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10 Best Hoverboard for Kids in 2024

The hoverboard has been around the market since 2013. After going through several modifications and enhancements, hoverboards nowadays have become very popular. Not only for adults or teenagers, but you will also be able to gift your little one with a hoverboard for kids. Having durable construction, a kid’s hoverboard takes care of safety and quality completely. Moreover, they also come with UL certification which further assures you about the quality.

Apart from keeping quality in mind, it is important to check on the safety factor. These hoverboards for kids on Amazon will make your kid’s dream come true and make them have an edge.


What type of foot pedals are ideal for a hoverboard?

The foot pedal needs to have a textured surface, which will give your child a non-skid grip, to avoid getting all bruised up from falling off the hoverboard. Also, the pedal should have some padding, which will provide their feet with ergonomic comfort, allowing them to stand on the item and ride it for a longer time without feeling any fatigue.

How can self balance technology help in hoverboards?

If your child is trying to get on top of the hoverboard, but they keep slipping down because the pedals will not maintain the balance, it can get very difficult, especially when they are trying to learn how to use the device. For this reason, the self-balance technology finds its own balance when your child is trying to mount it, without requiring any external support.

List of Best Hoverboard for Kids Review

10. UNI-SUN Hoverboard for Kids

UNI-SUN Hoverboard for Kids

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When quality is in question, UNI-SUN strives to give you the very best that is out there. The product comes with the thoughtful feature of night light, which helps your child to view the path in the dark and avoid any accidents. More than that, the pedal on this hoverboard comes with texture, which makes the design anti-slip. Hence, your child stays securely put on the item.

In order to match your preferences, this product comes in an extensive range of colors and patterns. Hence, they can flaunt all the trendy styles. To avoid any sudden battery drain, this product comes with a battery indicator which lets your child know how much battery is left.

Key Features

  • The product takes no more than 3 hours to get fully charged for hours of fun.
  • Its Bluetooth support helps in establishing strong connectivity.
  • The item has a maximum mileage of 15km.

9. Hover-1 Drive Hoverboard for Kids


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If you are looking for a product which can make long trips at one go, you should go for this item. The product can cover a good 3 miles with a single charge, allowing your child to play on it and get wherever they want. The motor, which is the most important feature of such products, is of high-quality 320W brushless kind.

With this hoverboard, you do not have to worry about how tall or heavy your child is. The item has a good load-bearing capacity of 220lbs.  As a result, no chance of breaking midway.

Key Features

  • Since the battery is rechargeable, you do not have to keep buying wasteful disposable batteries.
  • In case you are still not convinced about the quality of the product, this item drives all your doubts away. It surely comes with the UL certification and assures you completely about its quality.
  • It also comes with LED sensors for the front headlights.

8. Tomoloo Hoverboard for Kids

TOMOLOO Hoverboard for Kids

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Innovation has a new name with Tomoloo. To shake up the mood, the product comes with a special feature. Hence, makes the LED dazzle according to the music you are playing. As for the technology, only the best is used to ensure your child can have a seamless experience. Dual 5W Bluetooth WiFi makes sure there are no glitches in the connection.

Moreover, the item makes use of an integrated cavity design. This gives you a stereo surround system, to truly get immersed in the music. As an added plus, this even has temperature resistance, so you do not have to worry about overheating.

Key Features

  • One great thing about this product is that the Hoverboard can be used by adults and kids alike.
  • The RGB LED design of the item makes the lights much brighter and easily viewable.
  • With the use of memory theory, the scooter works to maintain its own balance without the need for any external force.

7. BestonHoverboard

Beston Sports

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If you are looking for a hoverboard which will not burn a hole through your pocket, this is the item you should go for. Although do not go by the price of the product, there are no compromises on the quality of this device. Unlike other hoverboards, this item has a flat design. This allows your child to climb and stay balanced with much more convenience.

Further, the footpad of the item has a non-slip surface, so your child can avoid getting hurt by falling off of it. If that was not enough, the product has high tread rubber tires. Thus, have a much better grip on any surface for secure riding.

Key Features

  • The hoverboard features built-in speakers, to keep you accompanied along your ride.
  • To assure you of the safety of this item, the product sports and SGS certificate.
  • The item has an environmental-friendly design.

6. Felimoda Hoverboard

Felimoda Hoverboard for Kids

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It is always great when one product can cater to different people. With this hoverboard, both parents and kids will be able to ride whenever they want. The tires on this device have been updated, and feature LED lights now. Next, these lights light up the path in front, so your child can see better in low light areas. Besides, it also allows cars to see your child from a distance, and avoid any accidents.

With the child mode setting, your little one will take no more than 30 seconds to learn how to use this item. The tires suddenly bursting can be a real bummer and even dangerous. Hence, these tires are designed to be explosion-proof.

Key Features

  • Coming in an array of 13 different colors to choose from, your child is sure to find one which suits their preference.
  • The torque speeds up to a good 9mph on this product.
  • To avoid any mishaps, this product also has short circuit protection.

5. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboards


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This hoverboard is truly one of its kind among many available out there. The product makes use of EverBalance technology. This prevents your child from falling out of the device while they are trying to get on it. With auto levels for balance, the hoverboard manages to stay put while your child is mounting on it.

This product has a massive weight-bearing capacity, housing both kids and adults alike. It can hold up to a good 220 pounds at one time. In case your child finds loud noises distracting, this product will be helpful, as it has a really silent operation.

Key Features

  • If you are not too great with tools, no need to worry. This role requires no assembly.
  • The item comes with the unique addition of fender bumpers.

4. Jolege Hoverboard for Kids

JOLEGE Hoverboard for Kids

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If functionality cannot quite cut the deal, this product will surely win your child’s heart with its eye-catching appearance. The product comes in as many as 23 varying colors and patterns. Your child is sure to find one which better suits their style.

In case you have never used such a product before, any need to panic. The helpful user manual will walk you through each easy function, so you can master it in no time. The product can rotate a complete 360-degrees, giving you easy maneuverability.

Key Features

  • To prevent the device from getting damaged, it comes with overcharge protection.
  • It can be very risky if your child is on the product when it has a short circuit. Hence, it also comes with short circuit protection.
  • Since the product uses rubber for the tires, it gives great traction on any type of surface.

3. Swagtron Swag board Twist T881


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For those who are looking for a more lightweight product, which will not feel like an extra bulk, you can go for this item. The product weighs no more than 23lbs, allowing your child to easily carry it anywhere. Although, even though the product is light and compact, it uses ABS material for the frame of the item. This material is known for its sturdiness.

On top of that, this hoverboard makes use of patented SentryShield Quantum. This prevents any battery damage by optimizing the power distribution.

Key Features

  • To account for its self-balance technology, the product boasts a UL certificate.
  • It has LED lights both at the front, as well as on the wheels. Hence, keeping both cars alert from your child, as well as illuminating the path in front of them.
  • You will be glad to know the product also has an IPX4 rating, making the item both dust and water-resistant.

2. Hoverstar Hoverboard

Hoverboard for Kids

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This product is sure to come up to your expectations. The item has shown exceptional performance, and won the approval of many, bagging the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. It will surely have what you need as well. The product has a good ground clearance of 25mm. As a result, the casing of the wheels does not keep colliding with the floor, ending up getting damaged.

You do not have to be concerned regarding the safety of this product. It has been both tested and approved by US Safety Agent and Department. The charger required for the battery comes with the product itself.

Key Features

  • Also, the matte skin on the product gives it a chic look which will make heads turn.
  • Lastly, it is perfect for children, teenagers and adults.

1. Sisigad Hoverboard


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The hoverboard has a Bluetooth speaker. This allows your child to enjoy their music while keeping track of all the surrounding noise to stay safe. The tires of this product are truly matchless and provide a proper grip.

Whether it is a wet floor, ceramic or any other, the product promises a comfortable ride on any surface. The foot pedals on this item prevent your child from slipping down from the device. However, it is also amply cushioned, to provide a comfortable footing.

Key Features

  • If you do not know what to get your child as a present, this can make an amazing gift.
  • With a 3 months warranty on the product, what more assurance can you ask for when it comes to the quality of the product.
  • The item has dual hub motors for smooth functioning.

What is the benefit of having LED lights in hoverboards?

LED lights can come to more uses on the road than you can think. For the LED lights which are usually present on the front of the hoverboard, they work to make the path in front visible, when your child might be riding on a rather dark path. Because of the path, if there are any holes or puddle, your child will be able to avoid that. On the other hand, LED lights are also present on the tires in certain hoverboards.

These make sure to make your child visible on the road so that any coming car can see them from far, and avoid any dangerous accidents. Besides, it goes without saying, with the various types of LED lights available, from the colors to the effects, they really make heads turn with their appearance.

What type of tires is best for hoverboards?

To make sure your tires last you for a long time, the first thing that you should check is the material of the tire. Your tires should definitely use a rubber and nothing else. Rubber gives great traction, which makes the tires have a good grip on the ground. Moreover, the tires should also have texture. Combined with the material, it will make your tires suitable to roll on any type of surface with ease. Another thing that you must make sure of is that the tires should be at least 6.5 inches high, so that, your hoverboard will have good ground clearance, not getting scratched against the ground as you ride it.

What power source do hoverboards use for functioning?

Almost all hoverboards make use of rechargeable batteries. This proves both eco friendly as well as economical. Besides, it eliminates any trouble of running out of battery in the middle of nowhere. Hoverboards usually come with a battery indicator, which lets you know about the battery status, so you can make sure to have enough charge.

Kids Learn How To Hoverboard


Final Verdict

The kids on your street will want to have a hoverboard just like one of your kids. So, pick the one that’s best in style and will give a smooth ride.