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10 Best Shower Tents in 2024

If you are a frequent backpacker, then the hassles that you need to face while bathing is certainly unavoidable. So what’s the solution to it? And how to keep one clean even when out? The simple answer to that is a shower tent. These portable tents are carried to every location and you can certainly stay assured about its quality. It won’t tear and you will have all the privacy.

So, what characteristics to look for before buying? The review highlights the necessary points so that you don’t skip any important information.


List of Best Shower Tents Review

10. GigaTent Pop Up Privacy Tent

GigaTent Shower Tents

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If you hate waiting in long queues for public changing rooms, GigaTent comes with a solution for you. This movable and foldable shower tent is perfect for a changing room and other bathroom activities. The 6-foot tall portable tent offers you instant privacy in any outdoor place.

It moreover has a high-quality polyester taffeta 190 T construction. As a result, it doesn’t only prove to be durable, but also is waterproof, making the tent a real winner.

Key Features:
  • In fact, the steel frame also is produced by keeping the idea of long use in mind.
  • Provides you with a 100% risk-free guarantee. Now you are assured about the quality of the tent and buy it without any worries.
  • It includes a carry bag for this tent.

9. WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tent


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This ultra-light shower tent weighing only 4.3 pounds is your next travel-friendly essential for outdoor trips. The tent offers the unique feature of a pocket, for holding your essential items. These include phone or keys, while it also provides a rope for hanging towels or clothes inside the tent.

As a matter of fact, the tent comes with a zipper window and mesh top design. As a result, it provides an all-around dissipation, helping in ventilating the body’s heat and smell. Therefore, keeping the insides cool for comfortable use.

Key Features:
  • The 190T durable, water repellent polyester keeps the inner surface dry.
  • It certainly protects you from 60% of the harmful UV rays, known to affect your skin.
  • The product absolutely needs no set-up or assembly.

8. Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent

Green Elephant Shower Tents

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With this pop-up shower tent, you would not have to worry about a thing. This innovative and efficient tent takes care of all your minor worries for you. Packed with various accessories like hooks and ropes for hanging various essential items from toilet paper to phone, this tent has got you covered. It furthermore has an ergonomic design plus comes with a mosquito net for keeping the troubles of mosquito away.

Finally, it rather has a shower opening along with a no-floor design. Thus, you can have all the freedom along with comfort.

Key Features:
  • A durable zipper door gives you perfect privacy anywhere you go.
  • Though made from water repellent polyester, it comes with an added rain cover and sandbags. Therefore, helps to keep the tent in place in any Sandy or rugged surface.
  • Includes accessories such as towel hanger, a storage section, etc.

7. TMS Portable Green Pop Up Tent


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If you love camping but cannot stand the idea of having to share your bathroom time with outside critters, this portable shower tent is your savior. The zipper door with an enclosed roof design assures your experience is absolutely private. Therefore, devoid of any outside things.

However, it indeed comes with metal stakes for better stability while propped up for use. It further comes with a U-shaped zipper for easy entry plus exit.

Key Features:
  • The tent is certainly folded into a compact size.
  • Comes with its own handy bag for travel purposes.
  • Galvanized steel makes sure the surface does not catch any rust or become corrosive, thus ensuring long-lasting use.

6. Sportneer Pop Up Shower Tent

Sportneer Shower Tents

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This tent is all that you can ask for. Having the superior quality polyester construction, this is tear, water and UV resistant all at the same time. Being water-resistant, it provides you with the unique opportunity of hanging up. Next, it is a portable shower and uses it without any concern.

Nevertheless, it is filled with pockets for carrying your essential items. Lastly, the hanging ropes are rather here to put your towels or clothes in a neat place.

Key Features:
  • A double-zippered door ensures the safety and easy entry or exit at the same time.
  • Two zippered windows let you choose your desired ventilation and privacy.
  • It certainly has an ergonomic design.

5. KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Camping


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This oversized, multi-purpose tent takes care of all your hygiene-related issues for you. The tent is large enough to accommodate two adults at the same time. Further, it contains installed hooks to use a solar shower with ease.

The center of the floor is made from durable polyester, while the sides are made with a net mesh, to allow easy passage of water, making the activities hassle-free.

Key Features:
  • Windows are provided with a mesh surface. It allows proper ventilation and protects you from mosquito bites and other critters creeping outside.
  • It is indeed very spacious.

4. Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent

Leader Accessories Shower Tents

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Available in various attractive colors, this shower tent is a must-buy for your outdoor trips. Serving various purposes as toilet or shower tent, at a beach or for camping, it has got your worries regarding privacy covered. In fact, the design is specially made to be easily foldable.

Apart from being packed with various accessories, the tent comes with a unique Olive buckle. As a result, easily fixes the tent door panel.

Key Features:
  • Designed especially to reduce water mist, which makes the tent airier and provides a pleasant experience.
  • Includes 4 strings along with 8 metal stakes that assure full steadiness even during heavy winds.
  • When folded, it comes down to a compact size.

3. WolfWise Portable Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent


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Now you finally have a shower tent, which can brave all the elements making it efficient and convenient to have. Made from exclusive 190T nylon polyester, and galvanized steel, this tent proves to be sturdy. However, it indeed lasts for a long time, without any maintenance issues.

Thoughtfully made from black fabric, coated with silver, this promises to protect you from 98% of the harmful UV rays.

Key Features:
  • Innovative ‘T’ zipper on the door, makes an entrance and exit much more convenient.
  • It certainly features a three-way zipper closure that provides the utmost security in the outdoors.
  • The material is fully waterproof and used as a shower tent.

2. Ridge Outdoor Gear Shower Privacy Tent

Ridge Outdoor Gear Shower Tents

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Being extremely spacious and tall over 200cm, this solves your neck pain issues while taking a shower. The tent comes with its very own rainfly and even sandbags giving it that extra strength to brave any weather.

As a matter of fact, this has X large window and the shower head hole is totally safe against bugs. The mesh top aids insufficient air circulation and the inner pocket will store everything.

Key Features:
  • Includes a removable floor mat, which makes cleaning it very easy and convenient.
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or refund policy, taking away all your concerns about the quality of its material.
  • As tall as 6.5 ft thus can accommodate people of any height.

1. G4Free Outdoor Privacy Shelter Tent


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Made with a lot of thought, this tent comes with an inner rain cover and outer permeable gauze. Hence, keeps the tent breezy and ventilated at all times. Moreover, a special 210T waterproof fabric is used with a silver-coating to keep light from heating up the inside.

Besides, the screen is of a mesh texture of B3 high density. Therefore, keeps the crawlers outside and the tent airy for a comfortable experience.

Key Features:
  • An abrasion repellent PE Velcro floor makes it a sure winner among many.
  • This multifunctional product is used in many places that include beaches, fields, etc.
  • Features a sturdy built.

Don’t miss out on showering even when you are out camping. The shower tents will aid to keep you fresh and clean.