Top 10 Best Night Vision Glasses in 2020

Driving during the night may be fun for some or a necessity for others. But it is dangerous for both as the glares from the other vehicles do not allow you to see the surrounding area. Hence, it is vital to keep the night vision glasses to keep your eyes on the track.

You can wear night vision glasses even if you already wear glasses, and these models are known as a wrap-around model. The best night vision glasses give you a brighter vision during the night.

They also come with additional advantages like polarization and UV protection, which will also make them the best day glasses. Usually, these glasses are accompanied by hard cases for protection. Sometimes they come in soft pouches that are useful in keeping glasses free from scratches and also aid in cleaning them. Listed below are the top 10 best night vision glasses to choose from.

List of Top Best Night Vision Glasses in 2020

10. HD Night Day Driving Wrap Around Anti-Glare Sunglasses

Gemgoo Night Vision Glasses

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You get two glasses with a dark green lens and the yellow lens along with the packet. Sharper contrast is possible using an anti-reflective lens that allows your eyes to see better without much strain. The 100% UVA and UVB coating provides complete protection during the day using the dark green lens.

A polarized lens eliminates unwanted lighting from the vision and gives you only the required visual feedback. The yellow glasses are apt for night vision as they filter blue light. As they are a wrap-around model, you can use them over your existing glasses easily.


  • Spectacles of Two different lens color are provided in this pack
  • The yellow-colored lens is useful to see in the dark
  • Green colored lens protects your eyes in the sun
  • Fits over your current glasses and provides peripheral vision also
  • Soft microfiber cloth for cleaning the glasses


  • No hardcover for protecting the glasses

9. iLumen8BEST Anti-Glare Night Driving Glasses


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You will find distorting lights such as street lights, lights from other vehicles, and light reflecting from the wet patches of liquids as the dawn approaches and night darkens. Driving through this blurring lights is both fatiguing and dangerous. Anti-glare glasses offer protection to eyes from this glare and help reduce the strain that can be caused by such lighting.

Astigmatism affected can also benefit from these glasses as they reduce the Halo effect considerably and hence useful for the post Lasik surgery period. The pale yellow color of the glasses does not make the vision too yellowish. It aptly brightens the lowlight conditions and leaves you amazed when you see the difference. The polycarbonate frame and the lens are lightweight and durable.


  • Zipper Hardcase with a carabiner clip for attachment
  • Soft microfiber pouch that you can use for cleaning
  • Shatterproof and the scratch-resistant lens is suitable for sports activities
  • Legs are covered with rubber grips for anti-slip function
  • UV400 safety glasses for increased eye protection


  • Polycarbonate frame is not workable to adjust the shape

8. Feirdio HD anti-glare polarized Night Vision Glasses

Feirdio Night Vision Glasses

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The HD glasses by Feirdio brighten the night vision using the yellow hue that enhances vision in the dark due to its high light transmission property. Therefore, the visual fatigue is reduced, and lowlight situations are managed successfully for safe driving. The glare that comes from other vehicles affects the eyes a lot during the night, and the action of these anti-glare glasses curbs all this extra brightness.

Also, weather conditions like fog, haze, and clouded climate are easy to overcome using the polarized wide-field lens. The Al-Mg metal used in making the frame of these glasses is lightweight and durable. Outdoor activities like running, trekking, skiing, cycling, etc. can use these glasses for extra eye protection.


  • Extreme lightweight frame for comfortable wearing of glasses
  • Soft pouch and a cardboard box for storing the glasses
  • Stress-free vision for seeing during night and fog
  • Stylish aviator design glasses for looking fashionable
  • Polarized sunglasses for protecting your eyes


  • Hard case for secure portability of glasses is not provided

7. Vison Master HD Night Vision Glasses for Driving

Vison Master

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Vision master glasses provide you with clear vision during the night by using night vision glasses. These yellow-tinted glasses increase the brightness and reduce the glare from the bright blurring lights. Thus, they save your eyes from strain and also protect you from accidents.

While they offer comfort to your eyes, they also provide obstruction less vision due to their semi-rimless design. They are ideal glasses for active people who engage in sporting activities and are also unisexual. The high-quality hinges, scratch-resistant glasses, shatterproof, lightweight, and the metal frame make these glasses durable and comfortable for a long time.


  • The lifetime money-back guarantee provides value for your money
  • UV400 protection for safeguarding your eyes from the sun
  • Outdoor activity-friendly helps you to use it for sports activity
  • Fashionable and can use as daily wear in all seasons
  • Semi-rimless design provided a better view due to no obstructions


  • Cannot wear along with prescription glasses

6. LVIOE Wrap Around Night-Vision Glasses

LVIOE Night Vision Glasses

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Lvioe wrap around glasses fit comfortably over the prescription glasses. You can wear it over existing glasses such as Rx, reading, Myopic and presbyopic or normally for enhanced night vision. You can also have a better vision even during adverse weather conditions like clouded days.

The principle behind the improved vision and reduced eye strain are these yellow glasses absorb blue light. The complete wrap-around design also includes the peripheral vision providing all-round protection. The polarization not only saves your eyes from fatigue but also reduces accidents that happen because of glare.


  • Increased comfort for eyes during night driving
  • Side lens guard peripheral vision providing complete coverage
  • 30 days moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied with the glasses
  • Soft pouch to store your glasses and protect them from scratches
  • Protection from UV rays that cause harm to your eyes


  • Does not come with a Hardcase for protecting your glasses

5. FEIDU HD night driving anti-glare polarized glasses


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Your eyes will be strained during night time driving as the bright glare will cause fatigue. If you wear the Feidu night driving glasses, you will save your eyes from the complicated lighting and drive comfortably. Night vision safety is also ensured as these glasses improve your vision in the dark. The 10-degree stretchability of the spring arm ensures a proper and comfortable fit.

This flexibility of arms prevents it from falling. They are of classic pilot design glasses having a metal Al-Mg frame and possess a more comprehensive vision because of elliptical shape. The adverse weather conditions like fog, low-light conditions and flashes of blue/white glare from bright light are all managed well by these glasses.


  • Polarized glasses are useful for outdoor sporting activities
  • The metal frame is lightweight and durable
  • Stylish shape with wide vision coverage
  • The spring arm gives the flexibility to adapt for your size
  • Night vision helps maintain eye fatigue in check


  • Cannot wear if you already have prescription glasses

4. Night Driving Glasses Anti-Glare Polarized With Stylish Case

Clear Night Night Vision Glasses

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Night driving glasses provide optimal vision by reducing the glare that has a blinding effect on your eyes and keeps you safe from accidents. They have lenses with 66mm width and 36mm height, UV400 coated and polarised. Because of their day and night protection, they have versatile uses like wearing them for driving, work, fishing, and sports.

Adjustable soft nose pads for proper fit allows you to customize its position according to your requirement. The properly fitting glasses let you focus on the road rather than on the glasses. The durability of the metal frame is high, and it is lightweight.


  • Nose pads have adjustable legs for proper fitting
  • UV400 coating ensures that your eyes stay protected
  • The large size of glasses covers your eyes well
  • The metal frame is lightweight and durable
  • Serves as sports glasses and driving glasses


  • Not for people with glasses

3. ROCKNIGHT Driving HD Polarized UV Protection Sunglasses


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Sunglasses with HD night vision offer high performance by eliminating the reflective lighting that scatters and causes glare. It is polarized and hence also protects from harmful sun rays. The material of metal frame glasses is Al-Mg alloy and is lightweight plus unbreakable.

Driving during the night will reduce the eye strain, and your eyes receive protection from UV rays because of UV400 coating. Soft silicone nose pads, anti-slip design on legs, and the flexible spring hinge add quality to the glasses. These glasses come with a stylish magnetic protective case.


  • Stylish and elegant glasses for day and night protection
  • Eye fatigue is reduced when you use them for long drives
  • Soft rubber nose grips made of silicon are gentle on the nose
  • A screwdriver is provided to adjust nose pad’s screw
  • The frame can be pressed and adjusted to fit your face


  • Cannot use along with prescription glasses

2. Polarized Night Vision/Sun Glasses for Men & Women

Optix 55 Night Vision Glasses

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Reduce the strain on your eyes using the polarized glasses that allow HD vision during the night, for riding safely. It is possible to use advanced technology. They are comfortable to wear for long drives as they come with a PC frame and have a rubber finishing that has an anti-slip effect.

These glasses are big enough to wear over the prescription glasses. The yellow-tinted glasses reduce reflection and brighten up the dark areas, enhancing the night vision. REVO coating and the +0.74mm Polarized plastic lenses block the excessive sunlight and make your eyes comfortable during the day.


  • Moneyback guarantee of 30 days assures you of quality
  • Useful as 24/7 glasses for both day and night
  • REVO coating for added protection and clarity
  • Sport friendly glasses that you can use during activities
  • Strain reducing capability using Advanced HD technology


  • The plastic frame cannot be modified to suit your size

1. HD Anti-Glare Day Night Driving Glasses

Optix 55

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The anti-glare glasses provide you with a clear view, by reducing the glare from lights at night. These glasses have a tinted yellow shade that helps them to act as night vision goggles to see easily at night. They also serve as day glasses as they effectively filter out the sunlight using the polarised glasses.

Another important thing about these glasses is they fit over your prescription glasses and hence can be worn by anyone. An anti-reflective coating is present on both inside and outside of the glasses. A case and a pouch are provided for storing the glasses securely.


  • Microfiber pouch and strong protective case for keeping glasses safe
  • Suitable to wear over your prescription glasses
  • Stylish and can withstand high impact sports activities
  • Anti-reflective coating and tinted lens for controlling glare
  • Polarized glasses for reducing the effect of sun glare


  • The frame is made of plastic and hence not bendable to fit

What should you consider before buying the best night vision glasses 2020?

Your night vision glasses will be the best if you check the below before buying them.


The tints of the glasses for night vision are yellow but range from light to dark. The yellow tint filters the blue light.

Nose support

Nose supports need to be soft, adjustable, and anti-slip to keep them comfortably on your nose. The adjustability adds a customizable position facility that holds the glasses at your required height.

Temple support

Temple support comes with features like anti-slip, bent angle, or a rubber casing. All of these helps to provide a good grip on the glasses to stay put on you while you are doing your activities. Having even one of them helps.

Protective case

Glasses are fragile and need protection. Protective cases play a significant role in keeping them scratch-free while not in use. Either soft or hard, a case is essential. If it is a hard case, then it is much better.


The frame needs to be considered for two things – Material and design. It must be lightweight and made of durable material. A flexible frame makes the glasses more pliable to suit your shape.


Various coatings are applied to these glasses. Some offer scratch protection and some UV protection. Polarization is also mainly found in these glasses. With these extra coatings, they also serve as day glasses. If you are looking for day glasses, also then consider checking them.


Fashionable models of glasses are available. Also, utility-based models like glasses that can be used over prescription glasses are available.


Constant exposure to high beam lights also makes your eyes stunned for a few seconds. All of which are very dangerous. There is a high possibility that you run into some living being, a barrier, or a trench within seconds if you cannot see clearly. Having your best night vision glasses on will avoid any possible mishap due to the fatigues or glare affected eyes.

Grab your pair of night glasses if you want to enjoy your night driving hassle-free.

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