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10 Best Beach Toys For Kids in 2024

A set of beach toys is an amazing way to keep your child busy while at the beach. It also has an effect on the child’s development as it helps boost their imaginative capabilities. This is because they will be creating all kinds of structures. Beach toys for kids are a great deal and really get the fun and adventurous time started on the beach. It will help in coming to their own decision without taking any help from the adults.

There are many exclusive sets of beach toys for kids that you will find online. However, if you are looking for something simple and very useful, then our article is your best bet.


List of Best Beach Toys For Kids Review

10.Click N Play Beach Toy Set

Click N Play Best Beach Toys For Kids

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Want any beach toy online? Then going for the Click N Play Beach Toy Set is as good as any other option. There are 18 individual pieces of toys that you could have fun with on the beach. The toys are from plastic and are free of any BPA. Your child can easily craft an array of attractive structures from sand using this set of toys. The set comes with 2 shovels, 3 rakes and 2 sand sifters. It is all that is needed to make a unique sandcastle.

Furthermore, there is also a watering that is included in the can along with a toy turtle, sea horse, octopus and other aquatic creatures. As the items weigh only 16 ounces, this will feel feather-light.

Key Features

  • All the beach toys come in a suitable carry bag. Here, you can store all the toys when not used and also carry it to the beach.
  • Kids of 3 years or more can take these to their beach adventures.
  • The bag in which you will be storing the toys has an appropriate dimension of 12.5-inches x 10.5-inches.

9. FoxPrint GT 1 beach Toys


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The FoxPriont GT 1 Beach Toys is an amazing contender in that respect. This set comprises 18 individual toy pieces. As a result, you and your child can have a very fun time at the beach. The toys are brightly colored making it attractive to the kid. There is a rake and a shovel along with various molds and buckets to create a castle. There are other small toy objects such as a crocodile, a turtle, a bunny, a dinosaur and so on.

As a matter of fact, this is known for polishing your cognitive skills along with imaginative skills. So, this will help them grow and mature.

Key Features

  • The best light and high-quality material were used to make these toys. Hence, they are all free of any toxic chemical impurities.
  • Comes in a carry bag for storage and you can also carry it to the beach in the attractive bag.
  • It is pretty colorful that will entice your kids.

8. Pretex Beach Toys

Prextex Best Beach Toys For Kids

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Indeed a fun set of beach toys which are also sure to last long. It comes in a tote bag which you can use to store the toys and even carry them to the beach. The set includes lots of animal molds to give your structures fun animals. These are such as turtle, bunny, crocodile, octopus, and so on.

There are the basic rakes, shovels, and buckets that you will need to build a sandcastle. You will also get a sand sifter, a watering can and a sifter shovel to aid your kid in building sandcastles.

Key Features

  • Be it a day out on the beach or a pool party, this will be super fun to play with anywhere you want to.
  • Since this beach toy set comes with 2 shovels, two can easily play with this set instead of one.
  • The mesh bag in which the toys are packed is reusable.

7. Toysmith Sand Box Beach Set


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It is an amazing set to keep your child occupied on the beach as they make the most amazing sandcastles. This toy set is crafted from plastic materials and very lightweight- the whole set is just 1.15 lbs. It’s so light that even your child can carry it to the beach. Next, the set includes a watering can, a bucket, and two sand molds to begin with.

There are also a rake and a spade that will allow your child to easily scoop and collect the sand. All the items in the bad are very easy to clean every once in a while. Thus giving your children fresh toys to play with.

Key Features

  • The storage bag has a zipper included to securely store all the toys within the bag without dropping them.
  • Ideal for outdoor activities and so, will not melt or get damaged outside.
  • It is loaded with handles making it easy to carry even to the beach.

6. MINGPINHUIUS Beach Toys for Kids

MINGPINHUIUS Best Beach Toys For Kids

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A fine set of beach toys to bring home to your child would be the MINGPINHUIUS Beach Toys for Kids. This set comes with 20 pieces of amazing toys that would be a great help to keep your child occupied on the beach. It has a big and a small shovel, a big and a small rake, buckets, castle molds and mold animals to go with. All the toy pieces are from polypropylene and plastic.

Besides, the manufacturers are sure to have not included any toxic impurities such as BPA. Thus these toys are ultra-safe for use by your kids. The toys are packed together in an attractive bag. Hence, you can take to the beach and use it to store the toys when not used.

Key Features

  • This is a set of unisex beach toys and both boys and girls can have fun with it.
  • Children between the ages of 3 and 12 years can have fun with it.
  • The toys have soft and well-rounded bodies such that it does not hurt the child accidentally in any way.

5. Top Race Beach Toys

Top Race

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Certainly, a unique set of beach toys for your kid out of the ordinary sandcastle building toys. Your child could be making the best ice creams on the beach with this terrific set of toys. The whole set comes in a large 9-inches bucket. Therefore, it is super lightweight and the child itself can carry it around. The bucket has all the goodies that your child will need to whip out the best ice creams and cupcakes.

Moreover, the pack includes 4p cones to hold the ice cream, 2 cups. Hence, will hold the cupcakes, 2 molds for the cupcakes and two scoops!

Key Features

  • The entire set is from the highest quality plastic possible and free of all kinds of harmful elements.
  • Weighing just 0.95-pounds, they won’t feel any weight while carrying it.
  • The bucket is capped by a customized lid that can easily hold the ice cream cones that your kid prepares.

4. LotFancy Kid’s Beach Toys

LotFancy Best Beach Toys For Kids

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The LotFancy Kid’s Beach Toys is an excellent set not only because it has all the beach essentials but also because it is from the safest materials. All the toys have construction from durable ABS plastic. As a matter of fact, it’s ensured that the plastic is free of harmful phthalates and BPA for the child’s safety.

The plastic toys include the basic shovel, rake and bucket and other molds to help your child build an amazing sandcastle. Finally, the toys come together in a tote bag that can be used for future storage and transport.

Key Features

  • This amazing set of beach toys includes various molds to craft seashells, starfish, castles and a turtle.
  • The game help to learn as well as stay motivated in this entire process.
  • It is just the best gift for children above 18 months old.

3. B. Toys Travel Beach Buggy

B. toys

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The B. Toys Travel Beach Buggy is a collection of the best toys that your child can have at the beach. It promises a fun time as it keeps your child busy and will even get your inner child out! The Beach Buggy set is loaded with all the essentials required to build a grand sandcastle. There are 11 toys in the set which include a bucket and a wagon.

Besides, there are attractive sea animal molds available in the set to design brilliant decorations around the castle. A shovel and a rake are also included to complete the set. Hence, your child can easily collect and scoop sand for the best castles!

Key Features

  • The bucket has a molded pattern that makes it easy to build superb sandcastles.
  • Its wagon has an easy to grab handle making it very easy for the child to maneuver it.
  • This is even safe and suitable for infants of 18+ months as well.

2. Hape Beach Basics

Hape Best Beach Toys For Kids

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True to its name, this is a set of the most basic toys for the beach. This includes a sand sifter, a bucket, a rake, and a shovel- all your child will need to have a fun time out there. Next, it keeps your child occupied and gives them a grand time outdoors. It also helps in developing the child’s cognitive abilities. This is because it will require certain actions from the child’s art to play with.

All the toys are from such materials which are free of any harmful and toxic substance and not likely to harm the kid in any way.

Key Features

  • It would be a terrific beginning set of beach toys for children above 18 months old.
  • This is a small set comprising only 4 items. So, can be very easily stored and carried to your day out at the beach.

1. Kangaroo Kids Beach Toy


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The Kangaroo Kids Beach Toy is an exclusive set designed for you and your kid to have a grand time at the beach. Kids need toys to be kept busy and this is just the ideal set to keep them occupied on the day out on the beach. There are buckets, castle molds and shovels that the child could use to allow his imagination to build grand castles. The storage bag that comes with the set measures 8-inches x 7.7-inches x 7.4-inches. Hence, it is a great way to store all the items when not using them.

There are 23 different pieces of toys included in this set. Thus, some of the pieces are most unique and available only with Kangaroo.

Key Features

  • The pack not only includes toys with which you can build a castle but also other toy items. These are such seashells, fish, lobster, starfish and other such toys your child can use to decorate the sandcastle.
  • You can even carry the toys to the beach in the carry bag it comes in.
  • The overall set weighs a meager 1.9 pounds making it easy even for your kid to carry it around.

What should a beach toy set include?

There are different types of beach toy sets available but all the basic ones come with the same array of toys. Beaches put the picture of beautiful sandcastles in the mind and the sets comprise the devices which will make a sandcastle possible. It has to have a shovel, a rake, a bucket which are the three most important items to build a sandcastle. There may be molds included in the set as it remarkably aids in the process of making an amazing sandcastle.

Why should a beach toy set come with a carrying bag?

You should also be sure that the toy set comes with a carry bag because that makes it so much easier to store them and even carry them to the beach. There are, however, other toy set options such as going for a beach ice cream set or a designer molds set!

How safe are beach toy sets?

Beach toys are mostly made from different kinds of plastics such as polypropylene, ABS, and so on. Care is always taken such that the plastic material does not have any residual toxic materials such as BPA and phthalates which could be potentially harmful to anybody, especially kids! Beach toys are also quite large making it even safer since a child cannot accidentally swallow the toy. Thus, beach toys can be called quite safe for the baby. In fact, it is very helpful for them too as it inculcates a liking for outdoor activities and also helps in developing motor skills, coordination, and overall development of the brain.

Final Verdict

Now, your kids will stay busy and happy as they have got everything to make their beach days happening. The beach toys set for kids are just what you need for helping them in their growth process.