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10 Best SUV Tents in 2024

The SUV tents are of course a special breed of camping tents. Certainly, the thing that sets these tents apart is the fact they remain attached to your SUV or truck. As a result, they allow you to use utilities like power and air conditioning from your vehicle. Furthermore, these tents are very easy to set up and lightweight too. Despite their lightweight design, they are highly durable and can withstand any adversity. However, you need to be careful while choosing a tent with a multitude of options available.

In this article, we are providing you with the scoop of the 10 best choices of these tents that you can find. Have a look to be absolutely correct about your decision.


The Best SUV Tents in 2024

10. Napier Sportz Cove SUV Tent

Napier SUV Tents

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This tent does not leave room for any complaint since it offers you an attractive one year warranty. With this product, you will not have to question the durability. The body of the tent has superior quality polyester taffeta and polyester mesh as the material. Thus, it can easily last you for years. Besides, it also provides you with the privilege of a mesh screen door. Thus, you can have a great view without the trouble of bugs.

Furthermore, it offers quick and easy access to your vehicle. Thus, you can easily take refuge in your car whenever you need it. Also, the light in the weight carry bag makes it easy to carry the tent around.

Key Features:

  • To make the tent really travel friendly, this product comes with a carrying bag.
  • The awning of the product is over 2 feet. Therefore, you easily have great shade against any of the elements.
  • To give you extra security, the product comes with a special storm flap in the door.

9. SportZ SUV Tent


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SportZ has a long line of amazing tents, and this is one of their best products. This tent is also highly spacious. As a matter of fact, it has a surface area of 10-square ft. On the other hand, it also provides a headspace of 7ft. With this spacious tent, 5 to 6 adults can easily get their goodnight sleep. However, in order to use the cargo area of your vehicle efficiently, the product attaches to the vehicle.

Besides, the product provides great protection against any sudden downpour with the help of the GoBeDry rain protection system. Most importantly, it provides two large entrance doors for easy access.

Key Features:

  • Since the screen room of the tent is removable, you can easily remove it when it is not in use.
  • To keep the product neat when it is not in use, and expandable storage bag also comes with the product.
  • In case you want to turn it into a ground tent, you just need to fully remove the vehicle sleeve.

8. Rightline Gear 110907 SUV Tent

Rightline Gear SUV Tents

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For the ones who do not have much of an experience with tents, no need to panic. This product comes with a setup guide. The guide indeed walks you through each easy step. Since the guide is sewn to the tent, you never forget to bring the instructions with yourself. More importantly, the product uses PU 2000mm with taped seams. Also, the fabric is popular for being completely water-resistant. Furthermore, the tent promises to be able to brave all the elements.

If you are still not convinced about the quality of the product, the tent also comes with a year’s warranty. Therefore, if you face any problem during this period, you can get a replacement or your money back.

Key Features:

  • The product has a unique PE bathtub floor. This prevents the water from coming in and keeps the crawlers out.
  • One great fact about this product is that you do not have to worry much about compatibility. It can fit SUV, minivan, wagon, and many other kinds.
  • Besides, the tent can easily provide a sleeping arrangement for 4 adults while the cargo bay holds two persons.

7. Napier Backroadz SUV Tent


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Your environmentalist heart can feel proud knowing with the purchase of your tent, a tree will be planted. With this product, you will never feel suffocated. The roomy tent has 1 large door with 3 mesh windows. This maintains good air circulation inside the tent. Besides, the mesh over the windows keeps all the unwanted critters out of the tent.

Unlike most products, this SUV tent also provides you with a complete floor to keep you dry as well as clean inside. To help you keep your essential items safe, the product also provides an added gear pocket.

Key Features:

  • As an added feature, the product has an awning over the entrance which can keep the rainwater away.
  • With the help of the lantern holder, you can illuminate the tent at night.
  • Since the straps of the product are adjustable, it makes a weather-resistant seal for you.

6. KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Tent

 KingCamp SUV Tents

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If you are looking for a tent that can accommodate your family comfortably, this SUV tent is able to hold 4 to 6 people comfortably inside. Further, even though it is huge, the product is really lightweight weighing a mere 38.8lbs. Thus, you will hardly feel any weight when you have to carry it. In order to withstand any strong winds, the product has a reinforced design.

Also, with the 3000mm PU coating, you can rely on the product for being waterproof. The door rainfly of the product can be converted into an awning for shade.

Key Features:

  • To allow you easy threading without any hassle, the product also has a wire hole.
  • A special mesh pocket is present inside the tent, which holds all your important and small things for you.
  • The flysheet of the product provides you with additional space inside the tent.

5. Raptor Series Offgrid SUV Tent

Raptor Series

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Certainly, a worthy addition to our list of best tents, this is a one of it’s kind. Unlike most tents, this is a rooftop kind. To provide you with added ergonomic comfort, the product comes with a high-density foam mattress so you do not have to sleep on the hard floor. If that was not enough, the product also provides the heavy-duty telescoping 8-foot ladder. Thus, getting on and off becomes much easier.

Besides, the ladder has aluminum as it’s material. Therefore, it is light and provides the required sturdiness at the same time.

Key Features:

  • Of course, net doors provide you with extra privacy and security. However, you can roll them up for better ventilation.
  • Next, the product has an aerodynamic design. So, it can withstand any strong winds with ease.
  • The product does not require any additional setup. Therefore, it opens and closes in no time.

4. PlayDo SUV Tent

PlayDo SUV Tents

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Absolutely full of features, this product will certainly not fail your expectations. The screen window of the tent has top quality B3 mesh with cover. This keeps the inside of the tent cool while avoiding any bugs. Further, to provide a tent with an absolutely stable base, this product comes with sandbags. The vertical poles of the tent are all out of sturdy steel. Besides, they are adjustable as well.

If that was not enough, the tent also aviation aluminum frame with the help of the top poles. Since the carry bag comes with handles, it is really convenient to carry the tent on your trips.

Key Features:

  • If functionality is not enough for you, the product is also available in a wide array of different colors.
  • The awning of the product has premium quality 210T polyester fabric with double stitches. Thus, it is highly durable and ensures your longevity.
  • Lastly, its special construction also makes the tent completely waterproof as well as tear-resistant.

3. DAC Explorer 2 SUV Tent


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With its innovative design, this tent can come to great use even in uncommon camping areas. Moreover, the tent remains off the ground due to its innovative design. So, you don’t have to deal with the damp or the pesky bugs while you sleep. Furthermore, to provide you with complete privacy, the product has an upside-down T-door zipper. So, you can use it in both ways for convenience.

Most importantly, the outer door panels can easily fold for you to tie it up. Hence, you will never feel claustrophobic inside the tent either. Also, the tent only weighs 5 lbs. Thus, it becomes very easy to handle the tent.

Key Features:

  • The tent can be easily set up in less than 5 minutes with the help of bungee cords.
  • To ensure your safety, the product meets the AFAI-84 standards of flame resistance.
  • The bungee cords have hooks that have a plastic coating. So, you will not get into any accidents while setting the tent up.

2. Overland Vehicle Systems TMBK Tent

verland Vehicle Systems SUV Tents

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This tent is absolutely perfect for viewing nature in serene places. A special skylight has been made in the tent to view the beautiful sky. Moreover, it provides you with a telescoping ladder for easy climbing on the roof of your car. Not only is the material of the product really breathable, but the tent has vents which maintain good circulation of the air.

To keep the windows stable, the product provides high-quality gold zinc plated rods. The combination of a marine-grade polyester along with the cotton canvas makes for a waterproof body.

Key Features:

  • The base of the product has been insulated so the original temperature can be maintained for chilly nights.
  • With the availability of the high-density foam mattress, you can have a goodnight’s sleep no matter where you are.
  • Having as many as 4 different storage compartments, you have enough space to organize and store your small items.

1. SportZ SUV Tent


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This is another excellent tent from the successful line of SportZ. Name your requirement, and this tent is probably already providing it. The spacious tent promises that 4 to 5 adults can easily sleep inside the product. However, it can easily fit 9 people without any issue. In order to fit any vehicle without any struggle, you can easily adjust the vehicle sleeve of the product. Also, the tent offers you a special cyclone venting system and 2 skylights.

Thus, you get exceptional ventilation so you can stay inside the tent for hours without any discomfort. Above all, it provides you with plenty of headspaces. Indeed, it has a height of 7 ft in the center and 6 ft around the corners.

Key Features:

  • Firstly, it comes with the fiberglass pole structure. So, it assures you that the SUV tent will have the necessary strength and durability.
  • Besides, the floor of the product is of the bathtub style to avoid any damp or water from seeping in.
  • A huge 6 by 6-foot awning will provide you with the necessary shade against the sun or rain.

The travel-friendly SUV tents are really special. They are sturdy, durable and provide a lot of space. Most importantly, their design also allows them to protect you from the sun and the rain. So, make sure that you go for the right one. Read the reviews above, understand your requirements and choose wisely.