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10 Best Underseat Subwoofers in 2024

Are you looking to improve the sound system of your car’s music system? If yes, then the under-seat subwoofer is the most exciting offer to choose as it doesn’t ask for too much space. There is a great variety of models that make it difficult for buyers to select the right option.

We understand that you are one of those people who don’t settle down with anything less than phenomenal. Our team is going to help the readers in making an adequate selection by providing the list of top 10 best under seat subwoofers to buy in 2024. Have a look at all of these models and then make a perfect choice.


The Best Underseat Subwoofers to Buy in 2024

10. Sound Storm LOPRO10 Car Subwoofer

Sound Storm Laboratories Underseat Subwoofers

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If your car has a little bit higher seat, then this 10” subwoofer is a good option to choose from. It comes with an integrated amplifier that allows the users to enjoy the tremendous performance without using too much power. There is a low-pass filter added to its electronic circuit for ensuring that notes below required frequency get removed.

Also, it comes with a variable bass boost option that lets the users adjust the level of bass according to the situation.


  • Pretty low thermal impedance
  • Come with low-level inputs
  • Bass adjustable ability
  • Good price to buy


  • Average sound quality

9. Planet Audio PA8W (best 8” underseat subwoofer)

Sound Storm Laboratories

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The people who are looking for an 8” under-seat subwoofer should buy this unit for sure. It equipped with two passive radiators that result in providing extra bass to the system without using too much space. The biggest highlight of this unit is the availability of a three-year platinum online warranty that doesn’t offer by too many units.

The manufacturer has used class A/B topology that proves the authenticity of these subwoofers. Other wonderful features in this unit include integrated amplifiers and LED illuminated logo that you will love for sure.


  • Backed by a three-year warranty
  • Incredible bass
  • Need very little bit space
  • Integrated amplifier


  • Not compact as other models

8. Pyle PLBASS8 Slim Active Subwoofer

Pyle Underseat Subwoofers

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If your wish is to shop a solid subwoofer at an affordable price, then shop the Pyle PLBASS8 that performs according to the expectations of buyers. Despite being a very affordable pick, it can produce 300 watts of power.

Apart from that, we can’t miss the decibel sensitivity of 93 dB that ensures the speaker has a stronger footing. Finding such a subwoofer at this price range is a pretty difficult task. So, the buyers looking to shop a high-quality unit at a reasonable price shouldn’t go beyond this unit.


  • Decently priced unit
  • Solid bass power
  • World-class construction
  • Incredible power


  • After-sales customer service is very poor

7. Presconus Eris Speaker (best under $100)


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The product that we loved to make the part of this list is a brilliantly designed subwoofer that can perform much better than your expectations. It is a wonderful model that can produce a pretty clear sound loved by ears.

Additionally, this unit can take bumps without too much problem at all. It is a heavy-duty model that anyone will love to have in their car.


  • Very convenient to install
  • Perfect value for the money
  • Produces high-quality sound
  • Fits quite easily


  • Longevity needs improvement

6. BassPro SL 125W RMS (best for bass)

JBL Underseat Subwoofers

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This model from BassPro performs pretty amazingly in terms of bass that make sure you enjoy music at its best. It is a beginner-friendly model that gets installed with minimal effort. With a power output of 250 watts, this unit makes sure the users can enjoy tremendous music in the car.

It has a three-way protection circuitry system that eliminates the heat and distortion from the system. You will love the performance of this unit in your car for sure.


  • Extremely friendly to install
  • Pretty high-quality construction
  • Equipped with efficient subwoofer
  • Doesn’t create distortion


  • Price could have been lower

5. Alpine Electronics PWE-S8 (best under $200)


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This wonderful unit is made for the people who love crispy and cleaner sound in their vehicle. The designers of this unit have done a wonderful job as it looks pretty amazing.

Furthermore, you will find it to fit in your vehicle quite easily. The installation process is quite convenient and gets completed within minutes. On top of that, the presence of solid cast aluminum casing allows the subwoofer to perform exceptionally well.


  • Compact and smaller in size
  • Produces clear sound
  • Perfect value for money
  • Easy installation process


  • Very costly to shop

4. Cerwin-Vega Mobile VPAS10

Cerwin-Vega Underseat Subwoofers

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The next option about which we want to talk about in this post is VPAS10 that known for its supreme bass quality. It is a solid unit that can handle 200 watts RMS adequately along with a peak power of 450 watts. The users can set the input sensitivity in the way they want due to its adjustable technology.

You can’t question the presence of this post in the list of best under seat subwoofers in any manner. Additionally, the compact construction makes sure the product lasts for many years without creating distortion.


  • Amazing bass
  • Proper thermal protection
  • Come with RCA inputs
  • Extremely compact construction


  • Tuning takes time

3. Rockford Fosgate PS-8 (best for efficiency)

Rockford Fosgate

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If your main motive to buy a car subwoofer is efficiency, then invest money in this unit manufactured from the Rockford brand. It is a high-quality subwoofer providing amazing thermal control and reverse polarity for minimizing accidents.

The build of this unit is quite brilliant when compared with other models available in the market. There is a metal grille attached to the woofer for protecting against external impurities.


  • Equipped with a highly durable enclosure
  • Doesn’t create sound distortion
  • Complete thermal protection
  • Works perfectly with low heat


  • Little bit pricey unit to the shop

2. Kicker 11HS8 150W (runners up)

 Kicker Underseat Subwoofers

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The buyers looking to get complete value for the money should go for Kicker 11HS8 without even making further research. It is a kick-ass product that made using top-notch components for extra longevity.

The manufacturer has crafted it in the ultra-compact construction that fits perfectly in tight spaces. Installing this speaker in your car system will ensure you can enjoy tremendous music.


  • Fits perfectly under the seat
  • Ultra-compact construction
  • Made using quality components
  • Very reliable to stop


  • Complaints about a rattle in some cases

1. Pioneer TS-SWX2502 (editor’s choice)


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If you want to take your sound system to a different level, then the Pioneer TS-SWX2502 is the perfect option to make. It is shallow in depth and crafted with a pretty small enclosure. The main thing that we like about this unit is its brilliant bass that makes sure you don’t have to compromise with space.


  • Injected using high-quality molded resin
  • Dual spider for better performance
  • Designed with large cone structure
  • Compatible with the majority of cars


  • Lack of protective grill might be an issue

How to choose the best under seat subwoofer?

Although the list of things that needed to check while shopping an under-seat subwoofer is quite long, we are going to mention the major ones in detail below:

  • Power

The main thing that the buyers have to worry about is the power as the majority of them prefer having a loud sound system with incredible bass. That’s why it is ideal for checking the power rating of the unit before shopping. Check out things like peak power and RMS power of the subwoofer and then make the decision.

  • Size

The size of the subwoofer is a very important characteristic that needs to be taken seriously. It won’t do any favors if the unit doesn’t fit under the seat of your car. Have a careful look at the space you have and then check out the size of the speaker. If both of them are compatible with each other, then it is an ideal option to shop.

  • Installation Process

As we all know, the speaker you are shopping will fit in a tighter space. That’s why the installation process must be convenient enough for even a novice.

  • Budget

The next main thing to consider while shopping for the under-seat subwoofer is the budget. They aren’t available at a too costly price, but still, you have to stay honest for the pocket. It shouldn’t put to the pressure that hurts badly in the long run.

  • Ease of Control

The controls of the speaker shouldn’t be too complicated allowing a beginner to access them easily. The things like remote control, auto turn on & off, and signal adjustment should be present on the unit.


Which one of these subwoofers set suits your needs perfectly? The range available in the market is quite a range that makes things quite difficult for buyers. Our team has tried to ease the tension by providing an incredible list of top 10 best under seat subwoofers in 2024.

Every car owner wants to have an incredible sound, and the presence of a subwoofer will be an amazing addition to the sound system. Tell us about the performance of the product you bought in the comment section for helping the fellow readers.