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10 Best Portable Car Heaters in 2024

As we are involved and committed to our daily lifestyle, we need to go out of the house even if the temperature is extreme. However, when it is winter, sometimes the temperature drops too low. Thus, we need to take the aid of a heater. But what to do when inside a car? The portable car heaters are installed to give you all the comfort that you deserve.

Now, drive your car without feeling the freezing temperature outside. Having proper features that will provide an overall advantage, it will not feel suffocating. Well, safety and more must be checked before installing one in your car. If you are concerned about all the factors that the products, then check this. Know where to buy a portable car heater and specify which one.


list of Portable Car Heaters in 2024

10. Gardwens Car Heater

GARDWENS Portable Car Heaters

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It is very dangerous to drive with a glass full of mist reducing your view. This car heater will come in aid, as it vouches to heat up within 10 seconds and defog very quickly. If you got drenched in the rain, then this heater is safe to quickly dry up your clothes as well as hair. The handle is flexible and the angle is adjusted for convenience.

Having a pure copper cable for hassle-free operation and full-on safety, the 12V continuous flow of current helps in a smooth transition. As a matter of fact, it has a 180-degree rotation facility to cover a lot of areas. Lastly, it will automatically power-off in order to keep it functioning minus any accidents.

Key Features: 

  • Whether you want hot or cool air, this car heater can cater to all needs. Thus, you can use it for all seasons.
  • The product comes with a useful handle. This helps you to have more control when you are defogging.
  • In order to provide ample heat to every corner of the car, the product has a 360-degree revolving base.

9. ANCROWN Car Heater


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With this portable car heater, you do not need to freeze in the winter while driving anymore. Besides, the cool fan also takes off your heat in the summer. Besides, the product has an environmental protection design that saves gas. The base of the heater is detachable so you can have better manage the heater with your hand.

Besides, being relatively small, this product can easily fit into tight spaces without any trouble. Also, this makes the heater really portable. Furthermore, the product has an anti-leakage as well as over-temperature protection to prevent any damage to the device.

Key Features:

  • It promises to get heated up in no more than 5 seconds, and quickly defrost your windscreen.
  • The great benefit of this product is that you do not need any tools to install this heater.
  • A simple adhesive is included in the package which holds the car heater tightly in its place.

8. Drtulz Car Heater

drtulz Portable Car Heaters

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If quality is your main concern, you can go for this product without any concern. The heater has ABS as its material. ABS is known for providing sturdiness as well as increase the durability of the product. Moreover, the material is heat resistant as well.

Besides, the product has a wide scope of use. It can be used for almost any car with an efficient performance. To provide the maximum heat quickly, the product sports 3 different outlets. Also, the base of the product can be adjusted between 180 degrees for spreading the heat evenly.

Key Features: 

  • Its cigarette lighter of the heater has an adjustable thermostat as a bonus.
  • This has an exceptional heat dissipation system that will not target a specific area but help in even heating.
  • The product weighs less than a pound. Therefore, it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

7. Bamoer Portable Car Heater


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Accidents may occur if your view gets blocked because of fog. With this heater, your winter morning drives will be much safer. The product has a handle that is adjustable. This makes the heater mobile so you can reach all those tricky spots, and defog properly.

Further, the heat dissipation outlet is fairly large than most other car heaters available. As a plus, the product also shows you the high temperature at which the air is flowing inside your car. Besides, the screws and adhesive are all given with the package. Hence, you can use the product right out of the box. If loud noises distract you from driving, you are in luck. This works hardly making any sound.

Key Features: 

  • It offers the exclusive feature of an anti-skid base so that the heater is not injured because of any bumps.
  • This has an overheat protection, in order to prevent any mishaps by mistake.
  • It has a 180-degree whirling facility to spread the heat uniformly.

6. Anmii Car Heater

ANMII Portable Car Heaters

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For those looking for safety, this device will not disappoint you. With this product, you will hardly need to wait as the product can heat your car up to a warm setting within 60 seconds. Moreover, the defogging is done within 5 seconds. The product has automatic power-off protection.

Further, the product also has an anti voltage function, to prevent the device from any damage. Having ABS as its material, you can mishandle it and this will still give the best output. Featuring a 3 outlet design, this will heat the car and can cool it when feeling hot.

Key Features:

  • Not only does it offer you to adjust the rotation, but it also lets you fix the device to a preferred angle to get some target heat at your side.
  • This product does more than just heat your car. With the fan function, you are cool on those hot sunny days.
  • As a preventive measure to avoid accidents, you get overheat protection.

5. BOBOO Car Heater 


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BOBOO makes sure you get only the best of what is available out there. The product has a hard plastic body of the polymer kind. This material is heat resistant and therefore can perform for a long time without glitches. Besides, the product offers the unique feature of a cigarette lighter. This quickly removes any cigarette smell and keeps the air fresh with good circulation.

This product not only defogs but defrosts also. With thickened and lengthened pure copper cables, no damage is done to the device and the wires are not easily heated up. Finally, it comes with two different modes of winds that you can alter as per requirement.

Key Features: 

  • Since the product is heated up by ceramic (PTC), it is able to provide warmth in no time.
  • Even if you are not great with tools, this product is really easy to install and you can do it all by yourself.
  • A special anti-skid pad is provided, to secure your car heater on any surface.

4. Jingou Portable Car Heater

JINGOU Portable Car Heaters

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This product allows you a lot of flexibility to reach any cold corner without any hassle. To evenly distribute the heat, not only does the product have a 360° rotating base, but you can set it up to any preferred angle as well. With a long 1.6m cable, you will not be restricted because of the length.

In fact, a handy user manual walks you through each step of installation as well as all the functions of the device. As a matter of fact, you get 3 air outlets, this offers very minimal distance and your car’s interior will be warm in 60-seconds.

Key Features: 

  • In order to suit the interior of your car, this heater is available in 2 chic colors.
  • With a low noise operation, you can drive in warmth without hurting your ears.
  • The cigarette lighter comes with a thermostat plug. Hence, you do not have to worry about any overheating.

3. X-HG Portable Car Heater


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This product does more than just provide heat inside your car. The heater comes with a cigarette lighter. This helps to maintain good air quality inside your car, and maintain cool air circulation. The PTC ceramic coupled with the aluminum alloy provides an auto power-off function.

X-HG has kept your safety in mind. The cigarette lighter comes with an inbuilt fuse. This is immediately cut off the supply if there is any safety hazard. With the large outlet, any big car can also be warmed up in no time for a comfortable ride.

Key Features: 

  • You need no tools to install this product. The double-sided adhesive included with the product holds your heater secure in place.
  • The product premium quality ABS plastic as the material for the product. Thus, the product is really sturdy as well as provides you with long service.
  • Due to its smart design, heating time is as little as 30 seconds.

2. Dutison Portable Car Heater

DUTISON Portable Car Heaters

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To be able to drive safely, your windscreen needs to be spotless. With this car heater, you can easily defog your front view, and not worry about any unseen obstacles. Moreover, the product provides an ergonomic handle. This allows your hand more control over the defogging.

Also, the handle can be adjusted to suit your comfort. The product has a very compact structure. It can easily fit anywhere. The outlet for this product has been updated. For that reason, it can reach quite a distance which essentially conserves energy and has a low consumption. It is able to remove any odor or dust making you uncomfortable in your car.

Key Features: 

  • The product is strong enough to even be able to remove snow.
  • You do not have to worry about the compatibility, as it can easily fit any 12v car.

1. IAXSEE Car Heater


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When it comes to quality, IAXSEE will not fail to meet your expectations. The exhaust fan, one of the most important components of the product, is of a high quality which extends the life of the product as well. The product has a very user-friendly design and efficiently saves energy compared to other car heaters.

Also, the car heater serves one or the other purpose throughout the entire year. It provides both cool as well as warm air, as you prefer. Besides, you get the cigarette lighter as an added bonus with the product.

Key Features: 

  • Since the product does not have any open flame, it is much safer to use.
  • The base of the heater has been given a non-slip design to provide stability to the heater.
  • You are given the choice to install the product in two different ways, whichever you like.

Even if the temperatures are low outside, the best portable car heaters will not let you feel it. Make yourself comfortable inside the car and enjoy the time.