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10 Best Wallet Trackers in 2024

Having to look for your phone every time you are getting ready to go out or losing your wallet every now and then is tedious, tiresome, and very irritating. Smaller items such as wallets, remotes, passport, keys, and so on are likely to get misplaced and lost. So, it is cumbersome to look for them. Want a device that can help you track your wallet every time it is lodged behind the sofa? Or your passport in the midst of all your documents? Hence, wallet trackers are the ideal product for avoiding any situation.

Thinking about owning one? After doing intensive research, we have put down everything. Buy a wallet tracker online after studying every point and know the benefits in detail.


List of Best Wallet Trackers Review

10. Tile Slim 2024 Wallet Tracker

Tile Wallet Trackers

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Tile has come up with this amazing Slim Wallet Tracker for the 2024 generation. It is ultra-thin, very small and ultra-light, and fits right into your wallet as a credit card would. You can also attach it objects such as your passport, keys, and so on and never ever fear losing them. The tracker is Bluetooth enabled and beeps when you can’t find the item and operate the tile through your phone.

Besides, it works the other way round too; you can use the Tile to make your phone ring if you can’t find it. Even if the phone is on silent, it will still respond to the Tile’s signals.

Key Features:

  • The Slim Tile for your wallet and other smaller objects has an excellent battery. It can last as long as 3 years at a stretch.
  • It has an app that keeps marking your last visited locations. Hence, you can always find your things back no matter what.
  • The sleek design doesn’t let you compromise on your style quotient.

9. Tile Starter Pack Tracker


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Tile is reputed when it comes to manufacturing trackers and finders. And this pack of two- Tile Slim and Tile Mate is a great buy. Firstly, the Tile Slim can go into your wallet or passport to keep you from losing them. Secondly, the Tile Mate can be easily attached to your keys to keep a track of them.

Both the devices are Bluetooth operated. It will start to beep at the click of a button to help you find the item. The Tile devices are also inversely usable to track your phone. Pressing the button on the Mate or the Slim will initiate your phone to ring out even if it is in the silent mode.

Key Features:

  • The Tile Mate included in the pack has a replaceable battery that can last for as long as 1 year.
  • Both the devices in this package have an exceptional Bluetooth range of up to 200 feet from the source.
  • The Tile app is free to use and even gets you the last visited location so that you can track your items easily.

8. Tile Slim Wallet Finder

Tile Wallet Trackers

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The older version of the Tile Slim Wallet Finder is also an exceptional and very handy product to have around. If you are in the habit of losing your personal items, you can trust this blindly. The Tile Slim is a small object that can easily slide into your wallet. You can also use it with other important items such as your passport, laptops, tablets, and so on.

The device will beep on being initiated from your phone if you are within range. Thus aiding you in finding the item you are looking for. In case, you have your Tile and have lost your phone, double-tapping the button initiates a ring on your phone. This happens even if you have kept it silent. Thus the Tile works both ways to help you find missing items as well as your phone.

Key Features:

  • Tile Community is an impressive thing on the tile App. It remotely sends you data about the places your Tile has visited if you seem to have misplaced some items. Hence, making it easy for you to find them.
  • This App also records the location and time of the last place your Tile has been.
  • You can pick any ringtone from the 4 preset options.

7. Innway Tag Wallet Finder


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Innway is a terrific maker of wallet and item trackers and the Innway Tag Wallet Finder becomes a handy tool. It is a small, square device that you can fit in your wallet or attach to some other item. The Tag runs on a battery that lasts for about 3 months and is replaceable ensuring a long-time use.

Next, it works in a very simple way. You can initiate a ring on the Tag using your phone allowing you to easily locate your items. Even if you cannot find your phone, this Tag will come to save the day. It has a button which on being pressed makes your phone ring even in the silent mode.

Key Features:

  • The Innway App is functional and keeps reminding you when you need to change the battery of your device.
  • This Tag works by means of Bluetooth and has quite a surprising range of action.
  • Its app also has features that mark the last known location of your Tag. Therefore, making it easy for you to track your lost items.

6. Nutale Nut3 Smart Tracker

Nutale Wallet Trackers

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The Nutale Nu3 is an amazing device that will be your best friend if you are in the habit of losing or misplacing items. Wallets, files, passport, you name the item and this device is compatible with it. The device works by ringing to let you know where the item is stuffed saving you time and effort.

Besides, it works both ways. Now, you can initiate a ring on the device through your phone or on your phone through the device. The latter is a helpful tool to track your phone easily.

Key Features:

  • Has a compatible Bluetooth with all kinds of smartphones. It works up to a range of 30 to 35 meters in any open space.
  • The Nu3 keeps a track of your last known location that can be accessed through the app. This makes finding your lost items easier if you are traveling.
  • You get the benefit of a replaceable battery to keep it functional.

5. Cube Shadow Item Finder


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Cube Shadow is an upgrade on the original Cube design and can serve as an exceptional item tracker. With this device around, you can easily track any small items. The Cube Shadow will ring by means of Bluetooth on receiving a signal from your smartphone. Hence, allowing you to locate the device. Even if you are outside the 200m range, this will keep a tab of the last location of your item. Hence, enabling you to easily find it.

In case, you are unable to find it, the Shadow uses Crowd Find. This allows ensuring community to send you the location of the object remotely.

Key Features:

  • Works up to a range of 200 ft allowing you a wide application even in open spaces.
  • When the Shadow rings, it rings at a very loud and audible volume. Hence, allowing you to easily track the lost item.
  • As this is ultra-thin, it will easily fit your pocket.

4. Safedom Bluetooth Tracker

Safedome Wallet Trackers

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You can try the amazing Safedom Bluetooth Tracker for keeping an eye on you lost goodies. This lovely device is just 1.66m thick. So, it has an appropriate dimension such that you can fit it inside your wallet. When you cannot find an object, simply initiate a series of rims from the Safedom Tracker through your phone.

The device is loaded with a high-grade rechargeable battery using Wireless QI technology. This ensures that this device has one of the highest battery lives among all other similar devices.

Key Features:

  • Once fully charged, the Safedom Bluetooth Tracker can serve you for as long as 4 months at a time.
  • Since it has Bluetooth 5 technology it gives off a range of 300 feet even in an open environment.
  • This has a life span that is beyond expectation and will serve for 8 years.

3. Orbit Card Wallet Finder


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The Orbit Card Wallet Finder is a useful device if you keep losing your things. It is small and thin allowing you to place it inside your wallet or attach it to other items. The device is connected to your phone through Bluetooth using the Orbit app. Hence, controlled through it.

When you lose a device just send a signal to find your device. The terrific device has another impressive feature. You can take selfies of a huge group with this small card- you have to simply use the button as a selfie remote!

Key Features:

  • With bi-directional services, you can even track your phone with this device.
  • Just tap on the button and your phone will start ringing to aid you in finding it.
  • The Orbit app is very helpful in reminding you when to recharge your battery every time it is going to run dry.

2. Smart LB Anti-Theft Wallet

Smart LB Wallet Trackers

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The Smart LB is a readymade wallet that has an anti-theft device. This aids you with finding your wallet every time you lose it. This wallet has all the features of any normal wallet. The main pocket, a secondary pocket, card slots, ID display window, and so on and is from soft leather.

The amazing wallet is connectable to your phone using Bluetooth facility and you will never lose track of it again. If you can’t find it, a simple ring from your phone can do it. The action can be reversed too. In case, you cannot find your phone, hit the button on your wallet to easily locate it.

Key Features:

  • Want to take a selfie of a big group but don’t have a selfie stick? You can use the Smart LB’s button to use as a selfie camera button!
  • It takes about 5 hours for the impressive battery to get fully charged.

1. Tracmo Bluetooth Wallet Locator


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The Tracmo Bluetooth Wallet Locator is a small device that has a very powerful chip. It helps you to keep track of items such as wallets, keys, important documents, etc. So, you can easily attach it to such items or put it inside your wallet. Now, the item can always be monitored through your phone.

The Tracmo app is available for both Android devices and iOS phones and has several features. You can remotely ring the device from your phone. So, track the last known location which makes it very successful as an anti-theft device.

Key Features:

  • Do not worry if you cannot find your phone and it is in silent mode. Hit the button on the Tracmo Locator and your phone will immediately start ringing. Therefore, making it easy for you to locate.
  • Has a super-powerful battery that can last you as long as 13 to 18 months as per your use.
  • You get a replaceable battery with this product.

How to choose a wallet tracker?

A wallet tracker is one of the most useful tools of the 21st century. Losing the wallet or your keys or the TV remote is a very common occurrence and it takes lots of time and effort to find these small items. Such an item tracker initiates easier finding by ringing on being notified through a smartphone. These trackers mainly work via Bluetooth and so it is important that you get a device with a good range. With present Bluetooth technology, 200 to 300 feet is about the maximum range of Bluetooth devices.

The tracker that you buy should also be small and compact such that it can easily fit into pockets, wallets, or on the surface of small objects. An important aspect of any tracker is its battery life. Most trackers have irreplaceable trackers that last up to 3 to 4 years. It is better to go for a tracker with a replaceable or rechargeable battery. Last but not least, you should set a budget before you go shopping for a tracker. This will ensure that you will not overspend on the tracer you are buying.

Which wallet tracker is best for you?

Once you search for an item tracker on Google, you will get thousands of results that match your search. It makes it quite confusing to decide which product to choose from. Thus there are certain key details that you need to look for when you are looking for wallet and item trackers. The battery life and the Bluetooth range are the most important things to check and any tracker that supports a decent battery life and Bluetooth range at an affordable price is great for you.

Final Verdict

So, never lose any item and always keep a track of the belongings. The portable wallet tracker will easily fit in any bag or pocket and never worry about safety.