Top 10 Best Robot Dog Toys in 2020

Robot toys are trendy among the kids of every age for their interactive features and engaging activities. More than hours of engaging activities that your kid can enjoy, these toys increase the imagination power of the kids. Further, the robotic toys teach the kids ’cause and effect relationship as they can see the toys performing different functions on pressing different buttons, and so on.

You would not realize, but the robot toys are a great way of enhancing your kid’s motor skills, imparting them knowledge on how batteries and motors work. However, robot toys should be selected according to the age of the kid. A toy with a lot of functionality would not interest your toddler.

They will be more rejoiced in playing with toys such as robot dog toys, and so on. Best Robot Dog Toys will have various fun features to keep your tot engaged and enjoying an interactive play. To make it easier for you to select the best robot dog for your kid, here are our top 10 suggestions.

List of Best Robot Dog Toys in 2020

10. Liberty Imports Head Sensor Interactive Smart Robot Puppy

Liberty Imports Robot Dog Toys

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Give your kid a fun way of exploring the robotic toys at an early age with this smart robot puppy from Liberty Imports. Packed with super cool features such as bump and Go, touch head for singing and dancing makes this toy super entertaining for your toddler.

This cute robot dalmatian has sensors on his head, nose, back, and tail for quick touch response to the kid. The puppy will greet upon switching on the power button and would auto-off after 30 seconds. On touching the blue spot, this little puppy makes realistic sound and plays a chasing game with your kid. For the safety of the kids, the toy has been tested and certified according to the ASTM and CSPC standards.


  • Very interactive with multiple sensors
  • Built to last with superior quality material
  • Operates on batteries
  • Lightweight and portable
  • ASTM and CSPC certified


  • Available in just one color

9. Tuptoel Programmable Touch Response BPA-Free ABS


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Give your kid a perfect way to play and learn with this robot dog from Tuptoel that can change the playing mode by merely touching the nose. For better control, you get remote, which has six keys and can be programmed into 30 actions. The smart puppy changes the directions when it collides with something giving a very realistic environment to your toddler.

The puppy can walk, sing, dance, and sit like a real puppy and even snores when ideal for few minutes. You can activate the coding mode of the puppy just by touching its nose. Apart from the functionality, the robot puppy is made from BPA-free ABS material and chargeable with the USB cord.


  • Can be programmed into 30 actions with just six keys
  • Made from child-friendly BPA-free ABS material
  • Can be charged with the USB
  • Easy functionality and features
  • Infrared sensor and intelligent controls


  • Too many features might be confusing for the kids below five years of age

8. DEERC SMART RC Gesture Control LED Eyes Robot Puppy

DEERC Robot Dog Toys

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The robot pup from DEERC is intelligent and fun with a host of exciting features. Enhance your kid’s motor skills with this remote control stunt dog that can sing, dance, walk, and do so many tricks keeping your child busy for hours. Further, there are two modes of playing the dog – infrared remote control and gesture control.

Hand gesture would make the dog move forward, backward, turn right, and left, among other functions. Moreover, the inbuilt auto-sense helps the pup to avoid obstacles even before hitting it. This robot dog can perform as many as 50 actions and would repeat according to the program. Four wheels and multiple joints ensure the agility of the dog and make less prone to breakage.


  • Can perform up to 50 functions
  • Remote control and Gesture control
  • Inbuilt sensor to avoid the obstacles
  • Smooth skating wheels for more agility


  • Could be a bit smaller in size for the kids above ten years of age

7. RACPNEL Gesture Sensing Light And Sound Remote Control Robot Puppy


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This adorable dancing and walking robot puppy is a perfect play companion for your kid. Easy to operate, only long-pressing the nose of this pup will make it walk, move forward, slide, move backward, turn left and right as well as sit down. The stem program mode of the toy can be activated simply by inserting treat keys. Just feed different program treats to the puppy to create a sequence of actions.

Just to ensure the safety of the kids, the puppy toy is made of high quality, non-toxic ABS material. Further, the non sharp edges of the toy are perfect even for the toddlers to play without getting hurt accidentally. Moreover, the color of the eye indicates the mode for the puppy, and therefore, it is easy to program.


  • Remote control and gesture control
  • Can be programmed for doing 30 activities at a time
  • Made from non-toxic, kid-friendly ABS material
  • 3 modes available for more engagement and fun


  • Manufacturers recommend for the kids above three years of age

6. Biranco STEM Programmable Action Gesture Control Interactive

BIRANCO Robot Dog Toys

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This cute and very interactive puppy robot would be one of the best gifts for the kids for their fun features. Merely making a gesture in front of them would light up the eyes of this puppy, and it will respond in an adorable puppy sound. Further, the gesture sensing eyes are fast enough to respond to the corresponding action after they receive the command of gestures.

The USB charging without opening the battery compartment makes the toy even more comfortable and safe for the kids. Apart from that, for STEM actions, you can use the keys and program up to 30 actions. Let your kid play and learn in a fun way and explore the concepts of robotics and technology.


  • A puppy can be programmed to adventure mode, RC mode or Gesture mode
  • Can do a host of functions such as walking, sitting, running, standing, dancing, etc.
  • Easy to charge with a USB cable without opening the battery compartment


  • The price might be higher compared to the similar items

5. Zoomer Voice Recognition Fun And Interactive Kids Robot Dog


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A pup that recognizes your voice and interacts like real is perhaps the best gift for the kids. The sophisticated voice recognition technology helps the puppy to identify your voice and make the gestures accordingly. The adorable puppy responds to the touch as it is equipped with multiple sensors. For instance, the pup would make a cute barking sound when touched on the head.

Further, Zoomer pup responds cutely to the voice commands such as ‘sit down,’ ‘lie down’ and so on. Just to make the interaction of the kids even more realistic, the pup has mushy ears, a wiggly tail, and a floppy tongue. With the voice recognition feature, you can reach up to 25 tricks to this puppy. Moreover, it is easy to charge the toy as all you need is a USB cable.


  • Comes packed with voice recognition technology
  • Lifelike features such as mushy ears and wiggly tail
  • Multiple sensors for responding to the touch
  • USB charging


  • Might get confused when given multiple commands in a short interval

4. Dimple Handheld Remote USB Charging Interactive Robot Dog

Dimple Robot Dog Toys

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Super fun, full of activities, and hilarious this do is a perfect toy for the kids who get bored too quickly of just playing the same toys. The handheld remote control dog can perform various actions such as singing, dancing, running, turning left and right, sitting, standing, and so on. The long-range controller ensures that your kid can control the puppy even from 35 feet away.

Four wheels at the feet and multiple joints guarantee smooth propelling and agility, giving a more life-like feel. The robot dog already comes with features such as singing children songs, learn the alphabet and numbers. A fun way for the kids to learn alphabets, numbers, motor skills, and so on.


  • Can learn and recite alphabets and numbers
  • Four wheels for smooth movement
  • Powerful remote control
  • Easy charging with USB


  • Small parts of the toy make it suitable for the kids above three years of age

3. Top Race Voice Controlled Robot Dog

Top Race

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You don’t just get an average robot dog when buying this robot pup from Top Race as this toy can imitate the voice and body language of 10 other animals. There is nothing better than your kid learning the names, sounds behavior of 10 animals with just one toy. The easy handheld remote control lets you command the pup for performing various functions such as sit, somersault, walk, run, and so on.

However, it is also possible to control the dog with voice commands and train the dog for up to 12 voice directives. Perfect size for the kids, this puppy will add to the fun of your kids during the play hours. Make sure that you do not charge the battery right after using it and give it some time to cool down.


  • Imitates ten animal voices and body actions
  • Both remote and voice control
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 12 voice directives and seven functions


  • Online manual for the set up is not available

2. FISCA Intelligent Programming Function Singing And Dancing

fisca Robot Dog Toys

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This intelligent robot dog from Fisca is made of high-quality material with a smooth surface. Let your kids enjoy the interactive features such as cute moves when the head is patted on. Apart from singing and dancing, the puppy will behave as programmed and comes with a simulated barking feature as well. It will blink, turn its head, move around, dance, making playtime for the kids even more fun. The power-saving function ensures that after 100 seconds of rest, the toy will be turned off automatically, therefore, saving power.


  • Program the actions of the puppy
  • Interactive functions, singing, and dancing
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Easy remote control
  • Auto-off when not in use for more than 100 seconds


  • Available in just one color combination

1. WEofferwhatYOUwant Cute Dalmatian Battery Operated Robot Pup Harry


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One of the cutest looking robot pups, this dog is fun as it sings, dances run, barks plays music, and so on. The sensor of the toy is quite powerful as it responds to touch in different ways. The cute pup plays and chases on a smooth surface and comes with a bump and go feature.

Develop the motor skills of your kids with this cute and feature-loaded robot pup that can introduce learning in a fun way. The intelligent dog turns around if he comes across any obstacles. Further, on pinching the tail, the pup will say, ‘Oh! No, stop it,” making your kids giggle and have fun.


  • Multiple touch sensors for various actions
  • Intelligent feature such as turnaround from an obstacle
  • Made from high-quality material and safe for the kids


  • Manufacturers recommend the toy for 24 months+

What Factors To Consider Before Buying The Robot Puppy Toys For The Kids


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a robotic or any toy for the kids is the material. Toxic material should not form any component of the toy as it can be bad for your kid’s health. Toddlers more accurately tend to put the toys in their mouths, and therefore, the material should be certified. For ensuring the maximum safety for your kid, make sure that you are buying the toys that are certified by various reputed quality standard agencies.

Age of the Kid

While selecting a robot toy, most of us tend to pick the one with the maximum features. Sometimes, even after paying a hefty price for such toys, we struggle to understand why the kid does not show any interest. Well, this could be because the robot toy you bought could be for the kids above the age of your kid. Toddlers have a very high chance of getting intimidated if a toy has multiple features. Therefore, following the age instructions by the manufacturers is an intelligent move before buying a toy.

STEM Skills

One of the unique features that the robot toys enjoy over normal ones is their ability to enhance the STEM skill of a kid. Characteristics of a robot puppy should induce an interest within your kid to learn more about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Robo puppies with the features to recite numbers and alphabets could be one way of improving these skills at a very early age.

Safety Standards

Most of the robot toys are battery operated and therefore require to follow specific safety standards. Make sure that the toy you are considering is in line with the international safety standards to avoid any accidents while the kids are playing the toy.


Best Robot Dog Toys not only add to the fun while the kids are playing but also make them learn new things through the interactive features. If you want your kids to be comfortable with the concept of robots at an early age, then robot toys are one of the best options. Moreover, the multiple features in a toy keep the kids engaged for long hours.

Find the one robot pup that suits best the playing pattern and requirement of your kid and let us know in comments how did you like the product.

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