Top 10 Best Robot Dog Toys in 2019


The robot dog toy is becoming a very popular item among kids and dog lovers. A robot dog toy is as close as it can get to a real dog. It can respond to voice command, do various real dog postures and actions, and the touch and feel is very much like a lifelike dog. The construction of the toys is very realistic, and some of them have heartbeat vibration when you touch them. Check out the top 10 best robot dog toys in 2019 and gift them to dog lovers and kids.

List of Top Best Robot Dog Toys Review

10. Smart Robot Robot Dog Toys

Smart Robot Robot Dog Toys

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This robot dog toy is very cute and will sing for your little one. It can also dance and can respond to his master’s voice. It has got sensors located on its head, tail, back, nose, and backside. This is made up of non-toxic material which is odorless and is perfect for kids. This pet dog named “Harly” will not bite or scare kids and has the ability to improve the eye coordination of your child. This is suitable for children of over 2 years. It has got automatic features and is considered safe for kids.

9. BIRANCO Electronic Pets Dog Toy

BIRANCO Robot Dog Toys

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This is a cute little robot dog toy which has got many automatic features. This is available in two different colors and is suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years. This will respond to touches and has also got light and music. This needs to be charged through a USB plug and is a perfect item to gift your kids. It is safe for children as it is made up of ABS plastic. It is non-toxic and has also got voice control. This is an intelligent toy which will be loved by your children.

8. Liberty Imports Smart Robot Dog Toy

Liberty Imports Robot Dog Toys

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This is an amazing robot dog toy which will dance and walk. It is an electronic toy which will be adored by your kids. This can change the direction when it gets bumped into a wall. This has got the ability to wag its tail and can also move its head. This is recommended for children of over three years and can make animal sounds. In addition to this, it has also got music and there is also light. This is lightweight and is powered with the help of rechargeable batteries.

7. Marsjoy Interactive Puppy Plush Animated Walking Pet

Marsjoy Robot Dog Toys

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In this robot dog toy, you can control the sound. This is like a real husky dog and can do difficult movements. It can tumble, clap hands, bow, and shake its body. This is touch sensitive and will also wag its tail. It is an ideal gift for your child. This is powered with the help of AA batteries and is made up of high-quality plush fabric. This is very comfortable and soft and is non-toxic. It also does not have any smell and there will be no dropping hair.

6. MIGO Touch Electronic Dog

MIGO Robot Dog Toys

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Your kids will love this cute robot dog toy as it has got many amazing features. This will make your kids feel happy and it is an intelligent pet dog. It has got multiple sensors and can perform many reactions when you touch it. This can sing, dance and can also change positions. It works with three AA batteries and it can also dance. It is lightweight and the moment you touch it, it will give you different reactions. This is in white color and has got black spots on it.

5. Tekno Newborns Pet Dog Toy Robotic Puppy

Tekno Newborns Robot Dog Toys

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This is an adorable robot dog toy which comes in four different colors. The puppy dog loves to play, jump, walk, and beg. It has got a stylish body and can respond to touch and voice. This will light up its eye showing a sign of awake. It acts like a real puppy and will be loved by your kids. This robot dog toy is an ideal item to gift your children as it will react to your command. This is for kids aged 3+ and it is also lightweight. It is powered by two AAA batteries.

4. WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

WowWee Robot Dog Toys

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This is a funny robot dog toy which will make you laugh. This will react in many different ways like barking, sniffing, sneezing, and puppy kisses. This is operated with the help of a remote control which will make the dog dance and sing. This will case its tail and will also roll on different sides. This can explore your room and has sensors which will make it guard your room. The robot toy is available in three different colors and is very safe for your children.

3. Zoomer Zupps – Tiny Pups – Beagle Flare

Zoomer Zupps Robot Dog Toys

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This is a cute little electronic puppy which can do many reactions. It can bar as “I Love You” and has got interactive lighted eyes. This will respond when you press the nose or head. This is suitable for children over four years and each pet has got its secret trick. It is powered with three LR44 batteries and will allow your child to interact with the toy. This has got wheeled paws which allow it to scroll. It can also blow you a kiss and can even whistle.

2. Joy For All Companion Pets Golden Pup

Joy For All Companion Robot Dog Toys

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This is one of the cutest looking robot dog toys available. It looks very much like a real golden pup and there are sensors available to respond to touches and sounds. It can produce authentic puppy like sounds and the texture of the coat is very soft and lifelike. In fact, you can feel the heartbeat while touching it and it can respond back to your voice commands. It is a perfect gift item for kids and dog lovers.

1. Georgie – Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy

Georgie Robot Dog Toys

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This is an advanced and highly interaction robot dog toy. It can respond to your voice commands and snuggle. There are over 100 puppy behaviors available to make it lifelike. The battery is also long-lasting and your gestures include high five, sit down, self, stand up, dance, stay and much more. There are carrier and hand tag also available. Moreover, there are various other accessories available like a rope toy, bandana, and much more.


If you are saddened by the loss of your dog and do not want to keep any other dog, a robot dog toy can be a perfect replacement. That is why it is becoming popular among dog lovers. Moreover, it is an absolute favorite among kids as they can interact with the dog toy easily. Go through the description of the robot dog toys to understand all the advanced and interactive toys on the list and choose the best one as per your budget.

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