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10 Best RGB Fans in 2024

Having an RGB fan will offer you multiple advantages. It not only creates a vivid lighting effect but also makes sure that your computer remains cool. RGB fans come with multiple features so that you can use it according to your needs.

It makes sure there will be consistent performance and is available in multiple sizes. It is ideal for PC gamers and helps to improve the overall performance of your system. The following list contains the top 10 best RGB fans in 2024 to pick from conveniently.


The Best RGB Fans in 2024

10. Corsair iCUE PWM Triple Fan

Corsair RGB Fans

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Available in a pack of three, here is an RGB fan that comes with spellbinding colors. This comes in a compact design and allows you to have easy controls. Moreover, it comes with the USB feature and creates mesmerizing effects. It delivers exceptional performance and helps to keep your system cool. This can rotate at 1500 RPM, and it comes with a semi-transparent blade.

Furthermore, this also makes low noise and has wide compatibility. This is in a size of 120 mm, and it serves ideal for gaming enthusiasts. Additionally, this can lower the temperature of your system, and the lighting can come from both sides.

Reasons To Buy

  • Create mesmerizing animated lighting effects.
  • LEDs radiate spellbinding colors.
  • Powerful fan speed keeps the system cool.

9. darkFlash Aurora RGB LED Fan


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This one comes in a complete set and allows you to have an easy operation due to the remote control. The RGB fan lets you select from multiple colors and lighting effects so that there can be custom usage. Additionally, you can even select the speed of your preference, and it can decorate your system to have a beautiful setting.

Moreover, it makes sure there will be better efficiency and reduces the noise due to the rubber pads. The product is safe to use and comes with a six-pin interface that makes the light colorful and bright. Furthermore, this has wide compatibility and comes in a pack of three.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with reliable power output.
  • Rubber pads and hydraulic bearing.
  • Elegant look and colorful lighting design.

8. Cooler Master RGB Lighting Fan

Cooler Master RGB Fans

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With this RGB fan, there will be no disturbance as this comes with silent cooling technology. It is composed of sound-absorbing materials and delivers a durable cooling solution. Moreover, this creates a stunning visual effect and can transform the look of your setting.

Additionally, it lets you have a custom operation as you can easily adjust the speed and maximize the airflow. The product has wide compatibility and delivers outstanding performance with the engineered hybrid static pressure blade design. Furthermore, this is ultra-compact and comes with independently controlled LEDs.

Reasons To Buy

  • Fan control dynamic speed adjustment.
  • Features noise reduction, silent cooling technology.
  • Hybrid static pressure blade tackles resistance.

7. upHere Wireless RGB Fan


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If you are looking to have an unlimited color transformation, then this can be the right one for you. The RGB fan comes in a pack of 5, and it has adjustable color LEDs so that there can be custom setup. Furthermore, the product is in wireless design and delivers exceptional performance with high airflow. This also makes low noise and offers you multiple controls.

Moreover, this has an ultra-bright LED, and you can change the color with a single key. Additionally, it makes sure that your game runs smoothly as it offers extreme cooling. This is available in a complete set and includes installation screws.

Reasons To Buy

  • 8 ultra-bright RGB LED lights.
  • Comes with low noise operation,
  • Features an unlimited color transformation.



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With the ability to deliver outstanding performance, this one comes with adjustable fan speed. It has wide compatibility and operates at low noise. The RGB fan comes in a pack of 3 and lets you create a magical lighting effect. Furthermore, this can support up to six PCs and comes with integrating high brightness LED lights.

Moreover, it also lets you have the custom usage as you can easily opt from multiple modes. The product includes a two-way control system as you can even access it from your motherboard. Additionally, this offers a balanced airflow so that there will be optimal cooling performance.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes in magical lighting effect.
  • Equipped with optimized cooling performance.
  • Cable controller and software control.

5. Antec Prizm RGB Case Fan


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This RGB fan comes in a convex design that makes it offer outstanding lighting effects. It creates 16.8 million colors and features a dual ring. Moreover, it has multiple independent controlled LEDs and easily synchronizes with your motherboard.

Furthermore, this delivers extreme cooling performance and ensures that there will be optimized heat dissipation. The product also has an ultra-quiet operation and comes with wide compatibility. This does not leave any gaps between the LEDs so that there will be a stunning effect. Additionally, the RGB fan creates better tolerance for other components like GPU, RAM, and water cooling components.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with extreme cooling performance.
  • Features synchronized RGB lighting via the motherboard.
  • Equipped with independent controlled LEDs.

4. Corsair Hydro Series RGB PWM Fans

Corsair RGB Fans

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Available in a highly attractive design, here is an RGB fan that gives you the option to choose from two different colors. This comes in a pair and includes 16 LEDs each. Moreover, this delivers outstanding performance and make sure that your CPU remains cool. Furthermore, it creates a stunning lighting effect, and you can even customize it to have your personal preference. The product is composed of high quality aluminum and is extremely durable.

Additionally, this operates at low noise and comes in a clean style. This can rotate at a maximum speed of 2200 RPM, and it features expanded radiator core that can improve the cooling performance.

Reasons To Buy

  • Features a zero RPM mode
  • Experience hydro series cooling performance.
  • Produce stunning, customizable lighting effects.

3. Thermaltake Riing Plus RGB Fan


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With the ability to deliver outstanding performance, this one comes in an iron blade design. It delivers high static pressure and comes in a pack of three. Moreover, the RGB fan includes a digital lighting controller so that you can have an easy operation. Furthermore, this also comes with an anti-vibration mounting system due to the rubber pads.

In this, you will also find a hydraulic bearing that can reduce the noise for maintaining thermal efficiency. Additionally, this includes a convenient link that can be ideal for up to 16 controllers. It delivers optimal performance and comes with 12 controllable individual LEDs.

Reasons To Buy

  • Hydraulic bearing low noise design.
  • Comes with anti-vibration mounting system.
  • Equipped with digital lighting controller.

2. upHere LED Silent Fan

upHere RGB Fans

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Here is an RGB fan that comes in innovative design and is in a pack of three. This delivers high efficiency and makes sure there will be better heat dissipation. Furthermore, it comes in a corner bracket design that helps to reduce noise. Moreover, it comes in a polished design, and you don’t have to worry about sticking anything.

It is also compatible with all types of chassis and includes noise-damping silicone pads on both sides. You don’t have to worry about polarized motor vibration, and it comes in a complete set. Additionally, this extremely durable and has a lifetime of up to 40000 hours.

Reasons To Buy

  • Includes 5-color with innovative design.
  • High-efficiency heat dissipation and mute.
  • Damping silicone pads on both sides.

1. Corsair LL Series RGB LED PWM Fan


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Equipped with 16 single RGB LEDs, this one creates vivid lighting effects. The RGB fan comes in a pack of three, and it operates at low noise of 24.8 decibels. Additionally, this has a maximum airflow of 43.25 CFM, and it allows you to customize RGB lighting effects with software control.

Moreover, this has wide compatibility and features a dynamic speed adjustment system. It also has an attractive look and makes sure that there will be constant operation. Furthermore, this will let you have a wonderful atmosphere as you can customize it with attractive patterns and effects.

Reasons To Buy

  • Software control, customize RGB lighting effects.
  • Equipped with PWM fan control.
  • Includes Corsair lighting node pro.

Buying Guide For RGB Fans

Check out the following points when you opt for RGB fans.

Number of Sets: RGB fans are available in a number of sets. The most common number of the set is three. However, some can also come in a set of six.

Size: Standard RGB fans are available in a size of 120 mm. However, you need to see that it is compatible with your system. The size is a vital consideration, as it may not function optimally when it does not fit perfectly.

Operation and Colors: The one that lets you have an easy operation will be an ideal buy. Go for the one that comes with a remote control so that there will be hassle-free operation. Some of it may allow you to have dual control options. You will also have to see if it comes with multiple colors that can create a perfect effect.

Speed: Look at the fan speed carefully as it may come with variable speed. You need to see if it offers better airflow so that your system can operate consistently.

Custom Usage: If you are looking to have custom usage, then go for the one that allows you to adjust it according to your needs. You need to see if it allows you to change the colors as well as the modes. Some will allow you to adjust the fan speed and make the maximum out of it.

Noise: The noise is an important factor that you will always have to consider while buying RGB fans. Go for the one that operates at low noise so that there will be no distraction. You need to see if it has a noise rating of up to 50 decibels.


Instead of the traditional fans, you should be opting for RGB fans as they are more eye-catching. You are getting light with fans, and most of these lights are LED lights which are more economical and durable. There are a few points who should check out while buying RGB fans which are listed in the buying guide. Therefore, go through the buying guide before checking out the products minutely.