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10 Best Golf Ball Retrievers in 2024

Golf is surely one of the most relaxing games that you can think of. However, it can be very frustrating to retrieve your golf ball once it gets stuck in a sandpit or water hole. Thus, you need to have an extendable golf ball retriever. The retrievers can extend up to several feet as necessary and they have a basket-like structure on its head.

So, it becomes much easier to retrieve the ball without much hassle. But which one do you need to choose? Well, that question can be very hard to answer. So, make sure to go through our review of best golf ball retrievers and clear the doubts that you had all this time.


Best Golf Ball Retrievers in 2024 Reviews

10. Maxfli Golf Ball Retriever

Maxfli Golf Ball Retrievers

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Struggling to take your golf ball out can ruin the fun of the game. With this retriever, you can claim the golf ball from the hole without any discomfort. Having the help of this device, you do not have to bend again and again and end up with back pain.

Further, since the product uses superior quality plastic as it’s material, it is extremely durable as well. Next, it comes with a 3-prong design; your golf ball will straight come out of the hole.  It is really something that will fit without any hassle.

Key Features: 

  • Designed in the fashion of a claw, this product is really compact and easily fits into any space.
  • This handy device is able to attach to the butt end of any standard putter you possess, so you do not have to worry about compatibility.
  • The device is very simple to install, needing only one screw for the job.

9. ProActive Sports Player Select Super-Lite

ProActive Sports

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This product takes practical difficulties into consideration. Next, the retriever has fiberglass instead of any heavy material. Therefore, it is much lighter weighing just about 7 ounces. Inevitably, it becomes much easier to control this retriever. As a plus, this product is non-corrosive, which extends the life of the product.

Plus, it comes with an easy push-button which locks or unlocks the shaft. This has been intentionally given a green head, which has high visibility. This allows you to easily navigate the device even in murky water.

Key Features:

  • It has a special patented ball locking head design, which will efficiently grab the ball without fail.
  • The retriever is extended to be 9-feet long, so you can easily reach anywhere for your ball.
  • One great feature of the product is that it is collapsible. The retriever fits inside the pocket of your golf bag when not in use.

8. Nickel Putter Golf Ball Pick-Up

Nickel Putter Golf Ball Retrievers

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If you are struggling to find the best match for your putter, go for this product. Since it almost fits any putter grip, you do not have to be in a dilemma when you purchase. Moreover, the product has been engineered exclusively, so that it is able to retrieve the ball after the putt has been made.

To not compromise with the quality, unique and advanced injection molding technology has been used for the product. When the product will not be in use, it will not seem out of place. It looks like a natural extension of the golf putter’s shaft.

Key Features: 

  • The design of the product is far better than the suction-cup pick-up types.
  • To your loved ones who enjoy golfing, this will make a really useful and practical gift.
  • As an added advantage, the product promises to be able to withstand the usual wear and tear effects.

7. IGOTCHA Golf Ball Retriever


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The entire shaft has high-quality stainless steel. Steel is known for being sturdy. Not only that, but the steel also ensures that the product does not get rusted over with time and remains free from any stains, looking as good as new.

With this product, you can be assured you do not have to bend an inch to retrieve your ball. The shaft can extend to a massive 18-foot distance. Hence, a pretty high extendibility for your own convenience. The product has its very own spring trapping action with the plastic head. Therefore, makes picking the ball up much more convenient.

Key Features: 

  • Reducing to less than 21-inches when the product is not in use, it will not even be in view inside the pocket.
  • Since the product has a telescoping shaft, it is ideal for easy portability when traveling.
  • Will easily fit in any side pocket or the dedicated golf bags.

6. Search N’ Rescue Ball Retriever 

Search 'N Rescue Golf Ball Retrievers

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This product has been designed with a lot of thought. To be precise, it has an orange head which makes the head have high visibility. Thus, you can easily see and retrieve your ball, even in unclear water. The product has a long 35-foot rope.

Therefore, depending on the product to reach any ball and pick it up efficiently for you. Even with this excellent performance, the product weighs a mere 1 pound. So, you do not feel any huge extra bulk when you carry it. Finally, this retriever does not only reduce your effort but the time required as well. So, enjoy its benefits!

Key Features:

  • It is designed to retrieve 8 balls all at once.
  • The cord of the device is completely out of nylon. Thus, you do not have to worry about the durability of the product.
  • Have a beautiful color combination of orange and black that looks cool.

5. Madewell Golf Ball Shagger


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This product does more than just retrieve your golf ball for you. With the various innovative features, this product is sure to win your heart. Apart from shagging, the product comes with a special shag bag attached to the shaft.

This bag efficiently holds tons of balls inside, so that you can keep retrieving balls without needing to unload after a few balls. It promises to be able to hold 80 balls at once. Since the bag has sturdy canvas material, this bag will not stretch and tear in a few days.

Key Features: 

  • For the stylist inside you, this product has been made available in 4 different alluring colors for you.
  • Having stainless steel clips as well as springs, this product will not break and can withstand the usual wear and tear.
  • The bag having a top-quality brass zipper does not run any risk of breaking off anytime soon.

4. Mile High Life Ball Retriever

Mile High Life Golf Ball Retrievers

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This golf ball retriever with a telescopic shaft can solve many of your golfing troubles. The shaft is extended from 16.5-inches to a massive 80-inches which can easily reach anywhere without requiring you to bend down. With the tough plastic handle, this product proves to be long-lasting.

The product has a wise claw at the end of the shaft. This makes picking the ball up even easier. On top of that, with the rubber on the handle, you are given ergonomic comfort, which makes handling the product even more convenient. Besides, the operation of this product is really simple as well.

Key Features: 

  • Designed in a really compact size, this slender retriever will hardly take up any room in your golf bag.
  • It has strong prongs which promise to be unbendable even under strong force.
  • This has a construction of stainless steel which is extremely efficient in doing its job.

3. JBM Golf Ball Retriever Device

JBM international

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If you need a golf ball retriever which will not burn a hole through your pocket, go for this product without any second thoughts. Even though it is cost-friendly, the product does not compromise on the quality. It can reach into those tricky places with ease since the product can reach a total of 6-ft.

With the aluminum alloy, you can stay sure the product will not bend even after long use. It is certainly rust-free and will give you the results as expected. Finally, it has a lightweight frame that is easy to hold and the cigar hold will help you to grab it easily.

Key Features: 

  • Since the product does not need to be attached to any putter, it is much handier for immediate use.
  • To make the handle really comfortable to grip on to, the handle has a construction of cork. So that it does not slip out from the hand.
  • With the cam lock, you can keep it locked in a place.

2. Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

Callaway Golf Ball Retrievers

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If quality is your primary concern, go for this product without any concern. Keeping everybody’s need in mind, the product is available in 2 different sizes. The product has thoughtfully used aluminum alloy as the material.

While aluminum provides the required sturdiness to the device, at the same time, it makes the retriever lightweight. On top of that, having aluminum ensures the product is not easily bent when minimized. The handle is of the sure-grip kind. This allows you to have a stable grip, so there are no accidents by slipping off.

Key Features: 

  • The device comes with the unique feature of a headcover with a zipper. This helps to keep your device clean when it is not used and looks like another club in the bag.
  • The product has the mechanism of a usual stainless steel retriever. Thus, it will get your ball in no time.

1. Orlimar Golf Ball Retriever


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This product has a ring ball cup design on the head. Thus, it sucks the ball on the retriever without you requiring to put any effort. Moreover, this product will be a great solution to end your back or hand fatigue, by struggling to get your ball tight spaces.

Since the product has a telescopic shaft, your retriever saves room in your golf bag as well. By saving so many of your golf balls, it will save your money in the long run. With the rivets on the handle of the product, your hand not only has ergonomic comfort, but it ensures a sure hold on the device.

Key Features: 

  • Not only does the head have a bright color, but it is of the fluorescent kind. Thus, whether murky water or rocks, it has great visibility.
  • The product extends to a good 15-feet distance, allowing you to easily get access to any place.

Find a match for your needs? The compact golf ball retrievers will not eat up a lot of your space and store other essentials in it.