Top 10 Best Backdrop Stands in 2020

There is a need for tons of items for boosting the quality of photography. One of them is the best backdrop stand that can assist in developing better scenery at the back. Do you know the complete appearance can be developed using the right backdrop? However, the majority of people, even professional photographers, make a mistake and shop the wrong models that don’t do any favors to them.

We believe that you don’t want to be one of them and that’s why landed on this place. You should understand that there is a need to be creative while choosing this unit. We have researched and tested over 20 models to create this list of top 10 best backdrop stands in 2020. Have a look at each one and then go for the unit that suits you perfectly.

List of Best Backdrop Stands Review

10. Polaroid Pro Studio (best telescopic backdrop stand)


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The list will begin with this attractive telescopic backdrop stand that will help you in crafting tons of gorgeous pictures. Its maximum capacity is 20 pounds that are enough for holding things like drapes, displays, paper, quilts, etc.

It is available in three different colors like black, green, and white. The price of this stand is a little bit more, but the solid quality and features justify this tag.


  • Extremely high-duty build
  • Ideal for both studio and on-location photography work
  • Solid weight capacity


  • Very costly to shop

9. Emart Photo Video Background Stand (best for beginners)

EMART Backdrop Stands

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Emart has crafted this best background stand with a motive for catering the needs of photographers who have just started their careers. It is a very convenient option that can adequately hold all sort of accessories like muslin, canvas, and paper.

The presence of aluminum alloy construction ensures the much-needed portability and durability in this unit. Also, this system is very easy to install and uninstall even for the first-timers.


  • Equipped with very heavy duty portable carry bag
  • Delivered with a complete kit of accessories
  • Adjustable height feature


  • Not recommended for professional-level photographers

8. OnlineEEI Premier Portable Backdrop Kit (best for color combination)

OnlineEEI Backdrop Stands

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There are many photographers who are very choosy about matching the color of the stand with a backdrop. Such people can think about this stand that available in a huge variety of colors like burgundy, hunter green, navy blue, royal blue, white, and many more.

There is 8 to 10 feet floor space covered by this quite generous unit. Furthermore, there is no tool needed for setup of this unit as it comes with all sorts of hardware.


  • Can be shopped in a huge variety of colors
  • Easy and convenient to transport
  • Perfect for business events and parties


  • Available at a very expensive price

7. Kshioe Photo Video Background Studio (best for portability)


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If portability is the main thing you look while buying the backdrop stand, then this model from Kshioe brand is the best thing to do. It is available in two sizes so that you can choose one according to the requirement. You can easily modify the height of the background stand with minimal effort.

This stand is fully compliant with the latest industrial standards and fully capable of holding all the main photo equipment like umbrellas, backgrounds, lights, etc.


  • Come with 1-month money back warranty
  • Available in two sizes for better options
  • Lightweight unit for easier transportation


  • Legs bend if too much pressure put on the stand

6. Suncoo Photo Video Studio (best under $50)

SUNCOO Backdrop Stands

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It is a very affordable unit manufactured from Suncoo brand that let the photographers click wonderful images without spending too much money. Despite selling at a good price range, the company hasn’t compromised with the quality perspective in any manner.

There are adjusting knobs by the company that let the users set the height quite easily. Additionally, they have used top-grade steel for adding durability and stability to photography.


  • Height can be adjusted anywhere between 2.2 & 6.6 feet
  • Delivered with a classic & durable practical bag
  • Manufactured using premium quality material


  • Little bit fragile legs

5. Linco Lincostore Zenith Portable Background (best budget-friendly pick)

Linco Backdrop Stands

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This one is an exciting option for the buyers who want to shop a backdrop stand at an affordable price range. It is a simple to use unit has a sturdy construction that can turn out to be very useful for photographers.

Additionally, you won’t find difficulty in setting up this unit in any manner. It has a very unique construction that can hold backgrounds while shooting conveniently.


  • Delivered with a useful set of backdrop clamps
  • Available at a very affordable price range
  • Extremely lightweight and sturdy unit


  • Little bit complaints about dent while delivery

4. Safstar Photography Lighting Kit (best under $100)

S AFSTAR Backdrop Stands

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The buyers looking for more than only a backdrop stand can think about investing their money in this unit. It comes with an awesome support system where lighting can comfortably boost photography. It is the best unit that can be used for a variety of tasks like video filming, advertising units, and technical photography among others.

There are three umbrella reflectors added in this product made from high-quality nylon capable of diffusing light using a flash. If you are a professional photographer, then this unit will surely help in making the quality better.


  • Can be assembled quite easily
  • Equipped with three umbrella reflectors for better contrast
  • Perfect for couple wedding shoot


  • Carrying bag quality is very poor

3. Fancier Studio Background Stand (best lightweight backdrop stand)


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A lightweight background stand is ideal for outdoor photography as it can be carried anywhere quite easily. This model satisfies the needs of such photographs and lets them have a fantastic photo session. Despite being a lightweight unit, it can support heavy weights quite easily.

Additionally, the manufacturer has added non-scratch feet for protecting the floor in case of indoor photography. You can easily extend this kit and have a comfortable experience.


  • Easy to collapse unit
  • Provide equal opportunity for indoor and outdoor photography
  • Capable of holding the extremely bulkier weight


  • Doesn’t work great with a spandex screen

2. Julius Studio Photo Video Studio (best for flexibility and stability)

Julius Studio Backdrop Stands

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Giving an extra dose of stability and flexibility in your photography won’t hurt anyone. This model from Julius model is made for people looking for such experience. The aluminum alloy construction and quick assembly process make things for photographers easier and convenient.

This incredible photo studio has the ability to hold a variety of things like muslin, photo clamps, and paper among others. For boosting safety, the company has added three legs stages that aren’t available in too many units.


  • Equipped with a great set of accessories
  • Provide fully lightweight support
  • Extremely quick to assemble


  • Create little bit difficulties for outdoor photography

1. Emart 10X12 ft Photo Backdrop Stand Kit (editor’s choice)


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If you are looking for a complete backdrop support system, then this Emart model can help you for sure. The company has manufactured it using top-grade metal aluminum that makes it ideal for both photo and video shooting.

It is a very cost-effective solution for boosting the quality of photography. On top of that, you will get a high-quality carry bag for carrying this unit easily.


  • Works perfect for a variety of photography levels
  • Easy to set up a backdrop support system
  • The long-lasting unit made from premium nylon material


  • Minor complaints about flimsiness in the stand

How to choose the best backdrop stand?

Keep a look at the following things while shopping a backdrop stand:


This one is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind. The backdrop stand you are shopping should be capable of outfitting your photo studio without creating any mess.

Adjustable Height:

This feature is a necessity if you don’t want to get frustrated while setting the backdrop stand. It ensures that the photographers can set the height according to their requirements. A fixed height won’t do any favors for them.


Now, this one depends on one’s personal opinion as the backdrop stands are available for as low as US$ 30 and go even more US$ 300. Go for the one that matches your needs perfectly. We have added the products of different price range to help the readers.

Frame Material:

If you ask our team, then we recommend the buyers to go for the units that made from either heavy steel or light aluminum. Both of them are sturdy and come with their set of features. The steel models are ideal where you don’t have to move the studio, but the light aluminum models are good for people who often have to do outdoor shoots.


There won’t be any requirement for hanging hooks after shopping a backdrop stand. However, we suggest you to always invest in a quality unit so that proper support system can be provided. Shop one of these best background stands for enjoying a comfortable experience and getting each penny of your investment back. Each of them is equally perfect for photography work. If there is a query in your mind regarding this product, then please write to us in the comment section.

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