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10 Best Money Counting Machines in 2024

With a money counting machine, you can count currency in no time. It has outstanding performance and allows you to save effort and time. It is perfect for financial houses, and some will also let you use it for other establishments. Money counting machines can come with a number of features and are available in different sizes. Some of it can also detect counterfeit notes that help to deal with frauds. Here is the list of the top 10 best money counting machines in 2024.


Best Money Counting Machines to Buy in 2024

10. Royal Sovereign Bill Counter

Royal Sovereign Money Counting Machines

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This currency counting machine has a huge back hopping capacity of 200 bills. With the help of a 2-phase counterfeit bill detector, this model can accurately find out damaged bills or cash. Moreover, the machine comes with UV, magnetic, and infrared sensors. So, this device can make counting more accurate and faster.

The machine can also count bills at the speed of 1500 bills in a minute. So, this device makes a perfect cash counting machine for the busy environment of a bank, office, and business place. Furthermore, the user-friendly digital control panel of this model makes operation hassle-free for users.

Reasons To Buy

  • Effortless cash counting and user-friendly.
  • Expedient bill backload hopper.
  • Saves counting time with high security.

9. Aneken Money Counter


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This money counting machine comes with UV, infrared, and magnetic sensors. So, this machine makes counting without any fault. With the help of multiple operations, like counting, adding, and batching, this machine helps users to count notes easily. Moreover, this machine can easily track down any ripped or damaged cash or bill.

The dual LED screen also helps both workers and receivers to check the counts of notes simultaneously. Furthermore, this machine can count notes at the speed of 1000 bills in a minute. You can use the UV, magnetic, and infrared sensors all together or separately. The front-load hopper has the capacity of 200 bills at once.

Reasons To Buy

  • Usage is simple with 6 manners.
  • Comes with large capacity and proficiency.
  • Equipped with double LED display.

8. ZENY Money Counter

ZENY Money Counting Machines

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This money counting machine comes along with huge hopper capacity. The automatic detecting function of this model also comes along with UV, infrared, and magnetic sensors. Therefore, this device also delivers accurate and faster counting every time. Moreover, this highly-efficient model can work continuously for 2-hours.

The energy-efficient currency counter works nearly silently. This device works at the speed of 999 bills in a minute. Furthermore, the foldable 180-degree rotating LED screen of this model makes your work easier. This device comes along with a large display. Therefore, people can also check the counting process with ease.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with low noise and proficiency.
  • Constant counting with fast speed.
  • Precise counting with LED display screen.

7. Money Counter by JUNUO


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With a maximum operational noise level of 60-dB, this money counting machine fits the quiet environment of any workspace. Derived from heavy-duty metal, this machine offers exceptional durability. Moreover, this device works for continuous 2-hours at the speed of 1200 bills in a minute. This machine lets users adjust the speed of bill counting from 800, 1000 to 1200 bills in a minute.

This model has a maximum hopper capacity of 300 bills. Furthermore, the bill counting machine makes cleaning and maintenance clutter-free. This machine also comes along with UV, magnetic, and infrared sensors for accurate detection. This model can simply detect double, chain, and half notes.

Reasons To Buy

  • Equipped with a stable metal structure.
  • UV-magnetic sensors are powerful and quiet.
  • Power consumption operating style saves energy.

6. Bill Counting Machine by JUNUO

JUNUO Money Counting Machines

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Equipped with UV, magnetic, and infrared sensors, this money counting machine is completely trustable. With a higher accuracy rate, this model makes counting faster for users. This machine also can count up to 1000 bills in a minute. Moreover, the front-loading hopper has a maximum capacity of 100 bills.

This energy-efficient counting machine consumes lesser energy during the working mode. Furthermore, the model only uses a 3-watt of power during idle mode. This machine also can work for continuous 2-hours at the speed of 1000 bills in a minute. The currency counting machine works with a maximum operational noise level of 60-dB.

Reasons To Buy

  • UV-magnetic sensors are so powerful and quiet.
  • 3 powerful accurate detection methods.
  • Features high capacity and high speed.

5. Money Counter by TACKLIFE


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This money counting machine comes with UV, magnetic, and infrared sensors. Therefore, this model can provide the most accurate and faster counting than other machines. Moreover, the counterfeit bill detection process of this machine makes this suitable for any busy workspace. This machine also comes with an easy to read LED screen. So, you can track bill counts and other this model with ease.

This machine also comes with a lower chance of missing counterfeit currency. Furthermore, this model has a missing counterfeit currency rate of 1 in 1,000,000 times. This model comes along with multiple operations. Therefore, you can use this machine for adding, counting, and batching.

Reasons To Buy

  • Proficient with big front-facing display.
  • Equipped with detector so precise.
  • High-capacity, simple usage with multiple styles.

4. Kolibri Money Counter

Kolibri Money Counting Machines

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This money counting machine comes with a maximum hopper capacity of 200 bills. With the help of UV sensors, this model makes counting more accurate and faster. Moreover, this model is powerful enough to detect chain, half and double notes with ease. You can also use this machine with the counting rate of 1000 bills in a minute.

The sturdy metal construction makes this money counter machine extremely durable. Furthermore, the straight bill path makes the machine works freely and without any clutter. This model also comes with automatic start, stop, and error cleaning functions. With the help of sensitive sensors and motor, this model provides unlimited runtimes.

Reasons To Buy

  • Automatic start-stop and inaccurate clearing functions.
  • Comes with stable metal structure.
  • Cleaning, maintaining bill counter is simple.

3. Cassida UV/MG Money Counter


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With the bill-counting rate of 1300 pieces per minute, this money counting machine fits the needs of different businesses. This machine utilizes 5520-UV and magnetic sensors to make counting easier and accurate. The bill counting machine also comes along with an infrared sensor detect chain. Moreover, this model has a back bill-loading style.

This model also comes with several operation modes, like counting, adding, and batching. The infrared detector helps users to count bills with excellent accuracy in no time. Furthermore, this machine comes with a self-diagnostic system to match the business of a working environment. With the help of self-lubricating bearings, the model runs without any lack of performance.

Reasons To Buy

  • Accurate counting with infrared detectors.
  • UV, magnetic sensors authenticate bills.
  • Comes in self-lubricating, self-diagnostic system.

2. Cassida Business-Grade Currency Counter

Cassida Money Counting Machines

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This currency counter can count over 1400 pieces of bills just in a minute. With the help of UV and magnetic counterfeit detection, this model also provides accurate counting every time. The integrated carry handle of this machine makes portability easier for users. Moreover, the touch-sensitive control panel turns this model a user-friendly one.

The money counting machine has a stacker capacity of 30 new bills. Furthermore, the hopper capacity of this model is of 400 new bills. This top-loading counting machine also consumes lesser power. This machine has a few operating modes, like count, add, batch, and more. The model fits the needs of the businesses of different scales.

Reasons To Buy

  • Features ultraviolet magnetic counterfeit detection.
  • Equipped with reliability and proficiency.
  • Consist of various operating modes.

1. GStar Money Counter


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This money counter has power-saving operational modes. The model consumes about 90-watt while working and uses only 3-watt power in sleep mode. The money counting machine also has a miss counterfeit rate of 1/100000. Moreover, the easy to read LED screen of this model provides accurate and real-time counting.

This counting machine does not produce operational noise higher than 60-dB. Furthermore, this bill counting machine can count over 1000 bills in a minute for hours. By using UV, Infrared, magnetic, metal thread, and dimensional sensors, this machine makes bill detection easier. This model is perfect for hassle-free bill-banding and storage.

Reasons To Buy

  • User-friendly, proficient, and sorts precisely.
  • UV-magnetic sensors detect counterfeit bills.
  • Powerful, quiet, and energy-saving.

Buying Guide For Money Counting Machine

A buyer should check the following points minutely while shopping.

Type: Money counting machine can come either in portable design or with the electrically powered operation. The portable design will let you take it anywhere you want as it comes in lightweight construction, and it can be ideal for absence and trade shows. Electric power machine has outstanding performance and can be ideal for commercial businesses.

Counting Speed: If you want a money-counting machine for commercial applications, then it must have a high counting speed. Some of it has the ability to count almost 1500 notes in a single minute.

Capacity: Capacity is another important thing that you love to keep in mind while buying a money-counting machine. Ensure that it can accommodate more number of notes and can take denominations of all sizes.

Counterfeit Detection: With counterfeit detection, you don’t have to worry about fake or fraud notes. This can easily detect counterfeit and errors so that there can be reliable performance.

Batch: The batch feature can preset the numbers automatically so that you can straps the cash manually.

Hopper: Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the hopper size and type. This is very important as it improves the speed of counting.

Noise: Noise can be very irritating, and you will have to get the one that operates at low noise. Go for the one that makes less than 60 decibels of noise.

UV Sensor: Always see if the money-counting machine comes with an ultraviolet sensor. This is an ideal consideration, as it makes sure that there will be improved accuracy.


If you are doing a business, you should be having a quality money counting machine at your possession. There is no more need to emphasis on the benefits of the money counting machines and our team has selected the best possible money counters. We have kept in mind various parameters and also listed a brief buying guide for you to use while going through the products.