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10 Best Breakfast Trays in 2024

If you start your day with a good breakfast full of nutrients, then your day will be full of energy. But sometimes it becomes hard for us to get out of bed and make breakfast for ourselves. So, a little pampering can never harm. Then a fancy breakfast presented in the most beautiful way will look fascinating. So, a breakfast tray is ideal for such amazing times. It has great built and will be easy to keep stored and out of sight.

Today, we bring to you, the top-reviewed breakfast trays that have been the favorite of many individuals and even commercial places. So, do not miss the chance and get the best.


Here is a list of Breakfast Trays in 2024

10. Generic 2 Wooden Serving Trays Breakfast

Generic Breakfast Trays

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Whether you are serving breakfast at bed or at the table, without a proper tray, it can become messy or lose the charm. If you are looking for a breakfast tray then this one proves to be an excellent choice. Carved from high-quality wood, this tray assures you about the durability completely and serves you for years to come. Most importantly, it showcases brilliant craftsmanship with intricate designs on the wood.

Therefore, it does not only act as a functional tray but also offers a class statement with its brilliant and classy design. To give it a rustic feel, this has been handmade and this will definitely match the aesthetics of a farmhouse.

Key features:

  • This tray set offers a medium tray of 15-inches ×10-inches outer dimension as well as a small tray of 12-inches×8-inches outer dimension. Hence, you get complete versatility of usage.
  • Furthermore, these trays do not stain either do they absorb the odors of the food.
  • Moreover, these trays are easy to clean too. Just use a plain cloth to wipe them clean.

9. NaturalTek Bamboo Tray


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Another excellent breakfast tray, this one does not only help you to serve food but also acts as a table thereby allowing you to spoil your loved ones with breakfast on bed. In fact, this tray comes with foldable legs. Therefore, you can fold the legs to use it as a simple tray and store it in your kitchen closet. On the other hand, it can also act as a table when you unfold the legs.

Most importantly, this product is incredibly stylish as well as elegant. Thus, it will obviously create a statement for you in front of the guests.

Key features:

  • Of course, this product makes use of high-quality natural monsoon bamboo. So, it is completely sturdy enough to make it durable.
  • Furthermore, the product is eco-friendly and safe to use too. Thus, you will not be affected by any harmful toxins or chemicals.
  • Above all, the bamboo is incredibly light in weight. Hence, you will never have any trouble handling the product.

8. Modrine Store Breakfast Serving Bed Tray:

Himimi Breakfast Trays

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This breakfast tray cum table from Modrine is not only stylish but versatile too. Certainly, this product not only allows you to serve food but can also serve as a desk for working with your laptop or reading. Of course, this desk makes use of the best quality naturally obtained bamboo material. Therefore, it is highly durable and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Due to its incredible design, this tray is completely light in weight. However, it can easily hold up to 45 lbs of weight with complete ease. Thus, you will not have any problem with serving breakfast or working on it.

Key features:

  • Firstly, you can easily adjust the height as well as the tilt of the top as per your requirement in between 5 different settings.
  • Also, it comes with two swirling flower-shaped holes on the top of the tray. Thus, it allows the heat to radiate.
  • Lastly, it comes with a cup holder as well as a sliding side drawer. So, it provides complete convenience.

7. Greenco Foldable Bamboo Breakfast Table Serving Tray


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Here you have another excellent breakfast tray that you can opt for. One of the most important aspects of this tray has to be its design. Apart from being spacious and elegant, this product also comes with foldable legs. Thus, you can unfold the legs to use it as a beautiful breakfast table for having a lovely breakfast at the bed.

Furthermore, this product comes with hinged edges. Thus, they prevent food items from falling over. Also, tray lips feature two handles. Hence, carrying the tray becomes much easier.

Key features:

  • Certainly, this product makes use of natural bamboo in its construction. Thus, it is much lighter as well as more durable than other products.
  • Though the tray weighs only 1.95 pounds, it can easily hold plates and food items without hassle.
  • Just take warm soapy water and simply clean it.

6. HYNAWIN Bamboo Bed Serving Tray

HYNAWIN Breakfast Trays

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This tray boasts an incredible construction from high-quality bamboo which has been obtained naturally. Therefore, it is not only sturdy and highly durable but it does not also contain any harmful chemicals. So, you will have no trouble in using it. Next, the tray top measures 19.69-inch × 11.81 inches. Hence, it is very spacious and stores your food perfectly without any hassle.

Moreover, the legs of this tray are much wider. So, it offers you extra stability as compared to other products.

Key features:

  • This tray obviously comes with hinged edges and handles on both sides. So, it offers ease of carrying while making sure that the food does not fall out.
  • The legs of the tray are easily foldable. So, you can either use it as a normal tray or table all the while ensuring convenience of storage.
  • Above all, this tray offers ease of maintenance since you can easily clean it with warm soapy water or a wet cloth.

5. Zhuoyue Bamboo Bed Tray


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Sitting at the middle position in this list, this tray proves to be a worthy buying option. Of course, the design of this breakfast tray is truly attractive while being very simple yet completely elegant. Firstly, it comes with foldable legs. You can unfold the legs to use it as a lap table to enjoy a lovely breakfast at the bed. The wide structure of the legs provides it with much more stability.

Also, you can keep the legs folded to use this as a simple tray. The edges of this tray are slightly hinged than the interior. This special design feature prevents food items from sliding off and offers an amazing experience.

Key features:

  • This breakfast tray makes use of completely natural bamboo for its construction. Therefore, you can completely rely on its quality.
  • Also, it comes with mortise and tenon joints. The use of these special joints enhances the durability of the product to a further degree.
  • Lastly, this product takes the least space to store too thanks to its foldable design.

4. Winsome Wood Benito Bed Tray

Winsome Breakfast Trays

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This tray from Winsome is truly an example of marvelous craftsmanship and elegance. In fact, this product makes use of high quality solid or composite wood in its construction. The solid wood structure provides the tray with unparalleled durability and sturdiness. Moreover, it features a special espresso finish. It not only provides the table with a special look but it also protects the table from stains and corrosion.

Finally, you will not have to worry about assembling the tray at all since it comes in ready to use condition.

Key features:

  • Certainly, it features cut out handles. Hence, it becomes very convenient to carry the tray.
  • Next, the curved sides of the tray offer the product a contemporary look while protecting the food items from falling over.
  • Above all, the product comes with foldable legs that offer ease of storage.

3. Winsome Wood Sedona Bed Tray


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The Sedona bed tray from Winsome is truly a masterpiece. The antique design and marvelous craftsmanship provide the product with a gorgeous look which creates a style statement for you. Apart from its brilliant design, this product is completely foldable too. You can easily unfold the legs to use it as a breakfast table.

The wide legs provide the tray with great stability. Also, thanks to the folding design, you will be able to store the product easily without any trouble.

Key features:

  • Indeed, the product features a great construction from high-quality composite or solid wood. Hence, it offers excellent durability as well as longevity.
  • Moreover, this tray comes with an antique walnut finish. Thus, it has a great outlook while being completely stained as well as odor-resistant.
  • Plus, you do not need to worry about cleaning this product either. All you need is a damp cloth for cleaning the tray.

2. Greenco Bamboo Foldable Breakfast Tray 20-inches

Greenco Breakfast Trays

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Another extraordinary breakfast tray from Greenco, this one also offers great quality and excellent craftsmanship. Like its predecessor in this list, this breakfast tray also makes use of completely naturally obtained bamboo wood in its construction. Thus, it is not only very sturdy but light in weight too. Furthermore, this product is also completely eco-friendly and free of any harmful chemical or toxin. Hence, you will not have to worry about using it at all.

Plus, the product requires effortless to clean too. In fact, you can handwash the tray with warm soapy water without any issue.

Key features:

  • This product is not only ideal for serving breakfast, but you can also use it as a work desk or picnic table.
  • It comes with wide foldable legs. Hence, it provides you with great durability.
  • This tray is highly spacious and has slightly hinged edges. Thus, it offers complete convenience of usage.

1. Winsome Wood Stockton Bed Tray


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This one sits atop our list for a reason. The Stockton breakfast tray from Winsome is obviously the best breakfast tray that you can find in the market today. Of course, this product boasts a solid wood construction with a natural finish. Thus, it is completely durable and stain-resistant. However, the most interesting feature of this tray is its white melamine top. This special surface is easy to clean completely while it does not absorb any odor or smell from the food at all.

Lastly, it has an easily foldable design. Therefore, you will have no trouble whatsoever in storing the tray.

Key features:

  • Indeed, the legs of this tray are wide and offer complete stability.
  • Next, the hinged edges allow you to carry food items easily without worrying about them sliding off the tray.
  • Besides, it also features specially curved out handles which further makes it very convenient to carry the tray.

Breakfast in bed will not seem to be a dream anymore. The lightweight breakfast trays will let you carry it and plate the breakfast in an aesthetic manner.