Top 10 Best Lego Tables in 2020

If your kids play with Lego set, there will be times when they will leave the pieces on the floor. You are likely to step on the Lego pieces that can hurt your feet and even break the piece. To let your kids play in an organized way, you need to buy a dedicated Lego table. Such a table is tailor-made to keep all the pieces in an organized way and will keep your kids busy with creativity. You can set it up at a corner of the room and even if the pieces fall out of the table, they will stay in a certain area that you can clean later. Besides, playing on the table will keep the spine erect. Check out the top 10 best Lego tables in 2020.

List of Top Lego Tables Review on Amazon

10. Fun Builder LEGO Compatible Table

Fun Builder Lego Tables

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This robust and pre-assembled table comes with the solid hardwood legs and frames. The table also includes an inbuilt mesh block storage bag for LEGOs. Moreover, the LEGO table is absolutely ideal for the kids aged from 1 to 5-year.

The LEGO table is also compatible with maximum Duplo and mega blocks. Furthermore, the table has an optional table cover. You just need to install the legs of this table. On the other hand, this table allows easy storage.

9. Smart-Builder Toys LEGO Compatible Activity Table

Smart Builder Toys Lego Tables

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This table set has a removable cover, a LEGO tabletop surface and a pair of the colorful chair. The table also allows you to use it as an activity table for kids. Moreover, the table comes with a large and convenient storage area under the tabletop.

The table also supports more than one kid to enjoy playing with this table at once. Furthermore, this table set offers easy installation and cleaning. The LEGO table comes with the measurement of 20X20X17-inch.

8. KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board

KidKraft Lego Tables

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This activity table turns simply into a LEGO board for your kids. The large size of this LEGO table is also ideal for multiple kids to play with it. Moreover, underneath the tabletop surface, there is a large storage area to keep the blocks and other items organized.

The activity table also comes with a total number of 200 compatible LEGO blocks. Furthermore, this wooden table measures 25X23X16-inch. The table is suitable for your toddler’s bedroom, living room, and playroom.

7. UTEX 2-in-1 Kids LEGO Activity Table

UTEX Lego Tables

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Made of high-quality espresso plywood, this tabletop surface comes with the double-sided ply-board construction. The table set also comes with a pair of the chair. Moreover, this table allows for simple and no-time installation. This table offers a large playing surface or other creative activities.

The table is also suitable for 3 years and above girls and boys. Furthermore, by flipping the tabletop surface, you can turn it into a LEGO table. This construction panel of this table matches mostly brick block sets.

6. Kids LEGO Activity Table


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The table set allows you to use it in 4 different ways. This table is not only an activity table and a block table but also a water table and a storage table. Moreover, the block surface allows your kids to play LEGO and Duplo games.

This table set also comes with two durable plastic chairs. Furthermore, the whole robust plastic table set allows easy cleaning. This set allows very quick and easy installation and dissembling. You get 25 pieces of compatible and tight fitting blocks with this set.

5. Tot Tutors Kids 2-in-1 LEGO Activity Table

Humble Crew Lego Tables

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The table set comes with a building block storage at the center of the table. The round-shaped table is not only an activity table but also a LEGO and Duplo compatible table. Moreover, this table is a perfect present for the kids aged 3 years and up. The table is made of lightweight and robust plastic.

This table also allows a convenient cleaning. Furthermore, the table comes with a pair of a sturdy plastic chair. You can easily place this table in your living room, toddler’s room and playroom.

4. Play Platoon Kids LEGO Activity Table Set

Play Platoon Lego Tables

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This multi-utility table set comes with a pair of a sturdy plastic chair. The table is not only a craft table but also you can use this table as a LEGO and Duplo board. Moreover, this is a water table. The table allows an easy draining. You get a large storage area under the table to store all the toys conveniently.

The table also comes with 25 jumbo bricks to fit tightly with other building block sets. Furthermore, this table is ideal for both boys and girls with 18-month up ages.

3. KidKraft 2-In-1 LEGO Activity Table

KidKraft Lego Tables

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This activity table has the rounded corner to provide safety for your toddlers. The table also comes with two-sided play surface for LEGO and a train set. Moreover, this table has 200 pieces of compatible LEGO blocks and a train set with 30 pieces.

The table also has a large playing surface to permit more than one kid to play at the same time. Furthermore, the table has its own storage area underneath to keep all the blocks and other small toys.

2. Mega Bloks Build ‘N Learn LEGO Table Set

Mega Bloks Lego Tables

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This LEGO table with its compact design and convenient handle allows easy transportability. The table also comes with a pair of rolling wheelbase. Moreover, you get over 20 pieces of blocks with this LEGO table. The tabletop track of this table allows the rolling constructions.

The LEGO table is also highly compatible with all the mega block sets for a seamless block building. Furthermore, this table has its own interior storage to keep the blocks in an organized way.

1. Tot Tutors Kids LEGO-Compatible Activity Table

Tot Tutors Lego Tables

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This table set comes along with a pair of the chair, removable cover and LEGO and Duplo-compatible activity table. The table is also ideal for both boy and girl kids with 3 years up to age. Moreover, this table set involves a robust yet lightweight plastic construction.

The set also comes with the storage area for building blocks in the center of the table. Furthermore, this easy-to-clean table set is suitable for your kids’ room, playroom and living room. The convenient snap-together structure of this table allows an easy configuration and rearrangement.


Lego sets are great for kids to play as it has various benefits starting from creativity and motor skills to better coordination and brain development. But with a Lego set, a Lego table is a must not let the pieces of Lego spread all across the room. Stepping on Lego pieces on the floor can lead to accidents. With a Lego table, all the pieces will stay on the tabletop or around the table, and you can let your kids play in a dedicated space.

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