10 Best Glass Baby Bottles in 2022

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If you are using plastic bottles to store milk for babies, you need to stop right now. Plastic baby bottles are not recommended anymore as the material is toxic for infants. There have been amazing inventions regarding baby care. From glass baby bottles to baby soap, everything is made of safe ingredients.

Are you looking for the best glass baby bottle to buy in 2022? Well, there are many baby bottles available on Amazon, and different products have different features. Finding a perfect glass baby bottle is more comfortable than said if you know what kind of product you need.

After reviewing the top best glass baby bottles at Amazon, our experts have created this list. In this article about top glass baby bottles, we will discuss the pros and cons of each product. So, let’s get started:

The Best Glass Baby Bottles to Buy in 2022

10. MAM Feel Good Glass Bottle (260 ml, Unisex)

Healthcenter Glass Baby Bottles

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It will be an injustice not to include the MAM brand in the list of best baby glass bottles. This product is one of the best-selling glass baby bottles on Amazon. With perfect size and capacity, the weight of the MAM glass baby bottle is still impressively lighter.

The material is hard enough to resist against usual bumps and shocks. If you have accidentally dropped it from the table or bed, the glass of MAM glass baby bottles will not shatter so easily.


  • The material is safe for babies
  • The perfect size of the bottle is spacious enough for storing milk
  • Lightweight material makes it the top choice of mothers


  • There are no silicon attachments in this bottle, and it can slip from hand

9. Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottle

Philips AVENT

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The design of the Philips Avent glass baby bottle offers a comfortable and relaxing feel to the baby. The clean and toxic-free material of the container is 100% safe for infants. The breast-shaped nipple of Philips Avent glass baby bottle is easy to combine with breastfeeding.

Premium quality glass is used in this product, and that’s why it is easy to clean and wash. The durable glass is shock and heat resistant. Your baby will not feel any heat while holding this bottle. To minimize the issues while feeding, air flex vent technology is also featured in this product.


  • Ultra-soft nipple gives a natural feel to baby
  • The material is free from any kind of toxic ingredients
  • Air vent makes breastfeeding easier for mother and baby
  • Anti-colic vent technology is also featured in this glass baby bottle


  • The material quality of nipples is not very promising
  • There are chances of spilling milk due to nipple leakage

8. Comotomo Baby Bottle, Pink, 8 Ounce (Best design and graphics)

Comotomo Glass Baby Bottles

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Do you want to try something unique for your baby? Most of the baby glass bottles have a bright plan, and it seems a little bit boring. With excellent and attractive graphics, this is one of the unique glass bottles. The vast and spacious bottle is not only easy to wash but compatible with most of the nipples too.

The design is attractive, but the graphics on the bottle make it unique. The price of this baby glass bottle is also affordable in this list. If you are looking for an attractive bottle for your baby, the Comotomo breastfeeding bottle is a top choice for you.


  • The designs are universal and compatible with many other baby care products
  • There are many attractive colors available in this product
  • Unisex design is equally useful for boys and girls of any age


  • The size is a little bit bulky, and it might be hard to hold it in one hand without slipping
  • Some users have reported leakage issues for this bottle

7. Dr. Brown’s Options+ Baby Bottle, 4 Ounce

Dr. Brown's

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You will get the anti-colic feature in this product to reduce spilling and burping. The material is specially developed to preserve the milk and other baby foods. The slower flow-rate of the bottle offers a natural breastfeeding feel to the kid. This is a complete package to meet all of the requirements that you expect from a quality glass baby bottle.

The advanced vent systems are specially designed as per the expert recommendations. If you feel that your baby is ready to drink healthy milk, just remove the vent. Nipples in this product come with an internal vent system too. So, you have got many options in this single product.


  • Different options for air vent
  • Clinically proven anti-colic baby glass bottle
  • The design supports east to wash and to clean


  • Due to leak from the nipples, it may not be the best baby glass bottle for traveling

6. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle (Best for newborns)

Tommee Tippee Glass Baby Bottles

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Super sensitive bottle nipples come, slow flow, and glass material makes it a perfect product for newborns. Smooth transition makes it an ideal product for breastfeeding. Breast-like nipple gives a 100% natural feel to the baby. Anti-colic design reduces the risk of vomiting and burping.

This package includes four bottles, and there are different flow rates for each bottle. The flow rate of these bottles increases with the age of the baby.


  • Closer to nature breast-like nipple
  • Anti-colic design for a smooth transition
  • Different ways to hold the bottle


  • The flow rate is too slow for 6 to 12-month babies
  • Due to flexibility, the nipple can quickly go into the bottle

5. Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles (No leak bottle)


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It is one of the strongly recommended baby glass bottles by doctors. This bottle is compatible with all breast pumps by the Medela. The design is leak-proof due to screws on the top.

If you are tired of leak issues in typical bottles, this one will not let you down. All other features of any quality bottle are also there.


  • No leak due to screws in the lid
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • Comes with a micro steam bag for disinfecting


  • The build quality of these bottles is not up to the mark

4. Lansinoh Breastfeeding Bottles with NaturalWave Nipple

Lansinoh Glass Baby Bottles

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The manufacturer has mainly focused on providing a natural feel for babies. The design of the nipple is too similar to the real breast. From safe material to anti-colic feature, every premium feature is present in this glass baby bottle. The ultimate functionality makes one of the best baby glass bottles on Amazon.


  • Perfect design for breastfeeding babies with closer to nature nipple
  • The best option for oral development of the baby


  • The screws on the lid are too sensitive to force

3. Spectra Baby the USA

Spectra Baby USA

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With hundreds of positive reviews, this affordable baby glass bottle is one of the best products we got here. The compatibility of the Spectra baby bottle makes it a perfect choice for new mothers. The easy transition of milk makes sure that no liquid is wasted due to spilling.


  • Wide and spacious top for the easy transition of milk
  • Best baby glass bottle for oral development of the baby
  • The attractive and robust appearance of the bottle


  • The screws could be better as some users have reported spilling issues due to screws

2. NUK Disney Learner Sippy Cup (Comes with cartoon graphics)

NUK Glass Baby Bottles

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Things are getting interesting as we move to the best baby glass bottles. Thousands of positive reviews show how much mothers and babies love this funky bottle. From easy-grip design to an attractive Mickey Mouse, your baby is going to love this bottle.


  • Easy to sip nipple with a slow flow rate
  • Anti-slip design with handles
  • 100% safe material in nipples and bottle


  • The whole in the nipple is too small, and babies find it difficult to sip

1. NUK Simply Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Gift Set


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NUK never stops surprising you with ultimate baby care products. You will notice that the original design of the nipple makes it one of the best baby glass bottles on this list. To meet the needs of a growing baby, the NUK glass baby bottle has every premium feature that a mother can ever wish for. With the best rating from the users and unique features, this bottle is highly recommended by thousands of mothers.


  • Unique and natural design for babies of all ages
  • Bottles come with orthodontic pacifiers to calm and soothe baby
  • BPA free safe material for the safety of infants


  • In the case of heating, you will see little cracks on the surface of the bottle


Have you decided which glass baby bottle is perfect for your infant? Well, the selection of baby glass bottle depends upon many factors like:

  • Age of baby
  • Size requirements
  • Nature of use of bottles
  • Your budget
  • The material of the bottle and nipple

There are many other extra features that you will get with different bottles from different brands. The prices can vary for different designs, and we have tried to extract the best baby glass bottles for you. Always make sure that you are using glass baby bottles to feed your baby. Plastic bottles can damage the health of infants as the toxic ingredients of plastic are harmful.

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