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10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2024

Maybe the concept of DVD players is traditional. However, it is something that makes us nostalgic and takes us back to the glorious past. Just play the movie or song and connect to the old self. Carrying a DVD player for some event or a trip is very difficult.

So, the portable DVD players were considered and were introduced to you. Small but offering the same advantages, you will love watching each and every moment in this. If you love trying traditional things or genuinely want to try out something that had much importance, study this review. Now, feel confident to buy any of these.


The Best Portable DVD Players in 2024

10. DBPOWER Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER Portable DVD Players

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If you have a busy life, this DVD player will cater to your needs. The player has the last memory function, which will pick up the video from when you left last time, rather than starting from the very beginning each time. If you are running out of battery, no need to worry. With 3 different options for recharging, you can enjoy your videos without any concern.

Moreover, the player is equipped to support different kinds of audio as well as video file formats. Finally, it certainly has a 9.5-inches screen that will swivel and rotate at 270-degrees besides flipping at 180-degrees.

Key Features: 

  • This player can support a number of different DVD formats.
  • Even if you are outside, this DVD player will come in handy. It supports both USB as well as SD cards.
  • With a swivel function, the portable DVD player allows you various different angles to suit your comfort.

9. DR. Q Portable DVD Player


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You do not need to struggle to remember the exact timestamp while you watch something. Even if you turn the player off, with the breakpoint memory, the player will pick up from where you left. One great benefit offered by the product is that the player is attached to the car headrest.

As a result, keeps you occupied during those long journeys. The DVD player even allows you a special function of anti-shock among various features. As a matter of fact, the size of the screen is 15.4-inches that rather have a 1280*800 HD quality. Therefore a high-definition experience!

Key Features:

  • If you would like to watch the content on a bigger screen, the player can be synced to your TV as well.
  • With a powerful battery, the product can easily provide you with 7 hours of a good time.
  • As an added trinket, the AV output cable required for syncing your player is available with the product itself.

8. DR.J Professional DVD Player

DR. J Professional Portable DVD Players

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Road trips can get really long without any recreation. This DVD player will come in handy to keep your road trips fun. If you run out of battery, no need to worry. Whether you want the wall charger or car charger, this DVD player can support both, and provide you with continuous performance anywhere.

Moreover, with the rotating and flipping function, you can easily set the DVD player at any desired angle. The adapter available with the product is as long as 5.9ft. Thus, you do not have to worry about any distance constraint either. For an extensive application, the DVD player also comes with multiple ports.

Key Features: 

  • Worried about running time? It is going to operate for a stretch of 5 hours.
  • To provide you with various options, the player supports USB, SD as well as MMC cards.
  • The remote control is available which allows you to control the player without needing to move.

7. UEME Portable DVD Player


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You can enjoy the experience right from where you are sitting. The DVD player provides you with a useful remote to control the device from where you are. Next, the product comes with various important goodies. A car charger, as well as a power adapter, enables you to use the product anywhere you want without any trouble.

On top of that, the player offers you stereo quality sound. It has the function of internet speakers, which means, you can enjoy the sound without any external speakers or headphones. Besides, an LED indicator informs you of the power status.

Key Features: 

  • If you need to hold the DVD player on your trips in your car, it can get extremely exhausting. For that reason, the product can be attached to the headrest.
  • No matter what DVD you have from whichever region, this product promises to support all kinds so you can watch anything you want anywhere.
  • Does it bother you whenever you need to guess from where to resume the video?  The Last Memory function helps to resume the video from where you have stopped it.

6. SUNPIM Portable DVD Player

SUNPIN Portable DVD Players

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Once you buy this product, you will never be able to go back. The product sports a TFL-LCD screen. This provides you with exceptional clarity and brightness. With this product, you will surely be able to experience a personal theatre. To help you enjoy this player with your movie buddy, this player can support dual headphones at the same time.

If you are particularly great with new devices, the product also offers a helpful user manual. Thus, it will guide you through all the functions of the player. With a 5 to 6-hours life, the 2500 mAh is certainly going to give you uninterrupted service.

Key Features:

  • Functionality may not always be enough to impress you. Thus, this product is available in 5 different colors.
  • A special headset mount case comes absolutely free with the product which prevents your hands from getting fatigued.
  • With the dual stereo speakers, the sound is crystal clear, and loud, so you enjoy a complete experience.

5. APEMAN Portable DVD Player


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With the AC adapter provided with the product, you can use the product while charging to prevent any battery reduction. Further, with the last memory function, now you get to enjoy from where you watched last, without any delay.

Being compatible with various file formats, you do not have to worry about what video you want to watch. To provide you with more control, the brightness on this device can be adjusted to your preference. If you want to enjoy a bigger screen at home, you get to sync it to your TV also.

Key Features: 

  • The product is mounted on the headrest so that you can enjoy the video without needing to hold the device.
  • 2 DVD players are synced to watch 1 movie at the same time on both.
  • The powerful battery can easily accompany you throughout your trip lasting for a good 5 hours.


HD JUNTUNKOR Portable DVD Players

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This product has great flexibility. You can set this up at any angle, to enjoy it from whichever position you want. As the name suggests, the DVD player offers you HD quality picture for the best viewing. With the large 10.1-inches screen, you do not need to squint your eyes when you are traveling.

Furthermore, the screen has a control panel as also the mount case, to cater to various situations. The screen is specially designed so it does not harm your eyes even with long hours of being exposed to the LCD screen.

Key Features: 

  • The headrest case is available with the product itself. So you can take it on your trip without a moment’s delay.
  • Whether you have a USB or an SD card, this portable DVD player can read both, providing you with more options.
  • To your surprise, it comes with two different operating systems. The first one is appropriate for watching daily things whereas the second one is ideal for onboard viewing.

3. ieGeek Portable DVD Player


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Available in 4 trendy colors, this product will win your heart along with its functionality. One unique feature of this product is that it is used as a game player. You will never have to get bored on any trip again. With the AV cable, now you can enjoy the same movie together with your loved ones, even on different screens.​​

For a viewing experience without any interruption, the product comes with a special anti-shock function. This product has been specially designed to prevent any eye fatigue even if you use the player for a long time.

Key Features: 

  • The player promises to make no use of the recycled screen to provide you only the very best of what they can offer.
  • With two durable speakers at the bottom of the player, you get a loud and clear player.
  • The product is extremely lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere without any bulk.

2. Pyle Portable DVD Player

Pyle Portable DVD Players

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Make use of those hours you spend traveling by catching up on all the new movies you have missed. Even with a large screen, the compact and lightweight product turns out to be really portable. An interesting feature of the product is that it has multi-language support. The Li-Polymer battery is known for its durability.

Thus, you can depend on the product to last you for a long time. If you are not convinced of the quality already, this product also has the approval of UL. With the remote, control the device in the convenience of your position, without getting up.

Key Features:

  • Having the massive 17.9-inches screen, experience a personal theatre anywhere you go.
  • The product can support USB or SD cards up to a huge 32gb of memory.

1. WONNIE Portable DVD Player


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This portable player keeps you occupied, so your long road trips are much more enjoyable. If you have any doubts about the quality of the product, WONNIE drives away all such thoughts with a 12-month warranty on the product. The product has various useful functions as the pre-reading and anti-shock function for a smooth run.

The operating system is easy enough to be used by even children, or elderly people without any hassle. Because of the built-in stereo speakers, you can choose to listen to the player without the help of other accessories.

Key Features: 

  • This is a great practical gift for any occasion to your loved ones.
  • With the user manual, you can acquaint yourself with every feature and function of the player easily.
  • You get to sync the product with your TV or any other device as you prefer.

Listen to your favorite songs or play your classic movies. The compact portable DVD players give an authentic feeling of good old days.