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10 Best Gas Cooktops in 2024

Those who have gas supply pipeline at home, they opt for gas cooktops. This is because the cost of cooking on a gas cooktop is quite less than that in an electric induction and cooktop. The natural gas or LPG is quite cheaper in comparison to the units of electricity. The heating can reach a higher temperature than electric ones. Therefore, you can cook food in a short period of time as per your requirement. Check out the top 10 best gas cooktops in 2024 below.


List of Best Gas Cooktops Review

10. Ramblewood dual burner gas

Ramblewood Gas Cooktops

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This is safe to use gas cooktop which comes with two sealed burners. In this, you will find the natural gas setting and has an output of 11600 BTU. Moreover, this is made of stainless steel and lets you clean it with ease. Furthermore, it comes with a valve and has cast iron pot stand.

It also has flame out and thermal couple failure detection and features auto shutoff. It has efficient performance and is in a minimalistic design. Additionally, the enclosed nozzles make it easy to use and have easy controls. The bottom burner has an output of 6100 BTU and comes with electric ignition.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with a cast-iron pot stand.
  • Comes with a minimalistic design.
  • Supports easy electric ignition.

9. Empava Gas Stove Cooktop


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In this gas cooktop, you will get the option to use it with either PLG or natural gas. It has two nozzles, and you can easily use it in different applications. Additionally, the sealed burners ensure minimal cleanup as it prevents food from falling on it.

Moreover, it has cast iron grates and lets you clean it on a dishwasher. It is also flexible and includes a dual ring burner. The cooktop is resistant to discoloration and is very durable. Furthermore, it has low maintenance and is in an exceptional design. It is also easy to install and comes with thermocouples to avoid gas leakage.

Reason To Buy
  • Dishwasher-safe cast-iron grates.
  • Comes with sealed burners.
  • Highly fade and higher temperature-resistant.

8. ZLINE Dropin Gas Cooktop

Z Line Kitchen and Bath Gas Cooktops

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If you are looking for a gas cooktop with multiple burners, then this is the one for you. This is made of stainless steel that makes you clean it conveniently. Furthermore, it includes a cast iron grill and is very durable. The six burners deliver efficient performance and make sure that there will be even cooking.

Additionally, it comes with temperature control that makes you cook according to your preference. It has high cooking power and has an attractive look. Moreover, it is perfect for everyday use and is a perfect replacement for your old cooktop.

Reason To Buy
  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Suitable for regular uses.
  • Comes with multiple burners.

7. Empava Gas Stove Top Cooktop

Empava Gas Cooktops

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The convertible nozzles of this gas cooktop will let you choose from either LPG or natural gas. This has efficient performance and comes with five burners. Moreover, this is easy to clean and has low maintenance. Furthermore, it is flexible and comes with a dual ring burner. The burners have different output and distribute the heat evenly.

You will also find durable knobs that let you have better control. The convenient design of this gas cooktop will let you use it anywhere and is perfect for RV and outdoor use. Additionally, this is safe to use and lets you prepare meals like a professional.

Reason To Buy
  • Supports even heat distribution.
  • Durable knobs for better control.
  • Suitable for outdoor uses.

6. K&H Gas Glass Cooktop

K&H Gas Cooktops

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Are you looking for a gas cooktop that has an attractive look? This one is easy to use and is highly functional. It is safe to use and comes with ETL certification. Additionally, it has a triple frame wok burner and includes automatic shutoff. You can easily convert it from natural gas to LPG and use it according to your advantage.

Moreover, this includes a cable of five feet and has a total power of 14500 BTU. This is durable and features tempered glass with cast iron pan support. Furthermore, this has removable rubber feet that provide better stability while cooking.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with automatic shut-off technology.
  • Rubber feet for the stabilized base.
  • Non-breakable tempered glass.

5. Frigidaire Gas Cooktop


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With this gas cooktop, cooking will be an easy task. This is easy to operate and comes with angled front control. This has four sealed burners that prevent food from dropping on it. Moreover, this is made of stainless steel and is very durable. Additionally, it has a premium look and is ideal for daily use.

This has high efficiency and comes with easy installation. It is also affordable and provides a great cooking solution in your kitchen. Furthermore, it lets you use it for a long time and enhances the look of your kitchen. It has premium performance and lets you clean it with ease.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with angled front control.
  • Supports stress-free installation.
  • Comes with angled front control.

4. Empava Gas Stove Cooktop

Empava Gas Cooktops

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The powerful performance of this gas cooktop will let you have a comfortable in your kitchen. It has convertible nozzles that let you select from natural gas or LPG. Moreover, this is very durable, and you can easily use it for outdoor cooking. It also has high BTU and has sealed burners to allow you to clean it conveniently.

Furthermore, this has high power and lets you perform multiple tasks in the kitchen. The burner size varies, and you can select the appropriate one according to your needs. Additionally, it does not lose its color and is safe to use.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with higher BTU heat.
  • Comes with convertible nozzles.
  • Compatible with natural and LPG gases.

3. Gas Cooktop by GASLAND


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Here is an amazing gas cooktop that lets you select from two burners. The burners are in different sizes and allow you to use it according to your requirement. Moreover, this has high burning power and lets you install it ease. Furthermore, it is easy to operate and gives you the option of using natural gas or LPG.

This is made of stainless and includes a tempered glass top. Additionally, it lets you clean it conveniently and comes at an affordable value. You will also find cast iron grates as well as durable bakelite knobs that let you use it for a long time.

Reason To Buy
  • Bake-lite knobs for durability.
  • Supports easy operation for all.
  • Comes with tempered glass top.

2. Ramblewood Gas Cooktop


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The combination of functionality and beauty makes this a versatile product in your kitchen. This gas cooktop is made of stainless steel and includes a cast iron pot stand. Moreover, it has a thermal couple module and comes with the feature of off-the-grid that lets you use it with a lighter when the electric ignition has a power outage.

Additionally, this has failure detection system and includes auto shut off. The cooktop lets you switch from LPG or natural gas and includes a burner valve. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and delivers maximum output. This is very lightweight and lets you install it with ease.

Reason To Buy
  • Supports emergency electric ignition.
  • Comes with auto failure detection system.
  • Comes with auto shut-off technology.

1. Thorkitchen Gas Rangetop

Thor Kitchen

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The six sealed burners of this gas cooktop deliver high output. The zinc alloy knobs will let you use it with conveniently and features a stainless steel control panel. Moreover, it has cast iron cooking grates and is in high-quality design. Additionally, it will improve the look of your kitchen and lets you prepare your favorite meal with ease.

This is in a beautiful design and comes at an affordable value. Furthermore, it can be an ideal replacement for your old gas cooktop and lets you use it for years. This is safe to use and has easy installation.

Reason To Buy
  • Comes with a stainless-steel control panel.
  • Ideal replacement for old gas cooktops.
  • Comes with multiple sealed burners.

Buying Guide For Gas Cooktop


Gas cooktops are made of different materials. Most of them are very durable. If the surface attracts minimal dirt traps, then it will be easy to clean. Some can also come with spill catchment area and have a separation between the burners. Dirt can lead to clogging, and there can be an uneven flow of gas. Stainless steel materials are lightweight and allow you to lift it easily for the purpose of cleaning. However, modern-day gas cooktops have different surfaces like tempered glass or titanium, which allows cleaning without lifting.


There are different types of burners like wok burners, simmer burners, large burners, and medium burners. Each of these burners has its own specific function, and one can choose the right one according to the need. Multiple burners will give the freedom to use it as per the requirement. Single piece burners that come with caps are easier to clean and have low maintenance. Spaced burners will allow you to use different types of cooking pots. Burners can also be of different shapes like an oblong shaped burner, which is perfect for grilling purposes.

Pan Support:

The pan support or a trivet should be in a stable position and must be flat. Cooktops with rubber feet provide better support and ensure that the surface resists damages due to scratches. Heavy and bulky iron trivets are difficult to clean. Trivets that do not have large gaps allow easy sliding of the pans without the need of lifting the cooktop.

Flame Height Adjustment:

A new gas cooktop must be in the lowest possible height. Some of the flame height adjustment can be done on the burners that allow convenience. The low flame will ensure that there will be low-temperature cooking that helps to save money on fuel and also ensure that the cooking performance is adequate. You will also have to check if the burners provide even burning so that the cooking is uniform.

Easy Usage:

Since a gas cooktop is required for everyday use, it should allow you to use it conveniently. Ensure that the control knobs are in good size and provides an easy grip. A clear pointer knob along with a crossbar will let you have better control. You must also keep in mind that the knobs should not be near the burner or trivet. A gas cooktop which is easy to set up will be an ideal choice. If it includes all the necessary accessories, then you can set it up without any hassle.


Our team has done thorough research before listing these best gas cooktop. On top of that, we have provided a buying guide for you to understand the products better and compare them to choose the best one. Besides, the products have a lot of variety in terms of size, features, and specifications to cater to all types of customers and satisfy different requirements.