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10 Best Pogo Sticks in 2024

Barely a few years after its first appearance, the pogo stick redefined its image. This meant that it widened its scope of users to adults and its range of purposes to a lot more. Whereas it was initially thought of as a toy for kids, the pogo stick has now been incorporated into several aspects of life, such as exercise, transportation, and even competitions. What however has increased pogo sticks acceptability is the commendable upgrades.

Today’s models have been configured to leap over 8ft in air and even hop over cars and small buses without any difficulty. Recognizing the relevance the pogo stick has amassed, we have compiled the best 10 you can lay your hands on these days. Taking a cue from our buying guide, we assure you of just the ideal stick as well.


The Best Pogo Sticks in 2024

10. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Flybar Pogo Sticks

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This stick was specifically created for intermediate riders, say 9-year-olds and above. Hence, it has been designed to provide maximum safety and comfort. For a start, the Flybar Foam stick is equipped with a replaceable, wider stance bounce tip, thereby offering great stability and consistency when riding. Furthermore, the stick is adequately covered, meaning that riders are safeguarded from any moving part that could inflict harm.

Speaking of ease and comfort, the Flybar Pogo’s grip and handles are lathered in foam for a comfortable cushion grasp. It as well features a carry strap that comes with a quick-release strip, and as such, gets you into the action in an instant and keeps you moving as long as you want to. Tricks up your sleeves? You’re covered. This stick comes with non-slip foot pegs to enable you to showboat with great ease.


  • Cushioned handles for excellent grip;
  • Wider stance bounce tip;
  • Dual shaft design.
  • Non-slip footpegs for tricks
  • Covered stick for safety

9. Foam Maverick Pogo Stick


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The Flybar Foam Maverick is available in metal and covered all through in foam, hence suggesting that it is designed for beginners as well. The cushioned handles offer brilliant grip support, guaranteeing impressive safety and comfort when riding. But that’s just a little of it all. The Flybar Foam Maverick is a rainbow coat; you can make your choice from seven different colors. Needless to say, kids, particularly, would find this most endearing.

Going further, the Maverick is characterized by deep and extra-wide footpads and a singular shaft design for improved stability. Coupled with the rubber tip and cushioned grips, this is perhaps the safest Pogo stick you’d find this year. The ideal age limit for the Maverick is 5-9 years old and supports 40-80 pounds of weight. Keep in mind that the foam cushions keep you safe in case of any mishap.


  • Single shaft design
  • Deep and extra-wide footpads
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Available in several colors

8. GeoSpace The Jumparoo

Geospace Pogo Sticks

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If you’re willing to look past the singularity of the color (neon green by the way) in which the Jumparoo is available, then Geospace would make an excellent choice, especially for users between 4 and 9. To compensate for this strict fashion, Geospace is available in three sizes, making it suitable for all sizes and heights. The small supports 40-80 lbs, the medium; 45-85lbs and the other; 50-90lbs.

This stick boasts of an impressive lift as kids with the most basic training can leap up to 2 feet within the first days. Regarding safety, we suppose you’d have no complaints. The spring system is enclosed in a metal compartment for enhanced safety; the footpegs employ non-slip grip tape, hence enabling suitability in any environment, be it wet or dry. And not to forget, the handles are covered with precision foam, safeguarding the palms from blisters caused by rubber handles.


  • Three different sizes
  • Impressive lift
  • Four handgrips for all heights
  • Precision foam covers

7. New Bounce Soft, Easy Grip Pro Sport Pogo Stick

New Bounce

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If you have a higher budget and would rather exoticism blended with functionality, then this is a nice choice to go with. This stick is available in two sizes: regular and junior, each designed to cater to your specific needs. Ideal for pros and beginners, the Pro Sport Pogo comes with a wide stance bounce tip that provides sufficient leverage when pogoing, regardless of the distance traveled, except of course you’re tired.

Safety remains a top priority as expected. New Bounce Pro Sport is equipped with relevant features, such as rubber grips for better balance, replaceable non-slip foot pads for greater stability, precision foam coating and, importantly, excellent aluminum material. This stick is built for riders aged 9 and above and conveniently supports up to 160 lbs. And, oh, you have six attractive colors to choose from.


  • Unique, remarkable look
  • Rubber grips aids safety
  • Suitable for use over a long period
  • 5+ colors to choose from

6. Super Pogo Stick 1505

Flybar Pogo Sticks

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Here comes the rugged bamboo! This stick is designed for riders above 14 and easily supports 120-210 lbs. Massive. If you’re keen on being fast and furious, this is arguably your finest choice. Super 1505 is built from heavy-duty construction metal, offering you a very solid pogoing platform regardless of your weight. In addition, it features a virtually indestructible Nitrile rubber tip, consequently guaranteeing you high stability as you pogo.

Speaking of heights, Super 1505 can leap up to 8 feet in the air, while offering fantastic precision and exactness. This is as a result of the high-level stiff piston and reinforced injection-molded clamps. With this stick, your wildest tricks and stunts are supported as long as they remain in the technical realm (an existence we strongly advise that you stick to). The foot pedals are covered with grip tapes while the handles are made of rubber for the firm, vice-like grip. Go technically extreme here, Super 1505 allows it.


  • Extreme durability and solidity
  • Supports heavyweight riders
  • Requires little assembling
  • Allows technical skills

5. Fisher’s Price Grow to Pro Pogo


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This pogo stick supports riders as little as 5 and is as well ideal for riders up to 15. Impressive, anyone would say. Fisher’s Price stands out, mainly, due to its unique rubber tip. For beginners, the tip is larger than normal, enabling the stick to stand comfortably on a flat surface. This is reassuring to kids, 5+ in especially, as they trust the massive balance offered by the large tip. Hence, they can pogo with confidence and “stick with it” while they do.

Upon mastery of pogoing, this unusually large tip can be replaced with the traditional Pogo too to give the rider the truly intense feel of the sport. Safety is assured, as well. The handles are covered in foam, allowing young riders comfortable and firm grasp as they ride. In addition, the pedals are wider than normal and engineered to keep the feet stable as the rider leaps. As expected, all movements are well covered to prevent accidents.


  • Alternating tips depending on the rider’s expertise
  • Perfectly sized and designed for kids
  • Comfortable handles and feet pedals
  • Commendable age limit.

4. Flybar Foam Master

Amazon Renewed Pogo Sticks

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And, finally, a masterpiece from the very genesis! Flybar is the first company to produce pogo sticks, and it remained exceptionally committed to customer satisfaction. At first glance, the Flybar Foam Master might not appear outstanding as it offers no unique technological addition. But beneath the surface is where this stick excels. The Foam Master has received excellent reviews on its durability, functionality, and solidity.

To begin with, it is relatively inexpensive and is available in 7 colors, giving you the power to make colorful choices. The bounce tip is slightly wider than the traditional pogo tip and together with 2-shaft design, offers remarkable balance and stability. Alongside its handles, the Foam Master is covered in foam (as the name hints) for a firm grip. Importantly, the footpegs are anti-slip, guaranteeing safety while riding.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Wider tip for better balance
  • Precision foam covering
  • Non-slip footpegs

3. Vurtego’s V4 Pro Pogo Stick


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Several reviews have deemed the V4 ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advancements, and we are in agreement with them. Vurtego V4 is powered by air, rather than steel as other Pogo sticks are. This gives it great advantages over other sticks as its composition affords absolute adjustability. And what’s more, it is as well very light, meaning that it can be carried about with great ease.

This makes it one of the strongest pogo sticks around despite its lightweight. The pedal surface is wide enough for comfortable and safe riding. A unique spec of this stick is the optional riser bars that allow the configuration of the aggression, depending on the activity. Don’t get it wrong: Vurtego V4 doesn’t jump over lorries or high buses, but it promises exciting speed.


  • Optional riser bars
  • Portability and ease of usage
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Brilliant speed

2. Razor Gogo Pogo Stick

Razor Pogo Sticks

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Enter the stupefying wand! If you’re looking for a Pogo stick capable of taking an 8-feet leap into the air, the Razor Gogo is for you. This Pogo stick seems designed for experts in the art or at least someone who’s had some experience. The Razor Gogo is equipped with several edge-cutting, making it just ideal for mind-blowing tricks and stunts and yet in very safe conditions.

To begin with, Razor Gogo is designed with aircraft-grade aluminum metal. You, therefore, have no worries about its durability and solidity. That perhaps explains its suitability to several tricks and flexes. The razor comes with a fully-enclosed spring system, folding footrests for safety, soft foam grips and many more. And here’s the incredible part: bounce it, wing it, drift it, spin like crazy; standing or sitting. Experience a new twist on an old classic!


  • Comes with replaceable foot pads
  • Spring-button folding handlebars
  • Foldable stick for easier portability
  • Supports standing and sitting
  • Very high jumps

1. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids


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Regardless of the width of Pogo’s acceptability among adults, there is no gainsaying that kids own them. This Flybar model expertly designed specifically for kids, therefore, tops our compilation. Recognizing the importance of your kid’s foundation to enjoying pogoing as they grow up, Flybar exacts great emphasis on designing this stick to meet your kid at every point.

Speaking of comfort, the handles of this stick are molded with high-quality precision foam for firm grip as they pogo about. What’s better, every jump releases a squeaky sound that delights excitement and keeps kids engaged. Going further, the hops beneath does not damage the floor due to the foam cover, hence making the stick suitable for indoor and outdoor usage. My First Foam Pogo is most suitable for kids within 3-9.


  • High-density foam covering
  • Squeaky, engaging sounds for kids
  • Indoor and outdoor suitability
  • Exact grip for safety

Buying Guide Choosing on Pogo Sticks

Having gone through our review, we understand that you may be undecided on which to settle for as there are just little differences among them. This guide highlights a number of important considerations to make so as to settle for just the ideal Pogo stick.

  • Purpose

Often, the purpose of a Pogo stick is fun and exercise among kids. However, it could extend to competitions, sports, and even mini transportation. Whatever the purpose is, it’ll play a determinant in your selection. Having had a clear purpose, you can go through the above review once again, and we assure you’ll be able to settle for one.

  • Age and Weight

Pogo sticks are often made for a particular age limit. Some could be for as low as 3 or 14. The same applies to weight. The maximum weight support for some Pogo sticks is 120lbs while some supports as high as 210lbs. Height can be relevant as well, although not always. It is logical to select a model that’s tailored for your age, weight and, perhaps, height.

  • Price

Of course! Your budget is arguably the most significant determinant of your choice. Some Pogo sticks cost as low as $25 while some cost as much as $50. Regardless of the purpose, the choice depends on your pockets eventually. Note that a costlier price tag does not necessarily mean better value.


Drawing cues from our review and guide, we guarantee you the ideal choice for you or your kids. Read through the review with the necessary considerations in mind and, voila, your choice is ready. Make your purchase today.