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10 Best Motorcycle Dash Cams in 2024

Are you looking for the best motorcycle dash cam, but unable to find one for a long time? If yes, then this post needs your attention as we will give you complete information about this perspective. Having a dash cam on a bike can boost safety & protection allowing you from checking out riding skills and capturing road rage incidents quite easily.

However, choosing the right dash cam isn’t an easy task as there are hundreds of units available in the market. To eliminate your confusion, we have created a list of the top 10 best motorcycle dash cams in 2024 after a long-lasting research & testing process. Now, let’s start the process now!


List of Best Motorcycle Dash Cams Review

10. VGSION WiFi Waterproof Dual Lens Camera (best bang for buck pick)

VGSION Motorcycle Dash Cams

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Our list has begun with a very economical choice that comes with a three-inch display & dual lenses. This VGSION unit supports both the front camera & rear camera recording at the same time.

When it comes to connectivity, it supports WI-FI, Android, & iOS connectivity. On the other hand, this exceptional unit has a memory backup of 128 GB using a card so lengthy recording won’t be an issue at all.


  • Available at a very budget-friendly price
  • Large 3-inch display to view recordings
  • Connection through mobile & Wi-Fi


  • Wiring installation takes time

9. Tachyon 1080p BikerCam (best under $250)

Tachyon Motorcycle Dash Cams

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This Tachyon model is an upper middle-level cam that comes with an automatic start & stops recording feature. The amazing features & high-quality video of this unit justifies its price tag. There is a rainproof cover installed to ensure it stay protected from water.

Also, its night mode is exceptional for low-light recording. Additionally, you can record up to 7.5 hours of HD video at once thanks to its 64GB storage.


  • Easy to install on the handlebar
  • Perfect for low light conditions
  • Automatic start on ignition & stop at shutdown


  • Timestamp issues in some units

8. Meknic A7 Motorcycle Camera (best for compatibility)

MEKNIC Motorcycle Dash Cams

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The next one on our list is this universally compatible dash cam having a dual-lens. With easy mounting on all models of bike, you will succeed in capturing all the motorcycle views so that no incident left off.

It is a super-fast unit thanks to the presence of a stable chipset that ensures all the activities can be recorded quite easily. On top of that, this best motorcycle dash cam has a quite large screen for seeing videos & pictures.


  • Easy to install
  • Quite fast to work
  • Capable of shooting professional videos


  • Poor customer service

7. Blueskysea DV188 Motorcycle Dash Cam (best motorcycle attachable dash cam)


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The DV188 is one of the few dash cams available in the market that get attached to the bike instead of a helmet. There is a solid Allwinner V3 chipset added to this unit that ensures it performs perfectly on the road.

It comes with a dual-channel camera recording both front & rear views. When it comes to memory, it has a 64 GB storage capacity that is more than enough for a single trip.


  • Equip with long wires for better installation
  • Built-in battery let it work even motorcycle is off
  • Capable of resistant hot & low temperatures


  • Average night vision

6. HaloCam M1 Motorcycle Dash Cam (best for night vision)

HaloCam Motorcycle Dash Cams

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Many riders love driving in the night, and that’s why we have added this unit in this post. The HaloCam M1 is an excellent choice for night vision with this superb dual camera.

Also, this product lets the buyers choose between three different modes for power like a headlight, a battery bank & the ignition switch. The company delivers it in a waterproof monitor sleeve for better protection.


  • GPS antenna for better navigation
  • Perfect loop recording
  • Complete protection sleeve


  • Quite expensive to buy

5. Thinkware F800 Pro (best for rear view recording)

Thinkware Motorcycle Dash Cams

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If you are looking for a dashcam that offers top-grade rear view recording, then this one can give any unit a run for its money. It has non-intrusive construction, and cloud integration features making this one a complete package to buy.

Along with that, the manufacturer has added parking & night mode features for the convenience of the buyers. Other useful features of this unit are a lifetime safety camera, GPS tracking, and speed alerts.


  • Records videos in HD quality
  • Pretty exceptional night mode
  • Easy to install


  • App connectivity issues

4. VSYSTO Motorcycle Dash Cam (editor’s choice)


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Thanks to the resolution of 1080P and superb night vision, this product deserves to top the list in every possible way. It is a specially designed motorcycle dash cam that records both rear & front pictures during the ride.

This unit begins the recording on the start of the motorcycle & gets switched off automatically within 3 minutes of turning the bike off. It is recorded in the loops of 5, 3, & 1 minute. You can increase its storage up to 128 GB using a memory card.


  • Utilizes the power of a supercapacitor
  • Take minimal effort to install
  • Fully resistant against all types of weather


  • GPS tracker needs to be shopped differently

3. Garmin Dash Cam 55 (best under $200)

Garmin Motorcycle Dash Cams

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This unit is an action cam that can be controlled quite easily & available at a very affordable price. The Garmin Dash Cam 55 comes with an exceptionally constructed mount that ensures you can set it on your motorcycle effortlessly. Additionally, there is a voice control feature that can be very handy in certain situations.

It is one of the best motorcycle dash cams thanks to its high-quality footage, attractive constructions and plenty of useful features. You will love riding with this dash cam on your bike.


  • GPS & smartphone integration
  • Capable of recording quality video
  • Available at a decent price range


  • A little bit of a fiddly menu system

2. Innovv K2 Dual Channel Motocam (best under $400)

INNOVV Motorcycle Dash Cams

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If you are ready to spend some extra chunks and want to buy a highly advanced unit, then Innovv K2 can be a suitable choice to make. It comes with a tremendous set of features that prove why this unit priced so higher. Each video recorded with it include tags of speed & location.

It has water-resistant construction ensuring it can stay perfect even in harsh weather. Also, the smart parking mode assists in monitoring the motorcycle.


  • Capable of taking complete HD recordings
  • Accommodate up to 128 GB SD cards
  • Compatible with Android & iOS apps


  • Minor complaints about overheating

1. Aukey Dash Cam (best budget-friendly pick)

AUKEY Motorcycle Dash Cams

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This motorcycle dash cam is for individuals who want to make an excellent pick at an affordable price. It comes with an emergency recording & loop recording feature for better performance on the road. Mounting this unit is quite an easy task, and even a beginner can easily do this job easily.

Despite being priced low, it comes with a solid supercapacitor that is fully resistant to heat & cold. So, it is a great choice to make if you are looking for an affordable dash cam for the bike.


  • Capable of capturing even tiny details
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Temperature resistant unit


  • Lack of advanced features

Why you need a dashcam for a motorcycle?

As we all know, nobody is safe on the road as an accident can happen at any time. Moreover, you may even have to get the blame for an accident without any mistake. However, the availability of a dash cam will ensure that everything gets recorded which allows you to prove yourself right in court.

Along with that, you can even get the identity of a person’s vehicle in hit & run cases if there is a dashcam installed on your bike.

How to choose the right motorcycle dash cam?

You need to keep the following things in mind before selecting a dashcam for your bike:

  • Construction

The size of the dashcam should be small so that it can be installed without drawing anyone’s attention. Keep in mind that a motorcycle is smaller than a car. That’s why the dash cam should be small.

  • Weather protection

The car dash cams stay inside, but that’s not the case with the ones manufactured for bikes. So, it should be capable of resisting harsh weather like rain, heat, etc.

  • Construction

The quality of material used for manufacturing dash cams should be top-grade. The durability is the main thing that you keep in mind while shopping for a dashcam.

  • Budget

The dash cams are available in many different price ranges starting from even as low as US$ 100 and go up to $500. However, you should be a smart buyer and go for the one that suits your needs irrespective of price. Never try to put too much burden on your pocket while buying a dashcam as it is available in various price ranges.


There are lots of dangers on the road, irrespective of vehicle you are driving & the same goes for bikes. You can buy one of these best motorcycle dash cams & enjoy a safer journey. Do you still have a question in your mind? If yes, then tell us in the comment section.