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10 Best Air Mattresses for Camping in 2024

If you want to sleep comfortably while camping, an air mattress is the right product for you. It comes in a lightweight design and lets you rake it anywhere you want. It can also have health benefits and have the ability to accommodate different sizes of bodies. You can easily use it as permanent airbeds, and it can be as comfortable as any bed. Check out the top 10 best air mattresses for camping in 2024 below.


Best Air Mattresses for Camping in 2024 Reviews

10. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

Etekcity Air Mattresses for Camping

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With a thickness of 9-inch, this airbed offers a comfortable sleep almost anywhere. You can also carry this camping bed to your hiking, camping, hunting, and other outdoor spots. Moreover, this air mattress for camping can accommodate up to two people in a sleeping position. With the help of a 2-in-1 valve, this airbed allows you to inflate it with ease.

This airbed also can hold the weight of up to 450-lbs. Furthermore, the advanced coiled-beam technology of this bed effectively distributes your body weight to offer fatigue-free sleep at night. This bed folds down into a convenient carrying case for hassle-free transportability.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Two-in-one design to prevent leak.
  • Quick inflation and easy storage.
  • 3rd generation coil-beam technology for better strength.

9. Air Mattress Camping by AirExpect


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This air mattress with queen-size can accommodate two adults in a sleeping position. With the construction of high-density and non-toxic PVC material, the airbed also offers resistance against water and weather. Moreover, you can easily inflate this air mattress for camping within 90-seconds.

With the help of a wireless and rechargeable hand pump, the mattress supports faster inflation. The leakage-proof airbed also allows you to carry it to your hiking, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities. Furthermore, the 40 internal air-coils system of the camping bed effectively distributes the bodyweight of the sleepers with ease. This airbed can withstand a weight of up to 600-lbs.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Large size and non-toxic material.
  • Easy to use and quick setup.
  • User convenience with wireless charging.

8. OlarHike Queen Air Mattress

OlarHike Air Mattresses for Camping

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This queen-size air mattress comes along with a wireless and rechargeable air pump. With the help of a 2-in-1 valve, this camping bed also supports the quick and easy installation. Moreover, the AC/DC adapters of the airbed let you use both in your home and outdoor spots. This air mattress for camping inflates or deflates within 5-minutes.

You can also use this air mattress for your RVs, camping, hunting, and hiking, and so on. Furthermore, this raised camping bed stays inflated for almost 48-hours. The soft and cozy fabric of this airbed allows you to sleep with comfort. The eco-friendly mattress comes along with an anti-slip bottom to stay in place.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Wireless battery and rechargeable design.
  • Better comfort with soft fabric.
  • Full set and durable construction.

7. Inflatable Sleep Pad by WEINAC


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This super-light camping bed is suitable for several outdoor activities, like fishing, biking, hunting, hiking, and so on. The double-decked air valve of this airbed also allows you to inflate it by simply blowing it 1- to 15-times. Moreover, the heavy-duty airbed involves the construction of rip-stop 20-denier nylon material to protect it from tearing.

The sleeping pad also comes with a cubed surface design to distribute your body weight evenly. Furthermore, the TPU coating makes this bed exceptionally water resistant. The inbuilt pillow lets you sleep with comfort. The extra ropes at each corner of the air mattress let you fix it on any surface.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Attractive design and soft feel.
  • Long-lasting use and better relaxation.
  • Lightweight construction and waterproof TPU material.

6. Overmont Sleeping Pad

Overmont Air Mattresses for Camping

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With a high-density material construction, this air mattress for camping offers excellent comfort while sleeping. This lightweight inflatable bed also allows you to carry it to your adventure spots with no difficulty. Moreover, this mattress comes along with a foot pump for easy inflation. With the help of double-deflation valves, the airbed supports faster deflation.

You can also conveniently use this mattress even in low-temperature conditions up to -15-degree Celsius. Furthermore, the length of this airbed is suitable for people up to 6-feet in height. This camping bed can withstand a weight of up to 400-lbs. The floatable airbed comes with a waterproof PVC coating, so you can enjoy a sunbath.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Allows selecting from three colors.
  • Waterproof design and does not sink.
  • Wide application and easy to use.

5. EnerPlex Luxury Queen Air Mattress


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This queen-size inflatable mattress supports super-fast inflation within 90-seconds. The leakage-proof air mattress for camping with wireless pump technology also offers unfailing inflation every time. Moreover, this camping bed is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. This airbed involves the construction of toxin-free and environmental-friendly PVC material.

This 9-inch air mattress also comes with a low-profile design, so both adults and children sleep safely on it. Furthermore, the rechargeable pump allows you to inflate the bed conveniently anytime and anywhere. You can control the inflation and deflation to achieve your comfort level. The inner coil beam construction of this bed equally distributes your body weight.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Waterproof comfort and large size.
  • Coil beam technology for superior comfort.
  • Leak-free construction and long-lasting use.

4. OlarHike Queen Air Mattress

OlarHike Air Mattresses for Camping

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From domestic use to outdoor camping, this inflatable air mattress is suitable for several activities. The flocked top of this bed also lets everyone sleep with comfort. Moreover, this air mattress for camping comes with a velvety fabric surface to deliver a soft touch to your body.

This queen-size camping bed comes along with an inbuilt air pump to automatically do the inflation.

The high-density fabric layer with welding seams also makes this bed extremely long-lasting. Furthermore, the bed stays inflated for almost 48-hours. The inner coil beam construction of the bed makes it suitable to withstand the weight of two adults.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Better comfort and non-skid base.
  • Thick fabric for durable use.
  • Superior support with thicker fabric.

3. Intex Classic Airbed Set


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This heavy-duty air mattress for camping can take a maximum weight of 600-pounds. The queen-size airbed also comes along with a pair of inflatable pillows. Moreover, with the help of a quick hand pump and 2-in1 valve, the mattress and pillows support faster and hassle-free inflation. The foldable design of this mattress supports convenient storage and transportability.

The air mattress set is also suitable for residential use and other outdoor adventures. Furthermore, the lightweight camping gear comes with waterproof and leakage-proof material construction to withstand harsh environments. The flocked top with wave beams makes the cleaning of this inflatable airbed convenient.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Easy inflation for user convenience.
  • Waterproof top for easy cleaning.
  • Comes with inflatable pillows.

2. WELLAX Air Sleeping Pad

WELLAX Air Mattresses for Camping

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This inflatable camping mat comes along with nylon and TPU materials to offer extraordinary durability. With the help of two flat valves and improvised inflation technology, this air mattress for camping also supports faster inflation. Moreover, the flexible air cells of this mattress withstand and uniformly distribute your body weight for a comfortable slumber.

This lightweight and easily foldable camping gear also allow you to carry it to any outdoor adventure spot. Furthermore, this waterproof, nearly-noiseless, and tear-resistant ripstop nylon/TPU mattress is suitable to place on both plain and rocky terrains. You can inflate this inflatable camping pad within 6 breaths.

Reasons To Buy

  • Revolutionary design and superior comfort.
  • Luxurious feel with soft fabric.
  • High performance and easy to inflate.

1. Sleepingo Camping Sleeping Pad


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This sleeping pad comes with the construction of high-grade nylon material with rip-stop quality. The tear-resistant air mattress for camping also lasts for years. Moreover, this lightweight gear is very much travel-friendly and accommodates several sleeping positions. With a thickness of 2-inch, this sleeping pad easily folds down into your backpack for convenient storage and portability.

This large sleeping pad is also resistant to water, so you can use it hassle-freely for any outdoor adventure. Furthermore, with the 20-denier thickness, this pad makes an ideal camping gear for everyone. You can easily inflate this mattress pad any time and takes no time to deflate for ease of use.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Durable construction and easy inflation.
  • Easy portability due to ultra-lightweight construction.
  • Better support with 2 inches thickness

Buying Guide For Air Mattresses For Camping

Check out the following points when you go through the air mattresses for camping:

Size and Construction:

Air mattresses for camping come in different sizes, and you need to get the one according to your preference. Always get the one that lets you have better comfort and gives full coverage. You will also have to consider the construction that makes you use it for a long time.

Make sure that it comes in a lightweight design so that you can have easy portability. The construction must be suitable enough that it can easily accommodate in your bag. The overall construction has to be perfect for camping and must reduce the size.

Easy to Inflate:

If you want an air mattress to inflate easily, then see if it comes with dual air chambers. For this, you need to see if it comes with all the necessary accessories so that you can have an easy setup. Some of it has the ability to inflate on its own so that you can have better comfort. Most of it can come with a power outlet that lets you have better convenience.


Since you are using it for outdoor purposes, you need to make sure that it is made of high-quality material. For better durability, look for the one that has vinyl construction. If you look to have better comfort, then you need to see the outer material and then make your buy. You will also have to consider the thickness, which is completely a user preference.


If an air mattress comes with waterproof construction, then it will let you have a better advantage and makes it perfect for outdoor use. You need to see if it comes with multiple chambers that allow you to use it for different applications.

If it comes with other accessories including inflatable pillows, then you can have even better comfort. In addition to this, you need to see if it is supportive enough that makes it a reliable product.


If you are an out-going person, an air mattress is a must for you. You can also use the same at home when guests arrive and stay overnight. They are easy to inflate and deflate and store conveniently. Our team has done an excellent job picking the best air mattresses for camping. They are extremely durable and designed for heavy-duty usage. If you’re also looking for air mattresses pump check here for the best choice!