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10 Best Surge Protectors in 2024

When you need to charge multiple devices in one outlet, then the idea may seem impossible. However, it is totally achievable if you get a surge protector. Uniformly distributing the voltage throughout the outlet, these protectors will not harm your device or you.

And the voltage regulation happens due to the presence of a circuit board. Having longevity that you cannot stop praising, you will definitely want this in your home. Still, looking out for the finest options? Take the products in our surge protector review into account and the high-end choices will be right in front of your hand.


The Best Surge Protectors to Buy in 2024

10. JACKYLED Surge Protector

JACKYLED Surge Protectors

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The surge protector is designed with a lot of care. Each unit is independent. Thus, you can save energy if you do not need them all to work at once. Next, since there is ample space between each unit, you can use small or large plugs smoothly without any problem. Besides, it has a very unique feature of providing you with smart USB ports apart from the AC outlets.

Since there are many AC outlets, you can use it for a wide range of applications all at once. Fire is very fatal when it comes to any electronic device. For that reason, this surge protector has cast out a flame retardant material. Lastly, it can function at a maximum power of 3000W without any hindrances at all.

Key Features: 

  • In order to keep things neat and organized, the cord is retractable.
  • As a matter of fact, the cord is 6.5-feet long providing you ample length to work with.
  • Top-notch protection from short-circuiting, over current, voltage fluctuations and etc.

9. Belkin Power Strip Surge Protector


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The surge protector performs with exceptional efficiency. Apart from being a heavy-duty product, this also provides you with a peaceful experience. The protector is provided with power filtration, this helps to reduce the noise so you are not distracted.

Also, in order to not overwhelm your home, the protector has a space-saving design to easily fit into compact spaces. The protector provides you with 12 different outlets that can work efficiently all at once. Housing is very important for any connection related to electricity. For that reason, the housing is made damage resistant so it can last you for a really long time.

Key Features: 

  • Belkin assures you of its superior quality with an exclusive lifetime warranty. Not only that, it provides you with a connected equipment warranty as well.
  • The given cord goes to a length of 8-ft.
  • The housing is totally known for enduring extreme damages as well.

8. ECHOGEAR Power Strip

ECHOGEAR Surge Protectors

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If you are looking for a reliable solution to the worry of electrical spikes, go for this product. This surge protector is all about efficient space management with great performance. Having a very small cylindrical design, it fits 8 different outlets into a small space. Next, the design has been made pivoting.

This ensures you can use all the outlets at once, while the protector does not occupy too much space. Besides, the surge protector has an immense 2160J of fire protection which keeps your appliances and home safe. ECHOGEAR offers the unique feature of cable hooks. While cable hooks keep the place looking tidy and sleek, it also protects the cables of the transformers from twisting.

Key Features: 

  • If you wish to mount your protector, ECHOGEAR has got you covered. It comes with keyholes at the back essentially reducing your workload.
  • A fire-proof choice for a safe process.
  • This has a UL certification that clearly states its level of quality.

7. SUPERDANNY Mountable


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If protection is your top priority, you should definitely go for this surge protector. The entire protector is out of ABS coupled with PC. Apart from providing durability to the product, these materials are fire retardant. Furthermore, the protector offers multiple protections in general.

The product is designed so it can provide protection against high temperatures. It is also designed to take care of overloading issues. In order to keep the massive cord in an orderly manner, the protector comes with a trinket of a cable tie. Finally, it has a high end brushed finish surface.

Key Features: 

  • More choice is always better for anything. In order to blend in with your room, the surge protector comes in two shades of black and white.
  • The surge protector keeping in pace with technology offers you fast-charging USB ports. These ports are designed with a smart identification technology.
  • You get mounting holes along with a loop and fastener for improving the organization’s task.

6. AmazonBasics Power Strip

AmazonBasics Surge Protectors

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Get one of these surge protectors and guard your sensitive electronic devices against all electrical spikes. The product has an added resettable circuit breaker which is integrated with a switch. This provides you with added security against any mishap.

As a matter of fact, the MOV is fireproof. This further ensures you of the safety against all those electrical surges. The outlets have the thoughtful addition of sliding covers as well. Given that, the 6-feet long cord makes sure you are not affected by a space crunch. Besides, the vital part of the surge protector, the cord, is heavy-duty as well.

Key Features: 

  • It has an exclusive feature of LED lights. These lights help to indicate the protection as well as grounding.
  • The most important feature of the product, the outlets are widely spaced. This makes sure you can use them for multiple functions at once.
  • It comes with an on and off switch for quick access to it.

5. APC Surge Protector


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Since the protector provides you with a variety of outlets, you can use all kinds of devices on it. Apart from the AC outlets, it has two added USB ports. Next, keeping the different needs in mind, the protector has 4 regular and 4 transformer spaced outlets. As a result, it can accommodate all kinds of devices.

Thus, you do not need to worry about compatibility. Since the product has a flat end, it remains stable on any surface with ease and does not need any support, or mounting. The protector has a really high level of protection. It offers 2360J protection against any lightning or electrical surges or spikes.

Key Features: 

  • With the crucial PU82 on its side, this surge protector provides the best primary level of protection. Moreover, all the protectors go through an IEEE test as well.
  • Have 2 different USB ports so that you can charge both your devices simultaneously.
  • It is perfect for placing at a 90-degree angle and keeps it functional.

4. Bototek Power Strip Surge Protector

bototek Surge Protectors

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For those who prefer more than just the functionality, Bototek offers you this surge protector in two variant colors. You can choose one which goes well with your décor. Since the surge protector is quite compact, you can easily carry it when you travel as well. It is lightweight which makes it even more convenient to carry it anywhere you prefer.

Besides, it has conductive Integrated copper that increases the durability of the product as well as provides you with better security against lightning. It offers you a great number of outlets. 10 usual outlets and 4 smart USB ports are sported. Finally, it is certainly compact and will rather help in saving a lot of space in any location.

Key Features: 

  • The casing is an important part of the surge protector. Thus, to ensure better safety is has a flame retardant material.
  • In order to protect the wires well and confirm your safety, the wires have a thick protective rubber coating around them.
  • It is rather compatible with different types of device cords.

3. Witeem Power Strip Surge Protector


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You may want to keep the surge protector absolutely out of the reach of your children or your pet to feel safer. Thus, Witeem has added a keyhole at the back of the power strip. This helps to easily and quickly mount the protector on any wall.

Moreover, the product has high fire resistance. It can tolerate up to 1382°F without any alternation in the smooth performance. Besides, it has overload protection as well. To assure you of its quality, this product is ETL listed as well. With a total of 30W power delivery, this can charge much faster than the usual ones.

Key Features: 

  • Having electronic devices around children can be very dangerous. To protect your child from any accidents, the surge protector has a child-friendly safety shutter.
  • The protector charges devices 3 times faster than the common ones.
  • Indeed a wall-mountable product and you can charge any device through the 12 outlets.

2. LOVIN PRODUCT Power Strip Tower

LOVIN PRODUCT Surge Protectors

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The design is very efficient and well thought out. In the shape of an almost cylinder, within a small space, this tower accommodates many outlets. It features as many as 14 different AC outlets along with 2 USB ports. Since the design is in the form of a tower, it takes up much less surface area when it is placed on the ground.​​

Further, with an aim to be more energy-saving, each unit is independent. This means you can turn on only one unit into operation if you do not have many devices to the plugin at the same time. Ample space in between each unit and outlet for free plugging.

Key Features: 

  • The tower comes with a convenient handle. This makes transporting the entire tower much safer and easier.
  • To makes things even simpler for you, LOVIN PRODUCT has added a crucial feature. The entire tower is rotatable, which makes plugging in much easier.
  • With a 6-ft cord that you can extend it to places, this is fully universal.

1. HOLSEM Surge Protector


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No compromise is made when it comes to the quality of the product. The cord, which is the most crucial part of the product has been given special attention. High-quality copper wire is used which is a much better conductor of electricity.

On top of that, it heats up less while it minimizes energy loss. Besides, the wires are well covered with a thick protective rubber covering to ensure safety. The protector is suspended through the keyhole both horizontally or vertically, to keep out of the reach of children. Finally, the 6-ft cord will give you enough room for extension.

Key Features: 

  • A tiny green LED is added to the protector. This indicates when the surge protection is smoothly working.
  • If you are still doubtful about the quality of the product, no need to be. HOLSEM drives out all your doubts with the ETL and FCC recognition.

Now charge multiple devices at the same time and that also in a safe arrangement. The surge protector for home or professional use will keep multiple devices functional at the same time.