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10 Best Slot Car Sets for Kids in 2024

Kids love to enjoy playing with slot car sets as it opens room for plenty of fun activities. It is a perfect alternative to the video games whose access isn’t good for them. They add a new level of action and excitement in life that worthy of experience in a kid’s life.

In this post, we will tell you about the top 10 best slot car sets for kids in 2024 that created after solid research and testing. Let’s go through each of them and choose one that suits you perfectly.


List of Best Slot Car Sets for Kids Review

10. AFX AFX21017 Giant MG+ (best luxury slot car set)

AFX Slot Car Sets for Kids

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Our extensive list starts with this amazing product that comes with a digital lap counter and three power settings. Even a novice can operate this unit quite easily and love playing with it. There is a pretty variable speed provided by the wired controllers.

The presence of HO scale limits the cars that can run on the track. The total area of its track is nearly 62 feet so that racing time will be fun for sure.


  • Speed information with digital lap counter
  • Equip with three power settings for a better experience
  • Full protection with rails


  • Issues in lap counter

9. Scalextric ARC One American Classic Race Track (best for wireless connectivity)

Scalextric Slot Car Sets for Kids

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The buyers who don’t want to compromise with the connectivity issue should buy this model from Scalextric now. You can transform the standard layout of its track into nine different ways that are pretty amazing. Additionally, this unit lets you select between 6 races modes using the app race control.

That’s not all; the buyers are allowed to control a variety of things like a pit stop, tire wear, fuel usage, lap counter, speed limiter controller, and many more. Overall, we want to say that it is a tremendous unit that you can buy without any second thought considering its features.


  • Equip with app race control feature
  • Give liberty to manage six race modes
  • Deliver with a great set of accessories


  • Average quality cars

8. Carrera Go!!! Race Track Set (best under $250)

Carrera Slot Car Sets for Kids

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If you have this sort of budget in your mind, then we suggest you go for this amazing product from the Carrera brand. It is available in a great variety of variants so there will be no options for shortage here. There are optional governors added in the controllers that can assist the young kids in learning a great variety of things.

In this package, you will get a complete slot car racing system as nothing needs to be bought separately. Additionally, the process to set up the complete system is quite easy, and there is nothing about which you need to worry about.


  • Provide thrilling head to head racing action experience
  • Perfect activity option for two people group
  • Available in a great variety of variants


  • Extremely hard buttons on the controller

7. Carrera Digital 132 Road Hammers Race Set (best for superior tracks)


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The Digital 132 is a magnificent device that comes with the digital slot car racing system for easy lane changes. The company sells this package with two cars and a pretty amazing racing track.

You can run up to 6 cars simultaneously on the track so the experience will be on a different level for sure. Additionally, you will get two wired controllers in this unit for better operation of the cars.


  • Long-lasting 9-volt batteries
  • Pretty amazing track
  • Available at a very affordable price


  • Not a good option for professional players

6. Remoking Rail Race RC Track (editor’s choice)


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Find a better slot car set to boost the imaginative play is quite difficult in any manner. It is filled with tons of features along with multiple connection points so that tracks can be connected quite easily. There are two auto filer cars added in the package for better playing.

The presence of car feeder ramp can excite the experience of the kids and motivate them for further racing action. You may be thinking that it might be a costly affair considering its features, but we suggest you get ready to get surprised.


  • Sold at an unbelievable price
  • Give liberty to try a variety of track combinations
  • Completely tension free assembly


  • Very difficult to understand instructions

5. Real FX Racing Set (best budget-friendly pick)

Real FX Racing

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This product is specially made for kids who prefer having a realistic racing experience at a good price. It is an excellent unit that doesn’t have any slot or lanes that allow the users to overtake each other anywhere using the top-grade steering system.

On the other hand, the presence of artificial intelligence feature makes it one of the best slot car sets for kids in the market. You can gift them to a birthday or certain occasion thanks to its superb packaging. It looks brilliantly as a birthday present.


  • Provide pretty realistic racing experience
  • Switching between modes is quite easier
  • Can be shopped at an affordable price


  • Longevity need a great improvement

4. Peradix Car Race Track


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The third position in this list is accommodated by easy to assemble unit manufactured by Peradix brand. It is available at a very good price and allows switching between single or double track quite easily. There is a pretty high-quality & premium material used by the manufacturing for adding the durability and stability to the unit.

The presence of remote control rocker gives a brilliant control to the cars. Apart from being made from quality material, this unit is completely safe for children.


  • Equip with nickel plated steel bearings for better control
  • Available at a very budget-friendly price
  • The car takes only 15 minutes to charge


  • Complaints about missing parts in the package

3. Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Anki Slot Car Sets for Kids

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This product is an exceptional example of how technology can be utilized excellently. It can transform the racing set into a modern battlefield quite quickly. It is the best slot car set for kids that let you set the track in 8 different ways.

Furthermore, the mobile devices can be used for controlling the cars on the track. That’s not all; the tracks can be expanded by adding an extra set to play interesting.


  • Give liberty to create eight different designs
  • The package comes with the charging system and tire cleaner
  • Controlled using mobile devices quite easily


  • Cars get defected after some months of use

2. Max Traxxx RC Loop Track Set (best with undercarriage lights)

Max Traxxx

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If you are ready to take the racing experience to a completely different level, then the product manufactured from Max Traxx is the perfect choice to make. There is a superb glow offered by the high-speed remote control to ensure play get a boost in the dark.

The undercarriage lights on this unit are quite glamorous to see while racing game. The top-scale speed of these cars is 500 miles per hours that are quite superbly.


  • Quite a reasonable price
  • Won Toy Portfolio Platinum Award
  • Top speed of 500 miles per hour


  • Little bit flimsiness material

1. DMX Slots Exclusive Slot Car Racing Package

DMXSLOTS Slot Car Sets for Kids

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Available with four racing cars, this exclusive package will be a brilliant choice to make. It means that four different players can play the racing game simultaneously to boost the level of joy.

You will get super fast cars in this package despite this product being priced quite affordable. The total length of the track is 18 feet that are quite long to play.


  • Manufactured using new technology
  • Convenient to change lane on the track
  • Capable of accommodating four players simultaneously


  • Battery backup is quite affordable
  • Speed restriction might annoy some buyers

How to choose the right slot car sets for kids?

The year is 2024, and that’s why it is important that you need to stay smart to become an intelligent buyer. We have explained things needed to be checked while shopping this unit below:

  • Compatibility

Always go for the set that is compatible with the others so that you can expand the playing experience. It will add a unique fun to the game.

  • Warranty

Don’t forget to check which things are included in the warranty package. Also, have a look at the return policy and money back system.

  • Accessories Set

Have an eagle look at the accessories that delivered with the package. Go for the units that come with as much as possible accessories.

  • Track Style

There are various types of track-style available in the car racing sets these days. So, check out this thing before buying it at every cost.

  • Size

The size of the set needs to be a consideration while buying this unit. It should be able to fit in your space and don’t create any problems for kids while playing.


These slot car sets are one of the most energetic things that you can buy for your child. Our team has finalized the top ones by creating a list of top 10 best slot car sets for kids. We believe that you have already chosen the one that fits the budget and needs. Feel free to ask any question that comes in your mind through the comment box below.