Top 10 Best iPad Cases for Kids in 2020

Apple iPads are extremely popular among kids as it acts as a mini laptop to them. However, kids are never careful about handling the electronics items with care irrespective of their prices. Therefore, you need to buy a high-quality iPad case for your kid depending on the iPad version you have. These pads are trendy so that your kids will encourage you to put the case on. They are meant to make your kid use the iPad conveniently for watching videos, typing, and various other activities. Besides, they will take care of the iPad from bumps and shocks. Check out the top 10 best iPad cases for kids in 2020.

List of Top Best iPad Cases for Kids Review

10. ErChen Ipad 2 3 4 Case

ErChen iPad Cases for Kids

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This iPad cover comes in a pretty and vibrant colored butterfly shape, ideal for kids. The cover is made of high quality and robust EVA foam with wear and tear-resistance. The cover is also extremely resistant to shock. Moreover, this cover is light in weight and absolutely safe for your children.

The iPad cover also is a durable item. Furthermore, you can use the degree-adjustable butterfly wings as the kickstand. The thick foam covers your iPad from the back, sides and above the surface of your iPad.

9. TIRIN Kids Case for iPad

TIRIN iPad Cases for Kids

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This cover for iPad mostly fits all of its models. The iPad case for kids is made of high-density EVA foam. This EVA foam of this iPad case is also resistant to tear and wear. Moreover, this iPad case is a really durable one for your kids.

The iPad cover also delivers extreme shock protection. Furthermore, hazard-free material and lightweight of this case make this cover ideal for kids. This case comes with the inbuilt and foldable kickstands. The handle design of this case allows for easy portability for small kids.

8. AVAWO Kids Case for New iPad

AVAWO iPad Cases for Kids

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This iPad case is only compatible with most of the iPad models. The iPad cover for kids comes with a 180-degree rotatable grip handles for extra security. Moreover, this handle is also foldable and highly adjustable to use it a kickstand for horizontal viewing.

The iPad cover also comes with the anti-slip and soft silicone layer. Furthermore, the thick and non-toxic EVA foam of this case with a lightweight design is absolutely safe for your children. This iPad case is resistant to wear and tear.

7. BMOUO Case for New iPad

BMOUO iPad Cases for Kids

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This iPad case for kids has the compatibility almost with all iPad tablets. The iPad case also has impact-resistant polycarbonate construction. This child-safe case comes with the dual-enforced shock-absorbing silicone inner sleeve. Moreover, this double-silicone layer protects your iPad from dropping and other damages.

The iPad case also has a foldable and adjustable handle for convenient carrying. Furthermore, you can use this handle as a kickstand. The hazardless material with lightweight design makes this case ideal for kids.

6. TopEsct New iPad Case

TopEsct iPad Cases for Kids

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This iPad case for kids has the heavy-duty silicone soft gel to absorb shock. The iPad is also mostly compatible with iPad tablets. Moreover, this iPad with non-toxic silicone material construction is perfect for the kids. The anti-slip and anti-dust iPad case comes with a scratch-free layer.

The iPad case also has a drop-resistant feature. Furthermore, this child-safe case covers your iPad from the back, side and above the surface while maintaining the lightweight. This case comes along with a tempered glass screen and a lanyard.

5. TopEsct iPad 2 Case for Kids

TopEsct iPad Cases for Kids

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This iPad cover mostly fits all the iPad tablet models. The case is also ideal for the kids. Moreover, this iPad cover has sturdy and soft silicone material construction with non-slip, anti-dust and shock-absorbent grip. The silicone material of this cover is scratchproof as well.

The iPad case also allows for an easy installation. Furthermore, this child-safe case provides protection to the iPad from the back, side and above the surface. This non-toxic iPad cover is light in weight as well.

4. BMOUO Kids Case For Apple iPad

BMOUO iPad Cases for Kids

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This iPad case for kids comes with an inbuilt handle for convenient carry and travel. The case also makes the perfect match with most of the iPad tablets. Moreover, the iPad cover has the heavy-duty polycarbonate material construction with the shock-absorbing feature.

The iPad cover also has the double-enforced with a shock-absorbent silicone inner-sleeve. Furthermore, this case comes with the double-thick silicone layer to protect your iPad from the damages caused by drops. The non-toxic material of this iPad cover makes it safe for your kids.

3. HDE Case for iPad

HDE iPad Cases for Kids

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This iPad case for kids is ideal for almost the iPad tablet models. Made of high-quality EVA foam, this case is extremely resistant to shock. This case is also non-toxic and safe for the children. Moreover, the cover is resistant to dust, bumps, and scratches. The double-thick corner of this iPad provides extra protection.

The cover also has the crystal-clear and fully integrated screen protector to fit over the screen. Furthermore, the multi-functional handle of this cover allows a convenient carrying experience. The lightweight design of this iPad case makes it ideal for small boys and girls.

2. AVAWO Kids Case for Apple iPad 2 3 4

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Apart from iPad Mini an Air version, it is compatible with iPad 2, 3, and 4. The grip handle is 180-degree rotatable, and it is foldable. Therefore, your kid can play games or watch videos in a comfortable posture. This stand support and horizontal viewing help in typing easily. Besides, the soft outer layer case has anti-slip silicone material.

Moreover, there is cushioning for surviving during impacts. The material quality of the case is premium, and it is non-toxic as well as rugged. The handle is ergonomic to carry around your iPad conveniently.

1. HDE iPad 2 3 4 Case for Kids

HDE iPad Cases for Kids

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The product features under Amazon’s Choice for iPad case for kids. There are various color options available, and it is compatible with all the models of iPad 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation. The case is shock-proof, and it is suitable for heavy-duty use. There is non-toxic EVA foam, and it will prevent your iPad from scratches and bumps.

Overall, the case is lightweight, and there is extra padding at the corners. Besides, it has foldable multi-function handle that helps in easy portability, viewing, and typing.


While buying an iPad case for your kid’s iPad, make sure the model is compatible with the case. There are various color and design options available to choose from. All of the above cases are suitable to buy. However, it is better to go through the product description to understand the features of the cases so that you can buy the one that fulfills your requirements perfectly.

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