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10 Best Parallettes in 2024

If you are looking forward to building your core muscles, biceps and chest then parallettes are perfect for you. These equipment use high-quality materials in its construction and so, no compromise is done on the safety domain. Furthermore, they use proper protection in the feet.

Thus, they completely slip-resistant and provides you with a proper grip. You can include it in your routine and start your new workout sessions today. If you are concerned about your safety issues and need some external help, then our parallettes buying guide is your savior. All the top brands known for their quality construction are listed below.


Best Parallettes in 2024

10. Body Power PL1000 Parallettes

Body Power Parallettes

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If you are a gym freak, having this product will help you maintain that perfect body. The product helps you with a number of different exercises. From rehabilitation exercises to HITT to yoga, it can cater to various needs. The product has taken special care to design the product with an integrated knurling grip. This helps you to have a strong grip, without any fear of slipping out.

Being 24-inches tall, this product is much larger than the usual push up bars. So, it offers you more room and allows you to perform different exercises. Therefore, with this equipment, you will be able to gain the best results in no time.

Key Features:

  • The product has 4 non-skid rubber feet. This keeps your floor from getting damaged, as well as provides a stable base.
  • This product has a matte powder finish. This not only gives the product a sleek look but makes it sweat resistant.
  • It has a U-shaped tube has a diameter of 1.5 inches.

9. Ultimate Body Press Parallettes

Ultimate Body Press

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With this product, quality always comes first. To assure you of their superior quality, the product comes with an impressive 10-year warranty. Thus, you can depend on the product to last you for a long time. It is of the commercial-grade that increases the workout level and intensity.

With its 12-inches pass-through height, this product will be ideal for your CrossFit training. The rubber feet have been made much thicker, with the intention to make the Parallettes ultra-stable for you. As a matter of fact, it comes with the unique feature of T-bar risers. This raises the structure, to provide ample room to your feet and legs.

Key Features:

  • With this product, you will be able to have your gym training anytime in your own place.
  • Since the handles are rounded, there is no interference with your shoes or clothes.
  • As it is strong, it will not bend or break.

8. The Beam Store Parallettes

The Beam Store

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This is unlike the usual bars found in the market. The sides of the product have an interesting triangle shape. This makes the structure much more stable. Furthermore, the product has a hardwood core on its body.

This makes it resistant to any rust, as well as makes it strong but much lighter than the usual ones.  Given that, the product also has an all-steel frame construction, increasing the durability of the product. Besides, the product offers a full warranty, so you can dump your doubts about the quality.

Key Features:

  • Since the product is a welded construction, no bolts are required on the assembly of this product.
  • With the compact size, travel with the bars, and maintain your physique no matter where you are in the world.
  • Even though the product has hardwood, you do not have to worry about slipping. The product has thoughtfully added rubber feet at the bottom.

7. Gravity Fitness XL Pro 2.0 Parallalettes

Gravity Fitness

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Meant for commercial use as well, this product will not fail to impress you with the various features. The Parallettes also serve the purpose of acting as a dip station. Hence, an array of different workouts can be done with just one product.

Further, backed by a lifetime guarantee, this product proves its lasting properties. These bars are powder coated in matte black. Well, it gives you more confidence in the grip on the handles and gives the ultimate protection to the bars themselves.

Key Features:

  • One great feature about this product is that the bars are collapsible. Therefore, storing and transporting becomes much easier.
  • The rubber feet prevent your floor from getting ruined with permanent scratches.
  • Having 50mm × 50mm box section feet, this product provides you with one of the best stability you can find.

6. Tumblr Trak Portable Parallette Bars

Tumbl Trak

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If you need to get your exercise regime done even when travelling, this product will be perfect for you. Because of the compact size, this product is portable without any hassle. Having an aluminium core, you can be assured that the product is extremely light.

Moreover, the polymer cover over the core increases the life of the bars. Further, this product with the detachable base takes up much less storage space when it is not being used. Besides, being a rubber base, it helps you to work any type of surface with ease.

Key Features:

  • Having the patent-pending lock system, this product is very simple to assemble as well as disassemble.
  • With the travel bag provided with the product, you can also use them to keep the bars clean when not in use.
  • The base of the product is detachable and provides a firm non-slip base to work with.

5. XTEK Gym Parallette Bars

XTEK Gym Parallettes

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Save all the time and stress of traveling to the gym with these Parallette Bars. With these, you can do your workout anytime you wish. The product has strong rubber end caps. These caps prevent your floor from getting any undesirable scratches. This product has a good clearance of 14-inches, so your feet and legs can easily pass through.

As a matter of fact, the 2mm thick gauge steel gives unmatched sturdiness to the product. Coupled with the commercial-grade heavy-duty rubber feet, the product remains fixed on its spot. Thus, non-slip design makes the product much safer to use.

Key Features:

  • With the E guide, build your physique in the comfort of your own home.
  • Having the powder coating, this product will last you for a long time providing an excellent service.
  • Besides, this product has non-rounded ends for allowing you to hold in a tight format.

4. LebertFitness Parallettes

Lebert Parallettes

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More options are always better, that is why Lebert allows you to choose between two different colors to suit your preference. The product sports special Signature EQualizer bars, which are specially designed to tackle various kinds of training efficiently. Even though it is really lightweight, the product is able to handle 400lbs without any difficulty.

However, with the useful trinket of a Workout Guide, you will be able to build upon your body much more systematically. This product has a solid stainless steel construction. Needless to say, this product has been built to last, so you do not have to worry about the durability.

Key Features:

  • One great factor about this product is that it performs the functions of both the Parallettes and a dip stand. Thus, you can get multifarious exercises done with this.
  • The product has non slip commercial-grade grips for a tight hold and proper workout is done.
  • With the help of a PDF manual guide, you can do all levels of workouts.

3. Juperbsky Parallette Bars


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When it comes to a heavy-duty product, Juperbsky wins with their bars vouching to hold even more than 2200 lbs, without any damage to the product. Also, the steel construction does not only make the product long-lasting but makes these bars rustproof, increasing their service life even more.

This product has an exclusive TPR cover on the handles. This makes the handles abrasion-resistant and free from unwanted breakages. Moreover, the grip is much more comfortable, matching the natural curve of your hands to provide a stable grip

Key Features:

  • Since different people have different needs, this product is available in two different sizes.
  • If functionality is not enough for you, this product will win you with a wide range of colors you can choose from.
  • The product has been designed, so they have a compact size which is easy to carry anywhere.

2. Relife Rebuild Your Life


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With its amazing functionality, the product has rightfully owned the title of being Amazon’s Choice. The stabilizer tube, one of the most important components of the product, has high-grade steel as it’s material. This not only provides great strength to the structure but as an added bonus, makes the product free from any rust.

Further, the handles of this product have soft padding. This padding helps in increasing friction so that you can have a firm grip. Besides, it also helps to reduce fatigue, so you can work out for a long time without any struggle.

Key Features:

  • For suiting your taste and the interior décor, the product is available in two different colours.
  • The product promises to be able to hold up to 300lbs without any trouble.
  • To provide you with more control over your training, the safety connector on this product is very easily adjusted.

1. Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes

Vita Vibe Parallettes

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Produced in the USA, this high-quality product will not let your expectations down. With all-natural wood Ash bar used for the construction of the product, no compromises have been made on the quality. Moreover, in order to prevent any minor cuts, the product has been sanded well to a smooth texture.

Besides, the wood is also supported by a heavy-gauge steel base. The powder coating is added to the steel base, these bars might last you a lifetime without any problems in the way. To give you more authority on the kind you want, this product is available in two different sizes.

Key Features:

  • With a 10 year warranty, what more assurance can you ask for about a product.
  • If you have a storage problem, no need to worry. This concise product will easily fit into small spaces, without any struggle.
  • The product guarantees to be able to withstand the weight of 250lbs without any issues.

The workouts may look difficult but once you start doing it, you can see noticeable changes. The parallattes bars will certainly not slip and you can chalk out your own comfortable routine.