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10 Best Selfie Ring Lights in 2024

A ring light source is a very helpful arrangement. Whether you are putting on the makeup or getting ready to take a selfie, a ring light is a very good source to light up your face. In fact, you can use it for professional photoshoots and even during your Youtube videos and Facebook live streams. A modern-day choice of every professional, it will evenly distribute the light and bring out the best in you. So, a selfie ring light is something that you cannot deny to include in your professional work.

Currently, this is a much-hyped product in the market. So, the competition is tough and the number of counterfeit products available makes it tougher. Here is the selfie ring light review that stops you from making the wrong decision. Your products are already reviewed by us and you can find it out here.


List of Best Selfie Ring Lights Review

10. UBeesize Selfie Ring Light

UBeesize Selfie Ring Lights

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If you are looking for a highly function tripod ring light you should go for the UBeesize Selfie Ring Light. The light features a diameter of 8-inches and supports three different modes. You can run it in warm light mode, cool white mode, and daylight mode. Next, you are also allowed to select from among 11 brightness settings for each mode.

As a result, giving you a wide array of choices for all kinds of lighting requirement. The ring light is equipped with a phone holder that extends up to 3.6-inches wide to support different kinds of smartphone devices. It is adjusted to find the perfect angle for the perfect selfie.

Key Features:

  • The tripod stand has a high-grade aluminum construction that ensures a lightweight while being very durable.
  • In fact, the aluminum tripod frame supports adjustable height that extends between 17.5-inches to 51-inches
  • This weighted tripod stand ensures that the lamp is always stable on most grounds.

9. YBLNTEK Selfie Ring Light


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Firstly, the YBLNTEK Selfie light features a light-emitting ringlet. The advantage of such kind of lighting is that it unanimously lights up your face and gets rid of soft shadows. Besides, the functionality of this light arrangement is too high. The light can feature three different modes, namely, warm light, cold light and daylight modes.

If you hold down the power button for a while you will notice the change in brightness if the lights. This raises the scope of this lighting apparatus by a huge margin. There are 40 LED lights that shine on your face to give you the best selfies ever.

Key Features:

  • The light source is powered by a rechargeable battery. All you need to do is to connect a USB adapter and charge the light to use it.
  • A versatile light arrangement that supports a wide array of photographic devices such as laptops, phones, and so on.
  • It certainly has a small footprint due to its mini size.

8. XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light

XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Lights

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The XINBAOHONG Selfie Ring Light is an amazing source of such light. The LED source allows you to control the warmth and brightness of the light. It features low, normal, and high lighting modes to illuminate the object to different levels. The brightness for each mode may also be varied.

This ensures that you always get the type of light you are looking for. Having a very humanize-design, it has a holding thickness of 18mm. Moreover, the design of this light source comes with a silicon layer. As a result, it protects it from scratches or any harm from all the handling.

Key Features:

  • The ring light source is composed of many small LED lights arranged in a ring to light up the face evenly.
  • Has an in-built battery that is further rechargeable with the help of USB.
  • Includes 36 powerful LED lights in it that further facilitates even and dense distribution.

7. Auxiwa Selfie Ring Light


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If you want to look flawless in your selfies or want to master the art of night photography or videography, then you should go for the Auxiwa Selfie Light. This is an amazing product and a very simple device to handle. The multiple LED sources arranged in a ring cast an overall glow on your face and get rid of soft shadows.

Plus, the brightness of the light source is e adjusted and so is the white balance. This makes way for unlimited lighting options to click the perfect photograph or selfie. Given that, it has an ultralightweight of 42g and the 36 LED lights set-up has a color temperature of 5600k. So, what’s holding you back from buying this?

Key Features:

  • Works on a rechargeable battery. Thus you don’t have to worry about carrying batteries every time you need to use the light!
  • The design of this lamp is encapsulated in soft, shock-absorbing sponge material to keep it out of harm’s way.
  • It’s the round shape that helps in the proper spreading of light.

6. QIAYA Selfie Ring Light

QIAYA Selfie Ring Lights

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Looking for a versatile ring light source for the perfect selfies and other lighting utilities? The QIAYA Selfie Ring Light steals the show. It features a plethora of functionalities making it ideal for a plethora of different applications. The ring light is paired with a robust tripod stand.

However, the stand has an adjustable height at four intervals between the range of 27.5-inches and 46.5-inches. The base of the tripod stand is also weighted to ensure that it is stable on different platforms. In fact, for that perfect finish, the color temperature ranges from 3500-6000k.  Lastly, it is a perfect choice for your Youtube video and even for Facebook lives.

Key Features:

  • You can tilt this light source by 180⁰ to attain the desired angle of the lighting on the subject!
  • If you are concerned about the color, pick any from the 3 color modes. These are warm yellow, white and finally, warm light.
  • The phone holder this selfie light ring house allows you to rotate the phone by 360⁰.

5. Neewar LED Ring Light


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The Neewar LED Ring light is a wonderful light setup that can take care of all your lighting needs. Plus, the light source is easily applicable to both indoor and outdoor sources. And it’s because of the wide 18” diameter frame. You can adjust the brightness of light source gradually between 1% and 100% to suit your necessary light requirements. The ring light is supported in a sturdy tripod stand.

Moreover, its height is set between 36.2-inches and 78.7-inches. Hence, you do not have to struggle to get the perfect lighting. The stand is from a strong aluminum alloy that makes it rugged yet lightweight.

Key Features:

  • The exquisite light uses a very simple arrangement of using filters to shift between different lighting modes and warmth.
  • You can set the phone in portrait or landscape mode and shift between them because of the 360⁰ rotatable holder.
  • In fact, you can even dim the lights as per your preference.

4. MACTREM Selfie Ring Light

MACTREM Selfie Ring Lights

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The MACTERM Selfie ring Light has a construction from 92 pieces of LED lighting source arranged in a ring. Interestingly, 32 pieces of warm lighting, 32 pieces of white lighting and 28 pieces of RGB lighting make the set.

The light sources are evenly distributed on the ring to ensure proper distribution and elimination of shadows from the subject. As a matter of fact, the brightness of this light source is adjusted between 10 different preloaded modes. The light sources are also arranged to manage the warmth of the light illuminating your face.

Key Features:

  • It features a diameter of 8-inches to provide unanimous light on to the subject.
  • The light setup is paired with two sets of tripods. The bigger tripod is to stand it on the ground while the smaller tripod is to set it on a tabletop.
  • Certainly, the phone holder is rotated by 180⁰ in the vertical direction. Whereas, 360⁰ in the horizontal direction to attain perfect photographic angle.

3. KeShi Ring Light


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The KeShi Ring Light and added accessories make a very handy package for the selfie or the photography enthusiast. Given that, the tripod stand doubles as a selfie stick if you need it to. The light setup is quite brilliant.

It features three different modes of lighting depending upon the warmth of the light. The brightness of each of the modes is also individually adjusted you suit your requirements. You will not need batteries or an electrical source to power this ring light. It runs on a rechargeable battery that is easily charged using a USB cable.

Key Features:

  • The KeShi Ring Light comprises of 120 small LED light units arranged around a ring.
  • The height of the tripod stand is adjustable between 14.56-inches and 65-inches.
  • This dimmable light has a 2-in-1 design that is perfect for the live stream as well. Interestingly, you can easily control it with the help of a remote.

2. QIAYA LED Circle Light

QIAYA Selfie Ring Lights

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The QIAYA LED Circle Light is a great source for the light that you can carry around. It is used for different applications. These are such as illuminating the subject when applying makeup, taking selfies, vlogging, night photography and videography, and so on. Next, the light source is very bright. Thus, the light coming out of a concentrated ring can illuminate the subject very well.

As a matter of fact, the brightness of the light source is also adjustable. You can adjust the warmth of the light and select from 3 preloaded modes. You need not carry any batteries or power source when using this light source. The ring light is powered by a rechargeable battery that is easily charged with just a USB cable.

Key Features:

  • It is pocket-sized and features a very lightweight body thus allowing you to carry it anywhere.
  • Certainly, a catch for dark rooms and night hours.

1. Rovtop Ring Light


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This is the ultimate solution to all your light requirements if your job entails illumination of a subject. Be it photography or applying makeup, or something as simple as taking a selfie, the light source is of vital importance. Rovtop Light ring features three different light modes depending upon the warmth- warm, nature and cold.

The brightness for each of these modes can also be individually set from among 10 levels. As a matter of fact, the combinations are unlimited and you can garner any type of light source with such a versatile machine.

Key Features:

  • The tripod stand is height adjustable between 16-inches and 51-inches. Therefore, allowing you to host it on a tabletop or on level ground.
  • It is compatible with nearly all kinds of smartphones. You can easily run different iPhones or Android phones with this light source.
  • This is 10-inches and comes with a universal holder.

Now, you will always remain photo-ready. The ring light along with the selfie ring light stand will hold the device for you and you can shoot yourself in perfect lig3ht conditions.