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10 Best Solar Backpacks in 2024

If you are planning on going hiking or traveling deep inside the woods, then you might know about the scarcity of electricity. It’s better to say that there is no chance of getting any power supply. So, what is the solution? The solar backpack is solely designed for taking carrying it while traveling. It has USB ports to charge the mobile or other electronic gadgets on the go. Moreover, these are pretty flexible and weighs light.

But not all provide the same results that these kinds of backpacks should provide. Therefore, to have full knowledge of all the top-notch products go through the solar backpack’s comparison.


The Best Solar Backpacks to Buy in 2024

10. ECEEN Solar Backpack

ECEEN Solar Backpacks

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Eceen has created a solar backpack that will serve you on multiple outdoor activities or for day to day use. You can use it as a work backpack or for hiking, biking, camping and a lot more. The backpack has been made from premium quality materials including nylon and polyester. This keeps it resilient against daily wear and tear and also for a bit of water resistance.

With the backpack, you will never run out of energy since it has a built-in solar panel. It can charge up any device with a USB port as you are on the go. You can use it to juice up your power bank or simply use it outside for charging your laptop or phone.

Key features:

  • Solar cells used in the backpack are highly efficient and have a transfer rate of 22 percent.
  • The USB port has voltage stability control to protect your device from getting damaged by unstable currents.
  • Has a 1.8-liter hydration pack to supply you with water or any drink of your choice.

9. HAWEEL Solar Backpack


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Haweel presents to you a spacious solar backpack that uses the latest 3rd generation solar panels for incredible transfer rates that can reach around 23 to 25 percent. That means that you don’t have to wait very long hours to get your devices charged. Compared to the traditional solar panels that use crystalline silicon technology, this one is more than 50 percent effective.

You will also be able to carry it easily and in comfort due to the back and shoulder straps. These are certainly thickened with breathable padded cushioning. To your surprise, you get 14 watts power so now you can charge with the use of USB.

Key features:

  • Due to the rugged construction, your solar panel is used even in unpredictable weather conditions.
  • It has a strap at the back so that you can easily integrate it into the handle of your luggage.
  • Have pockets for keeping your phone, laptop or iPad organized.

8. Sunnybag Explorer+ Solar Backpack

Sunnybag Solar Backpacks

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It has an incredible design and high-quality components that will leave you impressed and satisfied. With a volume of 15 liters, you can pack a whole lot of things for a weekend trip on different activities. On the inside, you have several organizational compartments. It is used for storing pens, business cards and a lot of gear that might be of use in work or an outdoor trip.

At the backside, you get padded compartments for storing your laptop and tablet. You get two side pockets that keep you prepared for rain with enough room for an umbrella and a water bottle

Key features:

  • At the top front, you get a compartment that can store your sunglasses.
  • The solar is also detached from the backpack for separate use of either item.
  • At the backside of the solar panel, there is a transparent pocket for storing your phone while charging it.

7. Fanspack Laptop Backpack


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Fanspack brings to you a solar backpack that is crafted from tough and thick oxford fabric. It is highly versatile and won’t get ripped even after rough use. With just a look, you can see that each and every part of the bag has received its due attention. The solar panel used in this backpack can deliver you over 5 watts of power separately used from the bag as well.

You can leave it in the camp with your friend for charging devices and go along a short trail with the backpack. It indeed has a construction of Oxford cloth. This makes it lightweight as well as waterproof in nature.

Key features:

  • Can accommodate a lot of stuff in an organised manner from your phone and wallet to clothes and other personal belongings.
  • Back zipper has an anti-theft facility; therefore, you can store your valuables inside it.
  • Can hold laptops with a maximum size of 15.6-inches.

6. XTPower Hiking Solar Backpack

XTPower Solar Backpacks

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XTPower lets you harness the energy of the Sun so that you can enjoy technology in a sustainable way. You won’t run out of power as long as you have the sun on your side. It uses the light to charge your devices via this backpack’s removable solar panel. So, you can use the backpack with or without the panel.

It has click buckles that allow you to attach or remove it within seconds. Having a robust design, the solar cells will even resist scratch. Having a nylon construction, it will not tear easily and certainly repels water.

Key features:

  • The backpack has a flexible yet strong fabric that can be used in multiple situations.
  • The panel can give you 7 watts of power for charging devices with USB interface.
  • Have adjustable shoulder and waist straps so that you can carry the backpack comfortably.

5. SUNNYBAG Solar Backpack


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Iconic from Sunnybag is one of the most successful and premium offerings among its line of solar backpacks. It has really strong solar panels with solar cells that reach an efficiency of 22 percent. It works great with direct sunlight and a good job with indirect sunlight as well. Just connect your phone to the panel and within just 2 to 3 hours your phone will be completely charged.

It can also supply electricity to other devices like tablets, drones, GPS devices, tripods and more. The bag is crafted from top quality materials as well, from Cordura fabric to ear and water-resistant zippers. It has been made so that you can use it for years to come. It also offers a larger volume of 20 liters. And have around 14 chambers or pockets to keep all your gear or other belongings.

Key features:

  • Up to 17-inch, large laptops can fit inside the padded compartments along with tablets of various sizes.
  •  Have magnetic pockets on the side that allows you to wirelessly charge your phones via AWC enabled power banks.
  • Comes with a rain cover at the bottom.

4. FARAZ Solar Backpack

FARAZ Solar Backpacks

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Faraz has made a superior quality bag for everyday needs. It is of great help at the office or for an outdoor adventure. It is of 600D thick oxford fabric that can stand against rips. Moreover, it protects all your important files or expensive gadgets from rain you also get an interior polyester lining.

The solar panel that you get on this backpack delivers 6 watts of power. As a result, you can charge your smartphone, camera, tablet or power bank, no matter where you are. Zip for opening up the main compartment also goes all the way around for easy access.

Key features:

  • Your laptop and tablet won’t shake or move around with the secured strap.
  • Stealthy and strong handle loop for convenience of one-handed carrying.
  • At the back, you also get a special zippered mesh pocket.

3. Kingsons Beam Backpack


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Kingsons bring you a highly efficient solar backpack that uses Miasole solar cells. These cells with a good amount of sunlight can charge your devices at 11 volts and current of 1.7 amps. It also has an interesting design that is different from traditional backpacks that have a lower center of gravity.

Instead of having your lower back support most of the weight, this one keeps it on your shoulder with its compressed design. You will be able to tell the difference where the same weight will feel lighter on this backpack.

Key features:

  • Has an anti-theft design which prevents over curious hands from reaching their destination.
  • Padding is done on the back with multiple panels and they are breathable to keep you sweat-free.
  • Have a USB output and a micro-USB input port for seamless charging.

2. DTBG Solar Charger Backpack

DTBG Solar Backpacks

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DTBG has done an amazing job of packing this solar backpack with its features and has designed it with the right balance of space and theft protection. As you open up the zipper the bag opens up with all its storage compartments and pockets visible to you. It means no more shoving things on top of each other. Everything has a place to stay organized and within close reach.

For your laptop, it has a well-padded enclosure and cross-straps to keep it from moving or shaking around. The same holds true for your tablet which gets a place just above the laptop enclosure.

Key features:

  • Metal zippers feature molded protection so that you can avoid scratches.
  • Charging port is easily accessed without opening up the bag.
  • The shoulder strap has a pocket to keep your cards within close distance.

1. EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack


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EnerPlex offers you a wide range of functionality and convenience despite its compact size. It has flexible solar cells that are integrated into the bag. Therefore, it can charge up your camera or smartphone within just 5 hours or less. The panel can also tackle harsh conditions, so you can even go on a hiking or biking trip along unexplored trails with this backpack.

You can also take this lightweight backpack to your work and it has a laptop sleeve as well. It certainly has an expandable compartment that will fit in all the essentials.

Key features:

  • Engineered and proudly manufactured in the USA with the highest of standards.
  • Lined with reflective material on the inside for better visibility in the dark.

The traveler in you will fully receive all the perks from this travel solar backpack. Leave for a fun journey and explore the wilds like never before.