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10 Best Changing Tables in 2024

Changing the diapers of your babies is surely a bothersome task for every parent. So, it is very important to have a designated place for that. A changing table in fact offers you a safe place to change diapers. These tables come with storage space to accommodate all the diaper changing items. So, it promises to serve as a go-to place in case of a diaper emergency. Most importantly, some of these tables also include a dustbin to throw dirty diapers. Thus, it ensures complete convenience.

However, the competition is high and we do not want to risk our kid’s life with a bad quality product. So, here are some changing table brands that have left their mark. Consult the list and read the reviews to make the right choice.


List of Best Changing Tables Review

10. Delta Children Changing Table

Delta Children Changing Tables

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Delta Children has created a long line of successful tables and drawers, and this is one of their best products. This product has taken care of everything, so you do not need to spend an extra penny. The table comes with its very own changing pad, so your baby can have a soft foundation to lie down on.

Moreover, straps are provided with the pad, so you can attach the pad securely to the furniture, to avoid any accidents. If that was not enough, you also get an open storage bin in the design. So you can toss the diapers in a spot while you are changing your baby.

Key Features:

  • You do not have to worry about harmful elements like lead as the product far exceeds the ASTM standards.
  • To further assure you of the safety of the product, this table is JPMA certified as well.
  • Furthermore, it has a strong sturdy wooden construction that will give it the required strength.

9. Dream on Me Emily Changing Table

Dream On Me

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When quality is concerned, Dream on Me tries to provide you with the very best that they can offer. The changing table makes use of solid pinewood for the material of the product. This gives great sturdiness to the table, to be able to hold a lot of load without getting any damages. Furthermore, even though the product is sturdy, the item is really lightweight. Therefore, you can easily move this table from one place to another without breaking into a sweat.

If you have never put such a product together before, any need to worry. The table comes with a useful guide that walks you through each easy step.

Key Features:

  • In order to go with your room décor, this product is available in a range of chic finishes that you get to choose from.
  • This table is free from the threat of any phthalates or latex.
  • The top shelf has been thoughtfully given safety rails on the design.

8. Egree Changing Table

EGREE Changing Tables

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If you are looking for a more portable variant when it comes to changing tables, look no further. The product has a foldable design, so you can even carry it with yourself when you are traveling. Besides, the height of this product can be adjusted to as many as 4 different settings. This makes it easier for people of all heights to change the diaper conveniently, without ending up with back pain.

Even though the product might look frail, it can hold a good 33lbs, storing all the essential items of your baby.

Key Features:

  • The product can double up as both a changing as well as a massage table.
  • The fabric is skin-friendly, so you do not have to worry about any adverse effects.
  • With an impressive two years warranty, what more assurance can you ask for the quality of the item.

7. Badger Basket Modern Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket

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A lot of thought has been given to the design of this product, to make it as space-efficient as possible. The basket drawers as well as the hamper on this product are all removable. Besides, since they are all out of fabric, they can be folded down when not in use, giving you more space to put larger things if needed.

Besides, the top of the shelf is well padded with foam, to make sure your baby. Hence, has ergonomic comfort when you place them down for changing their diapers. More than that, the product has polyester as it’s the primary material for the baskets. This adds great strength to the structure, so the baskets can withstand the usual wear and tear effects.

Key Features:

  • The top of the table also has safety straps, so your baby cannot squirm out when you are changing them.
  • The foam is covered with PEVA requires only a good wipe to keep the item clean.
  • The finish on this product is non-toxic that will keep you fully safe.

6. Storkcraft Graco Changing Table

STORKCRAFT Changing Tables

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When your baby is concerned, safety should always be the first priority. Keeping that in mind, this changing table has given the design an extra deep surface, so your baby stays secure inside. On top of that, this product is JPMA certified as well, accounting for the absence of any toxic material on the table.

Also, the changing pad provided on this product is water-resistant. Hence, you do not have to worry about any toilet mess getting absorbed into the changing pad. Since the bottom two shelves have an open design, you will be able to shove much larger things without any hassle.

Key Features:

  • The safety straps prevent your baby from rolling out of the table.
  • This is a multi-storage option that will help you in a proper organization.
  • You will also be able to utilize the large shelves for storing storage cubes and toys.

5. Costzon Baby Changing Table


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If you have a space crunch in your house, this product will be perfect for you. Since the product can be folded down, it hardly takes up any space when the changing table is not being used. Moreover, most of the table makes use of 600D canvas for the fabric of the product. This material is known for being durable.

Needless to say, when long-lasting usage is concerned, you can rely on this product. Besides, the top layer uses special waterproof PVC, which has been carefully chosen so it can be non-toxic for your baby.

Key Features:

  • The triangle shape of the structure makes the table really stable on any surface.
  • To avoid any slipping down, the table has non-skid feet.
  • You get multiple pockets on the side of the item, to keep all the trinkets better organized.

4. Kinbor Baby Changing Table

Kinbor Baby Changing Tables

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This product gives you much flexibility when it comes to the storage on this table. While you get a big hamper and baskets to arrange the things for easy reach, you can also remove the items to make space for other things like bins in their place instead. Because of the elegant design of the product, you will be able to use this table as a common piece of furniture too.

Besides, since the table is really compact, it hardly takes up any space in the room. The solid hardwood used for the product is corrosion-resistant, extending the life of the product.

Key Features:

  • Safety rails have been added on all four sides, so your baby cannot crawl out of the table.
  • The table has a smooth texture for a classy finish.
  • Interestingly, it is a portable option for your newborn’s needs.

3. Forstart Changing Table


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With this product, you will not be disappointed. The table has displayed exceptional performance and won the approval of many, bagging the title of Amazon’s Choice for itself. Surely it will have what you are looking for as well. Moreover, this product comes with wheels which makes it really easy to move the table around various rooms.

Although you do not have to worry about your baby waking up, the wheels have a maximum quietness feature. Besides, to prevent the product from rolling out unintentionally, you also get safety breaks on the wheels.

Key Features:

  • It has a massive weight-bearing capacity of 110lbs, so you do not have to worry about overburdening the table.
  • The top is both wear and dirt resistant, staying as good as new for a long time.
  • Since the inside board has a foldable design, the changing station can be extended out when wanted.

2. Badger Basket Corner Changing Table

Badger Basket Changing Tables

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Innovation has a new name with Badger Basket. In case you are looking for tables that will easily fit into the corners of the room, this is the perfect item for you. Since the table can squeeze into corners, it turns out to be really space-efficient as well. Further, the pad that comes with this product makes use of non PVC vinyl. Hence, making it safe for your baby, as well as easy for you to clean.

Plus, the changing pad has premium quality foam, which will feel extremely soft on your baby’s skin. With the handle on the front, you will be able to fetch anything easily while changing your baby.

Key Features:

  • As an added trinket, you get baskets and a hamper that come with the product itself.
  • The safety belts on the pad help to hold your baby down, to prevent any mishaps.

1. Infans Changing Table


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Sitting at the top, this changing table is surely the best one out there. Just state what you need, and this product is sure to be providing for it already. The table gives the feet a non-slip cover. Not only does it prevent the feet from having an unstable base, but it also makes sure that the feet do not get scratches on your floor.

The height of the product has been designed to keep ergonomic comfort in mind. Therefore, you can expect to give your spine some good rest from any pains.

Key Features:

  • The structure of the product comes with a secondary lock, so the table cannot suddenly collapse down.
  • Whether it is diaper changing, massaging, or changing clothes, you can do it all on top of this table.
  • Babies from 0-12 months can easily fit on top of this table.

What are the different types of changing tables available?

Changing tables broadly come in two variants. One thing that you can expect from both kinds is an ample amount of storage space, whether that be in the form of pockets, or drawers. The first one is more suitable to be a piece of furniture and usually uses hardwood for the material of the structure. These changing tables put much effort into the design, so they can blend in with the décor of any room easily. Among such tables, you can go for the usual ones, or you may also find the corner changing tables, which help you to save a bit more space around the room, and not have the table stick out from the wall.

The second type of table is designed as a more travel-friendly option. These tables use a metal body to gain the desired sturdiness, as well as flexibility so you can fold the table and take it on the go anytime you want. Such tables also have the feature of wheels on some of them, which allow you to push the table around with minimal effort put into it, making it a breeze to move things around.

Why are foldable changing tables the best?

Because of the foldable design, these tables are also really space-saving when they are not being used. Keeping portability in mind, this changing table is fairly lightweight as well. So you can carry it without feeling much extra bulk. Most of such tables also let you have a bit more freedom when it comes to the height adjustment. Therefore, you do not have to bend low and hurt your back for changing your baby’s diaper with such a product.

What are some of the pointers to look for when purchasing a changing table?

No matter what type of changing table you get, you cannot afford to miss certain essential features. The table must have a changing pad. Since changing the diapers are the primary function, without the pad, the table is as good as useless. The foam padding on the pad will give ergonomic comfort to your baby. On the other hand, the waterproof cover of such pads will make the clean up much easier.

Also, you cannot afford to neglect the importance of straps. The changing pad should have straps that will keep your baby fastened to the pad. So you can change the diaper without any struggle to keep your baby still. To further ensure your baby’s safety, the changing table should be equipped with either contoured walls or safety rails. These will prevent your baby from climbing out of the table, and end up getting hurt.

The changing pad on the table should positively be non-toxic too. You can look for various markers to assure you of this. The table should follow ASTM standards. You might also find a JPMA certification, which assures that the table will be free from any harmful toxins.

Final Verdict

Your infant will not feel trouble or uncomfortable whenever you are changing their diapers or clothes. The changing table for babies will make them feel secured and no chance of getting hurt as well.