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10 Best Bubble Guns in 2024

From young adults to full grown adults, everyone loves blowing bubbles. Its fun looks pretty and brings out the child in you. If you love it so much, then wonder how special it would feel to your child. So, a bubble gun will increase the excitement meter to a whole new level. And the advanced guns are indeed a choice that should not be missed on.

Our choice of top-notch product will surely not fail to leave a mark on your child’s life. It’s safe and amazing in its own way.


List of Best Bubble Guns Review

10. Toysery Dinosaur Bubble Shooter Gun

Toysery Bubble Guns

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Toysery brings to you another great bubble gun which will attract your kid’s attention and amuse them for a long time. With the translucent body shaped like a dinosaur, it is fun to look at and play with. It can rather act as an awesome gift for your little cousin or nephew who has an upcoming birthday.

The bubble gun is equipped with multiple sound effects and LED, as a result, looks brilliant on the translucent body.

Key Features
  • Doesn’t require a pump and push action, totally automatic.
  • Comes with two bubble bottles for indeed quick refills.
  • 3 AA batteries power light and sound modules.

9. BAMGO Bubble Gun Blower

BAMGO Bubble Guns

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Another amazing bubble gun from Bamgo that is loaded with awesome features and will never fail to entertain your kids. Summer will be more fun with this bubble gun made from transparent high-quality plastic. It indeed lets you see the inside mechanism in full detail.

The automatic bubble gun, however, needs a filled soap solution container to shoot out bubbles at an impressive rate. Finally, the seals that guard the product are fully leak-proof.

Key Features
  • Can certainly produce 50 bubbles each second.
  • Comes with two bottles of soap solution that is easily refilled.
  • Has a colorful style and good build quality.

8. KIMILAR Bubble Gun


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Kimilar has made these bubble guns from very high-quality BPA free, non-toxic ABS plastic. So they will last for a long time even if your child puts it through a lot of rough use. It encourages your child to play outside or with his friends and improves coordination between their vision and hand movements. Therefore, your child rather develops important skills from an early age.

In fact, it is ready to create over 100 colored bubbles at any point in time.

Key Features
  • Has a wand inside the gun that shoots out continuous bubbles with the press of a trigger.
  • With trigger press, LED lights are indeed illuminated for your child’s amusement.

7. Mummed Bubble Gun

Mummed Bubble Guns

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Other than shooting bubbles, this toy bubble gun has a lot of other features to keep your child’s imagination going. It has a vocal device that mimics the sound of a dinosaur. Next, it certainly has an integrated music switch that a triggers several sounds, furthermore, illuminates the blue LED lamp. These features allow your child to use the gun even after dark.

Finally, no mess or sudden spill of soapy water will take place as it features a tightened bottle.

Key Features
  • With the trigger locking function, the little fingers of your child can get some rest. But fun bubbles don’t need to stop.
  • Best for kids who are rather above 3 years of age.

6. Cool Toys Adorable Bubble Gun

CoolToys Bubble Guns

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This adorable little bubble gun has the perfect dimensions to fit within the tiny grasp of your kid. It is very light, as a matter of fact, they don’t feel any strain even after hours of playing. It is themed and shaped after the Dalmatian breed and looks very cute.

Your kids would rather love this toy bubble gun. This gun would be the perfect gift for several occasions, be it for birthdays or the holiday season.

Key Features
  • Affordable and high price to performance ratio.
  • Well-made design and indeed has sounds as well as lights.

5. PEFECEVE Bubble Gun Shooter


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Pefeceve has created a bubble gun that has a completely mechanical design. It doesn’t need any electrical power and operates just by pressing the trigger. You don’t have to worry about hazardous acid batteries when your kids play with this bubble gun.

It indeed doesn’t make any loud noise which might disturb your work or sleep. Plus, it’s a durable product and as a matter of fact, is transparent in nature.

Key Features
  • You get 3 bubble guns at the price of one, perfect for siblings or during sleepovers.
  • LED lights certainly light up on trigger press.

4. Kid Galaxy Mr. Bubble Blowing Spinner Gun

Kid Galaxy

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Kid Galaxy brings you a very innovative bubble gun with a galaxy theme and star-shaped patterns over the gun. It doesn’t have just one, but four bubble wands at the front. Now you can even spin when you press the trigger.

So when you dip the wands in the soap solution, bubbles come blasting off at high frequency and spin. However, it is certainly designed to promote outdoor activities for the kids.

Key Features
  • Due to high-quality materials and good build quality, it has high longevity.
  • Even after playing for hours, your kids would rather stay dry, unlike with a water gun.
  • Comes with 2 bubble solutions, therefore, offers you options.

3. CREFUN Ultimate Bubble Gun


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While most bubble guns have a single or double wand design, this one features 6 wands along. Along with that, have a corresponding number of barrels. So when your child the trigger it can shoot out a lot more bubbles than the generic models.

It moreover has very high-quality construction, since it is made from ABS plastic. Lastly, it is indeed much more sturdy and safe than other types of plastic.

Key Features
  • The handgrip certainly has textures for skid-free performance.
  • Soap solution container has a capacity of over 6 ounces.
  • Simple assembly and even ships with a screwdriver.

2. Toysery Bubble Blower Kids

Toysery Bubble Guns

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Toysery has created a bubble gun that is extremely safe to use. Given that, it certainly doesn’t contain any toxic materials that might harm your kid. It is made from polycarbonate plastic and can shoot off bubbles at the pointed direction at a relatively fast pace.

Moreover, you can gift it to your child and your kids would have a wonderful time with this bubble gun.

Key Features
  • Comes pre-assembled, no tools or assembly required.
  • Best for kids who are 3 years of age or older.
  • The container is rather switched with ease or you can use a homemade solution.

1. Bamgo Bubble Gun


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Bamgo has brought to you an advanced bubble gun blower that produces far more bubbles than most competitor products. Your kids would love this amazing bubble blower. It certainly has 4 wand designs that can produce up to 100 bubbles each second.

Furthermore, you and your kids can have a lot of fun with these guns indoors, in the backyard or pool.

Key Features
  • The battery slot is rather sealed with a gasket to prevent contact with outside elements.
  • Cleaning is easy and hassle-free.
  • Comes with a separate soap dish and their unique soap solution.

Let your child built memories of a lifetime. The bubble guns are something more than fun as it’s linked with nostalgia.