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10 Best Golf Cart Covers in 2024


Golf cart is not only costly but a major medium mode of transportation to take you through the golf courses. In order to save you a major amount of money and make it last longer, the golf cart cover is needed. It is made to protect your cart from all the elements of nature. Plus, you never have to worry about efficiency.

Here is the buying guide of golf cart covers that are trusted by the customers. These are of the best quality and will never fail to protect your cart.


List of Best Golf Cart Covers Review

10. moveland Newest Outdoor Golf Cart Cover

moveland Golf Cart Covers

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Moveland has made their golf cart cover from a durable fabric with a thickness of 300 Deniers. Firstly, it is durable and has large dimensions. Next, it allows you to fully cover your cart along with the wheels. It also has ventilation holes at four covers; as a result, prevent moisture build-up on your vehicle.

Given that, the air vents included indeed aid in moisture management. Lastly, it is lined with a PU layer that is water repellent and keeps your cart safe.

Key Features
  • Lacing holes at the bottom let you secure the cover to your vehicle.
  • The cover is certainly completely waterproof, unlike some competitor products.
  • Zipper design lets you quickly reach inside without having to uncover the whole vehicle.

9. Formosa Covers Deluxe

Formosa Covers

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Whether it is heavy rain, a dusty afternoon or a bright day, this cover will protect your golf cart from all elements of nature. It would keep your cart from as good as new. Moreover, it will rather help to extend its lifetime by keeping away corroding agents.

If humid air is trapped inside the cover, you might wake up to a golf cart with mildew formation. Above all, strategically located air vents on this cover rather prevent that.

Key Features
  • Polyester fabric is indeed quickly folded into a very compact form for storage.
  • It can cover any 4-seater cart as long as the volume is within 80 liters.

8. Explore Land Golf Cart Cover

Explore Land Golf Cart Covers

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While other brands provide you 300D or 400D thick fabrics, Explore Land leaves everyone in the dust with their 600D thick golf cart cover. The cover is highly compatible with cart models of numerous manufacturers and can certainly cover both 2-seaters and 4-seaters.

Installed with heavy-duty zipper, furthermore, you also get an adjustable hem cord for the right placement.

Key Features
  • Doesn’t allow any water to pass through even during heavy rainfall.
  • Elastic perimeter rather makes for a snug fit.
  • Comes with a strap and buckle so that you can secure the cover of your cart.

7. FC Formosa Covers

FC Formosa Covers

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With over three decades of experience, this brings to you an excellent golf cart cover that is affordable, yet feature-rich. This is made from smooth and tough polyester fabric. It can, as a matter of fact, withstand rough use. Next, it indeed has a dual-layered PU coating which makes the fabric highly water repellent.

Even after numerous days of exposure to bright sun rays, you won’t see any fading on this wonderful cover.

Key Features
  • Zipper design certainly allows for easy entry and exit.
  • An elastic cord runs through the hem so that the cover doesn’t fly off on windy days.
  • Includes 4 air vents for proper moisture control.

6. RVMasking Golf Cart Cover

RVMasking Golf Cart Covers

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While other brands provide you covers made from just a coated polyester fabric, this one has a four-layer construction. It has three non-woven layers and one layer with waterproof properties. So you get a really thick ripstop cover which is resistant to not just water but won’t tear off easily.

However, it can rather withstand the harsh UV rays during sunny days. Therefore, there will be no signs of any discoloration occurring on the fabric.

Key Features
  • With 3 years of warranty, you don’t have to worry about this purchase.
  • Air vents are indeed designed to not allow in any water, just let’s air pass-through.

5. Classic Accessories Fairway

Classic Accessories

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Classic Accessories has made a really high-quality cover and stand behind it by backing it up with a two-year warranty. Along with that, it certainly has a zipper at the rear end. Therefore, you can install it easily.

Sometimes you might forget something on your cart. Instead of having to remove the whole cover, you can use this zipper to gain entry for retrieving any item.

Key Features
  • Hooked straps at the edge rather prevent the cover from getting blown away.
  • Highly resilient and doesn’t allow water to penetrate inside the cover.
  • Can accommodate carts which have a roof height of 5 ft or less.

4. FLYMEI 4 Passenger Golf Cart

FLYMEI Golf Cart Covers

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With a zipper at the back of your cover, you can have easy access inside your golf cart with less hassle. It moreover makes the task of covering up your cart easier due to the larger opening.

Since it is made from polyester you don’t have to worry about rainfall. Above all, the cover is indeed large enough for carts from Yamaha, EZ GO, Clubcar and more.

Key Features
  • High-quality nylon zipper certainly won’t rust or corrode.
  • Secure and proper fit due to the elastic hem.

3. Lmeison Golf Cart Cover


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This golf cart cover uses nylon fabric which is tougher than polyester. Plus, uses a much more reliable material for coating instead of PU. PVC is known for its waterproof capabilities and is widely used in plumbing for that purpose.

As a matter of fact, this cover also has a PVC coating. Therefore, it rather doesn’t allow water to come in contact with your expensive golf cart.

Key Features
  • You get a one year period for claiming the warranty.
  • With the complimentary carrying bag, you can indeed have the cover with you.
  • Extremely light, weighing just over two and a half pounds.

2. moveland Outdoor

moveland Golf Cart Covers

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With this heavy-duty golf cart cover from Moveland, you would be able to protect your cart from the sun, rain, dirt and damage. It is made from a UV treated fabric that doesn’t lose its shape or face size distortions. Furthermore, it also has a zipper that is made from a waterproof material, unlike iron.

So it wouldn’t get damaged over time. Lastly, to prevent the zipper from getting blown off, you certainly get a velcro strap at the end.

Key Features
  • The cover is rather tough enough to resist scratches and abrasion.
  • Doesn’t get stained, a wipe is enough for cleaning.
  • Featured an integrated locking cable.

1.Formosa Covers Golf Cart 8 Seater

Formosa Covers

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Being over 170-inches long, it also comes with a height of 66-inches. This cover can easily accommodate your large 8 seat golf cart as long as it has a roof that stands 60-inches tall.

With a solid grey color, it has a minimalistic look. However, it has all the features to get the job done. It includes as many as 4 vents to keep out all the moistures.

Key Features
  •  Snug and secure around the cart due to its elastic hem.
  • Has a double polyurethane coating that gives the cover water-repelling and resisting properly.
  • Polyester construction certainly with a thickness of 300D.

Your golf carts will now stay safe even under rain, dust and harshest weathers. The golf cart covers vouches to protect each and every cart.