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10 Best Kids Art Tables in 2024

If your kid is more inclined towards art and craft, then you must give them the chance to learn more. Apart from joining an art class, provide them with sufficient supplies and equipment to practice. And kid’s art table is one such product that helps to fulfill all your kid’s wish to learn more. It certainly includes multiple storage compartments and a perfectly organized place where they can become all creative.

In a market with so many products claiming to be the best, it’s easy to fall for the wrong choice. So, we have moreover, prepared the best in this article so that you don’t get fooled by the market.


List of Best Kids Art Tables Review

10. BABY JOY Kids Art Table

BABY JOY Kids Art Tables

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Built with durable pine wood and MDF, this art table from Baby Joy is guaranteed to last a very long time. Painted in pretty pink and lavender hues and carved with small heart patterns, it is a beautiful art table that will obviously attract the little ones to work on it.

Next, the paint that is applied is certainly non-hazardous, toxin-proof and smell-free to keep children safe. Moreover, it is fitted with a couple of drawers to keep things organized.

Key Features:

  • Extremely light-weight and therefore easily carried from one place to another by kids without any help from adults.
  • Double chairs so that two kids can use the table at once.
  • It is indeed cleaned in a hassle-free manner with an ordinary cleaning solution too.

9. ALEX Toys My Creative Center


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This Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award Winner table is manufactured with a hanging canvas pouch to store art and craft supplies. Additionally, it is rather furnished with two plastic cups that are used to hold all stationery essentials.
Not just a pouch, but also a child-safe paper cutter, paper holder and a roll of drawing paper. As a result, makes the kids love this immediately!

Key Features:

  • The art table is paired with two complementary blue benches for children to sit on.
  • It is certainly placed anywhere for a small number of children.
  • Free tool to assemble it without any problem.

8. KidKraft Art Table

KidKraft Kids Art Tables

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Given a natural wood finish look, this solid wood art table is made to stand the test of time. It was flanked with two sectional compartments for keeping art materials on either side. Besides, a couple of colorful plastic cups for paints.
These cups are furthermore attached with lids. That’s why these are sealed to avoid any kind of spillage or mess. Once the painting is finished, it is indeed hung to dry in the attached drying racks, too!

Key Features:

  • Instructions card is rather enclosed for hassle-free assembly.
  • Complimentary paper roll included with the table.
  • Perfect for kids ranging from 3 to 8 years.

7. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Art Easel and Art Table


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An amazing two-in-one table cum easel to inspire young artists to create as they please. The tough wooden table is produced with a double-sided surface. One side being chalkboard while the other is a whiteboard. After, folding the table and it becomes an easel.

As a matter of fact, children can do a variety of tasks with this art table. For starters, there is the chalkboard to doodle on and the white-board to write on. Thirdly, a paper certainly needs to be stuck on the whiteboard and it is ready to be colored upon. And all of this is made with the best quality of wood and aqua-based, toxin-free paint to ensure the safety of kids.

Key Features:

  • The height of the easel is indeed increased or decreased as per need.
  • Free of charge accessories like a small depository compartment to keep things, a marker to scribble on the whiteboard, a black eraser and a couple of magnets and chalks.
  • Matching chairs for kids to sit on while they are at the table.

6. Little Tikes Tracing Art Desk

Little Tikes Kids Art Tables

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This brightly painted art desk from Little Tikes is fitted with a beautiful display stand, shaped like a tree. However, the branches of this little tree will both dry and display paintings and other creations.

The four base stands of the desk and even the table have been given small sections to store paints, crayons and other art and craft knick-knacks. But the cherry on the cake is rather the light board on the desk. Above all, aids can easily copy and learn the impression of any drawing placed on it.

Key Features:

  • Detachable tabletop for better portability.
  • A complimentary stool with the art table certainly gives the liberty to explore their creativity.

5. KidKraft Deluxe Art Table


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The KidKraft art table features an expansive surface that constitutes the chalkboard. This enables children to scribble and doodle on it without the worries of clean-up or scratching the table-top.

Nonetheless, it even comes with triple plastic containers that are sealable so that their contents don’t spill over. Finally, an additional mesh bag that is indeed suspended under the table for stocking art supplies.

Key Features:

  • Two complimentary rolls of paper for starting creations immediately.
  • Two vibrant stools with the desk, absolutely free!
  • Rather weighs 35 pounds that is pretty convenient.

4. Simplay3 Art Desk

Simplay3 Kids Art Tables

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This art desk is not only ideal for kids to work upon but also for adults who intend to save space. The 34-inches desk is moreover, compressed to 20-inches for convenient storage in any corner of the room.

When work needs to be done on it, it is certainly expanded again. Decked with ample cavities and trays for stocking up, there is room for everything from books to stationery.

Key Features:

  • It is indeed tidied up easily.
  • A no-cost matching stool is, however, included with the desk too.

3. Step2 Art Easel Kids Desk


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This is an all-time hit with kids. It has been furnished with vertical channels to keep books, small segregated spaces to store coloring materials and many beautiful plastic holders for pencils and crayons.

Even an additional storage area is rather created above the desk. Furthermore, the desk itself has is with easy erasable material for quick clean-ups.

Key Features:

  • An ideal station that allows two kids to work at the same time.
  • Spacious work area for kids to certainly work freely.
  • A bright blue stool is produced in combination with the desk for comfortable seating.

2. ALEX Toys Super Art Table

ALEX Toys Kids Art Tables

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Another of Alex Toys’ award-winning tables. It is manufactured with wood that gives it added longevity. Plus, it is fitted with 3 detachable colorful cups, made of plastic and a canvas pouch to store art supplies. The best part is indeed the complimentary paper roll that hangs under the table. As a matter of fact, spread on it through a slit for any kind of drawing or painting.

When the painting is done, the free kids-friendly paper-cutter is used to snip the art from the rest of the roll. In fact, even if a child forgets to lay the paper, scribbles are done right on the chalkboard table-top and swabbed clean afterward.

Key Features:

  • It is rather available in both white and multi-colored versions.
  • Free twin benches to sit and work for more than one child too.
  • Tools for assembling the table-chair set come with the product without additional charges.

1. Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk


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This Step2 art table is made to be the best gift for little ones. Sporting a utilitarian design and an attractive look, this, however, features multiple compartments of varying sizes. So, be it a bunch of paint-brushes, a collection of baby books or art and craft supplies, everything is organized in it.

What’s more? Now toddlers are encouraged to doodle on their favorite table as much as they want. All that is needed is an eraser to rub it clean.

Key Features:

  • A handy light that illuminates with the press of a switch.
  • Colour coordinated kids’ chair that, as a matter of fact, comes as a set with the table.
  • Includes 4 bins in this.

Your kid’s art and fun class will be nothing less than fun even when they are at home. The kid’s art table is certainly an excellent choice to keep your child engaged