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10 Best Kids Shampoos in 2024

Bathing your child is already a task that kills a lot of time. But when it comes to shampooing them, that’s a whole new task. Apart from shampooing them gently, the parent needs to take care that the shampoo doesn’t cause any burning sensation to their child.

So, picking the safest product is the only option left for keeping your child away from any uneasiness. Therefore, the kids’ shampoos that have safe ingredients must be taken into account. Although the list can go on and on, we have handpicked only the trusted ones so that nothing goes wrong. So, put your thoughts on these products.


List of 10 Best Kids Shampoos to Buy in 2024

10. Puracy Natural Baby Shampoo

Puracy Kids Shampoos

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It is always better when you can have multiple uses for one product. With this shampoo, you can also use it as a baby wash. It will not harm your baby’s skin in any way. This one bottle can cater to both needs, without having to buy different products. Things just keep getting better with this product.

This is a plant-derived product. As a result, it means the product is absolutely natural. There are no toxins that are harsh on your baby. Moreover, they will have a tear-free bathing experience and no allergens what so ever. To make it light, it has incorporated a bit of pink grapefruit essential oil.

Key Features: 

  • Feel proud of owning a certified cruelty-free product. This product is not tested on animals. Now you can get a shampoo without making others cry for it.
  • Another great feature which may really interest you is that this product is produced by doctors. Special care in order to make it suitable for children.
  • Proud winner of the Best Baby Skincare award in the year of 2018.

9. Shea Moisturize Mango & Carrot Shampoo


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If your child has curly hair and no shampoo seems to suit them well, go for this. This product has been specially prepared for children with curly hair. The product specially vouches in providing extreme moisturizing. As a matter of fact, the mango butter extracts on the product, provide your child with the moisturizing their hair needs.

This shampoo promises to gently cleanse your child’s hair from all the dirt and regular build-up of external elements. Besides, it also leaves a healthier scalp and no tension at all. Having a capacity of 8oz, it strengthens the hair as well as aids in natural hair growth.

Key Features: 

  • If the tangles make you and your child cry like, you should definitely go for this. The product is known for its detangling and frizz-free effect on the hair.
  • The Shea butter used in this product is absolutely organic. It has certification and having organic Shea butter, is absolutely safe for your child.
  • Totally softens your child’s hair.

8. The Honest Company Perfectly Gentle Shampoo

The Honest Company Kids Shampoos

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For those babies who are very sensitive to different smells, their prayers have finally been answered. This shampoo promises to be the best smelling, without any overpowering odor. Your baby will not have any smelling problem when applying it.

Though it is tested, parents with their personal value system do not have to worry. This product also vouches, for cruelty-free practices. No animals are harmed for creating this product. Furthermore, it is free from any kind of sulfate or parabens, which may harm the delicate skin of your baby.

Key Features: 

  • It is always better when one thing is used for two purposes. Therefore, this gentle product is used as both a shampoo and a body wash.
  • Another great feature of this product is that it is dermatologically tested. This is absolutely safe on your child’s skin and will not cause any irritation.
  • The use of plant-derived ingredients along with renewable resources leaves a positive impact.

7. Fresh Monster 2-in-1 Shampoo

Fresh Monster

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This product comes in a package of two. At a steal deal, you get to have both the shampoo and conditioner for your child. The only shampoo is never enough for smooth, silky hair. The conditioner keeps their hair well moisturized. Plus, not only is it free from the usual sulfate and parabens, but it takes care of the fragrance as well.

No synthetic fragrances are used for this product. The fragrance is absolutely plant-based and natural. Your child can stay free from any toxins with this product. Finally, this is goof-proof and also features a re-closable pump. So, even your kids can pump the shampoo out of it,

Key Features: 

  • Great news for the vegans, not only is it cruelty-free, but this product is exclusively vegan as well. So you do not have to make compromised even when it comes to your baby.
  • The product is absolutely BPA free which is harmful to your child. It also uses no external dyes, so the entire shampoo is very organic.
  • Leaves your child with soft as well as shiny locks.

6. Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Daily Shampoo

Fairy Tales Kids Shampoos

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The name already tells you that the product repels something. It is not your baby, but lice. Toddlers often get lice more often than adults. Next, it is medically tested and certified, to repel life better and faster than most other products in the market.

This set of a shampoo and a conditioner, keeps the hair soft and nourished, making them healthy and strong. This product promises to be free from any gluten, soy, dairy, or nuts. Therefore, this might cater to the needs of vegan parents as well. It is indeed clinically proven that improves it the trust factor.

Key Features: 

  • Though the product can keep lice away, it is not harsh like the other products.
  • It is gentle enough to be used for daily care without harming their delicate skin.
  • The product has been packed with various minerals. Besides keeping the hair nourished and healthy, these minerals also help to solve the problem of tangling easily.

5. Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo

Cetaphil Baby

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Among the various good elements and vitamins, Vitamin E is a vital component. This vitamin is known for providing nourishment and moisturizes your baby’s hair. Also, the product has been officially certified by Galdema, assuring you of its superior quality. Moreover, because of the calendula extract, even after rinsing, there is no overpowering odor.

The fresh, flowery smell from your baby’s hair will keep them happy. The lathering effect created by the shampoo helps in protecting the hair during washing as well. It has the benefits of aloe vera and vitamins E/B5 for all the goodness.

Key Features: 

  • Whether you use it to wash your baby’s skin or their hair, it can cater to both needs. It had a dual function as a body wash as well as shampoo.
  • Have the trust of dermatologists; let your child experience a tear-free shampooing.
  • The primary component in the product is that of organic calendula extract. This flowery goodness enriches your child’s hair and keeps them healthy and clean.

4. Everyone 3-in-1 Shampoo

Everyone Kids Shampoos

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If two functions were not impressive enough, get wowed by as many as 3. Use it as a general shampoo or body wash, or pour the liquid in your baby’s bath. It creates amazing bubble baths, leaving them clean, after having a fun time.

With its array of certifications, everyone is bound to leave you surprised. The product is certified to be absolutely Non-GMO, all the more reason to go for it. Besides, it is also certified by the B Corporation and absolutely gluten-free. With the benefits of essential oils, you can get the maximum benefit from this cruelty-free product.


  • Not every child likes the scent of a particular flower. In order to cater to various needs, Everyone offers you three different scents of lavender, orange, and coconut to choose from.
  • The organic coconut oil in the liquid helps you to form an extra foamy lather. Bubbles baths could not have gotten better than this.
  • Doesn’t generate any irritating fragrance that will make your child uncomfortable.

3. L’Oreal Paris Kids Gentle Shampoo

L'Oreal Paris

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Growing conscious of the current need to offer the best for your baby, L’Oreal Paris now makes its product paraben-free. Thus, you do not have to worry about all the harmful toxins affecting your children. Moreover, this product has been specially designed to cater to the needs of detangling.

This shampoo leaves your baby’s hair smooth and shiny, without any knots whatsoever. The gentle cleansing action on the hair, does not harm it in any way, do you do not have to worry about any damage.

Key Features: 

  • One great feature of this product is that it is suitable for all hair types. Therefore, you do not have to spend hours trying to find the perfect match for your child.
  • L’Oreal Paris ensures that their product is tear-free.
  • If that is not enough assurance, it is also tested by Ophthalmologiststo to make sure they do not harm your baby’s eyes.

2. Johnson’s Baby No More Tangles

Johnson's Baby Kids Shampoos

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Johnson’s pioneering in various baby products, will not disappoint you with this shampoo either. As the name suggests, this shampoo helps you to win the tangles war with those stubborn knots. Especially suited for toddlers, and babies, this product is not harsh at all on their delicate skin.

The formula is extremely gentle and is used on a regular basis without any damage to the hair or skin. Besides, the gentle formula also ensures that the product does not create any irritation or discomfort to your child. Having a hypoallergenic formula, it will be your child’s new best friend. And they will certainly say bye-bye to tears if using this product.

Key Features: 

  • Whether your child is sensitive or allergic to various elements, you do not have to worry about it with this product.
  • No more tangles and fun bathing experience.
  • The formula of the Johnson’s Baby shampoo has been reinvented to enhance the quality of the product. The product is free from all kinds of toxins which may harm your baby.

1. Dr. Eddie’s Happy Cappy Medicated Shampoo

Happy Cappy

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This shampoo specializes to treat various kinds of hair conditions, which is damaging your baby’s skin and hair. This shampoo helps to treat the redness on your baby’s sensitive scalp. Also, it is your one solution for dandruff, or drying flakes, and even irritation.

It gets rid of all of the problems. Moreover, this product is clinically tested and suitable for children of all ages. Being a medicated product, needless to say, it is hypoallergenic as well. As it is a medicated shampoo, you can use it continuously for 3 to 7 days for seeing effective results.

Key Features: 

  • If your baby is sensitive to different and overpowering smells, you do not have to be concerned about it. The shampoo is absolutely fragrance-free.
  • Contains a special FDA approved ingredient for treating hair conditions. This ingredient is pyrithione zinc which helps in various hair conditions without damaging the hair.

You child requires special care always. So always go for the market’s best kids’ shampoo so that safety issues never come as a threat to them.