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10 Best Rocking Horses in 2024

A rocking toy is a great gift for a toddler as they are sure to love it. The rocking motion is soothing to the child and thus rocking horses never go out of fashion. A rocking horse is an amazing toy for kids that keep them busy and entertained for a long time. There are many rocking horses that you could find for your kid, some with even a modern, innovative design. But your kid will be having the time of their life when they ride on it.

There are many adorable rocking horse toys out there for you to choose from. However, if you are looking for the plushest and highest-quality one out there, check the products in our review.


What are the best rocking horses to buy?

There isn’t exactly the best rocking horse that you can buy. All you need to do is be sure that no part of the rocking horse toy has anything that can possibly comprise of foul and toxic substances. Keeping that in mind, any rocking toy for your kid is just perfect. There is a collection of stylish rocking horses and other animals easily available online from various vendors. You can easily go for any other animal if you feel that a horse is going to be too common. You can also go for one of the newer models with built-in facilities to control the speed of rocking for your child’s benefit.

List of Best Rocking Horses Review

10. Little Tikes Rocking Horse

Little Tikes Best Rocking Horses

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The rocking action is loved by kids and if you are looking for one, then the Little Tikes Rocking Horse is as good as any you could find. This toy is from plastic material which is free from harmful toxic substances. Hence, your toddler could have a safe ride on it. The seat is designed to hold kids up to 50 pounds.

Furthermore, the is also uniquely designed such that the child will not sway forwards or back as they are having a good ride on the rocking horse. Being from plastic, you can easily use this rocking horse both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features

  • The handles are simply designed to ensure an easy grip for your toddler.
  • It weighs 3.6 kilograms that are perfect for a toddler to drag it.
  • This amazing toy for children can be used by toddlers in the age group of 1 to 3 years.

9. Radio Flyer Riding Horse

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Indeed, for a toy rocking horse, your child would just love, go for the Radio Flyer Rocking Horse. Packed with a comb and a carrot, it makes a chewing sound when fed to the horse. This toy will give your kid a lifelike feel when used. The rocking horse is also powered to run at three modes to mimic the natural movement of walking, briskly running and galloping.

As a matter of fact, the horse is mounted on an X-frame and can support a maximum of 60 lbs. The horse itself is layered in plush fabric that gives it a very comfortable feel. Hence, ensuring that the toddler would also love the feel of the horse.

Key Features

  • EZ Steps are included in the package. This makes going up and climbing down the horse an easy task for your kids.
  • It is built to last and can support anybody within the age group of 2 to 6 years.
  • This even looks like a real horse and feels very authentic.

8. labebe Rocking Horse

labebe Best Rocking Horses

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The classic rocking horse is from wood and never goes out of fashion. This Rocking Horse is here to prove just that. It is from cottonwood and MDF materials and features a very sturdy yet lightweight body for your toddler. The best thing about this horse is the simple back support structure. Hence, holds your child in place. Plus, prevents them from falling down on their backs as they are riding the horse.

The wooden horse is painted white to give it a classy look. This also provides ample space to allow the child to showcase their talents at imagination. The horse has safe and sturdy handles that the child could use for support as they are riding it.

Key Features

  • All the materials used to manufacture this kid’s rocking horse are marked safe. It maintains the specifications listed down in ASTM F963 and EN75 for USA and Europe respectively.
  • All fixtures and joints are so made such that it can be used in both outdoor as well as indoor environments without much ado.
  • This has a neat look and will complement any decor.

7. Rocking Rider Grow-with-Me Pony

Rockin' Rider

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Certainly, an impressive rocking toy for your child that is going to be his companion for a long time. This toy has a simple and versatile design allowing the pony to be used in 3 stages. This acts as a bouncer, a rocker, and finally a spring horse. The horse is encapsulated in a layer of plush material that adds a soft and comfortable feel to it. It allows the child to develop an instant likeness for this exclusive toy.

Pressing the ears of this wonderful pony starts the “I’m a Little Pony” song. The riding toy is also near to the ground allowing your child to easily climb in and out of it.

Key Features

  • Features an amazing seat for your child that is both comfortable. Hence, plays a role in securing your kid as they sway.
  • Interestingly, the song goes on for 6 phrases along with sound effects.
  • The pony is easy to convert between the modes and you will not require any tool to do so.

6. Rockin’ Rider Cocoa Pony

Rockin' Rider Best Rocking Horses

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On that note, the Rockin’ Rider Cocoa Pony is right there to set just the right mood for your kid. Yes, with this toy, your child will get a wonderful and comfortable companion. Aesthetically built using the best of materials, this rocking horse is suitable for children about 3 to 4 years of age. The toy sings the “I’m a Little Pony” song when you press the left ear. The right ear gets you 6 different phrases and sound effects on being clicked.

This is a dual-purpose pony that can be easily converted into a roller without even having to use any tools. As a matter of fact, it is soft and your kid will not feel hurt whenever sitting on it.

Key Features

  • At a height of 18.5-inches from the ground, this toy is easily accessible to young kids.
  • The kid can climb on to it or down from it with ease.
  • This is very huggable in nature and will fit your safety criteria.

5. Teamson Kids- Safari Kid’s Rocking Horse

B. Toys

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The Teamson Kids- Safari Kid’s Rocking Horse is built to perfection to support even older children up to 100 pounds. This rocking horse toy is classy, playful, interactive, and has all the delights that a child can ask for. Its body is handcrafted and has an aesthetic and attractive design that your child is bound to love.

Furthermore, the design of this is such that your child will not topple over or sway backward while riding it.  This produces a clippity-clop sound to make the whole experience more interesting. Finally, it has got wooden handles for properly grabbing it and enjoying the ride.

Key Features

  • This toy for children requires an adult to assemble it since it comes in parts from the manufacturer.
  • This has got the award for being the most interactive ride-on toys that will help to develop motor skills.
  • Any kid of 3 years or above can enjoy this beautiful product.

4. Happy Trails Plush Rocking Horse

Happy Trails Best Rocking Horses

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The Happy Trails Plush Rocking Horse is a joyous toy for your kids that will make them very happy. Similar in function to any other rocking horse, this plush horse toy is stylish. Plus, it is designed to be safe for your kids. The horse toy is 27-inches high and features appreciable height for your child to easily climb up or down it.

This horse rocker toy has a very soft and cuddly body that is immediately likable to your kids. Finally, it will need some assembly after delivery before your child can go on a ride on it.

Key Features

  • On adding 2 AA batteries onto the horse, you will get lifelike galloping.
  • It produces a neighing sound from the horse on pressing the “press here” button.
  • Any toddler up to the age of 4 years can easily ride on this given that they are less than 80 pounds.

3. Little Bird Told Me LB3027 Rocking Horse

Little Bird Told Me

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The Little Bird Horse is a terrific toy for your kid and is going to become their best companion in their growing days. Its rocking motion of the horse is supposed to initiate a healthy growth of muscles, bones, and motor skills in your children while they enjoy a terrific and fun time. The main structure is from wood and the rockers are also made from, solid wood. This improves strength while simultaneously keeping it lightweight and natural, free of any toxic substances.

Moreover, the main and tail of the horse are from faux suede. Hence, gives an even more comfortable appeal, introducing your child to different textures.

Key Features

  • Comes with footplates that are detachable so that you can easily remove them as your child grows older.
  • The boucle fabric is very soft and comfortable and makes this toy easily huggable.
  • A pocket is stitched into the body of the horse. This holds the plush pal Pip for the child as they are going for a ride.

2. Tex Rocking horse from Rockin’ Rider

Rockin' Rider Best Rocking Horses

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This horse is designed for your tiddler’s playmate and it is very safe while being so. The horse functions in such a way that pressing the right ear initiate 6 different phrases. Besides, it produces different noises a horse is likely to make. On pressing the left ear, the child will be delighted to hear the “I’m a Little Pony” song playing out loud from the horse.

Furthermore, the horse stands on wooden rockers which are pretty strong and can easily support toddlers. The rocking horse is also built on a wooden frame with plush fabric wrapped around it making it huggable.

Key Features

  • Comes with a moving mouth to mimic a real horse and give your child a fun and engaging time.
  • Has perfection with a harness belt and saddles to make your child have that authentic ride.
  • It also features wooden shafts to serve as handles as a child is riding it.

1. labebe Child Rocking Horse


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The labebe Child Rocking Horse is exciting and quite classy as a rocking toy for your kids. It is shaped like a cute little horse on which your darling toddler can go on fun and very safe rides. The interiors are using solid cottonwood and MDF which ensures the lightest bodyweight while ensuring a sturdy build. Even the rocker is made from solid wood which ingrains strength onto the base.

Furthermore, the wooden frame is closed in plush PP cotton fabric that gives the toy a very delicate touch. The seating area is innovatively built and you can even add a cushion to give your baby a soft and comfy seat.

Key Features

  • Comes with removable fences on the side that gives your child 360-degree protection at all times.
  • The back rack guard integrated design of this carefully crafted rocking horse prevents your toddler to fall off from behind while riding the horse.

How to buy rocking horses?

If you are looking for a rocking horse for your toddler, you have come to just the right place. It is very easy to choose a rocking horse for your toddler- you have to find one that is cute, durable, and meets various standards. The last bit is the most important because it is difficult to control the many activities of a toddler. Finishing materials, plastics, etc. which are used in making rocking horses can have all kinds of toxic chemicals like lead, phthalates, BPA, and so on. These chemicals are harmful to all living beings and even more so to kids. Thus, you have to be entirely sure about the absence of these toxic substances from your rocking horse toy before you buy to opt for your kid.

Which material to consider while buying rocking horses?

The material should also be taken into account as the toy may end up being used roughly and you do not want it damaged. Sturdy, yet lightweight materials such as wood are just the ideal ones to go for.

Final Verdict

So, let them have the joy ride and enjoy every moment. The rocking horse for kids is going to be their favorite way to spend time.