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10 Best GoPro Microphones in 2024

No doubt GoPro cameras are great equipment that record videos adequately, but the same doesn’t go for their sound recording performance. The majority of times we found that the sound recorded by them in a video isn’t up to expectations. At that time, buying the best GoPro microphone is the wisest thing that one can do. They are available in plenty of different brands as their popularity is on the rise in the past few years.

In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 best GoPro microphones in 2024. Our team has to work quite hard for creating this one due to the abundance of models available in the market & each one claiming to be better than the other. Now, let’s start to check products & buy the one that you find most suitable.


List of Best GoPro Microphones Review

10. AXA Access Ables ODM-2 (best under $50)


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Our list begins with this omnidirectional microphone that capable of offering a great sound recording. It operates on the plugin power and doesn’t need an adapter to operate. This unit has a large frame so you may find a little bit of difficulty carrying it.

The exceptional sound quality offered by this unit is perfect to buy for sure. Together with its performance & quality, you will love buying this microphone in every manner.


  • Great sound recorder
  • Quite simple to setup
  • Decent price range


  • The bulky frame might be difficult to carry

9. Z Lavalier Lapel Microphone (best under US$ 20)

Z ZAFFIRO GoPro Microphones

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Manufactured by an expert branxz d like Z Lavalier brand, this unit is an excellent omnidirectional mic that works brilliantly with the GoPro models. The things that we like most about this unit are no static clamor & solid recordings.

It is an extremely lightweight & compact unit in which you can invest money without worrying about the results. You will succeed in catching stack & smooth sound using this microphone.


  • Come with a one-year guarantee
  • Very lightweight unit
  • Simple to use


  • Little bit lousy reproduction

8. PowerDeWise GoPro Microphone (best for professional recordings)

PowerDeWise GoPro Microphones

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If you want to buy a product that allows professional recordings, then look no further than this PowerDeWise model. It is an omnidirectional mic that comes with an extended cable for giving precise audio. We can say that this one is a perfect option for interviews, podcasts, etc.

The presence of an integrated clip ensures that the microphone gets attached to the pockets for better sound. Overall, this unit deserves to be part of this loss by every possible means.


  • Equip with a solid noise-canceling pop wind filter
  • Provide superb precise & clear sound
  • Eliminate excess noise from background


  • None at all

7. Saramonic G-Mic Microphone

Saramonic GoPro Microphones

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The seventh position in our list is this stereo mic manufactured by Saramonic brand that can be mounted on the side of the camera. You need to plug into the mini USB port for beginning the recording. It can be operated without any adapter comfortably.

Overall, we can say that this unit is excellent for people who don’t like the clip-on microphone. This unit allows you to make wonderful recordings without compromising on the sound.


  • Provide brilliant sound recordings
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Available at an affordable price


  • Don’t have a good design

6. Removu RMA1M1 (best Bluetooth Gopro Microphone)

Removu GoPro Microphones

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The buyers who are looking to buy a microphone with Bluetooth ability should go for RMA1M1 without any further research. It can stay connected up to a distance of 40 meters from your GoPro camera. You can record adequately in wet conditions.

There is a waterproof lodging added in this unit that allows it to record sound even in the water. Also, the material used for making this microphone is quite extraordinary.


  • Provide top-grade audio effects
  • Completely waterproof microphone
  • Brilliant Bluetooth connectivity range


  • Synchronization issues registered by some users

5. Movo GM100 Lavalier Condenser Microphone

Movo GoPro Microphones

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This clip-on mic comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a mini USB adapter. Using this excellent unit is quite easier as you only have to plug the adapter into the camera and then clip the microphone.

This mic doesn’t need any kind of battery to perform its functions. Despite being available at a pretty affordable price, the company sells it with a 1-year money-back warranty.


  • Equip with a wind muff for better recording
  • Compatible with all models of GoPro
  • Work without any battery


  • Not the best one, but you can’t complain at this price

4. Purple Panda Lavalier GoPro Microphone (best lightweight pick)

Purple Panda GoPro Microphones

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This lightweight & simple to use microphone lets you minimize the outer sound to a greater extent. It is made from Purple Panda and equips with a 9.8 feet long cable offering adequate space. You will get five accessories free with this unit that include a mini USB adapter, fuzzy windscreen, extra clip, and many more.

It is one of the best GoPro microphones that are fully compatible with almost all the models. The company also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee that is a sign of relief for buyers who are buying it for the first time.


  • Can be bought at an affordable price
  • Deliver with a great set of accessories
  • Provide ultimate stereo audio experience


  • Non-existent customer support service

3. Samson Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone (best budget-friendly pick)

Samson Technologies GoPro Microphones

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If you are looking to buy a compact & portable microphone for your GoPro at a budget-friendly price, then look no further than this model from Samson brand. It is available in two different variants so that the buyers get some extra choice while buying.

It has a very smaller size so fitting it won’t be a complicated task. Additionally, this unit is simple to use and effective at the same time.


  • Available at a super-friendly price
  • Equip with pretty custom conservative design
  • Versatile unit work for plenty of things


  • Come with a bad quality cord

2. MXL Mics MM-165GP Microphone (best under $100)

MXL Mics

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The second position in our list is held by this excellent omnidirectional microphone manufactured especially for GoPro cameras. The MM-165GP comes with a low profile design that lets you plug the camera directly without any need for an adapter.

One exciting feature of this unit is dual noise minimizing windscreens that can improve the quality of sound. Also, its right-angle connector is fully compatible with all the protective cases.


  • Minimizes the noise from the environment
  • Equip with a flexible 5-foot MOGAMI cable
  • Brilliant sound pickup ability


  • Average performance when mounted outside

1. Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone (editor’s choice)


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With its easier mounting & solid performance, this compact microphone is the perfect option to boosting the quality of your videos. It is a directional microphone that minimizes the distracting peripheral sounds & targets the ones that are in front of the camera.

When it comes to quality, the company has used high-quality aluminum along with providing an anti-glare black coating for excellent protection. Also, this unit features a Rycote Lyre suspension mount that reduces the vibrations & cable-borne noise.


  • Very smaller in size
  • Extremely easier to mount
  • Provide complete protection & flexibility


  • Minor complaints about missing mount in package

How to choose the right GoPro Microphone?

There are certain things that you need to check before buying a GoPro microphone. We have mentioned each of them below:


All GoPro microphones aren’t designed to mount on the camera. Some come with a clip-on construction, whereas the others have their stick. That’s why it is important that keep the mounting option of the unit in mind before buying it. The unit should be mounted according to your requirements.


The budget needs to be set before beginning the research process. As you can see, this list has microphones that range from less than $15 and goes more than $100. It all depends on one’s requirements, whether you are going to record professionally or just casually. So, we suggest you set a budget according to the level of recording.


Please keep one thing in mind that some models work with a battery, whereas the others don’t need it. So, if you are buying a model that utilizes a battery, then don’t forget to check how many hours it will last. If it suits the requirements of your work, then you can think about buying that unit.

Extra features

Nowadays, there are tons of models available in the market. So, the companies try to give as many features as possible to tackle the competition. Think about buying the model that comes with lots of special features like a waterproof, better design, etc.


To conclude, we can say that a microphone is an amazing option to boost the sound of your GoPro recording. It will not boost the quality, but also ensure you can catch even the tiniest sound from your video. Our team has presented a great variety of options so that you can choose one of the best GoPro microphones quite easily. Buying a microphone and add a much-needed boost to your sound. It guaranteed that you wouldn’t be disappointed after buying any of these products. If there is still a query in your mind, then tell us in the comment section.