Top 10 Best Self Stirring Mugs in 2019

In this world of technological advancement, if you are not taking advantage of the innovative products, you are committing a crime literally. A cup of hot coffee, tea, or any health drink for that matter is essential for everybody. Starting from office-goers to students, everyone needs that hot drink to keep themselves active. Instead of stirring the mugs manually all the time which definitely is irritating, you can opt for self stirring mugs that do the stirring job for you automatically. Check out the top 10 best self stirring mugs in 2019 below that our team has enlisted for you.

List of Best Self Stirring Mugs Review

10. Thumbsup Self Stirring Coffee Mug

THUMBS UP Self Stirring Mugs

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This electrical mug makes your drinks automatically within a few seconds with the help of its self-mixing technology. Moreover, there are small blades which will rotate and also mix your drinks perfectly. To activate this auto-mixing mode, you have to press the stirring switch on the handle.

Furthermore, the mug has a tight lid that avoids liquid splashing while you are moving or making your drinks. On the lid, there is a hole for easy drinking, and you can also cover the holes. This advanced mug also gives you perfect refreshment at the outdoor, and it will be an ideal gift for your busy friends, family members, and a beloved one.

Reason To Buy:
  • Suitable for different beverages.
  • Lightweight and small in size.
  • Comes with an electrified revolving blade.

9. Self Stirring Mug by Darnell Nehemiah

Darnell Nehemiah Self Stirring Mugs

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This electrical coffee mug helps you to make your drinks quickly. It uses self-mixing technology for easy, and perfect mixing. Moreover, to make the perfect coffee, milkshake or any healthy drinks you just have to press the auto stir switch, and you will get ready your drink. There is a tight mug lid, so you do not have to worry about splashing. This thermal cup keeps your drinks hot, and also maintains the temperature at all.

Furthermore, there is a high-quality motor, which operates the self-stirring process. The motor is absolutely mute, so it does not create any disturbance at your workplace. The material of this mug is safe enough for you, and also makes it durable and lightweight.

Reason To Buy:
  • Made of strong steel and plastic.
  • Modern design and long-lasting.
  • Bigger capacity is suitable for different drinks.

8. EForces Magnetic Self Stirring Mug

EForces Self Stirring Mugs

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Now you do not need a spoon for mixing your drink, because this mug uses automatic mixing technology. There is a button on the handle of this mug, while you are pressing it the automatic stirring or mixing mode starts mixing, and also you can get ready your drink within a few seconds. Moreover, this mug has a dual-walled structure of stainless steel and high-quality plastic.

Furthermore, the inner wall plastic does not harm you, because the plastic is food graded, and also BPA free. As the mixer part of this mug is magnetic, so easily you can detach the bottom part of the mug for cleaning. This mug also uses anti-skid and leak-proof features, to make you worry-free while you are moving with your drink.

Reason To Buy:
  • Made with high-quality steel.
  • Affordable price and easy to use.
  • Stylish look and convenient to clean.

7. Vick Express Self Stirring Mug

Vick Express Self Stirring Mugs

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This coffee cup keeps your drinks hot or maintains the inner temperature of your drinks for a long time, but you can make your drink within a few seconds. Moreover, after pressing the stirring button, the automatic mixer starts mixing. And its tight plastic lid helps you to keep your coffee hot. You can drink your coffee through a straw also, while you are putting a straw into the drinking hole.

Furthermore, it has a stainless steel body that makes it light in weight, and durable. This mug also has a leak-proof feature to make you worry-free. It is small in size but it gives you perfect refreshment, so it must be in your backpack if you are planning for an outing.

Reason To Buy:
  • Plastic cover makes it spill-proof.
  • Made with strong steel.
  • Medium size and great durability.

6. Self stirring coffee mug by Kare & Kind

Kare & Kind Self Stirring Mugs

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This advanced coffee mug offers you an automatic stirring technology that makes it a travel-friendly and a necessary gear. You can make your drink, and also clean the mug easily in just a few steps. Just you have to press the switch on the handle to mix your drink. Moreover, you can move with your drink from one place to another place easily, when you are keeping your drink in this mug. Because the drink does not fall off from the mug due to the airtight lid.

Furthermore, you can put a straw into the drinking hole for easy drinking while you are moving. The mixer part is also magnetic so you can detach the bottom part of the mug easily for cleaning. All over its prime material makes it leak-proof and durable.

Reason To Buy:
  • Stylish look and modern construction.
  • Efficient covering system and easy to use.
  • Perfect for a variety of drinks.

5. Update Self Stirring Mug by BINE

BINE Self Stirring Mugs

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This auto stirring coffee mug is available in an attractive design and comes with some advanced features those make your coffee time easier. Moreover, there is a switch on the handle of the mug, which controls the self-stirring process. When you press the button on the handle, then the mixer starts mixing itself and prepares your drink perfectly. The stirrer is magnetic, and the handle is also crack-proof, so they work longer than another cup.

Furthermore, for covering the mug or keeping your drink hot, the mug has an airtight lid with a drinking hole. While you are spinning the lid, you can cover or uncover this hole. This mug also keeps your drinks hot or maintains the all over temperature at all.

Reason To Buy:
  • Affordable price and is lightweight.
  • Easy to clean and made of steel.
  • Innovative look with modern construction.

4. Self Stirring Coffee Mug by LEADNOVO

LEADNOVO Self Stirring Mugs

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This coffee mug has the outside construction of stainless steel, and the inside is of food grade quality plastic, which is also BPA free. Moreover, the prime material is durable enough to last long. There are some extra features that make this mug leak-proof and crack-proof. Furthermore, it uses a self-mixing technology, which prepares your drink easily.

The mug also has an airtight lid, and it keeps your drink hot. You can easily use it, and clean it after use. You can gift it to your busiest family member or friends or beloved one, and they will love it a lot for its quick features and facilities.

Reason To Buy:
  • Unique stirring process and is lightweight.
  • Suitable for gifts and is durable.
  • Easy to use with modern design.

3. AZFUNN Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Hitechway Self Stirring Mugs

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Now make your morning fresh and active with this electronic mixing mug, and you do not find a spoon for mixing your drinks. The mixer is removal also, so you can clean the mug easily. Your drink does not become cold because this mug has an airtight lid. Moreover, there is a drinking hole on the lid so you can enjoy the hot drinks conveniently. If you wish you can put a straw into the hole for easy drinking.

With this automatic mug, just you have to press the button on the handle, and the self-mixing mechanism prepares your perfect drink within a few seconds. Furthermore, the mug is fully leak-proof, and also long-lasting because it makes with durable materials.

Reason To Buy:
  • Affordable price and stylish look.
  • Great quality and durability.
  • Ideal for variety of drinks.

2. LEADNOVO Update Self Stirring Mug

LEADNOVO Self Stirring Mugs

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This mug comes with a self-mixing feature that makes your coffee time easier, and spoon-free, when you are not at home. You can remove the stirrer also for cleaning the mug. Moreover, this mug is leak-proof, so you do not have any worry about the leak problem.

Furthermore, it has the construction of durable material, that makes it long lasting. Its handle is crack-proof also, so the auto-mixing process lasts long with the mug. You can gift it to your friends, family members, beloved one and so on, and they will love it a lot.

Reason To Buy:
  • Convenient to use and long lasting.
  • Equipped with the latest technology.
  • Easy to store and lightweight.

1. Star Wars Self Stirring Mug

Star Wars Self Stirring Mugs

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This mug is the perfect choice for you, while you are traveling. Because you do not have to worry about splashing, or your hot drink does not become cold for its airtight lid. Moreover, outside of the mug is of stainless steel and inside has high-quality plastic construction. So, your hand does not feel too hot while you are keeping the mug. It also has an attractive outside design with an iconic image of the Darth Vader with a great caption that refreshes your mood at all.

Furthermore, on the handle, there is a button for activating an electronic mechanism to mix your drink as well. So, when you are traveling, you do not need a spoon. This mug also gives you full relaxation when you are on the go or outside of the home.

Reason To Buy:
  • Innovative design and is leak-proof.
  • Easy start process and durable.
  • Long lasting and is affordable.


For an avid coffee drinker, a self stirring mug can be the most valued gift item. Therefore, if you have such a friend which is very common, go ahead and win his/her heart completely. It will save them time and most importantly, effort. Stirring is important before drinking anything so that the true flavors and taste come out. It is a simple device with long durability and you can choose from the different attractive designs available.

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