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10 Best Baby Scales in 2024

Your baby’s growth is important. Eating and staying healthy lead to their development. But how to check that they are weighing right or not? And are these foods proving to be effective? Well, you need a scale for that reason. However, an adult’s scale is not the right choice for it. A baby scale is an essential instrument to have to check the healthy growth of your baby and you do not want to compromise with one.

Are you looking for a baby scale that will last longer and is loaded with all kinds of features? Check our baby scale buying guide and find out which one you should get for your kid.


List of Best Baby Scales in 2024 Review

10. Smart Weight Baby Scale

Smart Weigh Baby Scales

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This scale is an amazing device loaded with the exact features required for the comfortable measuring of your baby’s weight. This weighing machine has a smooth, curved surface allowing you to easily cradle the baby into the machine. It displays the weight of the baby in both kilograms and pounds. The device has HOLD and TARE features. Well, the hold feature is greatly helpful when your baby is moving around on the tray to hold and take a constant weight.

The tare function, on the other hand, will allow you to place a blanket on the machine. Plus, it has a balanced weight to make it more comfortable for the baby.

Key Features:

  • It is only 1.8 kg and very compact allowing you to easily carry it around and securely storing it.
  • This digital scale has a two-year warranty by Smart Weight Store to take you out of any troubling situation.
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 44 pounds that is certainly more than standard.

9. Health o Meter baby-Toddler Scale

Health o Meter

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The Health o Meter Baby-Toddler Scale is a lovely device that will be helpful to you for a long time. This is a multifunction device that will aid you as a baby scale, and go on till the baby grows into a toddler. The machine can carefully monitor the weight of the baby at 0.1 kg or 0.5-pound increments. As a result, keeping you well informed about the baby’s growth.

As a matter of fact, it comes with a security lock that greatly adds the security and functionality of the device. Finally, it has the basic HOLD and TARE functions to increase efficiency and make it more comfortable for the baby. It has a very large LCD display which is very easy to read.

Key Features:

  • This is a very precise device that requires a single 9-volt battery to function.
  • The device can measure the weight of your toddler up to 60 pounds.
  • Contains all the essentials you need to track the baby’s growth in height and weight from 0 to 36 months. Plus, it has a tooth tracker and a chart for toddler shoe sizes.

8. Beurer BY80 Baby Scale

Beurer Baby Scales

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If you are looking for a simple and useful baby scale that gives accurate measurements of your baby’s weight, go for the Beurer BY80 Baby Scale. This simple scale comes with ensures a high precision index. Hence, allowing you to carefully monitor the weight of your growing baby up to 2 decimal places. The accurate measurements are carefully designed for the needs of a baby. This can take weight up to 44 pounds only.

Besides, one can keep track of the weights of puppies or kittens, or other small pets in your home. It has an automatic and a manual hold function which is very useful to get the exact weights of your baby. The tare function is useful in making the platform more comfortable by adding a blanket and neglecting its weight.

Key Features:

  • It has a construction that there are no sharp edges making it safe even while your baby is moving.
  • The device displays weight in kg, ounce, and lbs.
  • Has integrated a curved surface which induces a sense of security when you are placing the baby into the scale.

7. Unicherry Baby Scale


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Compact, lightweight, and extremely handy, this features a curved tray to securely put your baby in to weigh them. The device has a tare function to add blankets and neglect its weight. The hold function is very impressive and gets the correct reading even while your baby is moving around. Next, it can feature weights in pounds, ounces, and kilograms.

Up to 20 kg (44 lbs), the device shows the weight of the baby in increments of 10g for the most accurate measurements. It can measure the weights of smaller pets in your households such as puppies and cats.

Key Features:

  • The LCD is largely making it very easy to read when you are measuring the weight of your baby.
  • It has a backlit feature giving you a proper display.
  • This terrific weighing machine is multifunctional- it accurately records the growth of your baby up to 44 lbs/20kg. Plus, can even give the weight of adults up to 100 kg.

6. Gimars Baby Scale

Gimars Baby Scales

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This Grimars Baby Scale is a secure and trustworthy baby scale system that you can go for. The scale can measure the weight of a baby from as low as 10 gm and shows the weight at 10 gm increments. This goes on to give very accurate measurements of your baby. Plus, the tray can also hold small pets such as rabbits, cats, puppies, and so on. The tray is securely loaded onto the scale by swivel locks on the base to give it added security.

When the baby outgrows the tray, you can remove it and keep weighing as this amazing tray can measure up to 100 kg weight. An innovative feature of this tray is that it is loaded with a BabyFit app. Thus, it is very helpful a-in tracking all the necessary information regarding the healthy growth of your baby.

Key Features:

  • Comes with precise height measurements marked on it to help you get the most correct measurements for your baby.
  • This is completely suitable for adult use.
  • It features a large and backlit LCD display which is very easy to read even under dim light.

5. Unicherry Bluetooth baby Scale


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A baby tray should be accurate and versatile and the Unicherry Bluetooth Baby Scale is simply just that. It has an exquisite, curved tray that comfortably and securely holds your baby to weigh them. Next, the scale has a capacity to take weights between 10 gm and 100 kg. Hence, allowing you to remove the tray as the baby outgrows it and uses it as a normal weighing machine.

The device has simple functions- TARE and Hold. The hold function is very useful in getting the most accurate measurements when your baby is moving.

Key Features:

  • One can monitor it through an app on your phone that works via Bluetooth. This app helps you track the growth of your baby and keep it healthy.
  • Its tray is lockable in place by two swivel locks at the base.
  • The tray is very impressive as it is loaded with proper markings to measure the baby’s height.

4. Ozeri All-in-One Baby-Toddler Scale

Ozeri Baby Scales

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The Ozeri All-in-One Baby-Toddler Scale is a lovely device to keep a check on the baby’s overall growth. This is a highly specialized device for such an activity with all kinds of features. It comes with a memory that can store the record of weights for up to 8 babies. The device will also show the difference between weights from the last time. It has a hold button which is useful in capturing the correct weight of the baby when they are moving.

Furthermore, it also has a tare function loaded into the device. The weighing machine can record weights at increments of 1 oz or 0.01 lbs or 0.005 kg. Lastly, it also has provisions to measure the changing dimensions of the baby’s skull.

Key Features:

  • Comes with a unit button that allows you to easily switch through measurements in the kg-cm scale, the lb-in scale, and the oz-in scale,
  • The weighing scale can accurately measure the weight of a baby up to 55 lbs or 25 kg.
  • It runs on a battery and operates safely.

3. KUBEI Baby Scale


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This scale with a huge capacity can be used for a long time. Next, it can measure up to 100 kg starting from a small 50 g. The tray is efficient in securely holding eh baby and also gets their height as it is marked. It is a multifunction weighing scale that can show weight in different units of measurements, namely- oz, lbs, and kg.

This device with its huge capacity will come in handy even before the baby is born. Even a pregnant woman can easily track their weight on this device. This digital scale is stable and will not tip or fall off.

Key Features:

  • This device is powered by just 2 AAA size batteries which come included in the pack.
  • It facilitates one-button operation for easily operating it.
  • You can weigh your puppies as well as small luggage in it.

2. Dongmei Multifunction Baby/Pet Scale

DONGMEI Baby Scales

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The Diongmei Multifunction Baby/Pet Scale is small, lightweight, and very handy. This device is designed with a tray that can accurately measure the weights of babies or small pets up to 20 kg. Next, the unit in which the weight is displayed is interchangeable for easy reading.

As a matter of fact, the minimum weight that can be measured is 0.05 kg. Plus, the weight increases at increments of 0.01 kg for the best measurements. The scale has a hold function which is a very handy addition. It can accurately lock on the baby’s weight even when it is moving.

Key Features:

  • You can place a blanket on the scales while measuring your baby’s weight and negate its weight by using the peeling function.
  • It has a construction of ABS giving it safety, free of toxicity, and extremely durable.
  • You get 3 different modes for measuring accurately.

1. Salter Baby to Toddler Scale


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The Salter Baby to Toddler Scale is a simple to use a weighing machine that can measure babies and small pets. Next, it comes with a well-designed curved tray that can securely hold your baby when you are measuring them. If the baby is moving and you cannot get the right weight, simply use the hold function to lock on the correct weight of the baby.

The machine can record weights in the range of 0.5 to 44 pounds. Besides, the weight recorded by this machine is very precise and is given at increments of 0.5 oz. Lastly, the tray is removable that easily allows you to convert the device into a toddler scale.

Key Features:

  • It comes with a large 1-inches LCD screen to display the weight making it very easy for you to read.
  • The device will require the power of a single 9-volt battery supply to function.

How safe are baby scales?

Your little angels are delicate beings and you need just the best of everything from them. When baby products are designed, they are made with the highest concerns in mind to be very safe for use on or with babies. Thus, all the baby scales are well tested to ensure that they are made from components that are free of toxic impurities such as phthalates, mercury, lead, and so on.

What the design of the baby scales should be?

The design of such a device is also very crucial and all such baby scales are crafted with curved surfaces and edges. Hence, the baby doesn’t get hurt and doesn’t feel uncomfortable when you place them on it.

How to Buy Baby Scales?

A baby scale requires your particular attention because there is a lot of features that you have to scourge through. The scale should be firstly safe to be used with babies and thus you have to go for food-grade materials such as ABS plastic or stainless steel. It should be sufficiently large to hold your baby and should have a well-functioning weighing feature measuring at regular intervals for the most accurate measurements.

You may go for the scales dedicated to baby-toddler use only or the ones with a huge range. However, if you are going for the latter, ensure that it gives all the details about a baby’s growth. It is great to go for baby scales loaded with hold function as it is not always possible to get babies steady and stable, they keep moving!

Final Verdict

See if your baby is growing healthy as these baby scale weight machines are going to say you exactly what you want to know. Hence, get one and keep a check on your baby.