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10 Best Foam Floor Tiles in 2024

Allowing your workout room to remain naked can mean two things. Firstly, a broken floor and secondly, an unpleasant place to workout. Standard hard surfaces, whether concrete or wooden floors, can break under the pressure of falling dumbbells or have ugly marks when using rollers. However, you don’t have to worry about painting your room now and then. Now, you can get the ease of preserving it and still have a nice place to exercise. The foam floor tiles are invented just for that reason. It is soft and will well-preserve the beauty of your room.

If you are looking to installing foam floor tiles, then it’s wise to take some expert suggestions. So, give a quick read through our article and see what good these tiles can do to your home.


List of Best Foam Floor Tiles Review

10 IncStore Foam Tiles

IncStores Foam Floor Tiles

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These tiles are a perfect way to protect and customize your gym or studio floors. The mattresses are of high-quality rubber that ensures outstanding longevity and a super soft feel. Next, the substance also provides high absorption of impact while remaining soundproof. As if this is not enough, rubber materials have a smooth feel. As a result, allows your knees, ankles, and shoulders to stay undisturbed when exercising.

For this reason, this workout mat is an excellent option for yoga, a professional gym, a play area for CrossFit as well as children.

Key Features:

  • It is relatively easy and fun to install; like a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Indeed exceptionally eco-friendly as it has construction from recycled tires.
  • It is waterproof and is best for gym workouts.

9. Innhome Foam Tiles


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The Innhome Gym flooring foam mattresses feature a double-sided non-slip surface that provides a safe and comfortable place to exercise. The mats are from special memory foam that provides excellent impact absorption. Therefore, avoiding any harm that might result from the use of heavy exercise equipment, such as folding bikes, rollers, and dumbbells. Some of the other qualities that this unit stand out included waterproof and mildew resistance. Hence it facilitates easy cleaning that involves only the use of a damp cloth.

What’s more? This is a super easy-to-assemble mat as the interlocking puzzle pieces easily link. Plus, disassemble quickly, making it easy to store and transport.

Key Features:

  • These jigsaw mats come in a kit that includes six Gray and six Black interlocking 24-inch edge tiles to produce a seamless look.
  • When interlocked, they occupy an area of up to 46 sq. ft. Thus, making it a perfect choice to occupy your home gym.
  • It is also heavy-duty and complies with the protection criteria of ASTM, US CPSIA, and EU EN71 to ensure that it is free of hazardous materials.

8. IncStores Premium Foam Tiles

IncStores Foam Floor Tiles

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The 0.625-inch IncStore foam tiles are specially built to provide you with convenience and a comfortable place to practice. You don’t have to spend a lot of money with these tiles to cover your board. Plus, you don’t have to bring a big rolling mat. These quality tiles give you a lightweight and excellent solution that protects both you and the floor.

Likewise, thanks to the fun and bright colors, you can also use it as a kid’s play mat. Therefore, make sure they’re healthy. These tiles are detachable and easy to attach. Thus, it enables optimum cushioning to avoid damage to your knees, back, and other parts of your body. When you come into contact with a hard floor, it will not bother you.

Key Features:

  • These mats are shock-absorbents, so you can exercise and practice without having to worry about damaged floors.
  • Another why this mattress stands out is that it is waterproof and made of sturdy materials.
  • Closed-cell EVA foam gives the durability as well as comfort when using it.

7. IncStore Jumbo Foam Tiles


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With the Inc stores Jumbo soft interlocking tiles, you don’t have to deal with these issues. A sturdy structure offers an optimum amount of cushioning thickness. This ensures that there would be less strain on the hands, elbows, back, and knees. Next, this makes it a great choice when it comes to doing a variety of workouts, including push-ups, yoga poses, and other floor exercises.

Besides, these mats are lightweight and straightforward to disassemble, making them easy to transport and store. This makes them the best models to turn your daily area into a dedicated workout area quickly.

Key Features:

  • The tiles are made of high-density EVA foam that is specially built to give soft padding.
  • Comes with non-skid ridges that allow you to exercise in a stable and safe place.
  • It is entirely waterproof and ideal for intensive gym workouts.

6. IncStores MMA Foam Mat

IncStores Foam Floor Tiles

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The IncStores 1-inches MMA foam tiles serve as a barrier between your weights and the subfloor. It is designed to provide the premier gym floor security you need with each connectable tile measuring 24 by 24-inches. In addition to protecting the floor, these mattresses come with non-skid surfaces on both sides to allow stability.

These closed-cell EVA foam mats are from high-end materials that do not contain any of the other hazardous materials, unlike other products. Finally, the mats are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about liquid spills or sweaty sessions ruining your surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Indeed, a reversible option that lets you flaunt other color option with pride.
  • It is a non-toxic product that is not recycled for safe use under any circumstances.
  • With a year warranty, any damage will be dealt with care.

5. Amazon Basics’ Foam Mat


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You can now customize your workout room with Amazon Basics’ interlocking tiles. With these mats, you don’t have to add any unique flooring or work in a small area when using the narrow yoga mats. This convenient yoga mat is elementary to spread and provides a layer of protection and cushioning to hard floors.

So if using a weightlifting table, a dumbbell, a bike, or a roller wheel, thick mats provide an excellent base. Hence, helps you meet your fitness goals without damaging the floors. They are from high-density EVA foam that does not contain harmful materials to ensure durable and long-lasting results.

Key Features:

  • Unlike other versions, these interlocking mats are extremely easy to pick up and can be stored or transferred compactly.
  • Also protects your floors from cracks and scratches that could result from the use of your exercise equipment.
  • No damages will happen due to sudden spills or sweat as it is waterproof.

4. BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat

 BalanceFrom Foam Floor Tiles

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Doubling as a Home Gym Pad, BalanceFrom Kids Play Pad is a versatile option. It is certainly ideal for people looking to build non-slip and secure places for children to play and exercise. The manufacturer’s focus is on the welfare of the infant. That is why these mats have been produced utilizing high-quality non-toxic materials.

High-density EVA foam offers a slip-free playground and cushions the ankles, elbows, back, and knees on hard floors. For ease of customization, these mats come with extra edges. As a result, allows you to either make a big mat or a few smaller mats depending on your needs.

Key Features:

  • It is colorful and is ideal to have in a kid’s room.
  • The mats are precisely cut and come with a jigsaw lock system. Hence, guarantees a secure lock that doesn’t detach unless you want it.
  • They also boast a non-slip surface on both sides to ensure stability.

3. We Sell Mats Interlocking Foam Tiles

We Sell Mats

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Unlike many people, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to cover your floor to build a spot where you can exercise. This is possible by revolutionary interlocking floor mattresses like this We Sell model. These adjustable floor mattresses come with interlocking edges. Thus, allows you to create a perfect spot where you can work without damaging the floor or damaging yourself. It boasts a non-skid surface that guarantees a safe place where you can operate.

To ensure consumer protection, this floor pad is of non-toxic materials. Therefore, prevents you from being subjected to hazardous workouts while you exercise. Also, with this pad, you don’t have to think about a permanent fixture or a big rolling floor mat that you might not have enough room to store. These mats are removable and assembled in minutes. Similar to other high-quality mats, they are also shock-absorbing and soundproofing. For that reason, allowing you to exercise comfortably.

Key Features:

  • The mat supports your body by reducing strain on your feet, knees, and hips while exercising.
  • This is a high-density mat and can help make a child’s room safe.
  • Each tile measures 24/24-inches that is pretty decent.

2. BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat

BalanceFrom Foam Floor Tiles

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Looking for a portable exercise mat to cover a wide area? This BalanceFrom model could be the best option you can make. Unlike the other model, both surfaces are non-slip providing superior slip-resistance efficiency to avoid injury. This exceptional resilience can give an ideal balance to the consumer during their exercises. Besides coming in three color options, this unit comes with 24 tiles and 48 end borders allowing for quick customization.

Connecting all the tiles would cover a wide area. This makes it a perfect choice for a home gym, a basement, or even a company gym. Also, in addition to providing significant protection to the floor against scratches and impacts, this gives you a fantastic cushion. Hence, protects your elbows, elbows, ankles, and spine from injury.

Key Features:

  • The strain is reduced on the body with the help of excellent padding and cushioning.
  • This is a high-density mat and can help make a child’s room safe.
  • It comes with moisture-resistant technology that removes the risk of mold growing below, damaging your board.

1. ProSourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat


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Now you can quickly turn any area in your home into a comfortable place to work out or play. This kit comes with 6 square interlocking tiles that cover a total area of 24 squares. These interlocking parts are of high-density EVA foam materials. Well, these are not only high impact-resistant but also offer a fantastic cushion. This helps you to exercise efficiently in the comfort of your house.

With this mat, you can do numerous exercises on the floor, including sit-ups, push-ups, stretching, foam rolls, pilates, yoga, and more. Having been built using high-quality materials, you can expect it to provide consistent performance for several years to come. More to this, it’s a flexible mat that you can use for exercise. Plus, it is also fun to build a space for your kids to play.

Key Features:

  • Provides a non-skid, protective workout floor
  • Noise-reducing and easy to clean nature makes it flexible to use.
  • High-density EVA foam provides excellent protection and cushioning.

What to consider while buying foam floor tiles?

1. Size: As you can see from the above-reviewed items, these floor tiles are designed to cover various area sizes. This will depend on the size of each tile and the number of tiles used. You can first calculate the region you need to be covered before deciding on the size you need. After that, you can choose a model that suits this field.

2. Cushion: The level of the cushion provided by the mat is also essential to remember. We choose versions made of high-density EVA foam or rubber. The mat should also be thick enough to cover your elbows, knees, and ankles from the hard floor. Besides, they can also withstand shocks to prevent exercise equipment from scratching the floor.

3. Customisation: When it comes to customization, you need to understand what you need. This is particularly important when it comes to the selection of wide mats. Here you should make sure that you select a model with extra edges, as this will help you make two or three mats instead of one big mat.

4. Texture: Also, get the mats that come with a rough texture, as they tend to give more traction to avoid slipping. Plus, mats with both textured sides provide more durability when training, making them a better choice than one-sided mats.

What are Foam Floor Tiles?

Foam floor tiles or foam mats are usually used in gyms, dance studios, yoga studios, and other such places of physical activity. These mats go on top of the hard surface and act as a cushion to reduce strain. A the same time, these mats act as a protective barrier between you and the floor, preventing you from any harm and also saving the surface from any potential scratches or dents.

How are foam tiles different from traditional from gym/yoga mats?

Foam tiles are designed with customization and convenience in mind. Traditional gym mats come in single sizes and may not fit in every single room. These foam tiles, however, come in jigsaw-like pieces. Individual titles can be interconnected to make any size, and thus it can be altered to fit all sizes.

Final Verdict

Get a proper place to work out without hurting yourself. The cushioned foam floors will keep your floor safe and also the individual playing or working on it safer.