Top 10 Best Small Treadmills in 2020

People are becoming more and more conscious of their health status now. That is because the rate of diseases is increasing day by day. However, there is very less time for exercising organically, and that is why people are buying treadmills. There are different sizes of treadmills available to suit your space requirement. The small treadmills are perfect, and if they are foldable, it is even better for space-saving. The following is the list of the top 10 best small treadmills in 2020.

List of Best Small Treadmills Review

10. Akonza Incline Treadmill


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Popular for its 3-level incline and foldable design, this treadmill is one of the most convenient treadmills to use. Available with in-built transportation wheels and foldable structure, this treadmill has the maximum speed of 12kmph. Moreover, it has special features like cup holder, MP3 holder, phone holder to help you during long workout sessions. Along with these, a preset music player and Bluetooth system are available to keep you motivated during workout sessions.

Additionally, this foldable treadmill has safety options too. This includes the overloading and over-current protection, emergency stop button, and magnetic safety key. Moreover, there is an all-in-one console with an LCD monitor to keep track of your speed, distance, time, calories, and other measures.

Reason To Buy
  • LCD display traces workout process easily.
  • Made of high-quality steel ensuring durability.
  • Comes with a pulse sensor feature.

9. Merax Electric Folding Treadmill

Merax Small Treadmills

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This electric treadmill is puffed with a 500W incredible engine with astonishingly low noise. The range of speed is from 0.62 MPH to 6.2 MPH to meet your distinctive fitness objectives. This treadmill has a collapsing configuration which is basically measured for home use. Moving wheels on the base offer straightforward transport for this treadmill for home. Moreover, it consists of a 4-Layer PVC mix running belt which gives a decent springy inclination while running on it.

This treadmill has a simple to peruse control panel which enables you to track speed, distance, pulse, and calories consumed. This one is available with 3 preset workout programs in addition to manual mode to support workouts for cardio, weight reduction, and muscle conditioning. Moreover, there is an emergency stop button set up for your safety concern.

Reason To Buy
  • Sturdy, foldable structure ideal for small rooms.
  • Strong motor with low noise feature.
  • Emergency stop button ensures safety.

8. Miageek Fitness Folding Treadmills


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This electric treadmill has a foldable structure supported with transportation wheels for simple and easier portability. Its compact foldable feature makes it very convenient for storage. Its ultra-foldable features make this treadmill makes it perfect for home, residence, and office use. Moreover, this treadmill has features like Bluetooth G-fit sports app suitable for both Android and IOS framework. The maximum speed range is 1kmph to 14kmph.

In addition to this, it has 12 in-built running settings to get your calories burnt the right way. It has a low noise engine along with an auto-stop security function. The treadmill is furnished with the safety key so it can be stopped promptly in emergency circumstances.

Reason To Buy
  • Strong construction comes with transportation wheels.
  • 12 pre-programmed training plans with pulse sensor feature.
  • Powerful motor with low noise technology.

7. Goplus Folding Treadmill

Goplus Small Treadmills

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Talking about the features, this treadmill has a multi-functional LED display on the front which keeps track of your performance on the treadmill. Heart rate, speed, distance, calories burnt, and other measures are recorded in the treadmill. Moreover, the overall design and structure is a space saver and is foldable too. Thus, it makes the treadmill easy and convenient to store. Alongside, there are wheels provided for simple and convenient movement of the treadmill.

Moreover, the treadmill has a heavy duty construction, with its frame made up of high-quality steel, having a capacity to withstand 220 Lbs. It has a wide running belt to provide you with the best experience while working out. Furthermore, there is a safety panel on the handrail consisting of emergency stop button for your safety concern.

Reason To Buy
  • Multipurpose LED display tracks every move easily.
  • Folding design needs less space.
  • Phone holder makes work out fun.

6. Ncient Folding Electric Treadmill


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This treadmill is one of least noise producing treadmill that too with a foldable structure which makes it easier to store taking less space. This treadmill has a 1.5HP motor which is just perfect for all kind of workouts, like walking, running, cardio, jogging, and many more. Although being puffed with a 1.5HP motor, it produces the least noise. Furthermore, it has its frame made up of high-quality steel, making it perfect in appearance. Alongside, there is a slip-resistant running belt with a cushion like structure.

In addition, this treadmill has an LCD screen which enables the user to keep an eye on his performance, speed, time, calories, and heart rate. Alongside, a wireless pulse sensor is available to monitor your heart rate.

Reason To Buy
  • Foldable structure with LCD display.
  • Soft drop feature ensures no floor disfiguration.
  • Has low noise motor and pulse checking feature.

5. SereneLife Electric Motorized Treadmill


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This treadmill is convenient and foldable for simple setup and storage. It accompanies a straightforward electric module configuration with mechanized treadmill intensity of 1HP. Moreover, it has grasp sensors for heartbeat checking and other measurements. It has its maximum speed ranging to 6Mph.

Furthermore, it has an LCD display to monitor exercises with this smart computerized system. The LCD screen is able to showcase running and preparing information measurements readout, for example, run time, distance, speed, calories, and pulse. Alongside, it has customizable speed settings to build the force of your exercise. Moreover, it has a safety key and emergency stop feature for safety concerns. This treadmill is considered best for walking, sprinting, jogging, cardio, and other workouts at home.

Reason To Buy
  • Digital LCD screen with touch controls.
  • Can connect devices with Bluetooth.
  • Foldable design to make home use convenient.

4. GYMAX Electric Portable Treadmill

GYMAX Small Treadmills

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Puffed with a small and silent motor, this portable treadmill has a maximum speed of 6.5mph. In spite of having such a high speed, this treadmill still runs within the acceptable noise limits. This treadmill has a considerably small size, which is easy to store, foldable, space-saver, and can be kept in any corner of your house. Alongside, this treadmill has a solid steel framework with high-quality slip-resistant and shock-proof running belt.

The treadmill has an attractive and stylish round monitor in the middle which displays the speed, calories burnt, time, and your performance. Moreover, there is an operational panel as well which comprises of buttons to change the running mode, adjust the speed and other operations. This system has 12 preset workout programs along with an emergency button to prevent injury.

Reason To Buy
  • Made with excellent quality of steel.
  • Comes with low noise feature and safety key.
  • Running belt makes gym time enjoyable.

3. Goplus Folding Treadmill

Goplus Small Treadmills

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This treadmill can be simply folded and has wheels to make it simple for moving and storage. You can also put your cell phone or iPad on the holder provided while working out. Moreover, the frame is made up of superb steel having a 220Lbs weight limit. It comes with a 38.2″L x14″W running belt which gives the user a progressively agreeable and increasingly solid exercise involvement.

Furthermore, a security key is provided with the machine along with an emergency stop button on the handrail, which twofold ensure you while working out. Pulse, check, speed, time, and calories can be measured using the LED display. Handrails have speed increaser and decreaser, begin/stop and pulse test buttons.

Reason To Buy
  • Construction is made of strong steel.
  • Simple folding structure with phone holder.
  • Comes with safety key to prevent any injury.

2. Merax Electric Folding Treadmill

Merax Small Treadmills

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This folding treadmill is a real space saver with its amazing folding properties. It comes with an easy to fold design along with the transportation wheel for easy and convenient movement. It can easily fit in a small corner of the house or under the bed. Talking about the features, this small electric folding treadmill has a multi-functional display to track your speed, time, performance, and calories.

Moreover, this small treadmill comes with a 1.5HP silent natured motor which enables 12 in-built programs along with 3 count-down modes as well. The system supports speed from 0.8kmph and goes till 12kmph totally with your fitness goals. Furthermore, a set of buttons are available on the handles which are used to instantly stop or start the machine. The treadmill has the maximum weight capacity of 240lbs and is designed with a high-density shock-absorber belt that too with a slip-resistant feature.

Reason To Buy
  • Compact foldable design ideal for small space.
  • Comes with multipurpose LCD display and strong motor.
  • Simple assembly makes it easy to use.

1. MaxKare Small Treadmill

MaxKare Small Treadmills

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This treadmill has a very quiet and incredible copper engine, which has speed ranging from 0.5MPH to 8.5MPH. This treadmill comes with an enormous LCD display and 15 Pre-set workout projects which are able to encourage you for running at home. You can screen continuous information for each activity, including speed, time, calories, separation, and pulse.

Furthermore, there is a 17-inch wide multi-layer track belt and world first entire machine against stun framework which can withstand a maximum load of 220 pounds. Their foldable structure causes you effectively get together the treadmill, yet additionally encourages you to store and move the treadmill in less space.

Reason To Buy
  • 15 in-built programs with large LCD screen.
  • Strong motor with low noise technology.
  • Comes with extensive tread belt.


While buying a small treadmill, you can find various types of them to choose from. These small treadmills are light in weight, and most of them are foldable, and the price is also reasonable. You can fit them in a small space, and you will get all the features and functionalities you get on a traditional treadmill. Do check each product and understand the features before buying.

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