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10 Best Beach Mats in 2024

Sitting on the beach, having a picnic and enjoying the peaceful moments will be in memories forever. But the struggle of dusting the sand out of the regular mats or bedsheets is really tiring. It feels like even after unlimited washes, the sheets still have a sandy feeling. So, nothing is more appropriate than using beach mats. Keeping the sand away, these are water-resistant and even have a capacity to fold into a small size.

Well, there are many other features that you might look into. So, go through the review and make your beach times pretty memorable.


Best Beach Mats in 2024 Reviews

10. Camco Handy Mat with Strap

Camco Beach Mats

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Camco started with just a single product and after 40 years have grown into a brand with multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. This beach mat from the product is a very useful accessory that would help you in most outdoor regions. It can give you quick platform protection from dirt or sand to sit on. With a surface area exceeding 4600-square inches, your whole family can sit on the mat with extra space for friends.

You can buy this mat without any worries since Camco covers it with a 12 month warranty period as well. It is fully weather-proof and has a polypropylene weave. As a result, it is totally UV protected and won’t resist any mildew.

Key features:

  • It is indeed folded down to a really compact size so that it occupies minimal space.
  • Have straps that let you carry it with ease in its folded form.
  • Regular soapy water is all you need for cleaning this mat.

9. ABETER Sand Free Beach Mat


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Abeter has created a dream product that will change the way you relax on the beach. After swimming, surfing or playing around the beach, you and your loved will have a place to just. The mat has a double-layered mesh technology. Sand will come with you to the mat but will pass through mesh layer to the bottom of the mat. Your skin won’t get rashes by rubbing against the grains of sand.

Due to its waterproof nature, you can also take it to other activities like camping, picnics, hiking and more. It indeed has multiple uses as you can use it as rain shelter, blankets during hiking, camping, fishing, etc.

Key features:

  • It has a tough and durable material construction that will accompany you on your outings for many years.
  • Comes with spikes and straps at the corners with D rings for securing mat to the beach and keeping it in place.
  • Lightweight and easy to fold or carry around.

8. Eccosophy Beach Blanket

Eccosophy Beach Mats

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An outing with friends, family and neighbours will be even more enjoyable since everyone would be able to fit on this massive beach blanket. It has a size of 90-square feet with a length of 9-ft and a width of 10-ft. Just a bit smaller than a room, but huge compared to regular beach blankets you get on the market.

It has a 210 T nylon fabric construction which won’t get ripped are torn apart than easily. Unlike other kinds of nylon fabric, this one is really comfortable on your skin and gives great cooling due to breathability. Most importantly, it resists heat and so you won’t get unwanted burns.

Key features:

  • Edges feature triple stitching for long-lasting performance.
  • A compression bag is attached to the blanket so that you don’t lose it by accident.
  • Set of pegs and corner loops on the mat help to keep it taut in place.

7. 1byhome Beach Blanket


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1byhome presents to you a beach mat that has high functionality and convenience at the beach and other outdoor trips. It has a polyester material construction which is soft and comfy for you to sunbathe. However, tough and resilient to withstand rough use. It also has good elasticity which makes it very flexible and rip-resistant.

Exposing it to outdoor elements won’t fade its color easily or cause corrosion. Due to its large size, a couple or a whole family with mom, dad and kids will fit nicely. Apart from portability, you will not feel the unnecessary weight as it is lightweight. Finally, it is sand-free and sand won’t stay stuck here and there.

Key features:

  • No need to tire yourself out for washing this big mat, just throw it in the washing machine.
  • Plastic nails for securing the corners won’t get easily deformed or corroded from sand and salty water.
  • Packs into a compact size as small as your smartphone.

6. WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket

WEKAPO Beach Mats

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Wekapo provides this beach blanket with all the necessary features that you require from a good quality beach blanket. It has a super lightweight material construction that weighs just a couple of pounds. In fact, it packs into a small enough size for effortless carrying anywhere you want. Even the carry bag that holds the blanket in its compact form is permanently attached to the blanket. Therefore, you don’t lose it.

If you are going to the beach on a sunny and windy day, don’t worry about your blanket being blown off by the wind. This blanket comes with corner loops and metal stakes. These are used for securing it to the ground in its fully extended form. You can utilize maximum space offered by the blanket without it curling up.

Key features:

  • Can fit around 7 people or less easily.
  • Has a fabric which is both heat and moisture resistant, perfect for the beach environment.
  • Corners also have pockets that are used for storage or anchoring purposes.

5. WildHorn Outfitters Escape Beach Blanket

WildHorn Outfitters

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Wildhorn has crafted its beach blanket from high quality and lightweight parachute fabric. It is known for its tough and rip-resistant qualities. Unlike other nylon fabrics which are uncomfortable and scratch your skin, this one is soft and gentle. You can take it to the beach for years and enjoy a nice place to rest.

The blanket also has pockets on the corners which are filled with sand for anchoring. Or one can certainly use it as storage pockets for your personal items and belongings. Interestingly, it’s huge but you can simply bring down to compact shape.

Key features:

  • With 63-square feet of flat space, you can lay down with your partner without huddling against each other.
  • Compact pouch is integrated into the blanket so that you can take it out or fold it in in no time.
  • Has an extra secure pocket with buttons.

4. ISOPHO Beach Blanket

ISOPHO Beach Mats

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Most other competing manufacturers in the market would offer you blankets of nylon. But nylon is easy to wrinkle, break and hard to clean. Isopho instead provides you with a strong and convenient beach blanket. It is of superior polyester fabric with a thickness of 210T. Furthermore, it would stay crisp and crease-free for longer durations and is resistant to wear from regular use.

Unlike nylon, it would also last you for a prolonged period of time. The mat is also stitched with the utmost care. Plus, it comes with patented technology that keeps the mat highly visible. Wind and sand won’t be able to blow or ruin it since it has fixed anchors at all the corners.

Key features:

  • It is skin-friendly and doesn’t have any toxic substances.
  • With length and width both being more than 6.5-feet, it can accommodate a group of 4 to 6 people.
  • Comes in two great color tones that include orange and ocean green.

3. Mumu Sugar Sand Free Beach Blanket

Mumu Sugar

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You don’t have to deal with sand and dirt getting into your clothes and irritating you when you just want to soak in some sun on a sunny day at the beach. This beach blanket from Mumu Sugar has a light nylon fabric construction. It is of parachute grade and has a fair bit of wear resistance.

The fabric has a soft polyester layer on the top and a PVC bottom. As a matter of fact, makes it waterproof, yet breathable enough for keeping you cool. It also has a massive size that can fit a nuclear family or a small group of friends.  Finally, it will dry off pretty quickly and is also water-resistant. So no more of unwanted wet feeling.

Key features:

  • Has buckled pockets so that you can store your valuables like your phone or your keys.
  • You get a complimentary drawstring carry bag for carrying the blanket in its compressed form.
  • Metal stakes keep the blanket anchored to the surface and don’t allow unintentional curls or folds.

2. KeShi Sand Free Beach Blanket

KeShi Beach Mats

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KeShi provides you with a beach blanket with excellent hardware for anchoring it. Next, it aids in keeping it firmly on the ground in its expanded form. The stakes that come with this blanket are of a material that isn’t vulnerable to rust. Plus, it has the threaded design so that it is easier to dig into thick sand.

At the head, the stakes also have flattened arms for easy grip. So you can plant the stakes and rotate them with a bit of force so that they can easily dig into the ground. Not only does it repel heat but the quick-drying feature helps you in enjoying quality time. Above all, as many as 7 adults can fit into this lovely mat.

Key features:

  • Stakes even glow at night and are highly visible.
  • 5 pockets that can stock up on sand form better anchoring.
  • A portable mat that is not only used in beaches but on other occasions as well.

1. Angemay Outdoor & Picnic Blanket


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Within 5 easy steps, you can easily close the mat into a small size. And keep it that way with the sticky velcro lid that is integrated into its design. The mat also has multiple uses as an RV blanket, picnic mat and a lot more other than being useful at the beach. Has a dual-layer of polyester and PVC material, it has complete immunity to sand and water. Therefore, keeps you dry and away from dirt.

Having a waterproof backing, it causes no irritation to your skin. As a result, it feels comfortable on the skin. Lastly, it won’t tear off so easily and sufficiently thick.

Key features:

  • Has a convenient strap handle so that you can quickly grab the beach mat and get going.
  • One can certainly fold it for storage in a few steps.
  • The small mess is cleaned with a wipe while overall cleaning is done with hand wash.

Throw the waterproof beach mats on the beach and enjoy beautiful sunsets and waves rebounding against the shore without getting being covered in sand.