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10 Best Tortilla Makers in 2024

The tortilla is a very popular food item across the world, and it is more like bread made of wheat or corn. Once you have the tortilla ready, you can serve it any way you want with delicious ingredients. However, making a tortilla manually is not easy for everyone, and that is why the need for a tortilla maker comes into play. With a tortilla maker, you can not only make the traditional tortilla, but you can also make bread, chapatis, and much more. The following is the list of the top 10 best tortilla makers in 2024.


List of Best Tortilla Makers Review

10. Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker

Brentwood Tortilla Makers

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This electric tortilla maker comes with the construction of heavy-duty stainless-steel material for durability and optimal performance. The unit also has power and preheat indicator lights to let you know the maker is ready for cooking. Moreover, you can adjust the heat to make the tortillas soft or crispy. With a large 10-inch cooking surface, this unit prepares large flatbread, roti, and pita as well.

The non-stick aluminum cooking surface is also very much easy to clean. Furthermore, the handle allows you to put even pressure on the dough for perfect tortillas every time. This versatile kitchen appliance is very much easy to use and serves weeknight without any hassle.

Reason To Buy
  • Made of stainless steel for added durability.
  • Suitable for cooking bread and roti.
  • Provides optimal performance with adjustable heat.

9. Cast Iron Tortilla Press by ICO

Impeccable Tortilla Makers

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This tortilla press with premium-quality cast iron construction lets you have home-made and fresh tortillas just like the Mexicans. With accurate weight and a sturdy blotted handle, this unit also offers flat and even tortillas every time. Moreover, the flat cooking surface with a wide round diameter allows you to prepare flatbreads, roti, pitas, and more other preparation just like a pro.

This tortilla maker also comes along with parchment disks for mess-free cooking. Furthermore, this cast iron cooking surface offers stress-free cleaning with simple wet cloth. The rust-resistant construction of this kitchen appliance stands for durability. You can prepare a large number of bread food preparations within a short period of time.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with an easy cleaning process.
  • Tough handle for versatile operation.
  • Provides with enough cooking surface.

8. Cast Iron Tortilla Press by Lodhi’s

Lodhi's Tortilla Makers

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This high-quality traditional cast iron tortilla maker comes with a rounder and wider cooking surface of 8-inch diameter. With this heavy-weight construction and a properly weighted lid, this kitchen appliance also offers a stable press for even pressure. Moreover, the blotted handle reduces your extra labor to get perfectly shaped tortillas.

This tortilla maker is also very much easy to use. Furthermore, you just need to place the dough on the surface to press it in the form of tortillas. The unit is very much useful to prepare flour and corn tortillas. This kitchen appliance is suitable for preparing tostones, arepas, dumplings, mini pie shells, and more.

Reason To Buy
  • Allows getting perfect shape tortillas.
  • Efficient in making bread and roti.
  • Made of superior quality materials.

7. Mexican Cast Iron Electric Tortilla Maker

always-quality Tortilla Makers

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This authentic tortilla maker has the construction of solid cast iron material to provide you with restaurant-grade tortillas at all times. The made in Mexico kitchen appliance is also perfect for preparing flower, corn tortillas, sugar pancakes, and bunuelos. Moreover, this electric maker offers even heating for uniform baking. You can even prepare flatbreads, pitas, and more other breaded food preparations.

The plain and flat surface of this kitchen appliance also offers easy cleaning. Furthermore, the properly weighted lid and blotted handle of the unit support stable press for uniformed shaping. The appliance helps you to cook perfect Mexican tortillas every time. The space-saving structure of this maker supports convenient storage. This strongly built specialty appliance lasts for longer.

Reason To Buy
  • Provides efficient cooked tortillas.
  • Made of high-grade materials for durability.
  • Efficient surface and structure for better cooking.

6. Eleganceinlife Tortilla Press Maker

Eleganceinlife Tortilla Makers

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With heavy-duty construction of cast-iron material, the heavyweight of this tortilla maker allows you to get flatter tortillas. The improved base and handles also offer excellent resistance. Moreover, with a 7.3-inch round and wide cooking surface, you can easily prepare tortillas, flatbreads, or other breaded food preparations. You can easily clean the plain and flat surface of this maker with a damp cloth.

This kitchen appliance is also able to prepare patacones, tostones, arepas, empanadas, and more other Latin dishes without any problem. Furthermore, the cast iron construction of this unit stands for durability and catches no rust. The heavy-duty tortilla maker comes with a space-saving design for convenient storage.

Reason To Buy
  • Heavy-duty construction and innovative look.
  • Made of superior cast iron material.
  • Enormous cooking surface for superior tortillas.

5. Tortilla Press Maker by Smart Cook

Smart Cook Tortilla Makers

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The commercial-grade sturdy cast iron construction of this tortilla maker makes it extremely durable and offers optimal performance. The traditional kitchen appliance also offers heavy-balanced weight pressing with the help of the robust lid. Moreover, the bolted handle of the unit tends to provide a stable press for uniformity.

With excellent natural leverage, this cast-iron tortilla maker also helps you to prepare flatbreads and tortillas faster with efficiency. Furthermore, you can easily bake breaded food preparations, like flour, corn, pancake, and more by using this maker. With the help of the round and wide cooking surface, this kitchen appliance allows you to have flat and uniform tortillas every time.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with a better pressing system.
  • Efficient round surface for better cooking.
  • Allows getting a commercial-grade tortilla instantly.

4. CucinaPro Tortilla Makers

CucinaPro Tortilla Makers

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This specialty appliance is able to prepare flatbreads, chapatis, pitas along tortillas. With the 10-inch round cooking surface, this tortilla makes also provides large tortillas or other items with ease. Moreover, the heavy-duty aluminum material construction of this unit comes with a non-stick cooking surface for stress-free and messy cooking.

This flatbread maker also generates and distributes even heating for uniform baking. Furthermore, the ready light of this unit lets you know when the surface is ready to cook. The cord-wrap with the flat and ergonomic design of this maker allows convenient storage in an upright position. You can stress-freely clean the non-stick surface of this tool with a simple damp cloth.

Reason To Buy
  • Suitable in preparing bread and chapattis.
  • Comes with an even heating process for better cooking.
  • Easy and convenient cleaning.

3. Norpro Tortilla Makers


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This tortilla maker comes with the construction of a traditional cast aluminum tortilla press for excellent leverage. The 6-inch kitchen appliance also allows you to prepare fresh and home-made tortillas without any hassle. Moreover, you just need to insert the ball of masa and close the lid with moderate pressure to create the shape of the tortillas.

This compact kitchen appliance with its simple design is also easy to store. Furthermore, the surface and body of this maker are very much easy to clean with a simple damp or dry cloth. The specialty appliance allows you to prepare a huge number of tortillas in a limited time with a lesser mess. The sturdy material construction is resistant to rust and corrosion to offer excellent durability.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes in a compact size and easy to store.
  • Suitable in making tortillas in minimum time.
  • Made of rust-resistant materials.

2. George Foreman Quesadilla Maker

George Foreman

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The tortilla maker is able to cook 10-inch large quesadillas better than your microwave and stovetop. This easy to use specialty appliance also prepares crunchy and delicious snacks without any doubt. Moreover, the non-stick surface of this appliance allows you to clean it by using a damp cloth. The six pieces of deep-dish pockets help you to cook more accurate quesadillas with cutting guides.

The outer-ridge of this tortilla maker also prevents flavor and food from coming outside. Furthermore, this unit is responsible for offering flavorful quesadillas without any mess. With the help of a slip-resistant grip, the maker is absolutely safe to use. The integrated cord-wrap supports a space-saving vertical storage option.

Reason To Buy
  • Non-stick surface for easy cooking.
  • Comes with a slip-resistant gripping system.
  • Pressed edges and effective indicator light.

1. Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker

Hamilton Beach

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With a minimalist design, this tortilla maker comes with a lid lock and edge-sealing rings. This mechanism also helps to keep the food and flavor trapped inside of this appliance. Moreover, the space-saving design takes a small amount of space on your kitchen countertop. This tool is very much easy to use and serves a weeknight meal like a breeze.

The nonstick surface of this unit is very much easy to clean with a simple damp cloth. Furthermore, this versatile tortilla maker allows you to prepare up to six wedges at a time. The kitchen appliance is able to serve hot tortillas within five minutes. With power and preheat lights, you can easily prepare dishes as per your preference.

Reason To Buy
  • Allows getting instant tortillas with indicators.
  • Comes with a non-stick surface with wedges.
  • Suitably fits into the small space of the kitchen.

Buying Guide For Tortilla Makers


It can come in an electric design or have a manual operation. The one that comes in an electric design will make sure there will be an automatic operation. If you are looking to have efficient performance, then you can go for the one that has a manual operation.


The size is one of the most important factors that you will have to see while buying a tortilla maker. It can come in different sizes, and you will have to know your usage before making your purchase. Consider investing in the one that does not occupy much space.


Tortilla makers are composed of different types of material, and you can see if it allows you to use it for a long time. A cast iron material will ensure there will be long lasting use. You will also find aluminum that can be very lightweight. If you are looking to have a traditional feel, then you can go for a wooden tortilla maker. To make sure there will be value for money, you can select a plastic material.


You need to see if it can be suitable for everyday purposes. Select the one that has lightweight construction so that you can easily move it from one place to another.

Easy to Use:

The one that allows you to have a hassle-free operation will be an ideal consideration. You can see that the product does not come with any complications and have easy settings.


Always go for the one that allows you to have easy maintenance. You will have to go for the one that lets you clean it in a dishwasher.


For people who are looking to make the maximum out of a tortilla maker, you will have to see if it comes in a multifunctional design. This will give you the option to prepare different items as some can also be suitable for making bread.

Non-Stick Design:

If the tortilla maker comes with a non-stick coating on the inside, then there will be reliable performance. You don’t have to worry about making an effort to remove the finished item.


Select the one that comes with an indicator light so that there can be a reliable performance. You can find the one that allows you to have custom usage and allow you to control the temperature. Some can also come with other important accessories including a recipe book.


While buying a tortilla maker, you should check the size so that you can make tortilla as per your size requirement. You should check the versatility of the maker so that you can prepare different types of dishes beyond tortilla. It is hard to make a perfect tortilla manually, but these makers help to make the perfect tortilla perfectly. These tortilla makers are highly durable, and the heating is even for perfect cooking.