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10 Best Electric Hand Mixers in 2024

Whether you are preparing a cake, whisking cream or beating eggs, hand mixers always come handy. They perform the job of mixing perfectly and relieve you from all the pain. Mixing cake dough or beating eggs finely can be very problematic manually. Thus, the electric hand mixers have become an absolute necessity in modern-day kitchens. They run on powerful electric motors which offer quiet yet efficient performance. Most importantly, these mixers come with several accessories to use as necessary.

To help you out with the selection process, we are reviewing the best electric hand mixers available in the market. Have a look at our reviews to make the right selection.


Best Electric Hand Mixers – 10 Reviews:

10. Breville BHM800SILUSC BHM800SIL Handy Mixer

Breville Electric Hand Mixers

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A lot of ideas have been put into the design of this electric hand mixer. It has a very unique detecting feature. If you are one of those who can never figure out the right speed, then this hand mixer can really come to your aid. The hand mixer comes with a beater IQ technology.

Irrespective of what you are whisking or kneading, the mixer identifies the attachment and provides the appropriate speed for the job. The scraper beaters mix the contents perfectly to the edge without clanging onto the bowl.

Key Features: 

  • The hand mixer offers you as many as 9 different speed settings, along with a booster function. This helps you to achieve that perfection.
  • Using this product is very easy and convenient with the ergonomic design. Your hands remain at ease without feeling any strain, and it does not feel like work at all.
  • Comes with a 240W DC motor for providing you with the necessary torque.

9. FKANT Milk Frother Hand Mixer


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If you are looking for a compact and simple, but efficient tool, go for this. This mixer is a blessing to the milk lovers. From eggs to latte to cream, this tiny tool will whisk it all for you. Now you can enjoy your perfect cup of coffee each morning, and better your coffee skills. This tiny tool comes with 3 different speed settings, to cater to various needs.

Moreover, the do it yourself product takes care of every issue. It also provides you with the user manual for absolute ease of usage. Having 1200 mAh battery life, you as many as two stainless steel whisk for the perfect consistency of the ingredients.

Key Features: 

  • The best feature of this product is that it is cordless. You need to charge it once, and then you can use it easily anywhere without any restraint.
  • The hand mixer may look small, but it is highly functional. With a single charge, the product is run as many as 180 times at a go.
  • It is completely an easy task to clean it spotlessly.

8. KitchenAid KHM926CU Hand Mixer

KitchenAid Electric Hand Mixers

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Don’t we all hate when the mixer splatters everything all over our kitchen, increasing the amount of work for us. Well, keeping that in mind, KitchenAidis offering you this product to prevent such occurrences. The product gradually reaches the speed after starting, so that the ingredients stay in the bowl itself. The cord often gets in your way when trying to use a hand mixer.

Well, you can get rid of this trouble. You can actually lock the cord on either side of the mixer easily. This allows you to use the product from various angles. You can get as many as 9 heat settings for obtaining results as desired.

Key Features: 

  • Having an array of options to choose from is always better. For that reason, the hand mixer comes in 6 different attractive shades to appeal to your taste.
  • Another remarkable feature of this product is the ejection button. You can easily remove the accessories without any effort with the help of this button.
  • It comes with stainless steel turbo beater for effective results.

7. HAMX9 Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton Beach

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If versatility with one hand mixer is your primary need, go for this product. Whatever the kind of whisking or beating, this electric hand mixer will surely do a great job. The high-performance hand mixer has 6 different speed levels to suit various needs. Furthermore, it offers you different types of accessories with this product.

The traditional beaters and the more recent whiskers are all there in this package. Also, they are easily removable, which makes cleaning trouble-free. Now, it certainly functions at 250W for the better and effective mixing process.

Key Features: 

  • The worst is when you lose your accessories that come with the hand mixer. This product offers you a separate storage case to keep everything securely in one place.
  • Holding huge mixers with your arms for a long time can be painful. Therefore, this mixer has a groove which allows you to settle it on the edge of the bowl.
  • Has a groove which allows you to rest the mixer on a bowl.

6. Cuisinart HM-90S Handheld Mixer

Cuisinart Electric Hand Mixers

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For those who suffer from confidential by complex functions, this product comes with a user manual. The user manual walks you through each function with ease. Moreover, the product comes with all that you may need during your whisking operations. Name it, and Cuisinart is already providing it. Apart from the usual beaters, this product also has a spatula to help you settle all your mixture easily.

Also, it has a special chef’s whisk to attain that perfect chef finish. A remarkable feature of this product is that it is completely BPA free. Thus, it is completely safe and suitable for cooking purposes.

Key Features: 

  • If you are a beginner and need recipes as much as you need a mixer, you are in luck. This product provides you with an excellent recipe book to help you make culinary advances.
  • Offers a one-step power switch along with 9 speed LED display.
  • It complies by the standards of  North American Electrical Standards for utmost safety.

5. Hamilton Beach Classic 6-Speed Electric Mixer

Hamilton Beach

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Hamilton Beach takes every measure to make sure, that your hand mixer lasts for a really long time. The mixer has robust stainless steel. Stainless steel provides the necessary strength to make mixing easy and convenient. On top of that, stainless steel is known for being rustproof. Thus, you do not have to worry about its durability.

Moreover, this mixer also comes with the convenience of the Bowl Rest feature. It allows you to rest the mixer at the edge of the bowl, to reduce your arm pain.

Key Features: 

  • Often many hand mixers lose when it comes to really tough beating. For that purpose, Hamilton Beach provides a Quick Burst button which provides a boost to handle any task.
  • You do not have to worry about the quality of this mixer. With a power of 290 watts, it proves to be one of the most efficient products out there in the market.
  • A versatile set of accessories comes with the mixer.

4. VonShef Electric Hand Mixer

VonShef Electric Hand Mixers

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Apart from all the traditional accessories, VonShef goes an extra step to offer you sturdy dough hooks, and a Balloon Whisk. All the accessories have stainless steel, which renders them a long life without any complications. Furthermore, this becomes your best friend in the kitchen with dishwasher adjustments. Special measures have been taken to provide adjustments to make it dishwasher safe.

You do not have to spend a good amount of effort trying to wash your ingredients off of it. Finally, the product looks absolutely stunning in its shiny exterior.

Key Features: 

  • It is available in four stunning shades of red, blue, cream and black to suit your preference.
  • Often the mixer cable restrains you from being able to use the product properly. This product has a 1-meter long cable in order to allow you complete freedom to move it.
  • Completely light in weight and also easy to use.

3. BLACK+DECKER MX3200B Hand Mixer


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With this mixer, you do not have to buy anything extra. A much necessary storage case also comes with this product which attaches itself with the mixer after use. Your accessories stay safe and together in one place. Moreover, this mixer takes care so that you can avoid a messy kitchen. The mixer has a gradual slow speed setting. This setting makes the mixer slowly raise the speed to avoid any splattering.

Also, loss of ingredients is also negligible this way. To prevent any hassles during work, it comes with a turbo button to attain the maximum speed.

Key Features: 

  • You often worry about where to keep your dirty mixer after using it immediately. Therefore, this product has a heel rest which makes it sit upright on any flat surface.
  • The addition of a simple ejection button reduces your hassle with the accessories. With one press, the accessories simply come off with ease.
  • Has 250W peak power for efficient performance.

2. Dash SHM01DSBU Hand Mixer

Dash Electric Hand Mixers

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This product comes in very unique colours like aqua, which is sure to grab your attention at once. Also, the mixer has a flat and slim structure intentionally. The flat surface allows it to be stored inside any drawer easily. Besides, this hand mixer is extremely lightweight. Being only 2lbs in weight, it is very easy to handle this mixer and use it for a long time without fatigue.

Needless to say, carrying it would not be any hassle either. As a matter of fact, it includes two beaters and the one-touch eject helps to periodically clean it.

Key Features: 

  • A very thoughtful addition has been that of attachment space. The beater can rest inside the mixer itself. This way, it requires the least amount of space as well.
  • Upon buying this product, you also get tons of free recipes to browse and learn from to help in your culinary excellence.
  • It has three-speed controls for ultimately liberty in finding the right pick.

1.DmofwHi 5 Speed Hand Mixer


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If quality is your primary concern, you can easily go for this product. This company offers you a 24 month warranty period on its product. The product has high-quality material all over its body. The most important feature, the motor, is complete copper. Copper adds durability and helps in increasing the quality of the mixing. In fact, you get as many as 5 different speed settings in order to perform various tasks with ease.

Besides, a zero speed setting helps you begin mixing smoothly without any mess. The entire things are operated on some easy round buttons.

Key Features: 

  • Comes with a heat dissipation system. This feature extends the life of the product while increasing its efficiency a great deal.
  • The design of the handle has been made keeping the ergonomic comfort in mind. Your hand feels at ease when holding this mixer, which helps in your kitchen operations.
  • The mixer has great heat dissipation system which adds it to its longevity.

Get your kitchen tasks accomplished in a neat way and that too without any hassle. The lightweight electric hand mixers are just the right fit for your kitchen.