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10 Best Bike Cup Holders in 2024

If you often ride on your bike, then you will understand there is a lot of effort needed to drive one. That’s why it will be an incredible option to keep a drink handy with you. For that purpose, you need to buy the best bike holder that will not only keep your drink safe but also add a little bit of style to your bike.

In this post, we will talk about the top 10 best bike cup holders in 2024 that our team has found after a research of 27 hours. All of them choose once they passed a strict testing process. Let’s have a look at each one and going for the one that suits you perfectly.


List of Best Bike Cup Holders Review

10. Lexin LX-C3 Motorcycle Cup Holder (best 360˚ swivel ball bike cup holder)


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Our list starts with Lexin LX-C3 that has a pretty amazing gear construction basket having the ability to hold the bottles quite sophistically. There is a pretty improved rubber beverage retention system added to this cup holder for preventing spills.

The biggest talk point in this cup holder is its awesome positioning due to 360˚ swivel ball construction. It can fit perfectly from handlebars ranging from 7/8” to 1 ¼” in diameter.


  • Perfect for both bicycles and motorbikes
  • Swivel 360˚ feature
  • Extremely easier to install


  • Sold at a high price

9. Dadding & Co. Original Cup Holder

Dadding & Co. Bike Cup Holders

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The product in 9th position is this universal bike cup holder that can fit with the majority of bicycles quite easily along with strollers, golf carts, and many more. The company has manufactured this unit by keeping 12-ounce cans in their mind.

It is very convenient to set up and removes according to the convenience. This product may be available at a little bit higher price, but its durability justifies the price tag.


  • Replaceable inner koozie
  • Perfect gift for adults
  • Equip with mustache shape drainage hole


  • None at all

8. Cruzies Bike Cup Holder (best stainless steel bike cup holder)

Cruzies Bike Cup Holders

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Many buyers prefer shopping for stainless steel material and if you are one of them, then go for this bike cup holder. It is an excellent option for a variety of things like beverages, keys, phones, cans, and bottles along with cups.

There is a foam insert added by the company so that the drink gets insulated easily. If you ask our professional team, then we will say that it is an exciting option for cruising along the bike path.


  • Provide an abundance of color options
  • Fit extremely tight on the handlebar
  • Give proper insulation to beverages


  • Little bit bulky unit

7. Bookman Handlebars Cup Holder (best clip on cup holder)

Bookman Bike Cup Holders

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If your needs can only be satisfied by a clip-on cup holder, then go shopping for this exceptional unit. This brilliantly manufactured product from Bookman gets opened when one presses two rings at the same time, allowing them to attach it to the bike.

The company has manufactured it using high-quality and stainless steel material for adding durability. It can be shopped in two different colors, i.e. red and green.


  • Work perfectly with both small and large cups
  • Completely tool-free installation process
  • Capable of holding cup firmly


  • Sold at a very costly price

6. Kemimoto ATV Cup Holder Spyder Drink Holder


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The next thing that placed in the fifth position is this drink holder that comes with a plastic mounting clamp. It is a durable unit from Kemimoto brand that is capable of withstanding pressures. There is no tool needed for installing this unit that’s a superb option.

This well-designed and in-expensive option can be placed perfectly anywhere on the bicycle. It comes with a mesh pocket where small things can be kept quite easily.


  • Easy to place and remove from the bike
  • Non-tool assembly process
  • Highly durable material


  • Grip gets loosened after some months

5. Cruiser Candy Coconut Bicycle Drink Holder (best for stylish design)

Cruiser Candy

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If you are looking for a stylish bicycle drink holder, then the best thing to do is to shop this model from Cruiser Candy. It is available in a great variety of variants like mad face, Laila, ted, sad face, happy face, and many more.

This product is easy to install on the handlebars using a single screw. The most convincing thing about this unit is it made from real coconut material.


  • Incredibly easier to install and use
  • The perfect option for kids bike
  • Pretty stylish construction


  • Not a good option for quicker riding

4. Swagman To-Go-Clip Cup Holder (editor’s choice)

Swagman Bike Cup Holders

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The people who love to take their favorite beverages on the go should think about investing money in this top-grade product from Swagman. It is a deserving candidate for topping this list thanks to easy use clip that can be easily attached to handlebars.

Additionally, it is compatible with all types of coffee mugs and beverage cams, so one doesn’t have to worry about their falling while riding. On top of that, installing this unit is quite simple as you don’t need any expert supervision.


  • Extremely quick and convenient to install
  • Keep the mugs and cans adequately
  • Available at a good price


  • Very simple construction

3. Bushwhacker Shasta Black Bottle Holder (best-insulated bike cup holder)


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This unit is an exceptional option that is insulated and serves the needs of buyers incredibly. The Bushwhacker brand has used top-quality polyester fabric for making this durable unit. Furthermore, you can place and remove the bike cup holder with minimal effort.

It is available in a single color that might disappoint some buyers, but the beautiful black construction is pretty convincing. Overall, it is an incredible option to choose from for now.


  • Delivered with a 20-ounce water bottle
  • Manufactured using quality and durable material
  • Effortless to attach and detach


  • Complaints about leaks by some users

2. AdirMed Universal Cup Holder (best under $15)

AdirMed Bike Cup Holders

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This universal cup holder is a very lightweight option made using molded plastic for better strength. The most convincing thing about this unit is the adjustable capability that lets you keep a water bottle or a coffee cup quite convincingly in it.

Furthermore, it is an ideal cup holder for people who love to cruise during riding. You can set the bottle at a particular angle, so a spill doesn’t occur at all.


  • Lightweight unit with less than 8 oz
  • Quite a convenient installation process
  • Capable of adjusting as per the bottle size


  • Not for quick riders

1. Ushake Water Bottle Cages (best budget-friendly pick)


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The next product is one of the most affordable units in the market that doesn’t compromise with the quality despite its low price. It is the best bike cup holder that can be installed quite easily thanks to easy screw holes and a beautiful design.

The company sells this unit with a 10-year warranty that one can’t think of even in dreams. You can easily fit a 26 Oz water bottle in this cup holder securely.


  • Manufactured using heat-treated aluminum alloy material
  • Capable of accommodating 26 Oz bottle with a firm hold
  • Available at a very affordable price range


  • Mounting hardware need improvement for sure

How to choose the best bike cup holder?

In order to shop for a perfect bike cup holder, you have to look at the following things:

  • Material

The bike cup holder you are buying should be made from high-quality material that should be able to work in all types of temperatures. No matter, it is snow outside or an extremely hot summer, the bike cup holder should stay the same.

  • Holding Capacity

The cup holder you are shopping for should be capable of holding the weight of the bottle adequately. For that purpose, you should check out the capacity of the bike cup holder before shopping. If it suits your weight requirements, then you can invest money in it without thinking further.

  • Compatibility

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the cup holder should fit with your bike’s handle adequately. If it fails to do so, then move to the other product as bad fitting won’t do any favor.

  • Budget

Although a bike cup holder is a very affordable product to buy, still you shouldn’t invest more than required on it. It starts from a price less than US$ 10 and moves even more than U$ 50 or even $100. Check out the durability of the unit instead of the price. If it suits your needs, then you are free to choose the product at any budget. Only avoid putting too much pressure on your pocket.


No matter, you want to carry a hot or a cold beverage, it is essential that you spend money on a sturdy and durable bike cup holder. There is a diverse range of this unit available in the market so you can expect confusion in mind. However, we believe that this post about the best bike cup holders has solved all your queries and helped in deciding the right unit. If there is a question regarding the bike cup holder going in your mind, then write to us in the comment section? Our expert team is always to welcome suggestions and answer queries.