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10 Best Glass Pitchers in 2024

Pitchers are the most common kitchen appliance that is found in every home. We do not pay much attention to the pitchers at home. However, mostly they turn dark or break easily. Many individuals, while buying the pitchers, do not think about the material built of the product.

There are regular pitchers that you may not like anymore because they are made of cheap plastics. Moreover, they do not have any eye-catching features. The best glass pitchers are becoming more popular as they are made of BPA free materials. Again, they have stylish features that attract people. Before buying the perfect glass pitcher, you should check the quality, scratchproof, etc. details about it.

To help you for choosing the appropriate product in the home we are presenting a comprehensive study about the top ten listed glass pitchers in 2024 with a buying guide below;


List of Best Glass Pitchers in 2024

10. Susteas Water Coffee Jug Pitcher Glass With Lid

SUSTEAS Glass Pitchers

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If you are searching for a heat-resisting and BPA free glass pitcher, then you should go for this product. The manufacturers have used borosilicate in the making of this vessel. Therefore, you can expect decent durability from this product.

Again, it is a refrigerator safe. The temperature withstands capacity of this product is around -19 degrees to 140 degrees Celsius. In addition to this, you will get a lid to protect your water or juice. You can clean this pitcher in the dishwasher.


  • The handle is sturdy and non-slippery
  • You will like the liquid holding capacity of this pitcher.
  • It can fit anywhere inside your fridge efficiently.
  • The lid design is made of stainless steel. It helps to keep the beverages intact and airtight.


  • It may result in rusting if not appropriately maintained.

9. Purefold Juice Water Cold Beverage Glass Containing Pitcher Lid


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The brand created this fantastic quality of glass pitchers, which will mesmerize you. The perfect durability of the glass pitcher and the extensive design will make you fall for the product.

It is best for serving juices and other beverages when you have guests at home. The best part is it is a dishwasher, a safe product. There is a stainless steel lid on the top that will prevent your drink and beverages from external germs. The heat resistance of this product is around 0-310 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • The glass material is borosilicate; therefore, you can expect long-lasting benefits from it.
  • Handles are non-slippery
  • It is lightweight and saves space.


  • You may experience rust due to steel. However, users have experienced this issue rarely.

8. JCPKItchen Homemade Cold Tea Hot Water Borosilicate Pitcher With Lid

JCPKitchen Glass Pitchers

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The unique design of this glass pitcher is gaining customer attention these days. It has a vintage look and diamond pattern all over the body. The exclusive borosilicate glass is used in the creation of this product. You will get long-term durability benefits from this pitcher.

You can prepare iced tea or keep ay other beverages inside safely as there is a lid on the top. The product has a considerable heat resistance function too. Another essential reason to go for this vessel is the silicon band on the lid design. It prevents liquid spilling effectively while serving.


  • It is BPA and lead-free
  • Easy to use
  • Microwave safe
  • You can keep both hot and cold beverages inside it.
  • It looks pretty with a thick glass quality


  • It is a bit expensive as compared to the other similar products

7. Luminarc Glass 1.7 Liter Quadro Pitcher


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It is one of the beautiful glass pitchers, which you can bring home or gift to your loved ones. The glass quality of this product is sturdy and durable. You will need a small space in the fridge to keep your juice inside this pitcher. This lightweight product fits anywhere smoothly.

There is an ergonomically designed handle, which is non-slippery. You will get a plastic lid on the top of this pitcher for the extra safety of your drinks.


  • Thick glass
  • Tall in length
  • Balancing it is hassle-free
  • You can keep boiling water or iced tea in this pitcher
  • The lid looks cute


  • It is not pocket friendly

6. Pykal Thick Glass Heat Resisting Pitcher With Brush Free

Pykal Glass Pitchers

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The manufacturers have made this extensive glass pitcher with a unique diamond design all over on the body. It looks classy and functional at the same time. You can keep both hot or cold liquid as per your choice inside it without any fear of breakage.

The long and ergonomic handles allow you to balance the product while pouring juice from it in the glasses. Again, you are getting an extra cleaning brush for the maintenance purpose of this pitcher. The entire item is non-toxic and BOA free. Premium quality borosilicate is used in the making of this pitcher.


  • Temperature safe
  • The thick glass will not break easily
  • The diamond design on the pitcher looks pretty
  • You will get infused water from this product
  • Removable head or lid according to your convenience


  • It is slightly expensive

5. Brita Bourdeax Filter Stream Pouring Glass Water Pitcher


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Now pour your homemade juice from this wonderfully designed glass pitcher and fetch compliments from the guests. The prime advantage of going for this product is the streaming feature of the filter. It will allow you to pour the drink nicely without any spill anywhere outside.

The Pour technology installed inside it allows you to get fresh and filtered water. You can keep this pitcher anywhere you like in the fridge as the size is apt and does not take much space. You can expect up to 10-12 cups of beverages or water inside this pitcher safely.


  • It is slender and looks perfect for parties
  • Quick to fill
  • Less storage space
  • You will get pure water from the filter system
  • Affordable


  • You may not like the shape of the lid as it is filtering the water; therefore, it may function a bit slow. However, filtration of water or juice takes time.

4. HIWARE Heat Resisting Cold Tea/Coffee/Water With Lid & Brush Pitcher

Hiware Glass Pitchers

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You will love this highly functional glass pitcher any day in your home. The ample water or beverage holding capacity of this product is beneficial for everyone. You can use it during any family events in your home.

High-quality borosilicate is used in the creation of this pitcher. Therefore, you will get long-lasting benefits from this product. It has a hot resistance capability up to 0-300 degrees Fahrenheit without any hassle. Hence keeping boiling water or iced coffee inside it will not cause any damage. The handle design is non-slippery.


  • Dishwasher safe, therefore, it is easy to clean
  • BPA free
  • The handle design is strong
  • The mouth opening is wide
  • It looks beautiful
  • Storing it in the fridge requires less space.


  • It is on the expensive side.

3. Takeya Blueberry Patent USA Glass Airtight Pitcher


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It is one of the most desirable and leak-proof glass pitchers, which you can opt for. The airtight capacity of the lid is fantastic. The product is ideal for storing green tea or other homemade juices of your choice. The lid has a twisting design to open and close.

Again, this water-holding pitcher is BPA free. It has a large capacity of holding 8 cups of beverages quickly inside it. You can use it during any social events in your house or simply present it to your loved ones.


  • Stainless steel lid is durable
  • Great quality
  • Washing it with cold water is easy. Again, it is dishwasher safe.
  • Comfortable to use and hold


  • It is taller in length; keeping inside the fridge may be an issue

2. Hiware Beverage Handle & Lid Homemade Tea/Juice Glass Pitcher

Hiware Glass Pitchers

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Get this versatile glass pitcher today. The best part about this product is the unique heat resistance. You can keep boiling water or tea inside it for a long time. The borosilicate glass has a marvelous long-lasting benefit, and it does not break down quickly.

As compared to the other cheap products in the markets, you can expect it to be safe and thick. There is an additional stainless steel top lid that comes with this vessel. For better cleaning purposes, you will get a cleaning smooth end brush with this pitcher. Therefore cleaning the corners and lid of this product becomes a hassle-free task for everyone.


  • It is BPA free
  • Looks elegant
  • No container-bursting problem
  • Sturdy handles
  • There is an inbuilt filter in the lid, which can infuse fruits or vegetables while making juices.


  • You can wash it in the dishwasher. However, cleaning with the hand is recommended for this pitcher. Therefore, it might consume a bit long time in washing.

1. Bormioli Rocco Spout & Lid Sealed 68 Ounce Glass Pitcher

Bormioli Rocco

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Bring home this excellent quality thick glass pitcher today. You will be able to clean it easily in the dishwasher. The textured glass is highly durable. A robust handle on the side will not slip or break while pouring the liquid juice or water from it. It comes with a safe glass lid.

During any occasion at your house, you can use it to pour cold drinks or beverages to your guests. The wide mouth of the pitcher is great for pouring the equal quantity of drinks in every glass. There is an inbuilt spout system on the pitcher.

The primary advantage of it is to infuse fruits or ice, especially while making homemade beverages. It can hold liquid up to 2-2.5 liters safely without any issues. The lightweight of this pitcher will allow you to carry it smoothly and keep anywhere inside the fridge.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Glass quality is fantastic
  • Lid design keeps the liquid airtight


  • You may not like the handle design. Again, it depends on individual preferences.

What Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Glass Pitchers?

Now that you have decided to invest in the glass pitcher, you may be researching a lot here and there. We will provide you simple buying tips below that will help you to bring the best glass pitcher according to your requirements and desire;


You have to check the liquid capacity of the pitcher you are investing in. You should also check the NFS eradicating capacity of the water contamination level of the glass pitchers. It helps to remove all kinds of toxins away from your water. The borosilicate material in glass pitchers usually comes with large capacity and heavy-duty handles. You will get more durability in such products.


Pay attention to the lid content while choosing the best glass pitchers. Usually, it is made of steel, plastic, or glass. If you are selecting the glass lid, then it is safe than plastic ones. Moreover, the less amount of toxins deposit on the glass lids of the pitchers. You should check the food grade test, corrosion resistance, and chemical safety of the lids.


Many times, you will see the glass pitchers are made of tinted glass. If you are opting for such products, then you should check the toxin content. It is usually seen they are more toxic as compared to regular glass. For health and safety purposes, do not invest in the colored glass pitchers. Instead, you can go for standard durable glass quality pitchers.

Other Features

There are few additional features that you can find interesting in the glass pitchers like infusion or filters. The primary function of the infusers is to allow you to make fruit or vegetable infused juice in the pitcher. Again, to get healthy freshwater, the filters on the vessel are essential.

Few glass pitchers come with temperature check quality. Therefore, you can keep the tea or coffee inside it. Check whether your glass pitcher is microwave and dishwasher proof. It will save your time consumption while cleaning the product.


You will get several options on the market. Selecting affordable pitchers with good quality is the right thing to do. We suggest our readers read the reviews and compare prices on the authenticated sites to get the best glass pitcher quickly.