this official Spiderman smartwatch and enjoy the smile of your little one. The compact smartwatch has a selfie camera. This camera allows your child to take pictures and videos throughout the day which can be saved in the happy memory corner.

Moreover, waking up your kid every morning might not always work out. This watch has an alarm clock, which reduces one of your many jobs in the morning. With the abundance of various games, the product is sure to be a favorite of your child. Having a wide touchscreen, the product offers a user-friendly control.

Key Features:

  • Its silicone strap sits snugly on your child’s hand without creating any discomfort.
  • This marvel themed watch is sure to win the heart of your child.
  • Because of the long-lasting battery, your child can enjoy uninterrupted fun all through the day.

4. Wzpiss Smart Watch

Wzpiss Smart Watch for Kids

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This watch is suited for your kids, or even you can use it. If functionality is not enough for you, the sleek design will catch your attention. With the sedentary reminder, this watch helps you to relax every once in a while to keep your health good. The product keeps track of your sleep to ensure you have true rest.

The product can also provide you with real-time coaching to help with your workout. However, the product also provides a rear case for storing the watch when not in use. The band has a special fabric that is anti-sweat, so it will not be uncomfortable for you or your child.

Key Features:

  • With the extensive features, the product can work like any other Android phone, while staying conveniently on your wrist.
  • One innovative feature of this product is of independent storage. This allows you to listen to any music by accessing the audio files without needing to carry your phone.
  • It is Bluetooth enabled and you can share files from the device.

3. Ameiqa Kids Smart Watch


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Name your requirement, and Ameiqa is surely already providing it. In order to ensure the safety of your child, you can set up a safety area with the help of the LBS tracker. You will get an immediate reminder when your child is out of the safety area.

Besides, the product also provides the benefit of the flashlight. The class mode allows you to disable the watch temporarily through an application so that your child does not get distracted in the class. One very useful feature the product offers is the remote listening, which allows parents to listen to understand if their child is in some trouble.

Key Features:

  • The math games help to educate your child in a really fun way.
  • By pressing the SOS button, your child can immediately reach out to you in case of any trouble.
  • Because the strap along with the buckle is of silicone, it provides ergonomic comfort all day.

2. HuaWise Kids Smartwatch

HuaWise Smart Watch for Kids

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With the USB cable offered, you do not have to spend any extra money on a charger. In fact, you can use the product upon its arrival. The watch supports the fast dial function which helps your child to call their parents easily. With characteristics like talk-back and alarm clock, the watch can also act as an assistant device. Keeping quality in mind, the product has an IPS HD colored touch screen.

Furthermore, it comes with a calculator, music player as well as games. Thus, it promises to entertain your child at all times. With 6 different variants of color combinations, your child is sure to find one which can suit their preference. So, let your kid be the rockstar of the town.

Key Features:

  • Whether your child spills their drink or splashes water, nothing will happen to this waterproof device.
  • One amazing addition to this product is that a 128M SD card is provided with the product.

1. Ralehong Smart Watch


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Since it supports micro-SIM cards, it allows you a two-way call. And helps you to stay in contact with your child throughout the day. With special goodies like a free SD card, your child can store a lot of pictures, videos or songs in this tiny device. Besides, more options are always better.

For that reason, the product supports both 12 hours and the 24-hour date and time format. The phone book allows as many as 10 contacts to be saved on the watch. With the help of the calculator, your child has a buddy to help with their math homework.

Key Features:

  • The 7 puzzle games help your child to exercise their brain while playing some fun games.
  • This allows your child to listen to music anytime, no matter where they are.
  • With the aspect of the camera, your child can capture any memory in their day, and share them with you.

Your kids will love whenever you gift any of these fashionable smartwatches for their birthdays or any other occasion. Check on the designs and styles and let them have their own personal statement.